Volume 31, Chapter 408.2: Dragon King’s Claw

An enormous rose-gold vertical eye appeared behind Huo Yuhao’s back as seven soul rings – white, purple, black, black, black, rose-gold, and red – gradually emerged and rose up.

A complicated expression flashed across Dai Huabin’s eyes when he saw Huo Yuhao’s seven soul rings. He sighed inside, Seems like I will never be able to catch up to him. Seven rings... he’s a Soul Sage now, and he’s a Soul Sage with a hundred-thousand-year soul ring! Even though he didn’t know what had happened to Huo Yuhao recently, Huo Yuhao’s exponential advancement dealt quite a blow to Dai Huabin.  

Huo Yuhao’s eyes shone with clear golden light as he gazed at the tiger. He reached over slowly with his spiritual power, and helped this soul beast condense its spiritual imprint and spiritual power before he helped adjust and regulate its blood so that it would be prepared for the contract. Huo Yuhao began to guide Dai Huabin only when he was done with the tiger.

Something unexpected happened right at this moment. The tiger’s dim and lifeless single eye suddenly sparkled with fierce light as its crippled frame forcibly leapt off the ground, and it opened its mouth and bit down at Huo Yuhao. Eye-catching red light shone from its body at the same time; it was triggering its own soul power, and seemed like it was going to self-destruct!

It wasn’t hard to imagine how powerful a ten-thousand-year soul beast’s self-destruction would be. Furthermore, he was right next to Huo Yuhao, and its intentions were very clear from his behavior. It wanted to hold Huo Yuhao down before it self-destructed, and then they would die together.

Unfortunately, he was up against the Eye of the Asura. Huo Yuhao had already realized that something was wrong when his blood began to surge inside his body. Huo Yuhao’s seven soul rings switched to five, and his fourth soul ring glowed as brilliant orange-gold light sparkled. Huo Yuhao slapped out with his right hand with lightning speed, and he touched the tiger’s body gently before he pressed it down from midair just like that.

The red light emanating from the soul beast was extinguished just like that. The tiger seemed like it had been frozen and plunked back on the ground, and it seemed to have been transformed into a statue. It didn’t move an inch at all.

The Snow Empress’ Three Ultimate Techniques, Snowless Glacier!

Before, Huo Yuhao had had to expend a lot of soul power and had to concentrate all his energy to unleash this attack. In this moment, Huo Yuhao used Snowless Glacier easily and casually, and everything seemed as smooth like rolling clouds and flowing water. He wasn’t hindered at all.

“Bastard! He wants to take this chance to kill my kin.” The Bear Lord howled furiously as his body instantly enlarged, and he prepared to pounce at Huo Yuhao.

Right at this moment, an incredibly dignified voice that was accompanied by terrifying soul power erupted from the Beast God.

“Let me see who dares to move.” Di Tian soared into the air as he spoke, and he turned a half round in the sky and arrived in front of the Bear Lord. His eyes were entirely golden as he raised his right hand, and purplish-gold flames burned as Di Tian grabbed the Bear Lord’s Darkgolden Terrorclaw, which he was swinging at Huo Yuhao.

The king of the Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bears possessed almost unrivaled strength, and his claws were razor-sharp, but his claws couldn’t move a single inch in Di Tian’s iron-like grip.

The Bear Lord howled, “Di Tian, you still want to protect that human at a time like this? He killed our kin!”

Di Tian stared at him coldly and said, “You have challenged me time and time again, Bear Lord. Do you actually think that I don’t dare to kill you? Even if you want to challenge me, you should be smarter about it. Since you want to die, I will fulfill your wish.”

The purplish-gold flames on Di Tian’s hand became stronger as he spoke. Similar purplish-gold flames began burning on his body at the same time, and he pressed the Bear Lord down from the sky just like that.

The indignation in the Bear Lord’s eyes became fear. He had always been known for his strength, but in this moment, the strength that was coming from Di Tian’s single hand was so strong that the Bear Lord couldn’t resist him at all.

Di Tian raised his other hand, which began to transform as he raised it up. His human hand became a dragon claw, dark as the night. However, that dragon claw looked like oblivion in the Bear Lord’s eyes as a trembling fear from deep within his heart surfaced. He could clearly feel that this dragon claw was a frightening existence that could take his life!

This was the Dragon King’s Claw!

The group of restless soul beasts all quieted down when Di Tian’s pitch-black dragon claw appeared. They laid down on the ground, prostrate, their bodies quivering. Even the Emerald Swan, the Three-Headed Scarlet Devilmastiff, and the Demoneye Tree went down on one knee.

What was the Dragon King’s Claw? Legend had it that the Black Dragons were the Dragon God’s personal bodyguards. After the Dragon God separated into the Gold Dragon and Silver Dragon, the Black Dragons protected his two great avatars, and even the Ninth Dragon Prince didn’t dare to offend the Black Dragons for nothing. The reason for that was because the Dragon God had fondly recalled the Black Dragons’ loyalty, and he gave their leader the title of the Dragon King, and also taught the Dragon King’s Claw to the Black Dragons. Only the leaders of each generation of Black Dragons could inherit this supreme innate ability!

The Dragon King’s Claw wasn’t that different from other powerful soul skills to humans. However, it was vastly different for soul beasts. The Dragon King’s Claw carried the Dragon God’s aura, and only the most powerful soul beast in the world could possess a skill like this. Once the Dragon King’s Claw was unleashed, every single soul beast that wasn’t similarly blessed by a God had to submit. Otherwise, they would perish, and disappear into oblivion in the face of the Dragon King’s Claw.

Di Tian had never used his Dragon King’s Claw before today, not even against the Evileye Tyrant King. But at this moment, he unleashed his Dragon King’s Claw, which meant that he was representing the Dragon God, and he was representing the Black Dragons who had protected him. Whoever resisted him, without considering the frightening force that the Dragon King’s Claw had against soul beasts, would be challenging every single soul beast in the world that possessed dragon blood.

All soul beasts that had even a thread of dragon blood were proud of that fact. Dragons had once ruled the Douluo Continent: there were sky dragons, there were earth dragons, and there were many species who were relatives of the dragon race. Not even the Dragon God himself could count how many different species of soul beasts possessed dragon blood.

Therefore, not a single soul beast dared to resist the Dragon King’s Claw. The Bear Lord was scared shitless! He truly felt Di Tian’s intense killing intent!

“Di Tian, no, Di Tian, I was wrong. Forgive me, Di Tian. I promise I will never challenge your authority again.” The Bear Lord wasn’t an idiot, after all. He had been alive for several hundred thousand years, so what was more important than his life?

Di Tian muttered coldly, “This isn’t the first time. You’ve gone behind my back in the past, and I’ve been too lazy to fault you for all those little things. However, today’s matter concerns the Great Star Dou Forest’s future, and yet you dare to stir up trouble. Are you really treating me like I don’t exist?”

Di Tian’s Dragon King’s Claw slashed down from the sky as he spoke, and went straight for the Bear Lord’s head.

“Mercy, Di Tian!” Bi Ji couldn’t help but exclaim.

Di Tian’s claw was going for the Bear Lord’s head, but he slanted his claw and struck the Bear Lord’s shoulder instead. The terrifying force of Di Tian’s Dragon King’s Claw was on full display.

Back then, the Valkyrie Douluo Xian Lin’er had used her full strength, but had only chopped a few strands of hair from the Bear Lord’s forehead with her Greenflame Spear. However, the Bear Lord’s frame seemed like it was made from tofu in front of Di Tian’s Dragon King’s Claw, and Di Tian’s claw cut into his shoulder just like that.

“Aargh –” A shrill and agonizing howl erupted from the Bear Lord’s mouth, and his muscular body began to tremble like a pendulum.

Di Tian was right in front of the Bear Lord as he stared into his eyes, which were already full of fear. “This will be the last time. If there’s a next time, I will use your life to wash away my wrath.”

He swung his left hand as he spoke, and the Bear Lord’s enormous frame was sent hurtling through the air like a cannon shell. The Bear Lord crashed through the Great Star Dou Forest, black lightning streaks flickering on his body as if they were about to tear his body apart completely as he flew through the sky. The Bear Lord continued to howl painfully as tough dark golden hair scattered in all directions in the air, and horrifying gashes appeared one after another on his body.

The entire place was deathly quiet.

Who would have thought that the Beast God, Di Tian would lash out against the Great Star Dou Forest’s second-strongest individual himself? Furthermore, he did so with such brutal force. Di Tian’s Dragon King’s Claw was so mighty that he suppressed the Bear Lord to the point that the Bear Lord couldn’t resist at all.

Bi Ji, the Myriad Demon King, and the Scarlet King, along with all the soul beasts on scene, were all prostrate on the ground. Nobody dared to move a muscle.

Di Tian turned around. His expression was ice-cold as he said plainly, “If anyone dares to go against my words, I will make his spirit burn in hell forever.”

The soul beasts didn’t dare to make a sound. They were just lying there on the ground, quivering, and certain soul beasts who had relatively weaker minds even began to lose their bowels.

On the other side in the human camp, Elder Xuan and Du Busi wore solemn expressions. Dragon King’s Claw… Di Tian possessed the Black Dragon’s strongest esoteric ability. They weren’t sure what would have happened if Di Tian had hysterically unleashed his full strength that day!

Elder Xuan couldn’t help but admire Elder Mu even more. If Elder Mu hadn’t used the Golden Tree’s strength to trigger the Taotie’s powers in his body and forcefully imprison Di Tian, Shrek City would probably have been crushed to a pulp by the beast wave. Di Tian was a lot stronger than they had imagined!

Huo Yuhao saw everything Di Tian did. He was now comparing the Beast God with other powerful individuals he had met before, and he realized that besides that teacher of his who came from another world, the Calamity Necromancer Electrolux, nobody was as powerful as the Beast God. Not even the Darkness Holy Dragon could compare to Di Tian. If Elder Mu were still alive and at his peak condition, he would probably only have a chance against the Beast God if he teamed up with the Darkness Holy Dragon.

Huo Yuhao was sure that Di Tian wasn’t a demigod like Electrolux. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have to worry about the dangers of his next metamorphosis. Demigods possessed abilities that transcended this world... Of course, Huo Yuhao couldn’t tell what that level was like right now...

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