Volume 31, Chapter 401.2: The Savage Beasts Enter Battle

The Bear Lord roared furiously into the sky as he stretched out his arms, and his massive frame shook as he rose through the air. That wasn’t all; his frame was already humongous, but he became even larger as he gradually raised his arms into the air. Frighteningly long Darkgolden Terrorclaws  sprang out, and streaks of black light that resembled cracks in the sky appeared around his sharp talons. He hadn’t sliced out with his sharp claws yet, but his claws’ aura alone tore through the air.

Scorching green flames erupted from Xian Lin’er’s body. She was growing taller, and became more than five meters tall in the blink of an eye, even as green armor appeared on her body.

Her armor covered her entire body like scales as two yellow, two purple, and five black soul rings rose from beneath her feet. Her enlarged version seemed to make her younger, as if she were a young girl who was in her twenties, and she had an aura full of belligerence and valor.

Her current form was the true appearance of the soaring Valkyrie. Xian Lin’er’s martial soul was the Greenflame Dragon, and even though her body was releasing green flames, her martial soul’s Element was wind. Those flames were produced after wind-type energies were swiftly converted and compressed, and possessed immense disintegrating properties.

The Greenflame Dragon was considered a species of flying dragon, and her formidable martial soul was on the same level as the Ruby Dragon that Nan Shuishui and Nan Qiuqiu had inherited within the Earthdragon Sect. The Ruby Dragon’s Element was Annihilation, and that Element directly obliterated everything, while the Greenflame Dragon’s disintegrating qualities were more focused on slicing and dispersing.

The Greenflame Dragon was theoretically considered a direct descendant of the Golden Dragon, and even the spear in Xian Lin’er’s hands came from her martial soul at birth, similar to the Golden Dragon Spear.

The Valkyrie would never wait on the battlefield. The Bear Lord was becoming larger as he rose into the sky towards her, and Xian Lin’er’s eyes sparkled with intense green light at the same time as she spun around in the air and plummeted downwards. She moved like a green shooting star as she plunged towards the king of the Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bears.

Green flames seemed to seep out of her eyes as she soared through the sky, and she arrived above the Bear Lord in a flash of green light.

The Bear Lord made his move, and he made a move that was strength personified: he swung his enormous arms in front of him and clawed out with his palms facing out.

Terrifying dark golden hues tainted the sky in the next moment. Just what kind of claws were they? Every single talon transformed into a horrifying dark golden blade that was more than a hundred meters long, and his massive Darkgolden Terrorclaws seemed as if they were about to tear the heavens apart. This petrifying sight immediately shook the soldiers who were on Shrek City’s western wall.

The air was completely torn apart wherever these ten sharp talons crossed, and howls could be faintly heard from those torn spaces; one could see faint dots of starlight amid the eerie darkness.

This was the might of a Savage Beast! Even strong individuals like Di Tian and the Evileye Tyrant King were unwilling to take a swipe from the Bear Lord’s Darkgolden Terrorclaws head-on. The Bear Lord was the true king of destruction!

However, something completely unexpected happened. The Valkyrie chose to meet force with force against the Darkgolden Terrorclaws that not even the Beast God himself was willing to meet head-on!

Yes, she chose to meet force with force!

A beam of golden light suddenly shot out from the top of Shrek’s city wall and instantly landed on her green flames. In that instant, the green flames that were descending from the sky were layered and protected by a blurry layer of golden light.

Hazy mist surrounded all that golden light, and everything seemed a little unreal in that instant.

The Bear Lord’s terrifying Darkgolden Terrorclaws swiped across her in a flash. A strange scene occurred when his claws touched that golden light.  The bear’s sharp claws skidded away, and the hazy golden light immediately became surreal and illusory in that moment. The green flames’ downward swoop seemed to pause momentarily, as if they had been layered with grease, and they slipped through the cracks between all that dark golden light.

However, the Darkgolden Terrorclaws were simply too destructive. Even though the golden light was filled with spatial power, all that golden light was still torn to pieces as the green flames slipped past his claws.

But that wasn’t important. What was important was that the Valkyrie had achieved her goal.

She slipped through the bear’s deadly claws, and indignant dragon roars echoed throughout the entire battlefield. The green flames became conical, and they went straight for the space between the Bear Lord’s eyebrows.

She broke through just like that.

Back on top of the city wall, Qian Duoduo stared closely at the battle in the sky, and gradually lowered a golden cannon in his hands.

That was Light of Spatial Protection, a Class 8 soul tool.

This soul tool was known amongst Class 8 soul tools as The Unbreakable Fortress, and was a stronger version of the Invincible Barrier. This soul tool allowed the user to temporarily enter another dimension when taking a hit, but even so, the Bear Lord’s Darkgolden Terrorclaws still managed to tear through space itself, which meant hiding in another dimension couldn’t entirely evade his attack. It wasn’t hard to imagine how frightening the Bear Lord’s attacking strength was. That was just pure offensive strength!

However, their plan was successful in the end. They had been married for many years, and Qian Duoduo and Xian Lin’er’s chemistry and teamwork was so good that they were almost the same person.

They were very clear that in terms of strength, they were no match for the Bear Lord even if they teamed up. They could only make use of the Bear Lord’s unfamiliarity and lack of understanding toward soul tools at the start of the battle to catch him by surprise so that they would have a chance to strike.

That was the reason why they had come up with such a fighting strategy, and Xian Lin’er chose to meet force with force when everyone thought she would avoid the bear’s sharp claws.

The Bear Lord’s frame was too massive, and his excessively large body meant he wasn’t very agile. After he grew bigger, the bear was a hundred meters tall, while Xian Lin’er moved with incredible speed. The Bear Lord’s arms had just swung through the air when the conical green flames reached the center of his eyebrows, and he didn’t have a chance to respond.

However, the Bear Lord chose a response that surprised every onlooker.

He didn’t even attempt to dodge this attack. His dark golden eyes flickered with blood-red colors, and were filled with disdain and indifference as he lowered his head, usign his forehead to clash against the conical green flames.

That was an all-out attack from Xian Lin’er, a Rank 95 Transcendent Douluo, who was known as the Valkyrie! Even though she didn’t use her strongest soul skill because she desired speed, could the Bear Lord’s body just forcefully clash against her formidable attack that possessed disintegrating qualities? 


Green flames scattered in all directions in the sky, and Xian Lin’er’s figurereappeared in the sky as she spiraled through the air. The tremendous impact rendered her unable to control her own body, and she channeled soul power continuously to stabilize herself as she flew backwards rapidly.

And the Bear Lord? He simply arched his large head backwards, and several strands of dark golden fur drifted down from his forehead. He used the back of his paws and rubbed his forehead before he howled furiously. It seemed like all he took was a little pain, and he didn’t suffer any real injuries at all.

The soul masters watching from the top of the city wall were astounded when they saw this. Nothing happened to the Bear Lord when he clashed forcefully with an attack from a Transcendent Douluo? He didn’t even shed a single drop of blood. That was simply too unbelievable! Were the Bear Lord’s defenses that fierce and formidable?

Yes, the bear’s defenses were indeed that strong.

Xian Lin’er felt this the most because she was the one who had attacked him. When her Greenflame Spear stabbed into the Bear Lord’s forehead, she felt as if she had actually clashed with a shooting star. Terrifying strength instantly sent her hurtling through the air, and her right arm that was holding onto her Greenflame Spear was all sore and numb.

One could only understand whether the opponent was strong or weak in an actual encounter.

Not a single beast wasn’t worthy of their reputation, and the Bear Lord lived up to his name as number five of the Ten Great Savage Beasts! There was no question that he possessed the strongest offensive capabilities among today’s four Savage Beasts.

The Bear Lord’s muscular chest bulged as he swung his arms outward. His thick arms stretched out at his side, and he howled furiously as he suddenly raised his Darkgolden Terrorclaws high into the sky. All his fur began to shine with intense golden light, and in that moment, he sparkled and shone like a sun.

His roars were extremely thick and dense, and they resonated through the heavens like dull thunderclaps. His roars shook the soul masters and soldiers standing on the city wall beneath him until they felt dizzy, while the soul beasts that were attacking the city became exceptionally excited. Their attacking momentum became fiercer than before, and the soul tools on top of the city wall seemed like they couldn’t hold those soul beasts back any longer.

Xian Lin’er’s expression instantly became serious and solemn. She had the strongest feelings about the Bear Lord because she was facing him directly. She couldn’t really withstand the Bear Lord’s frightening pressure, which resembled that of a mountain, even with her cultivation rank, and the green dragon scales on the surface of her body rippled continuously to dispel that pressure.

Is the Bear Lord using his signature move from the get-go? What kind of fighting style is this?

Xian Lin’er didn’t dare to neglect her opponent. The Bear Lord was stronger than she had predicted, and she grit her teeth as she raised her Greenflame Spear high into the air. The green flames on her body flourished at the same time, and waves of dragon roars could be heard. Her seventh soul ring glowed as she instantly transformed into a giant green dragon and circled in midair. She unleashed layers of green flame again and again, and these flames formed a colossal green dragon head in front of her as she stared at the Bear Lord opposite her in the distance.

Qian Duoduo didn’t idle around, either. Xian Lin’er was evidently unable to stop the Bear Lord by herself, and he tapped the ground with the tip of his foot as he swiftly flew out from the city. This time, he didn’t carry his soul tools. Nine soul rings glimmered on his body, and his seventh soul ring sparkled as black light gradually cocooned his body while he rose into the sky. He transformed into an enormous shield, and swiftly rose to Xian Lin’er’s side.

This shield was squarish, and there were black dragon patterns on its surface. A Black Dragon seemed to shimmer on the shield’s surface, but the dragon’s eyes weren’t golden like that of the Beast God, but red instead. The shield’s surface seemed to be inlaid with two red gems.

This was Qian Duoduo’s martial soul, the Black Dragon Shield!

Back in the day, Qian Duoduo, Cai Mei’er, Xian Lin’er, and Yan Shaozhe were known as Shrek’s golden generation because their martial souls were all powerful, and they possessed formidable strength. Yan Shaozhe was the strongest among them, and Xian Lin’er came next, and Cai Mei’er after her. Qian Duoduo was weakest one, but he was a defense-type soul master, and his defensive capabilities were the most outstanding among them. This was also the most important reason why he chose to become a soul engineer in the end. There was a part of his past that was very regrettable, and he craved offensive power.

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