Volume 31, Chapter 404.2: The Berserk Beast God

At this point, the reinforcements arrived. The strongest soul masters from the Body Sect were flying in front. All of them had at least seven rings, and there were even eight Titled Douluo among them. It was practically the entire strength of the Body Sect. This help that they were offering was extremely critical!

Furthermore, it wasn’t just the Body Sect that had arrived. There were more than a hundred soul masters behind them, and they all had at least six rings. Among them, five were even Titled Douluo!

This meant that there were thirteen Titled Douluo in this wave of reinforcements. In addition, all these soul masters were top-tier soul masters!

After they arrived in Shrek City, they quickly dispersed to the four walls.

All the Titled Douluo rose into the sky and watched as the Body Douluo fought the Beast God.

One of the Titled Douluos arrived in front of Elder Xuan. “Elder Xuan, I hope we’re not too late.”

Elder Xuan recognized this person. He was the Golden Body Douluo from the Body Sect, and his martial soul was his trunk. His cultivation was extremely high; he was a Rank 96 Transcendent Douluo. In the Body Sect, he was only inferior to Body Douluo Du Busi!

“Old Jin, all of you came just in time. If you were any later, we wouldn’t have been able to hold them off anymore. We really owe you a big favor!” Elder Xuan laughed heartily.

The Golden Douluo Jin Peng replied, “Alright, if you really want to talk about favors, you don’t owe us anything. Do you think we came here willingly? To be honest, our sects aren’t close enough for us to do this.”

Elder Xuan was stunned, but admitted, “That’s true. This is why I was surprised to see all of you. This…”

Jin Peng said, “Shrek Academy performed a good deed by saving everyone from the Heavenly Soul Empire who was captured during the Continental Elite Youth Soul Master Tournament. Those who were captured were all young talents of our empire. We have to return this favor. It was that kid called Huo Yuhao from your Academy who came to our capital to seek help. He left immediately after leaving that information. 

“However, those who were rescued recognized him as the one who brought people to Sunrise City to carry out the rescue mission. As a result, the sect leader was summoned by His Majesty. After a brief discussion, we quickly rushed over. As time was tight, we sent our best people first. There will be more reinforcements arriving at a later point. Our troops are at the border and they can’t make it over, but we still have a thousand soul masters who have been deployed.”

Yuhao, it was Yuhao? Elder Xuan was delighted when he heard that Huo Yuhao was the one who had sought help for them. This meant that Huo Yuhao was still alive! This was great news, and the reinforcements even arrived just in time! With the Body Sect and the Heavenly Soul Empire’s help, Shrek would be able to last for another few days even if the soul beast army attacked Shrek City with all its might. Furthermore, could the soul beasts from the Great Star Dou Forest bear such huge losses?

Jin Peng continued speaking, “The Star Luo and the Dou Ling Empires should receive your SOS soon. Their reinforcements will arrive in at most two days. What’s going on with the Great Star Dou Forest? Why is there another beast wave? Regardless we’ll take it that we’ve returned the favor after this.”

Elder Xuan naturally didn’t stand on ceremony right now. He nodded and replied, “Alright. Thanks a lot.”

This was karma! Shrek Academy had done its best to save the hostages from the three empires, and now they were repaying Shrek’s favor. No wonder the Body Sect was here, they came here because of the Heavenly Soul Empire. Right now, the Body Sect was the sect in charge of protecting the Heavenly Soul Empire, and they shared a close relationship with the imperial family.

Of course, the Heavenly Soul Empire’s timely help to Shrek Academy was also an attempt for them to get into the good books of Shrek Academy. To some extent, Shrek Academy was located in the Heavenly Soul Empire’s territory, and most of its students also came from the Heavenly Soul Empire. Many of the students that left Shrek took up senior positions in the Heavenly Soul Empire. The imperial family of the empire deciding to send help to Shrek Academy was undoubtedly a way of expressing their goodwill, and an attempt to pull Shrek Academy to their side. They were killing two birds with one stone.

The most important thing was that Huo Yuhao managed to deliver the information in time. He had evidently guessed that there would be some kind of reaction by the Great Star Dou Forest. However, if the beast wave didn’t arrive… 

Elder Xuan sighed in his heart. It would have been a story of the boy who cried wolf. Of course, that would still have been better than this. At most, they would have continued as enemies with the Body Sect.

“Is Di Tian crazy?” Elder Mu’s voice suddenly sounded beside Elder Xuan.

Elder Xuan quickly lifted his head and look into the sky.

Di Tian’s body with burning with deep purplish flames. He acted like he wanted to pierce the skies with every attack, and Du Busi was forced to retreat. It seemed like Du Busi couldn’t hold on anymore. Di Tian’s majestic aura was extremely overwhelming.

Elder Xuan’s voice cracked as he asked, “Is he, is he burning his own life energy?” 

Elder Mu replied, “No, he should be exhausting all his powers. He has evidently discovered our reinforcements, and is planning to use his strength to turn the situation around! If Du Busi can’t handle it anymore, let’s replace him. We need to restrain Di Tian at all costs. We won’t have to be afraid of them in two days’ time when all our reinforcements arrive. The combination of all the elite soul masters and soldiers from the three empires should be enough to suppress all the soul beasts from the Great Star Dou Forest.”


Before Elder Mu and Elder Xuan could rise into the sky, an explosive boom sounded above them.

Du Busi was struck from the sky. His body was flashing with bolts of purple lightning, and he spat out blood. Di Tian had several wounds on his body, too. He was willing to be hurt in order to deal a heavy blow to Du Busi!

“All of them have to die! We have to avenge the Emperor Beast and all the soul beasts! Even if I die here today, I must wipe all of them out!” Di Tian’s voice echoed across the entire city. He peered into the sky and roared furiously, while the purple flames on his body gradually turned purplish-gold.

Elder Xuan and Elder Mu’s expressions changed. Given Di Tian’s eight-hundred-thousand-year cultivation, Shrek was bound to suffer heavy casualties even if the Body Sect was here to reinforce them. It might even be possible that the city would be destroyed, and everyone would be annihilated. After all, there were still a hundred thousand soul beasts outside the city!

“Di Tian, don’t you dare. If you dare to destroy Shrek, I’ll stop the legacy of the Great Star Dou Forest from being passed down.” At this point, a strong spiritual intent was suddenly transmitted from Shrek City’s southern city wall.

This spiritual intent immediately spread across the entire sky above Shrek City. All the Titled Douluo could hear it clearly, as could Di Tian.

Following this, a figure that exuded golden light slowly drifted above the southern city wall. Behind him, a rose-gold projection slowly revealed itself. It had the appearance of the Emperor Beast, the Three-Eyed Golden Lion!

“Yuhao?” Elder Mu and Elder Xuan exclaimed at the same time.

The shining spiritual intent and the person who rose into the sky was indeed Huo Yuhao. Right now, seven of his soul rings glowed. They were white, purple, black, black, black, rose-gold, and red. Everyone was shocked by the weird colors of his soul rings.

As he rose into the sky, several figures leapt up one after another and followed him. Yan Shaozhe, Cai Mei’er, Xian Lin’er, and the rest protected him in the center.

Among them, Xian Lin’er was the first to realize that Huo Yuhao had returned. Only she could guess that the undead army that had dealt a huge blow to the soul beast army and bought time for Shrek had something to do with him.

Xian Lin’er was glaring furiously as she shouted, “Yuhao, don’t fool around! How can you intervene in this higher-end fight?” 

Huo Yuhao looked at her and took in a deep breath before saying, “Dean Xian, everything started because of me. I can’t watch as Shrek is obliterated! Believe me, I can resolve this.”

“No!” Xian Lin’er shouted and reached out her hand to grab him.

However, a strange halo suddenly spread from Huo Yuhao’s body. Xian Lin’er, Yan Shaozhe, and Cai Mei’er felt slightly dizzy as they were caught off-guard, and everything in front of their eyes turned white.

Even though they were drained, Xian Lin’er and Yan Shaozhe were Transcendent Douluo! However, they momentarily lost their awareness.

Huo Yuhao exploited this opportunity to increase his speed as he flew into the sky. The projection behind him also became more material.

On his forehead, his Eye of Destiny opened, and immense spiritual undulations openly surged towards Di Tian. Rose-gold light started to burn on his body.

Comparing the purplish-gold flames from Di Tian’s body to the light on Huo Yuhao’s body was like comparing a full moon to a firefly. However, the space around Huo Yuhao started to distort slightly when this little scarlet-gold light started to burn.

In the distance, the silent soul beast army started to cry out in lamentation.

The flames on Di Tian’s body suddenly froze, and he started at Huo Yuhao with his golden eyes. His furious roar turned into shock, “You, you are the one who made the Emperor Beast an Offering. It’s you!”

Huo Yuhao raised his head and replied, “Yes, it’s me. Qiu’er sacrificed herself for me and turned into my sixth soul ring. I also fused her abilities as the Emperor Beast into myself. You should know that the Three-Eyed Golden Lion carries the entire destiny of the Great Star Dou Forest! While Qiu’er is dead, the legacy of the Emperor Beast is still here, with me. Her Eye of Destiny is also with me! If I die, this power of destiny will be completely destroyed, which means that the destiny of the Great Star Dou Forest will also be destroyed. You should know what kind of result that will bring.”

“Ridiculous!” Di Tian roared and reached forward with his claws. A strong purplish-gold claw projection reached for Huo Yuhao.

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