Volume 31, Chapter 400.1: Bear Lord and Myriad Demon King

The terrifying strike that had drained the soul power from a hundred and twenty Sealed Milk Bottles left a deep impression on the soul beast army.

Not only was this attack extremely powerful and threatening, but it even caused the soul beast army to suffer heavy casualties. A hundred-thousand-year soul beast had lost his life, and several thousand soul beasts, including two-thirds of the the soul beast aerial army, were killed.

After this defeat, some conflicts ensued between the soul beasts, which led to a temporary retreat of the beast wave. Shrek City was finally given a breather.

The disciples from the Tang Sect’s Soul Tool Hall and the students from Shrek Academy’s Soul Tool Department started to get busy with this time that they had been afforded. They quickly repaired the damaged soul tools. The soul masters were also given time to rest. Once they recovered their soul power, they would immediately start charging the Sealed Milk Bottles. Even Soul Douluo from the Academy were charging the Sealed Milk Bottles. On this battlefield, one’s individual strength was considered very insignificant unless one was at the level of Elder Xuan or Di Tian.

The beast wave had lasted for a day and a half, but everyone in Shrek City knew that the earlier attack by the soul beast army was still just a probe. They hadn’t given their all yet, and were only weakening Shrek’s overall power. They were looking for the best opportunity to launch an all-out attack.

The beast wave pulled back for six hours, which gave everyone enough time to rest and recharge. However, everyone in Shrek City started to turn serious after the soul beast army returned, ready to attack again, after those six hours.

This time, the number of soul beasts was even greater. However, they didn’t deploy their aerial army like before, perhaps because their aerial army had been trounced earlier.

Furthermore, the soul beasts didn’t charge blindly and wildly towards Shrek City this time. They scattered, and slowly inched closer to the city. It felt as if they were forming a huge pincer that was about to clip onto Shrek City.

The soul beast army didn’t seem to be as dominant as before, but those who were sharp could tell that Shrek City was in trouble this time. It was because the soul beasts seemed to have forsaken their pride, and stopped charging directly to assault Shrek City from the front. The formation that they had adopted evidently signaled the fact that they wanted to encircle the city before attacking from all fronts!

On the top of the city wall, emergency discussions were held, and all the elders from the Sea God’s Pavilion ascended to the top of the city wall. After a brief discussion, they immediately acted.

The southern side of the city had the strongest defense. However, the defense of the city had to adapt if there were any changes to the offensive focal point of the soul beast army.

At such a time, the flexibility of the All-Terrain Self-Driving Forts was very important.

The sixty-one All-Terrain Self-Driving Forts were spread out across the top of the city wall rapidly, and started to distribute themselves proportionally around the other three sides. As there were more Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons on the southern side, the defense over there should be able to hold off the soul beasts.

However, the commanders of the soul beast army seemed to be smarter this time. Just as everyone in Shrek City expected, the soul beast army that comprised more than a hundred thousand soul beasts encircled Shrek City. However, they didn’t attack after encircling the city. They stopped around ten kilometers away from Shrek City, and they seemed to be resting.

Only very powerful stationary soul cannon shells could reach ten kilometers away. However, there were many strong soul beasts in the soul beast army too, who were also adept at long-range attacks. It wouldn’t be too difficult for them to intercept the top-tier stationary soul cannons shells, since there wouldn’t be many of them, either.

As a result, Shrek didn’t do anything, and the soul beast army didn’t move.

However, the difference between them and the soul beast army was that the soul beast army could choose to attack at any time, but they couldn’t. They could only passively wait for the soul beasts to attack. Without sufficient troops, Shrek City was under great pressure from the soul beast army.

No one knew when the soul beasts were going to attack. They could only wait and remain alert.

Such a wait was torturous. Fortunately, what the soul masters needed now was rest.

However, the soul beast army didn’t give them much more time. Outside the southern city wall, a jade-green figure opened her wings and rose into the sky. It was Bi Ji.

After a few hours of rest and reorganization, she had already fully recovered. She opened her wings, and jade-green light shone brightly. Her jade-green feathers emitted bright light as they expanded. Very soon, her wings had extended more than a hundred meters in either direction.

Her appearance also caused the soul beasts close to the southern city wall to roar in excitement. They all stood up from the ground and stared at Shrek City with fierce looks in their eyes.

To the east of the city, another figure gradually rose into the sky. This figure had three heads, and scarlet-golden fur grew on its head. Each head of this figure resembled a lion’s, but they were even more ferocious. It was the Scarlet King, who was a Three-Headed Scarlet Devilmastiff.

To the west of the city, yet another huge figure drifted in mid-air. In terms of aura, he appeared to be much stronger than the Scarlet King and Bi Ji. He was more than fifteen meters tall, and there was thick dark golden fur on his body. His arms were extremely long, as they drooped along the sides of his body. Even given the size of his body, his arms were still long enough to extend below his knees. This meant that his arms were more than ten meters long, and they were also extremely thick. His shoulders were the most exaggerated, swelling up like little mountains.

To everyone from the Tang Sect, such a soul beast was very familiar. This was because there were two little fellows in the Tang Sect that were of the same species as this soul beast. It was just that the difference in their sizes was too great.

Yes, this extremely large soul beast was a Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bear, which was often recognized as an exterminator of forests and a destroyer in the world of soul masters. This bear was undoubtedly the ruler of all bears, the Bear Lord, who was ranked sixth among the Ten Great Savage Beasts.

He had a four-hundred-seventy-thousand-year cultivation. It was appropriate to call him the number one bear in the history of the Douluo Continent!

In terms of rank and cultivation, he wasn’t as strong as Bi Ji. However, the combination of Bi Ji and the Scarlet King wouldn’t even be comparable to him in terms of fighting strength.

In fact, Di Tian was the only one in the Great Star Dou Forest who could tame the Bear Lord.

The northern side of the city, which was the furthest from the Great Star Dou Forest, was also being surrounded by the soul beast army right now. In mid-air, there was also another figure.

It was a human-shaped soul beast this time. He was aesthetically pleasing, like Bi Ji, and different from the Scarlet King and Bear Lord, who preferred to appear in their original forms.

He adopted the appearance of a middle-aged man. He wasn’t particularly handsome, and his face was slightly pale. His eyes were a deep jade-green that could penetrate through one’s soul. A jade-green glow shone amidst this depth and serenity, but this glow was starkly different from the elegant jade-green that Bi Ji emitted.

He wasn’t considered very large, but he was extremely slender. He was wearing a long, dark-green robe. It moved even without any wind, fluttering slightly to and fro. His hair was also dark-green, but it was a little too long. It was more than ten meters in length as it flowed behind his back.

To be able to become a commander of the soul beast army, just like the other three savage beasts, he was naturally a savage beast himself.

Five of the Ten Great Savage Beasts lived in the Great Star Dou Forest. Apart from Di Tian, Bi Ji, the Scarlet King and the Bear Lord, there was one more soul beast.

It was the Myriad Demon King, a Demoneye Tree that was ranked fifth among the Ten Great Savage Beasts.

According to the legends, the Myriad Demon King ruled over all the plant-type soul beasts in the Great Star Dou Forest.

Compared to animal-type soul beasts, plant-type soul beasts found it more difficult to survive. They grew slower than animal-type soul beasts when they were young. Generally speaking, plant-type soul beasts had to reach a thousand-year cultivation before they could protect themselves, whereas animal-type soul beasts already possessed fighting strength at a ten-year cultivation.

However, there were innately gifted plant-type soul beasts. When they grew, they were even scarier than animal-type soul beasts.

The Myriad Demon King was an example. He was originally a Demoneye Tree that had grown at the edge of the forest. There was nothing special about his lineage. While Demoneye Trees were considered a rare species in the Great Star Dou Forest, they weren’t considered very strong, even if they cultivated into soul beasts. This was because they were considered spiritual-type and were most adept at using their tree eye to numb and control their opponents. After that, they would gradually use their corrosive sap to kill them. While their opponents rotted away, they would turn into nourishment for these Demoneye Trees.

In terms of lethality, Demoneye Trees weren’t special among plant-type soul beasts.

However, the Myriad Demon King was an anomaly. He was considered an anomaly because there were other types of plant-type soul beasts that grew around him. The Demoneye Trees’ survival rate was considered quite high among plant-type soul beasts, as they didn’t have any fruit that other soul beasts found extremely tempting. In addition, they even released a pungent smell. Generally speaking, it was not common for other soul beasts to take interest in them.

But there were a few rare types of plants that had lived around the Myriad Demon King, which included Immortal Spirit Grass!

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