Volume 31, Chapter 401.1: The Savage Beasts Enter Battle

He wasn’t the only one with this thought in mind. Whether it was the Tang Sect or Shrek’s Seven Monsters, everyone was used to fighting with Huo Yuhao as the main control-type soul master. His Spiritual Detection shared with everyone in battle was the most important guarantee for everyone’s survival. However, nobody knew where Huo Yuhao was, and he was nowhere to be seen even until now.

Bei Bei rubbed his fists forcefully, and a determined look appeared in his eyes. He lowered his voice and said, “Whether or not this beast wave has anything to do with Yuhao, he will always be a part of the Tang Sect, and he will always be the most important part. I will use our sect’s strength to protect him no matter what the cost may be. I hope you guys can understand.”

Xu Sanshi said lazily, “Why are you saying all that? Do you think any of us will object? The new generation of Shrek’s Seven Monsters are one, and the Tang Sect is one. One man’s glory is everyone’s glory. Furthermore, Yuhao’s role in the beast wave was lighting the fuse, at most.”

Bei Bei scanned everyone’s faces, and could tell that nobody had any intention to object. He heaved a sigh of relief inside. Wasn’t he also carrying a heavy burden on his shoulders?

Deafening booms echoed out once more as stationary soul cannon shells began to show their fearsome powers explosively. Different beams of light glowed one after another, and large masses of soul beasts perished with each instance.

The Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons were still firing crazily from the top of the city wall. The other soul tools and shock bombs that Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect had provided were being unleashed onto the battlefield without any reservation at all.

However, the soul beasts were forging ahead, and still drawing closer and closer to Shrek City. The smell of smoke from guns permeated the air, but the wild stench spreading from those soul beasts was even more penetrating.

Right at this moment, the four Savage Beasts who were hovering in midair finally made their move. Except for the Emerald Swan, who was moving forward slowly, the other three Savage Beasts were flying towards the top of Shrek’s city wall with lightning speed. They weren’t the only ones moving; every Savage Beast had twenty to thirty soul beasts of many different kinds following behind them and moving along with them. There was no exception, and all of those soul beasts possessed the ability to fly.

They were able to follow the Savage Beasts into battle, and this meant their strengths were worthy. Ferocious shadows gradually appeared one after another in the sky, and they were all soul beasts who had at least fifty thousand years of cultivation. Some of them had more than a hundred thousand years of cultivation.

This group was the true main force of the soul beast army; the main force that could determine the outcome of this battle.

The frightening force of the stationary soul cannon shells had unsettled these four Savage Beasts. They discussed with each other via their own special communication methods unique only to them, and they decided to attack with full force.

The deaths of normal soul beasts didn’t really affect the Great Star Dou Forest, but if too many soul beasts died, the forest would still be shaken to its very roots. In the end, top-tier soul beasts were once low-tier soul beasts, and which soul beast didn’t need an ascension process to become a powerful individual? Would the Great Star Dou Forest still have a future if too many low-tier soul beasts perished?

Therefore, even though they knew very well that Shrek City wasn’t sufficiently spent or exhausted, they had no other choice but to activate their main force that could truly determine the outcome of battle. They had to send out their truly mighty beasts!

Everyone from Shrek City was as solemn as could be as they watched the large masses of powerful soul beasts flying toward them in the sky.

Of the four different sides, the Emerald Swan flew behind everyone else toward the southern city wall, and over thirty mighty soul beasts flew in front of her. There were seven or eight soul beasts who had at least a hundred thousand years of cultivation, and there were more hundred thousand year soul beasts in this group than the other three sides. The Emerald Swan was a Savage Beast, but her direct fighting strength wasn’t that strong. In terms of her auxiliary powers and her healing abilities, however, not a single human could match her might. With her around, these formidable soul beasts’ fighting strengths undoubtedly doubled! Nobody was willing to start a fight like this, but did Shrek City have a choice?

There were relatively few hundred-thousand-year soul beasts on the other three sides, but they were charging toward the city with the Savage Beasts who were more adept at fighting.

The Savage Beast who was charging at the fastest pace was the king of the Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bears, the Savage Beast who was known for his violent and fierce temperament: the Bear Lord!

The Bear Lord’s tremendous frame and aura alone gave everyone in Shrek City a feeling as if a mountain was bearing down upon them. Among the defenders on this side, two members of the Sea God’s Pavilion rose up to meet this Savage Beast: the Valkyrie Douluo, Xian Lin’er, and her husband, the Vice-Dean of Shrek Academy’s Soul Tool Department, Qian Duoduo.

The Bear Lord’s body was simply too massive. Even though he could rely on his formidable cultivation to soar through the sky, he still looked a little clumsy.

The Bear Lord had four hundred and seventy thousand years of cultivation, and that meant he was more powerful than the Ice Empress even when she was at her peak condition. The standards of the Bear Lord’s soul power was close to that of a Rank 97 Titled Douluo. Furthermore, he was a Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bear! A Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bear with four hundred and seventy thousand years of cultivation possessed such formidable direct fighting strength that a typical Ultimate Douluo wouldn’t be confident of defeating him. The Bear Lord was an overbearing presence in the Great Star Dou Forest that nobody dared to disturb.

Xian Lin’er stood on the battlement calmly. The long-range attacks that those soul beasts beneath her fired were immediately sliced into pieces by a formless power when they reached within a hundred meters of her. Their attacks vanished into thin air, and could no longer cause any damage.

Xian Lin’er arrived on the western side of the city after she decided to use all the stationary soul cannon shells, her goal being to challenge the Bear Lord.

Initially, this task didn’t fall to her. She was giving herself more pressure.

Ever since she broke through Rank 95 and became a Transcendent Douluo, she felt that raising her soul power even further was unbelievably difficult, and she finally understood why Yan Shaozhe spent so many years after reaching Rank 95 to ascend another rank. Yan Shaozhe had only recently reached Rank 96, and he was lauded as the number-one prodigy of their generation!

Reality proved that Shrek Academy had never lacked talent, but even talented and gifted individuals would have exhausted all their talent by the time they became Transcendent Douluo.

Every further step after Rank 95 was incredibly challenging, but every rank also meant an immense increase in strength at the same time. Xian Lin’er had once asked Elder Xuan how she could go even further. Elder Xuan told her that humans were like receptacles, and only sufficiently strong pressure could give them enough push and motivation to ignite their potential.

How many people could give Xian Lin’er this pressure in the world today? With Shrek Academy’s environment and surroundings and her status, they would never allow her to take this risk!

However, Shrek no longer had a way out in their current circumstances. The soaring Valkyrie was already full of boundless belligerence and fighting intent. Therefore, she found the Bear Lord, who possessed the strongest frontal fighting strength amongst the four Savage Beasts, and who was also the king of the Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bears.

Qian Duoduo didn’t stand on the top of the city wall like Xian Lin’er did. He quietly stood at a position further back on the city wall, but a layer of formidable soul power undulations permeated his surroundings.

Qian Duoduo’s cultivation rank was lower than Xian Lin’er’s. He had been stuck at Rank 94 for quite some time. Furthermore, he could feel that he would never break through this threshold and ascend to Rank 95 through his entire lifetime, if he didn’t run into some miraculous encounter.

Therefore, he channeled more of his time and energy into researching soul tools. Ever since Xuan Ziwen had arrived, Qian Duoduo had lowered his attitude, and he had long become a frequent guest of the Tang Sect’s Soul Tool Hall. He seemed to have found a direction to break through from Class 8 to Class 9 in recent days. In the end, he was a true Titled Douluo, and he wasn’t like the Sun Moon Empire’s Class 9 soul engineers, who became Titled Douluo through various cheap methods. Qian Duoduo’s solid soul power rank meant there were many things he could do when he became a Class 9 soul engineer.

There was a row of metal barrels of many different colors planted on the ground in front of him at this moment. There were seven in total, and they were all of varying lengths, thickness, and colors, while every single one seemed to have their own unique characteristics. He was just standing calmly behind these seven barrels as he silently watched Xian Lin’er, who was standing on the battlements. His face was as calm as ever, and there were many other people standing on top of the city wall on this side. This group included seven teachers from the inner courtyard, and another elder from the Sea God’s Pavilion, along with some students from the inner courtyard.

Wu Ming, whose martial soul was a Golden Crow, was part of this group, along with the boyfriend that she had walked away with from the Sea God’s Fate, Chu Qingtian. More accurately put, Chu Qingtian was her husband now.

Wu Ming and Chu Qingtian stood shoulder to shoulder. Chu Qingtian seemed a little melancholic, but Wu Ming’s eyes were filled with excitement, as if there were flames dancing in her eyes. She was one of the Demon Ladies from Shrek Academy’s inner courtyard, and she had always possessed a thirst for battle.

Wu Ming hugged Chu Qingtian across the shoulders and whispered, “Relax a little, don’t be so nervous. Haven’t we been cultivating hard so that we can fight? A big occasion like this isn’t something that we can encounter at any time.”

Chu Qingtian laughed bitterly and said, “I would rather never face a big occasion such as this for my entire life!”

Wu Ming patted him on his back and said, “Don’t worry. I will do my best to protect you later on.”

Chu Qingtian rolled his eyes and said, “Please, I’m the one who should be saying that, right?”

Wu Ming giggled and said, “Who will protect who isn’t determined by gender, it’s determined by fighting strength.”


The soul beasts flying through the sky had arrived as the two of them exchanged words.

The Bear Lord was within one kilometer from Shrek City, and Xian Lin’er shouted as she applied strength through the tips of her toes, and soared into the sky like an arrow.

The sky was the battlefield for powerful individuals at their level.

Two beams of red light emerged from the Bear Lord’s eyes, and he could clearly feel intense provocation from Xian Lin’er. This human female’s soul power undulations were inferior to his own, but she possessed a unique quality that attracted his attention.

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