Volume 31, Chapter 403.2: Army of Spirits

Therefore, he began to prepare after studying the situation carefully… preparing for necromancy.

Huo Yuhao was very clear that using necromancy and summoning spectral creatures to the Douluo Continent were the abilities of an evil soul master in everyone’s eyes. However, he couldn’t be bothered with his reputation at a time like this, and helping Shrek out of their siege was more important than anything else in the world.

He began his necromantic spells. He relied on his formidable spiritual power and unleashed one of the strongest necromantic spells that the Calamity Necromancer Electrolux had left on his spiritual imprints: Spectral Calamity!

He couldn’t unleash the full strength of Spectral Calamity because he wasn’t strong enough, so he could only summon those relatively weaker spectral creatures. Under such circumstances, they were the limit he could reach with his current strength.

Those large black gates opened one after another and connected to the demiplane Electrolux had left behind for him. Huo Yuhao began to control and command those spectral creatures when they appeared, one after another.

He didn’t mobilize his spectral army as soon as they appeared. The spectral army needed time to accumulate, and when the day was still bright, he was afraid that his spectral army would cause chaos and panic in Shrek City when they appeared on the battlefield. Therefore, he waited until nightfall and the sky was completely dark, so nobody could clearly see the flatlands from a distance. Only then did Huo Yuhao command the spectral army that the Spectral Calamity had summoned towards Shrek City.

Huo Yuhao had transformed into the Eye of the Asura, and he had released as much spiritual power as he could. He relied on the demiplane that Electrolux had left behind for him to summon a great many spectral creatures within a short period of time.

Huo Yuhao understood that his spectral army would be no match for this beast tide because he couldn’t summon any top-tier spectral creatures. However, what he had to do now was buy time for Shrek, and he had to delay and hurt the soul beast army as much as possible! Only then could he create an opportunity for Shrek to survive. This method was a lot more meaningful and practical than just throwing himself onto the battlefield.

Just as Huo Yuhao had predicted, his spectral army appeared at the most opportune time because of his meticulous calculations. This army of reinforcements came very suddenly but at the right time! Huo Yuhao managed to galvanize and reinvigorate Shrek City’s morale. Furthermore, as luck would have it, he had mobilized his spectral army right when the Golden Tree was healing Shrek City’s warriors. Shrek City’s dire situation was instantly greatly ameliorated.


Over on the eastern front, the city wall had been broken through, but earth-type soul masters swiftly repaired it. The battle was still at its peak.

Huo Yuhao chose to charge in from the northwest because he had discovered that Bi Ji was too adept with healing on the southern front. Even though he didn’t know she was the Emerald Swan, who was ranked number four amongst the Ten Great Savage Beasts, he was unwilling to face an adversary like that. His spectral creatures weren’t afraid of death, and his most important task was to deal as much damage to the soul beast army as possible. Huo Yuhao’s spectral army would achieve a far smaller effect if he attacked on Bi Ji’s front.

Huo Yuhao’s strange spectral army burst onto the battlefield, most of them were skeletal soldiers and jiangshi, who were low-tier undead. However, even though they were considered low-tier, they were still strong; two or three such undead stacked together had fighting strength comparable to a ten-year soul beast. Other undead, like those headless horsemen and abominations, were considered especially ferocious in battle. Furthermore, these undead were far less afraid of death than even soul beasts, and they didn’t know what pain and fear were. All they cared about was attacking manically.

Under such circumstances, the situation was gradually developing towards one that was beneficial for Shrek City.

Huo Yuhao’s spectral army was rapidly spent, but the undead creatures spawned continuously from behind. At this moment, the entire spectral army had charged onto the battlefield, and seemed endless as they charged madly towards the northwestern front.

The Scarlet King and the Myriad Demon King had realized where the problem was at this point, but they still had to deal with the elders from the Sea God’s Pavilion!

Every single elder from the Sea God’s Pavilion was a veteran of battle; their age had given them a multitude of experience, and made them quite resilient. Even though they could see what their reinforcements consisted of from the sky, it didn’t matter why these unwelcome guests were here right now; the enemy of their enemy was their friend. Currently, the army of soul beasts was the greatest threat to Shrek City. Therefore, they tried their best to preoccupy and restrain those powerful soul beasts so that they couldn’t direct the soul beast army, and so that they wouldn’t participate in the battle against the undead creatures.


The Eye of the Asura quivered and finally descended from the sky, landing on the ground as it reverted to Huo Yuhao’s original figure.

The black gates closed up one after another, Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power was almost completely spent. He had no choice but to stop the Spectral Calamity.

Huo Yuhao still felt a little afraid as he stared at the immense army of undead. He knew that his body couldn’t keep up with his current spiritual power. If he used this necromantic spell as a Titled Douluo, he would probably be more frightening than any evil soul master, as he would possess an army of undead that was truly endless.

If he could have powerful undead like liches and bone dragons, he could directly convert living beings into undead after death, and he would possess the strength to fight against powerful opponents.

This thought disappeared as soon as it appeared in Huo Yuhao’s mind. The pursuit of strength and greatness made him momentarily excited, but he broke out in a cold sweat in the next moment, because he remembered something that Electrolux had told him before.

Electrolux had told him that he couldn’t rely on this powerful ability to control undead. Otherwise, disaster and bloodshed would befall the Continent if Huo Yuhao lost control of his undead army! That was very much something that he did not want to see!

Huo Yuhao crossed his legs and sat down. He turned his sight inwards and withdrew his soul rings into his body. After his last rose-gold and red soul ring entered his body, he became entirely transparent, before he disappeared into the air, just like that.

Concrete-material spiritual power allowed his million-year soul ring from the Skydream Iceworm to evolve once more. Imitation had become part of his innate abilities, and even though his spiritual power was almost entirely spent, Imitation would still naturally protect him.

Huo Yuhao could not be thinking about how much damage his undead army could do to the army of soul beasts. His top priority at the moment was to recover his spiritual power as quickly as possible so that he could continue working hard to defend Shrek City.


Bi Ji could see what was happening on the northwestern front, but she couldn’t leave her own side behind because they needed her protection. Intel passed from soul beast to soul beast and eventually to her, and she quickly found out the details about what was happening. The Emerald Swan’s elegant face became ghastly pale.

Where did this army of undead come from? Are they controlled by humans? If so, how frightening is that?

She felt her heart ache as she watched soul beasts die one after another. Their losses had far exceeded their previous estimations.

The Beast God Di Tian knew that Shrek would be hard to deal with. Therefore, he had personally engaged in battle as soon as possible so that he could take out Shrek’s most ferocious fighting strength as quickly as possible.

Soul beasts weren’t entirely shut off from the world. At the very least, they knew about Elder Mu’s death.

However, Shrek’s hidden strength still exceeded their judgment. Elder Mu’s spirit was still around, and he had teamed up with Elder Xuan to seal Di Tian away. This had rendered the army of soul beasts leaderless, and they could only fight independently in terms of commandeering their fellow soul beasts.

That wasn’t all. Those stationary soul cannon shells fired from Shrek City brought unimaginable pain and damage to the army of soul beasts. Many soul beasts, even top-tier soul beasts, didn’t know what was going on before they were turned into dust.

Several thousand stationary soul cannon shells! These shells had caused more damage and injuries to the soul beasts than the frontline combat.

More than a million soul beasts resided in the Great Star Dou Forest, but most of them were between ten to one hundred years old, while some couldn’t even be considered soul beasts.

This time, even though the Great Star Dou Forest’s soul beasts had swarmed out, they had only mobilized about four hundred thousand soul beasts. Among them had been more than three hundred thousand soul beasts who had between ten to one hundred years of cultivation.

But now? How many soul beasts were left? There were less than two hundred thousand soul beasts remaining, which meant more than forty percent of the soul beast army had perished on the battlefield.

They were only assaulting a single human city! Shrek City wasn’t considered a large-scale city, like the various empires’ capital cities, but it had already caused so much damage to the Great Star Dou Forest’s soul beasts. More than a hundred thousand of the soul beasts who had perished died from those stationary soul cannon shells.

At this moment, the flatlands all around Shrek City were strewn with the carcasses of soul beasts. Some soul rings had been extinguished due to time, but new soul rings drifted out from other soul beasts who had just died.

So what if they emerged victorious in this battle? Could they still charge into the human world like they had imagined at the start so that they could weaken humans as much as possible?

It was no longer possible!

Bi Ji was clear that even if they won this battle, the soul beasts wouldn’t gain much from this victory. After all, there wasn’t much in the human world that soul beasts desired. The soul beasts were only fighting for their survival.

But what were they going to do after this battle? Were they to continue fighting? Unless they didn’t want the Great Star Dou Forest to survive, continuing to fight would only lead to their own death and destruction.

Di Tian was powerful, but he couldn’t fight against the entire world by himself! Shrek Academy had their ways to restrict him, but did the other empires in the Douluo Continent not have similar methods? Therefore, even if the soul beasts could annihilate Shrek City, the Great Star Dou Forest’s soul beasts could only retreat back into the forest!

This beast tide had become meaningless after their losses amounted to more than forty percent of their total forces. They didn’t weaken the humans! Instead, the humans dealt a heavy blow to the strength accumulated over ten thousand years by the Great Star Dou Forest!

What do I do? What should I do?

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