Volume 31, Chapter 402.3: Qian Duoduo and Xian Lin'er

While the huge lizard had charged with ferocious momentum, it was now unable to move even an inch closer, blocked by the Xuanwu Shield. Xu Sanshi pulled Jiang Nannan with his left hand while he unleashed his shield with his right hand. Jiang Nannan exploited the momentum of his pull to flip her body up before she did a handstand on his head. After this, she bent her waist as if she had no bones in her body. Her toes touched the top of the soul beast’s neck.

Her second soul ring lit up, and a strange yellow glow spread from her legs. After this, Jiang Nannan started to spin rapidly, using her body as a pivot.

Jiang Nannan’s second soul skill was called Gravity Control. She wasn’t just controlling her opponent, she was also controlling herself.

The huge lizard’s head was slammed against the wall. Jiang Nannan exerted force with her toes, and directly crushed the central nerves of this thousand-year lizard. Its body started contorting, and it was unable to crawl forward anymore.

Nan Shuishui, Nan Qiuqiu and Ye Guyi followed the members of the Tang Sect, ready to reinforce them if needed. Nan Qiuqiu and Ye Guyi were still fine. They fully understood the abilities of everyone from the Tang Sect, but this was the first time Nan Shuishui had witnessed them in action.

She was very impressed with all these young people who possessed six-ringed and even seven-ringed cultivations. Not only did they possess the best combination of soul rings, but each of them had specialized in something. When they unleashed their soul skills, they were extremely strong, and their control was even more frightening. They didn’t waste a single drop of their soul power, and were always able to defeat their enemies with the simplest method.

Ji Juechen was still the most lethal among everyone. When he slashed his Judgement Sword, thousand-year soul beasts were completely unable to resist his strength. Wherever his sword light passed, all the soul beasts that attempted to climb the city wall were killed. Ten-thousand-year soul beasts were only able to resist him slightly before they were overwhelmed. While the movements of his sword were very simple, he was definitely not inferior to an eight-ringed Soul Douluo in terms of lethality.

More and more soul beasts were charging up towards the top of the city walls. As physical combat started to break out, Shrek Academy fully demonstrated its strength. Every teacher and student possessed great fighting strength!

Furthermore, they shared great chemistry with one another. The assault-type, agility-type, defense-type, auxiliary-type and control-type soul masters coordinated very well with one another. They suffered very few casualties as they managed to fight off the assault of the soul beasts.

The soul rings that the Tang Sect had obtained under the leadership of Xuan Ziwen earlier played a very important role right now. Many of the Shrek City Defense Army’s soul masters were strengthened because of those soul rings, and the overall abilities of the army had greatly increased as a result.

All the stationary soul cannon shells had been fired, and the soul beast army had suffered great casualties. From the air, it was clear that the soul beast army was no longer dense; there were empty spaces in many parts of the army.

Bi Ji had already given her best. However, she was helpless, since many of the stationary soul cannon shells weren’t fired in her direction.

Soul tools were still very effective even though the battle had now begun to be fought through physical means. Over the past few years, Shrek Academy had started to value the use of soul tools by soul masters. In the Martial Soul Department, there were even special classes designed to instruct soul masters on the use of soul tools.

They weren’t just taught how to use long-range soul tools, but also taught how to operate close-combat soul tools. Along with the help of the Self-Driving Forts, Shrek Academy was able to hold off the onslaught of the soul beasts, even though they were under great pressure.

Different sparks could be seen in the sky and on the ground. The sky was the battlefield of the strong soul masters and soul beasts. From the elders of the Sea God’s Pavilion to the inner and outer courtyard teachers, those that had seven rings or more mainly fought in the sky. Their opponents were soul beasts with cultivations of fifty-thousand-years or more.

Soul masters fought based on their intelligence, abilities, and the help of soul tools. While there were more wounded soul masters, very few of them died. Once someone was injured, he was immediately replaced while he sought medical attention. After being treated, he would be sent out to fight once again.

The amount of medicine that Shrek Academy had stored could rival that of an empire. It was the result of ten thousand years of accumulation!

Time passed, second after second, as the battle became more and more brutal. The soul beast’s aerial army became even more determined. Even after paying such a huge price, they still weren’t willing to retreat.


Two hours passed. Four hours passed…

More and more casualties started to appear on Shrek City’s walls. The carcasses of soul beasts started to pile up, and various colors of soul rings started to appear. Some of them were extremely valuable.

Shrek was on the verge of collapse, but what about the soul beasts? From Bi Ji’s pale face, it was evident that the soul beast army had suffered great losses as well.

As this was an all-out attack, the soul beasts that were charging in front were either thousand-year or ten-thousand-year soul beasts. However, these powerful soul beasts were greatly drained right now. The hundred-year soul beasts that followed behind them were obviously lacking in terms of abilities. Bi Ji knew that the Great Star Dou Forest would have to bear heavy losses even if they won this battle. Although there hadn’t yet been any great losses to their higher-end combat strength, they would lose too many hundred, thousand, and ten-thousand-year soul beasts. If they were struck by the stationary soul cannon shells, they were completely wiped out.

The two thousand stationary soul cannon shells had wiped out a third of the soul beast army. It would take centuries to replenish this number of soul beasts!

However, there was no way out of this war right now. The eyes of all the soul beasts had turned bloodshot by now. It was too difficult to retreat. Only the blood of Shrek City could wash away this hatred of theirs!

Up in the sky, Di Tian was still restrained by Elder Xuan and Elder Mu. At times lights flashed in the sky, showing that Di Tian was struggling.

Six hours of the afternoon had passed!


Night descended once again. Shrek City was shaking, and looked like it could collapse at any time. However, it managed to persist for another hour even as it shook. It seemed like there were some special force protecting it that prevented it from collapsing completely.

This special force was called faith. It was a faith in Shrek, and a faith to protect Shrek’s glory.

It had only been two days since the beast wave appeared. However, Shrek City was brought to its knees in just those two days.

A hundred years ago, Shrek Academy’s soul tool development hadn’t reached its current state when the last beast wave appeared. However, Shrek Academy had the Body Sect’s help then, which had enabled them to survive until reinforcements arrived. Furthermore, Bi Ji wasn’t present then, so that beast wave was naturally not as strong.

Two days. It had only been two days! Even if the reinforcements came at top speed, they couldn’t arrive so quickly.

Even though Shrek was already proud of how they had been performing, as they made the soul beasts who were lying on the flat ground outside the city and on top of the city wall pay a painful price, was Shrek City still going to walk the path of destruction?

The lights of their soul tools had practically disappeared. Almost all the soul tools used to defend the city had been destroyed. The Self-Driving Forts had also retreated into the city due to a lack of Sealed Milk Bottles to power them. The soul engineers driving them drained their own soul power to bring these Self-Driving Forts back into the city.

At the eastern side of the city, Elder Song and Xian Lin’er fought the Bear Lord, but they were continuously being forced back. At the southern city wall, the fighting was already spread across the top of the city wall.

The soul masters were exhausted. Against such a large number of soul beasts, their soul power was continuously drained even though they had the upper hand and kept on killing soul beasts.

Everyone knew that the collapse of Shrek City could happen at anytime. Once one side of the city fell, a chain reaction would begin. All of them grit their teeth and persisted. Even though they knew they were going to die, they didn’t want the collapse of Shrek City to start from their side.

“Boom!” A deafening boom echoed across all of Shrek City. Even those who were busy fighting couldn’t help but turn their attention towards the origin of that deafening boom.

It came from the eastern city wall.

Elder Song’s speed was slowing down as time passed, and as a result of her age. She didn’t manage to dodge one attack, and was struck to the top of the eastern city wall by the Bear Lord’s Darkgolden Terrorclaw.

Suddenly, a huge, irregular hole that was around twenty meters wide appeared in the city wall.

Doomed! The soldiers defending the eastern city wall turned extremely dismal. They were already in such a dire situation. If the city wall was damaged, they would lose the only thing they could depend on. Was the final breach going to occur here?

The Bear Lord roared excitedly. The soul beasts outside the eastern side of Shrek City risked everything and charged towards this huge hole.

Shrek City’s soldiers were too fatigued. Even though they knew they had to give their all to plug this hole, they didn’t have the energy to even move their legs. Their soul power had been completely drained. While they really wanted to cover this hole, they were completely helpless right now.

Were they really doomed?

At this critical moment, a beam of gentle golden light suddenly spread out from within Shrek City, coming from the direction of Shrek Academy.

That beam of golden light spread very quickly. In an instant, it reached all the way to the city walls.

All the humans felt warmth as they were immersed in this golden light. They felt an indescribable comfort, and their energy and soul power started to quickly recover. All the soul beasts were also pushed off from the city walls by a strong force.

Surprised cheers sounded from all four sides of the city walls at the same time. Even the stronger soul masters from Shrek quickly retreated to the region covered by the beam of golden light.

Even when the Bear Lord, Myriad Demon King, and Scarlet King attacked with all their might, they weren’t able to shake this beam of golden light. Right now, the entirety of Shrek City seemed to have been engulfed by an Invincible Barrier.

While the soldiers and soul masters were cheering, the elders from the Sea God’s Pavilion weren’t delighted. Only they knew where that force came from.

It was the strength of the Golden Tree! This strength was the ultimate strength that the ancestors of Shrek had left behind to protect Shrek after they fused with the Golden Tree. It could only be tapped into in the direst of situations!

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