Volume 31, Chapter 410.1: Spirit Pagoda

Du Busi laughed heartily and said, “Isn’t that great? We’ll be saving Yuhao the trouble of traveling everywhere. Shrek Academy has already guaranteed that they will publicize this contract.”

Elder Xuan frowned and turned to Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao seemed to have expected this situation to appear a long time ago, and Du Busi wasn’t the only one to have such thoughts. The other powerful individuals from the various sects and academies were all very interested in his contract.

Huo Yuhao smiled faintly and said, “You don’t have to worry, elders. I have a suggestion for that. First, we have to split the process into several steps. For the first step, everyone will have to send someone from your respective sects and academies who has at least three soul rings and is a spiritual-type soul master to Shrek Academy, so that we can conveniently train everyone together. Since Shrek Academy has promised to release the method of contracting Spirits to the public, we will not go back on our word.”

Every powerful soul master’s face began to sparkle when he said those words. Their heads bobbed up and down, and their eyes were as friendly as could be as they stared at Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao said, “But…”

Everyone’s eyes focused. They stared at him quietly; from their perspective, Huo Yuhao definitely had some conditions to fulfill. However, even if he proposed certain conditions in favor of Shrek Academy or for himself, everyone could only agree so that they could have contracts with Spirits. In the end, Spirits could be considered something that would change the course of history for the development of soul masters in the future! Whoever could be ahead of everyone could develop one step faster than everyone else. Who was willing to give that up?

Huo Yuhao continued, “But we need to have rules. First, the contract between soul masters and soul beasts must be established on the foundations of mutual willingness. Our rationale for researching Spirits from the beginning wasn’t so that we could boost the strength of soul masters even further. Rather, we researched Spirits so that we could reduce the number of soul beasts we have to kill, and so that we can reduce the conflict between humans and soul beasts.

“Both humans and soul beasts are a part of the Continent, and we are all part of the balance of life. Killing soul beasts excessively will move humans closer to our own extinction in the future. Therefore, I have to ask everyone to remember this point.”

Everyone that Huo Yuhao was facing were powerful Titled Douluo, but Huo Yuhao wasn’t timid at all. His face was very solemn and serious when he said those words.

The group of powerful individuals tilted their heads slightly. They were all substantially important people in the world of soul masters, and they were very clear about a future where the number of soul beasts in the Continent was greatly diminished, and where top-tier soul beasts were few and far between. Therefore, even though Huo Yuhao’s words seemed a little simple compared to the benefits that Spirits would bring, they were still moved by his words.

Huo Yuhao continued, “Therefore, because of our original intentions, we cannot let the fusion of Spirits spread unchecked. All kinds of circumstances will arise if that happens, and Spirits will turn from a good thing into a bad one. Thus, I suggest that we establish an organization specifically for the fusion of Spirits and the contracts involved. This organization will help reconcile humans and soul beasts, and we will fix dates to execute fusions with Spirits.”

“Form an organization? What kind of organization do you want to establish?” Du Busi asked doubtfully.

Huo Yuhao answered, “This organization’s main function will be to supervise and take charge of the contract between soul beasts and soul masters. At the same time, only spiritual-type soul masters who belong to this organization can be taught the method of conducting this contract. These spiritual-type soul masters cannot withdraw once they join.”

The group of Titled Douluo couldn’t help but draw a cold breath when they heard his words. They were all intelligent people, and they understood what kind of immense strength this organization that Huo Yuhao was suggesting they establish would possess when it was developed.

The director who controlled all this would control all sources of Spirits! Everyone knew how practical Spirits were, and this was definitely the direction that soul masters would pursue in the future. Under such circumstances, if an organization controlled everything to do with Spirits, how great would their power over soul masters be?

“This organization will belong to Shrek?” Du Busi spoke his doubts without hesitation. If this organization was in Shrek Academy’s hands, then Shrek Academy would no longer be the number-one academy in the world... they would skyrocket to become the number-one entity in the world!

Huo Yuhao shook his head and smiled, “Don’t worry, elders. Shrek doesn’t have this ambition. This organization will belong to everyone, and it will be managed by everyone. My suggestion is for all three empires to choose several sects and academies who will send out their representatives, and Shrek Academy will also send out our representative, and we will come together to form a conference hall for this organization. Every decision that this organization has to make in the future will have to go through this conference hall. As for the rules after joining this conference hall, they will be up to you, elders, and the three empires to determine.”

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief when they heard his words.

Elder Xuan smiled faintly, but he didn’t speak too much from the beginning to the end. This organization had been something that Huo Yuhao, Yan Shaozhe, and the others had considered when they first began their research on Spirits.

If this organization wasn’t monitored and checked, its strength would spread unchecked. There were too many tricks and schemes that humans could use against soul beasts, and who could predict how this organization would change in the future? Therefore, certain regulations were necessary for executing the equal contracts. However, this wasn’t something that Shrek Academy could control on their own.

If Shrek Academy was the only one controlling this organization, perhaps Shrek Academy’s strength would swell rapidly in the short term, but when that happened, they would become the entire Douluo Continent’s enemy. Shrek Academy’s strength would arouse the envy of others!

Therefore, this organization could only belong to all three empires and Shrek Academy at the same time. The Academy seemed to be at a disadvantage in this agreement, but Shrek Academy only had their own city behind them, and their Academy was being lifted to the same status as the other three empires, so this was considered a success for the Academy. Furthermore, Shrek Academy was the one who had done all that research on spirits, so the three empires had nothing to say. They would feel they were taking advantage of Shrek Academy.

Under such circumstances, nobody would object. Careful discussions and negotiations would have to take place in the future to determine how this organization would be monitored and managed.

Di Tian had been listening quietly from one side this entire time, and a smile appeared on his face as Huo Yuhao finished his speech.

Clap, clap, clap! 

Di Tian began to clap for Huo Yuhao. “Supervise... this word is great. I hope you humans can achieve that. I think Yuhao is right. Soul masters contracting Spirits by themselves is almost impossible, and no matter what, soul beasts will always be enemies to humans. Only those Spirits who have completed a contract with a soul master and fused into that person’s body will become your true companions and friends. However, how are you going to find suitable soul beasts? This task will be very challenging for you, and only us soul beasts can help you with that. If you guys can establish an effective organization, then I will send a representative from my side to join in as well.”

The Titled Douluo’s eyes sparkled when they heard his words.

Soul beasts entering the organization wasn’t a bad thing. Actually, it was great! This meant Di Tian had basically approved this experiment, and when Di Tian eventually sent someone to this organization, the Great Star Dou Forest would naturally assign those soul beasts that needed this Spirit fusion. This meant the fusion of Spirits would become a lot simpler.  

“Alright, let’s do it. The Body Sect supports this decision.” Du Busi contemplated momentarily before he suddenly slapped his thigh forcefully. He was the first to express his approval.

Elder Xuan was sitting beside him. He twitched his mouth and said, “Even though I admire you giving your approval, can you not slap your thigh next time?”

“How painful can it be if I slap myself?” Du Busi didn’t seem embarrassed at all. Instead, he seemed very proud, and Elder Xuan shook his head in exasperation.

The other Titled Douluo deliberated for a moment before they also expressed their support, one after another.

Of course, their support was not enough. This matter was very important, and still required support from the Douluo Continent’s three native empires before it could be rolled out officially.

The appearance of Spirits had changed the Douluo Continent irreversibly. No matter what, this process couldn’t be completed so quickly. The incumbents were incredibly efficient for achieving an agreement like this within two days.

Huo Yuhao exhaled deeply and quietly. He had finally managed to take this step, and all sorts of refinements and adjustments were coming, but his main task was to teach this contract to others and plan everything. He had to gradually withdraw from being the core of the research into Spirits.

Elder Xuan looked at Huo Yuhao with a pleasant and satisfied look in his eyes. Ever since Huo Yuhao took the initiative to step forward and handle this matter with Spirits, he had been very reasonable, and he had handled everything very well in all aspects.

However, a dark shadow flashed across Elder Xuan’s heart. Elder Song and Xian Lin’e had told him about the army of undead. He did have some understanding about this ability of Huo Yuhao’s, but this army of undead came from an evil soul master’s powers, after all! If Huo Yuhao was to take over as the Master of the Sea God’s Pavilion in the future, a blemish like this would cause great inner conflict within the Sea God’s Pavilion. In the end, evil soul masters had great difficulty controlling their state of mind.

What was even more frightening was that Huo Yuhao was simply too talented and prodigious. If problems began to appear in his mentality when he became a Titled Douluo, disaster would follow. Such a disaster wouldn’t just include Shrek, but might also spell disaster for the entire Continent!

Elder Xuan wasn’t the only one with this worry. Elder Song and Xian Lin’er shared the same concerns. However, they didn’t spread what they knew about the army of undead, and only the few of them knew about Huo Yuhao’s undead army within the Sea God’s Pavilion. In the end, the battle was very intense at that moment, and only those powerful individuals who were stationed on the northern and western fronts who were observing the soul beasts’ movements on the periphery could see this army of undead. However, only the three of them knew that this army had something to do with Huo Yuhao.

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