Volume 31, Chapter 400.2: Bear Lord and Myriad Demon King

Immortal Spirit Grass was naturally psychic. The moment they grew, they possessed intelligence that was similar to ordinary soul beasts. After some time, they would become stronger. At the same time, they were extremely nutritious, and were considered nourishment for both soul beasts and soul masters.

It was just that the growth conditions needed for Immortal Spirit Grasses were very strict. Even in the Great Star Dou Forest, which was an excellent natural habitat for soul beasts, they rarely appeared. A thousand-year Immortal Spirit Grass was already considered a treasure.

The greatest advantage the Myriad Demon King had over this Immortal Spirit Grass was that he was born ten thousand years earlier. He soon discovered that an Immortal Spiritual Grass had grown nearby. At that point in time, he already possessed his own intelligence. Furthermore, he had some abilities then, and could at least spread his scent over a larger area.

As a result, the Myriad Demon King took great care of this Immortal Spirit Grass.

No matter how gifted or intelligent Immortal Spirit Grass was, it was only like a piece of blank paper after it was born. Furthermore, Immortal Spirit Grass would only treat soul beasts and humans as enemies. It would never treat another plant like the Myriad Demon King as an enemy.

The Myriad Demon King protected this Immortal Spirit Grass using his pungent smell until it grew to a thousand-year cultivation.

At that point in time, this Immortal Spirit Grass already treated him as its best friend and even developed a heavy sense of reliance on him.

After tolerating it for a thousand years, the Myriad Demon King finally made his move on this Immortal Spirit Grass.

In fact, the Myriad Demon King didn’t know what the result would be after he devoured this Immortal Spirit Grass. He was just making a wild attempt because he was indignant. He didn’t want to remain at the edge of the Great Star Dou Forest for his entire life. He was very envious and jealous of those strong soul beasts. This was why he took a gamble to see what benefits he might possibly obtain from this Immortal Spirit Grass.

This thousand-year Immortal Spirit Grass was ultimately unprepared against the Myriad Demon King, who had plotted this for centuries.

Under the corrosion of the Myriad Demon King’s poison, it melted.

The Myriad Demon King uprooted it completely and turned into fluid before smearing this fluid on his body. To him, he would have only wasted a thousand years, even if he failed. To a plant-type soul beast, a thousand years wasn’t considered a long time.

From that point onwards, the Myriad Demon King entered an extremely long period of torment. While this Immortal Spirit Grass was dead, it carried a strong spirit of vengeance, which made it difficult for him to fuse with it.

Normally, a Demoneye Tree and an Immortal Spirit Grass were two incompatible plant-type soul beasts. However, a miracle happened when this Immortal Spirit Grass’ vengeance and the Myriad Demon King’s persistence combined together. They started to fuse together in a very special way.

While the fusion was slow, it managed to change many of the Myriad King’s innate abilities. As time passed, he was no longer purely a Demoneye Tree anymore. This evolution process continued for a hundred years.

When the Myriad Demon King regained consciousness again, he discovered that he had become abnormally strong. He possessed the innate abilities of the most outstanding plant-type soul beast.

The Myriad Demon King was extremely determined, having tolerated a hundred years of pain to complete the fusion. He didn’t venture deeper into the Great Star Dou Forest after the fusion. He continued to cultivate where he was born, and slowly devoured soul beasts of lower cultivations.

The current Myriad Demon King was a result of his tolerance in the past. He had a five-hundred-thirty-thousand-year cultivation now and was ranked fifth among the Ten Great Savage Beasts. He was ranked lower than Bi Ji, but higher than the Bear Lord.

Of the five Great Savage Beasts in the Great Star Dou Forest, the Myriad Demon King was probably the one that most wouldn’t want to face if they had to fight one of them if they understood all of their characters. He didn’t possess the power of Di Tian or the explosiveness of the Bear Lord, but he was as vicious as a venomous snake, and even possessed a forbearance that was superior to most ordinary soul beasts. He was definitely a terrifying enemy.

After Di Tian discovered his existence, he wanted to forcefully keep him within the Slaughtering Grounds so that he could monitor the Myriad Demon King. This was because the Myriad Demon King already ruled over the soul beasts in more than one-third of the Peripheral Region of the Great Star Dou Forest. With his help, the plant-type soul beasts were able to develop rapidly.

Di Tian didn’t kill him out of fear. Plants were considered the last line of defense for the Great Star Dou Forest. The Myriad Demon King ruled over most of the plant-type soul beasts, which made him extremely important to the Great Star Dou Forest. Even Di Tian didn’t dare to kill him! Di Tian even believed that his existence was more important than Bi Ji’s.

Right now, there weren’t any plant-type soul beasts in the soul beast army underneath the Myriad Demon King at the northern side of Shrek City. This was also a requirement that Di Tian had for him before this war started. All the plant-type soul beasts that he commanded were not allowed to be part of this beast wave. The reason was very simple: they were needed to offer an escape route for the Great Star Dou Forest! If this beast wave failed and the soul beasts suffered heavy losses, the plant-type soul beasts that the Myriad Demon King controlled could at least protect the soul beast army as they retreated back into the forest.

An Emerald Swan, a Demoneye Tree, a Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bear, and a Three-Headed Scarlet Devilmastiff. Right now, four of the Great Savage Beasts in the Great Star Dou Forest had appeared on this battlefield.

These four Savage Beasts surrounded Shrek City, which meant that this war between the soul beasts and Shrek Academy was about to enter its climax.

Shrek City was waiting for reinforcements, and the five Great Savage Beasts naturally knew it. Shrek Academy was simply too important. If Shrek City was overrun, there would be one less force to restrain the soul beasts in the Great Star Dou Forest. The three empires in the Douluo Continent wouldn’t be willing to see something like that happen. It was totally necessary to send reinforcements to aid Shrek Academy.

Shrek City was stalling for time, while the soul beasts were naturally fighting for time. If they managed to breach Shrek City and destroy Shrek Academy before the reinforcements arrived, whatever reinforcements arrived after that would be meaningless and insignificant.

As a result, these four Savage Beasts decided to launch an assault against Shrek City even after the heavy losses they had suffered earlier. Of course, this didn’t mean that they would participate in the fight directly. Instead, they were going to hold the fort in four different directions, and the intensity of their offense would vary.

The soul beasts were targeting the overstretched manpower of Shrek City’s Defense Army. Even if they had to forsake their pride, they had to seize this opportunity to destroy Shrek City. This showed how determined they were. They wanted to welcome Di Tian back with a huge victory.

The Bear Lord unleashed a shocking and furious roar. He was at the western side of the city, and it was his side that made the first move. The terrifying beast wave started to surge forward like a tidal wave. The commanders at each of the other sides also gave the order to attack. Shrek City was now being attacked from all sides, and it seemed as if a tsunami was sweeping toward the city from all directions.

This was the true strength of this beast wave. When they attacked all-out, they managed to fully tap into their absolute numerical advantage.

All of the elders of the Sea God’s Pavilion had gathered at the top of the city wall by now. They and the inner courtyard disciples were distributed along sections of the city wall. The All-Terrain Self-Driving Forts and Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons were also ready to be used.

The Time Douluo Shi Xing quickly rose into the sky, and his voice echoed as he used a powerful sound-amplifying soul tool.

“Warriors of Shrek City, teachers and students of Shrek Academy, I am the City Defense Officer, Shi Xing. The soul beast army is coming for us. This is a fight that we can’t back away from. The result of failure will be death. It’s not just us that will be dead; all the civilians in Shrek City will also be dead along with us. For Shrek’s glory, and for ourselves, I implore all of you to bring forth your greatest courage and strength to fight!”

He shouted the last few words in fury.

“Long live Shrek! Long live Shrek! Long live Shrek!”

“Glory to Shrek! Glory to Shrek! Glory to Shrek!”

“Let’s fight for Shrek’s glory!”

They were burning with passion now. At this moment, everyone from Shrek, regardless of whether they were a soldier, a student, a teacher, or an elder, whether they came from the inner or outer courtyard, all came together as one. They only had one goal: force the beast wave back. It was the only way that they could ensure their survival.

Shrek’s strength was finally unleashed at this moment. Under Shi Xing’s orders, the Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons fired.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…

A piercing sound echoed as streaks of dazzling light shot above the city wall. These streaks of lights were scattered in all directions. Even with Bi Ji’s abilities, she couldn’t cover them all.

This time, the cannon shells seemed to be larger than before. They didn’t just cover a region that spanned a five-kilometer radius with the city wall at the center. Rather, they were targeted toward further distances. Every streak of dazzling light left a resplendent plume behind it as it moved in the air.

The stationary cannon shells that came from the Tang Sect were finally being fired!

Stationary soul cannon shells weren’t just strong. They were also able to cover long distances and drained the cannons the least. They wouldn’t cause the cannons to overheat, as they were propelled forward using their own strength. They also didn’t exhaust too much soul power.

The stationary soul cannon shells were used first, for fear that the Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons wouldn’t be able to be fired if they overheated.

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