Volume 31, Chapter 411.1: Black Dragon Reverse Scale

“Yuhao, Yuhao…” Huo Yuhao’s consciousness was dragged back into his own spiritual world as his name was called.

“Brother Skydream, Ice Empress…” Huo Yuhao saw the Skydream Iceworm and Ice Empress drifting above his spiritual sea in their human forms after he entered his spiritual sea.

The Skydream Iceworm snorted and asked, “Do you know what Di Tian gave you?”

Huo Yuhao shook his head and said, “I’m not sure. However, I can imagine that it’s for my own protection. After all, my safety concerns the entire destiny of the Great Star Dou Forest.”

The Skydream Iceworm sighed and said, “Foolish kid. That thing is both beneficial and harmful to you!”

Huo Yuhao was stunned, “It’s both beneficial and harmful? What do you mean?”

The Ice Empress said, “Di Tian gave you his reverse scale.”

“Reverse scale?” Huo Yuhao appeared to be thinking of something. “Dragons have a reverse scale, and they’ll be enraged and even go berserk if their reverse scale is touched. That scale?”

The Ice Empress nodded and replied, “That’s right. However, we discovered it too late. You’ve already worn it. Haih…”

Huo Yuhao asked, “What’s the problem if I wear his reverse scale?”

The Skydream Iceworm sounded very furious. “Of course there’s a problem! It’s a huge problem, too! Dragons have a reverse scale. Whoever touches their reverse scale will incur their wrath, that is the truth! This piece of his reverse scale that he gave you can protect you. He forms a piece of reverse scale after a metamorphosis every hundred thousand years when he experiences Heaven’s Wrath. It contains his origin strength! 

“As for what kind of protection it can offer you, I’m really uncertain about that. However, it won’t be weak. But you need to recognize that his reverse scale contains a trace of Heaven’s Wrath. With this trace of Heaven’s Wrath, you won’t be able to obtain a Godly Seat.”

“Godly Seat? What’s a Godly Seat?” Huo Yuhao asked in confusion.

The Ice Empress replied, “We followed you in the hope that you’ll reach that realm one day and become a true god. It is only then that we will be able to separate ourselves from your body. Furthermore, if we follow you into the godly realm, it’ll be equivalent to us breaking the barriers of this world with your help. We will no longer be limited by our lifespans. Although the chance is very slim, we think that it is possible, given your current development and cultivation progress.

“Obtaining a Godly Seat is the most important stepping stone to your ascension to the godly realm. We don’t know what the godly realm is like, but there have been legends about it. Among all of them, the legend about Godly Seats is the closest to the truth. In this world, humans are on the path towards the godly realm the moment they become a Titled Douluo. Soul beasts are far less fortunate. Even if we reach a million-year cultivation, we’ll still find it difficult to become a god. This is highly related to a Godly Seat.

“There are various explanations for what a Godly Seat is. The explanation that we agree on the most with is that the godly realm can only harbor a limited number of gods. Every god has a seat that belongs to him. One can only become a god after obtaining a Godly Seat. This is why all living creatures have to find a seat that belongs to them in the godly realm if they want to become a god. One can then overcome the restrictions of the Douluo Continent through their connection with his seat and reach another level. Eventually, they can then ascend into the godly realm through their powers at that level.

“This thing that Di Tian gave you basically acts as a barrier that prevents you from connecting to a Godly Seat.”

Huo Yuhao was stunned, and asked, “Can’t I just take it off?”

The Skydream Iceworm laughed coldly. “You can try to do so when you return. Unless you die, you won’t be able to take it off.”

Huo Yuhao quickly calmed down. “Is there any other way that I can obtain a Godly Seat?”

The Ice Empress said, “Yes. By killing Di Tian. Can you do that? 

“Another way is if your cultivation is beyond his. He is already at the limit of this world. You’ll be a god if you can surpass him. How will you be able to do so? 

“Also, the seal of Di Tian’s reverse scale can be removed if a true god descends and does it for you. You can obtain a Godly Seat if any of these three possibilities occur. Which one do you think will happen? No matter how talented you are, you’ll still need a hundred years before you can reach Di Tian’s level. However, you won’t be able to defeat him, given that he possesses the Dragon King’s Claw. Although Di Tian isn’t far from his ninth metamorphosis, this ‘far away’ must be contextualized in the situation of a soul beast. Di Tian is currently suppressing his cultivation. Given his current aura, he’ll be fine even if he suppresses it for another ten thousand years. Can you survive for another ten thousand years? Once you die of natural causes, your power of destiny will dissipate from your body, but it won’t dissipate forever. As to what method he can use to accept this power of destiny, I am unsure. However, I believe there must be a way. This is why he wanted you to live near the Great Star Dou Forest after completing everything that you have to complete.”

After hearing the Skydream Iceworm and Ice Empress’ explanation, Huo Yuhao was completely shocked! Even though he knew that the conflict between soul beasts and humans was going to be very difficult to mediate, he didn’t expect it to be so dangerous. He had been forgoing his sleep and diet over the past few months because he wanted to complete as many Spirit Transmissions as possible between humans and soul beasts. He had been completely selfless. However, he was ‘gifted’ with such a reward!

The Skydream Iceworm said, “It has always been rumored that a Godly Seat exists somewhere on the Douluo Continent. Did you forget how Shrek Academy’s collection records this? Your ancestor, Tang San, eventually became a god after he was recognized by a Godly Seat and passed the test upon discovering the Sea God’s Godly Seat. However, you are currently in a situation where you can’t advance any further even if you come across an opportunity. Di Tian used such a method to kill off any possibility of you becoming a god. While humans are sinister, soul beasts are… hehe…”

The Ice Empress sighed and said, “To a certain extent, Di Tian isn’t wrong to do so. He is the king of soul beasts. He is only doing this for the Great Star Dou Forest’s legacy.”

The Skydream Iceworm cursed, “What do you mean he isn’t wrong? We are all soul beasts. Things are going well on his side, but he still chose to turn around and diminish our hopes. Idiot, idiot!”

“Brother Skydream, Ice Empress.” Huo Yuhao suddenly called. Hearing that his voice sounded a little weird, both of them couldn’t help but turn their attention towards him.

Huo Yuhao drifted calmly above his spiritual sea. However, both the Ice Empress and Skydream Iceworm seemed to realize something different about him at this moment.

He quietly remained where he was, but there was a towering feel about him. His eyes were shining brightly, and the look in his eyes was very determined and persistent.

“Do the both of you believe me?” Huo Yuhao’s voice sounded a little weird as it echoed in his spiritual sea. Instantly, his surging spiritual sea instantly became calm and peaceful. It was so calm that there weren’t any ripples at all. It was like a still and sturdy surface.

Both soul beasts were stunned, and subconsciously nodded.

Huo Yuhao said, “Brother Skydream, if not for you, I wouldn’t be here today. My martial soul would have remain disabled. Even if I followed eldest senior and Teacher Xiao Ya to Shrek Academy, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve anything. I wouldn’t have been able to fuse with the Ice Empress. You gave me four strong soul rings and a second martial soul. All my achievements are a result of my fusion with you.

“Ice Empress, it’s the same for you. Your recognition of me allowed me to possess Ultimate Ice, such that I was able to develop a goal and outline in the aspect of assault. The soul rings and soul bones that you gave me have saved me on many occasions. The two of you are my benefactors. Without you, Huo Yuhao wouldn’t exist today.

“Since the two of you believe in me, let me make a promise to you right now, today. Give me thirty years. Within thirty years, I’ll do my best in my cultivation and attain powers that can rival the Beast God. I’ll challenge him then. I’ll use my own abilities to remove his Black Dragon reverse scale from my body. In the future, I might not be able to obtain a Godly Seat. However, I promise that I’ll do my best to search for one. I won’t give up even if there’s only a glimmer of hope. I’ll do my best to fulfil your wishes. Alright?”

Huo Yuhao wasn’t very loud, but he spoke with vigor and determination. After hearing his words, the Ice Empress and Skydream Iceworm appeared much more at ease. They looked at each other, and the Skydream Iceworm took a deep breath before saying, “Yuhao, time isn’t a problem. Given your current condition, as well as the Auspicious Emperor Beast’s Sacrifice, you’ll at least be able to live for more than three hundred years. It’s too difficult for you to defeat the Beast God within thirty years. We won’t restrict your goal. It’s great as long as you have the determination to defeat him.”

Huo Yuhao deeply said, “A man stays true to his word. Whatever I promise to do, I’ll do my best to carry it out.”

The Skydream Iceworm and Ice Empress nodded. “We’ll do our best to help you, too.”

Huo Yuhao calmed down as he regained awareness of his actual body. After that, he surveyed the Black Dragon reverse scale around his neck through his spiritual power. However, the reverse scale was like a deep valley as it absorbed his spiritual power, even though there was only minimum contact between his spiritual power and the reverse scale. There wasn’t even any feedback. In addition, Huo Yuhao clearly discovered that this piece of reverse scale had completely stuck to the skin on his chest. It was as if it had become a part of his body.

Fortunately, Brother Skydream and the Ice Empress warned me. Otherwise, I would have thought that Di Tian was being nice to me. Huo Yuhao didn’t blame Di Tian. Di Tian was only doing this for the future of the Great Star Dou Forest’s destiny. From the perspective of his interests, Di Tian’s actions were justified. 

However, he had a different opinion of Di Tian right now. Originally, he had developed respect for Di Tian after a hearty talk with him. However, he now had only the intention of maintaining a professional partnership with the Beast God.

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