Volume 31, Chapter 407.1: Conversation with the Beast God

Huo Yuhao crossed his legs and sat down by the lakeside. He retrieved some food from his storage-type soul tool and began to eat as images flashed by in his mind, one after another. His emotions wouldn’t calm down for a very long time.

He didn’t know whether he could return after entering the Great Star Dou Forest this time, but there were some things he couldn’t leave behind. The thing he wanted to do most right now was visit the Clear Sky Sect and see Dong’er.

His eyes became gentle and tender when he thought about Dong’er, but the thoughts in his heart became increasingly determined and resolute.

He couldn’t stay here forever. Him being imprisoned here indefinitely was no different from death! But he couldn’t leave now, he had to complete his experiments with Spirits and resolve the conflict between Shrek City and the Great Star Dou Forest before he could leave. After that happened, he could leave with no worries at all.

He had thought about many things on the road back, and had made a plan for his future.

Huo Yuhao was clear that some people from the Academy had definitely seen his army of undead; that was an army of a hundred thousand undead! It was impossible that nobody saw it. Perhaps nobody was thinking about that for now, but what about when everyone calmed down? His buddies from the Tang Sect would know what was going on, and the Academy could guess as well.

Summoning undead was an ability that belonged to evil soul masters! He had made that decision with no second thoughts because he had thought it was the right thing to do, but he also understood that summoning an army of undead as large as that meant that he could no longer hide his secret of having a third martial soul, which held his Necromancy!

He wanted to leave some things behind for Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect before he left. Afterwards, he had so many other things to do! He wanted to look for Dong’er, and there was something else he had always wanted to do.

His emotions and his state of mind were unstable, but his formidable spiritual power allowed him to plan carefully and rationally. He had his own plans on how he would leave this place, and just like he had said to the five Savage Beasts, there were only eternal benefits in this world. Under the pretext of having sufficient benefits, leaving this place wasn’t impossible.

Huo Yuhao sat down with his legs crossed, and began channeling his soul power to aid his recovery. He had faced down five great Savage Beasts, and the pressure that he had to take from Di Tian above Shrek City before this had exhausted much of his energy. Even his body was a little hurt, but his formidable life energy meant these wounds didn’t cause him any real damage.

Soul power circulated in his body as a rose-gold vertical eye gradually emerged behind his back. Light that resembled patterns of the sun shimmered around this vertical eye, and everything seemed very peculiar as gentle spiritual undulations expanded outward from Huo Yuhao’s body.

The Water of Life not too far from him rippled faintly because of the spiritual undulations coming from his body. Huo Yuhao could feel that the strength from his Life Gold was very greedy, and it wanted to absorb the Water of Life’s life energy, but he forcibly suppressed it. Of course, he wanted to boost his own life energy, but this Water of Life was part of the Great Star Dou Forest’s core, and it contained immense life energy, far larger in volume than his Life Guardian Blade and his Life Gold. If he dared to absorb the Water of Life’s life energy at a time like this, he would be shaking the Great Star Dou Forest at its very roots! Di Tian would never let him get away with that if he did so!

After Huo Yuhao had left the Evildemon Forest, he had hurriedly absorbed his seventh soul ring and immediately travelled to the Heavenly Soul Empire. He was smart enough not to inform the Body Sect directly. Instead, he went to look for the Heavenly Soul Empire’s royalty, Princess Wei Na, and returned to Shrek City as soon as possible after passing that information to her. He had used his full strength to unleash his necromantic spell and summoned his army of undead afterwards.

Only now did he take the time to finally stop and catch his breath. At the same time, he felt the changes in his body after he became a Soul Sage.

Huo Yuhao felt as if he were weak, like a lamb to the slaughter, when he was up against someone like Di Tian, who was stronger than even Ultimate Douluo. But he was calm now, and focused on sensing the transformations in his body. Only now could he see what had actually happened to him.

The soul power flowing through his body had become a gentle purplish-gold color. He understood that his soul power hadn’t evolved by itself. Instead, his soul power had changed qualitatively after Qiu’er had offered herself to him.

At the same time, Huo Yuhao could clearly feel that after he fused with Qiu’er’s strength after her Sacrifice, his physique had become many times stronger than before, especially in terms of strength. His strength had grown exponentially!

Qiu’er was the Three-Eyed Golden Lion, and she was thick with blood descended from the Golden Dragon. Otherwise, she couldn’t have pretended that she possessed a Golden Dragon as her martial soul! Right now, her Golden Dragon’s strength had merged completely with Huo Yuhao’s soul power, and had become part of him. Compared to that, his soul power’s evolution was secondary, and the changes to his body had undoubtedly built a stable foundation for Huo Yuhao’s future progress.

Soul power wasn’t the only thing restraining soul masters after they became Soul Douluo, their bodies were limiting factors, as well! Overly immense soul power demanded more and more from a soul master’s body. Therefore, many Soul Douluo repressed their soul power growth rate while they used all sorts of methods to train their physiques, and only when their bodies attained higher levels of strength did they dare to try and raise their soul power to another level.

Once soul masters became Titled Douluo, they would be faced with such a situation at almost every rank of soul power. This also meant that towards the final stages of a soul master’s progress, a soul master’s body became one of the most important factors that limited their development.

Huo Yuhao possessed immense life energy bestowed upon him by his Life Gold. That, in addition to the strength of the Golden Dragon that Wang Qiu’er had offered him, meant he wouldn’t have to be concerned about his body, at least before he became a Transcendent Douluo.

There was no need to mention his spiritual power’s qualitative changes. He had relied on his fusion with Wang Qiu’er and even killed a hundred-thousand-year Evileye Tyrant. Even though his element’s crushing superiority had determined the outcome of battle, Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power was so frighteningly strong that it was also a substantial reason for his victory.

He had absorbed two soul rings within a short period of time, and his strength had grown to the point where he had become one of the stronger individuals on the Continent. Furthermore, he could feel that as he became stronger, he had managed to consolidate and understand much more about his personal abilities during the three months he had spent in closed-door cultivation. Following the passage of time, these understandings would help him grow even faster.

Dong’er was in a deep slumber, and Qiu’er had offered herself to him, and both incidents broke his heart. But he was a lot stronger than others of his age, and after Ultimate martial souls broke through seven rings, their initial limitations would swiftly disappear. His talents and his potential would be gradually revealed in the future.

Huo Yuhao briefly sensed the transformations in his body before he slowly entered meditation. He was swiftly recovering his physical and mental strength amid the dense life energy released by the Water of Life.


One day passed before he woke up from his meditation. He opened his eyes, and felt invigorated and fully energetic. He took a deep breath, and thick life energy flooded in through his nose. He felt so comfortable that he almost moaned.

Huo Yuhao began to understand why Di Tian could metamorphose eight times and become the king of the Savage Beasts with more than eight hundred thousand years of cultivation. Perhaps the Golden Eyes Black Dragon King hadn’t been alive for eight hundred thousand years, but he resided in a place where life energy was so dense, and he still had the Auspicious Emperor Beast and the Skydream Iceworm, among other external forces, amplifying him. It would be strange if he didn’t evolve.

A faint fragrance wafted from in front of him. Huo Yuhao lowered his head subconsciously, and saw several green fruits stacked up in front of him.

These are…

These green fruits were spherical, and there were fine and compact golden dots on their surface. Thick aromas lingered around them, and they were very alluring.

Huo Yuhao came from Shrek Academy, and he was very knowledgeable. He was momentarily astonished before he immediately identified these fruits.

These were Goldenjade Fruits, considered very rare and exotic. Goldenjade Fruits were natural treasures that boosted a soul master’s physique and soul power. They were indeed treasures, as they were very beneficial and nutritious for soul masters.

There was no doubt that Di Tian had ordered some soul beast to send these fruits to him.

Huo Yuhao wasn’t courteous at all as he picked one up and gobbled it up in a few bites. The fruit wasn’t very delectable, its flesh was chewy, it oozed with juice, and it wasn’t sweet. Instead, it tasted bitter. But Huo Yuhao didn’t dare to waste even one bit of something this good, and he even ate the fruit’s outer skin.

He wasn’t greedy for more, and stopped after ingesting one. The effects of a Goldenjade Fruit were very potent, and he wouldn’t be able to absorb more even if he ate them. One was enough for now.

After a few moments, gentle and warm currents began to spread from his gut to every corner of his body. The soul power inside his dantian became a lot more lively, and Huo Yuhao didn’t have to activate it as they followed naturally and circulated along the path designated by his Mysterious Heaven Technique.

Huo Yuhao had seven soul rings, and this Goldenjade Fruit’s boosting effects weren’t that impressive. However, the fruit was very nutritious, and adding in his meditation during the past day, his mind and body were instantly raised to their peak condition.

Huo Yuhao took a step out as a layer of faint golden light glowed on him. He slowly punched out with his fist, and his body instantly became brilliantly golden. Spiritual power and soul power immediately fused together, and that rose-gold vertical eye naturally appeared behind him.

He had simply concentrated for this punch, but Huo Yuhao discovered to his surprise that this fist’s strength was comparable to the force of his Fist of Remembrance. Golden light radiated and didn’t dissipate, as if a golden whirlpool was consuming everything within ten meters of his fist. The seamless fusion between soul power and spiritual power produced an all-new ability.

Huo Yuhao heaved a sigh of admiration inside. Just as teacher said back then, this is the feeling of a perfect Sovereign’s Descent, where spiritual power and soul power are seamlessly integrated!

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