Volume 31, Chapter 398.3: The Terrifying Red Ray of Light

Regret? There was no longer any time for the Six-Winged Deviltiger to react, as it had lost all of its senses after the line of fire burned it to ashes. Its enormous body was vaporized in midair.

After passing through the Six-Winged Deviltiger, the beam of red light reached the rest of the aerial soul beast army. Since even hundred-thousand-year soul beasts couldn’t block the attack, how else would the other weaker soul beasts fare?

A line appeared in midair. The corpses of aerial soul beasts fell wherever this line passed through.

What was even more terrifying was that this beam of red light didn’t disappear after that attack. Instead, it paused roughly five kilometers from the red ball of light. After that, it made a sweeping motion, like an enormous sword cutting through the air.

It swept from left to right, then back to its original location.

However, this back and forth motion was like a giant eraser in the sky that completely wiped away an uncountable number of dots there.

Over two-thirds of the thousand-man strong aerial army of soul beasts were obliterated by this sweeping motion.

The army of soul beasts had been too confident in themselves. After all, did it matter how concentrated they were, considering they were being led by a hundred-thousand-year soul beast? However, that red beam of light had come too quickly. By the time it started sweeping through the sky, none of the soul beasts had even noticed it. The entire sequence of events went very smoothly, and the terrifying beam of light disappeared immediately afterwards.

Only the luckiest soul beasts managed to escape with their lives intact. However, they nonetheless began to fall from the sky.

It wasn’t because they were injured, but because of fear, an overwhelming sensation of terror. The terrifying red light that had obliterated their fellows instantly became a shadow hanging over their hearts.

All of this was simply too terrifying. Who would’ve thought that the proud flying soul beasts courageously advancing would lose over two-thirds of their forces to humanity’s first attack? None of the soul beasts who had touched the red beam of light had managed to avoid death, even the hundred-thousand-year soul beast who led the flock!

A power like this had already exceeded the realm of knowledge of the soul beasts there. Even a powerhouse like the Beast God Di Tian would have a certain process to go through before launching an attack like that. However, the humans were simply far, far too quick.

Shi Xing stood atop the city wall, his mouth agape. He felt extremely exuberant, and all of his worries seemed to fade away...

This, this was simply too overbearing! A red beam of light swept through the sky, and everything was silent afterwards. The few surviving soul beasts that had fallen from the sky started to turn tail and run away after landing. The depth of their terror destroyed their will to fight.

The great Beast Tide was only one kilometer away from Shrek City’s walls. However, they were able to see everything that had occurred in the sky. The soul beasts that were originally prepared to assault the city now looked like fools, and it seemed they had completely forgotten about their assault. There were simply no long-range attacks being fired at the city walls right now.

At this moment, Xuan Ziwen’s voice, an extremely unpleasant sound to the soul beasts, once again rang out from the sound-amplifying soul tool.

“All teams, fire at will. Carpet bomb them.”

Clang, clang, clang…

With a series of metallic clangs, the cannons on the hedgehog-like All-Terrain Soul Forts lined up. The topmost part of the soul forts’ main cannons slid shut, and the eight legs below them started to prop them up.

Moving a few steps forward, they were now just behind the battlements. All their cannons were pointed towards the Beast Tide, and in the next instant, a rain of light started to descend.

Countless soul light rays and soul cannons started to pour down like droplets of rain from Shrek City’s walls. The sixty-one All-Terrain Soul Forts were just like sixty-one killing machines as they poured down the firepower.

The three hundred soul engineers guarding the rear of the soul forts raised the metallic rods on their shoulders, then pushed them into an aperture on the side of the soul forts. They began pouring their soul power into the soul forts.

The morale of the Beast Tide was brought to its lowest the instant the aerial army was devastated. That strike was simply too terrifying. The blood-colored soul ring left behind by the Six-Winged Deviltiger, as well as the soul bone that a hundred-thousand year soul beast was bound to drop, were still floating in mid-air!

All of this was simply too sudden, too shocking. To Shrek, that single strike was stunning; to the soul beasts, however, it was a painting of death.

When the soul forts started launching their firepower, Shi Xing finally understood what was meant by a storm of carnage.

The Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons were considered extremely powerful weapons on the battlefield. However, the All-Terrain Soul Forts had a wider range, the ability to continuously fire, and were more accurate.

Several thousand rays of light were fired from the city walls towards the army of soul beasts. They began sweeping through the army immediately, just like the red beam that had swept through the sky earlier.

A large majority of these soul rays were red in color.

Trauma, oh the trauma!

They were all red in color, but they didn’t have an overly strong appearance to them. However, who’d know if one of those rays was just as strong as the one from earlier?

Although the soul beasts acted like they weren’t afraid of death, they weren’t truly unafraid to die! This was especially true for a useless sacrifice. Who’d be willing to die that way?

The volley from the All-Terrain Soul Forts created a wall of death a kilometer away from Shrek City. Every single soul beast that dared to enter this range received a baptism of light rays. The number of casualties to the soul beast army immediately increased at a staggering rate.

Without the Emerald Swan to heal them, the soul beasts could only watch as they were annihilated by the soul rays.

Panic started to increase among the ranks of the soul beasts as their casualties increased. The ones in front had already started to turn tail in fear, but the ones behind them still continued to charge ahead.

This was the first time since the start of the Beast Tide that chaos had occurred within the ranks of the soul beasts army. Soul beasts were savage by nature; if anyone blocked their path, they would chase them out of the way, or even kill them!

The soul beast army started to devolve into a mess as a result of the fear and panic that now engulfed them. A large number of them started to attack and trample their fellows, making them lose their bearings instantly.

The Three-headed Scarlet Devilmastiff let loose a series of wild roars, but how could he do anything about the situation? The deadly rays their opponents used were too terrifying, to the point where even though the soul beasts were terrified by his might, they still didn’t dare to charge ahead.

Enraged, the Scarlet King started to fly forward with a group of powerhouses. He intended to rush forward and launch a frontal assault.

However, the All-Terrain Soul Forts on the city walls bent down, revealing the enormous cannon on their heads. The center of the Soul Forts shot out small, unremarkable balls of red light.

This time around, the rays of light felt entirely different from the first time. As though a glass of cold water had been poured over his head, the Scarlet King immediately came to his senses.

Who would be willing to send themselves to their own deaths! Looking at the current situation, they’d only suffer even more casualties if they continued fighting. After calming down a bit, the Scarlet King let out another roar. 


The great soul beast army had arrived quickly, but retreated even more quickly. Due to the chaos on the battlefield, they left behind a large number of corpses which flickered with the light of soul rings.

Shi Xing’s mouth was still gaping. He didn’t know what to say.

Xuan Ziwen had previously guaranteed to help stall the Beast Tide for two hours to allow the soldiers to get some rest. However, he was able to forcibly push back the Beast Tide instead!

Was, was this the awesomeness of the Tang Sect? By only relying on three hundred and sixty-one people, and sixty-one All-Terrain Soul Forts, they were able to force back an army of soul beasts that numbered in the tens of thousands. A glorious result like that undoubtedly overshadowed that of the Shrek City Defense Army!

However, Shi Xing only felt excitement. With the Tang Sect’s strength, what was there to fear from that army of soul beasts? This was especially the case the moment they started firing their main cannons. Since even ten-thousand year soul beasts couldn’t block them, who would dare to approach them? It seemed like there was hope of defending the city!

“Go down and collect those soul rings.” Xuan Ziwen handed down another command. Right after that, the All-Terrain Soul Fort he controlled suddenly leapt off the city walls and soared into the sky. After that, a few jet holes and a pair of wings appeared on his seemingly cumbersome All-Terrain Soul Fort. With a surge of soul power, it actually flew him down to the battlefield.

The other All-Terrain Soul Forts started moving as well. Though they didn’t have the capability to fly, their long legs allowed them to descend from the city walls like enormous spiders. Their eight sharp legs allowed them to secure a foothold on the sturdy city walls and descend quickly towards the soul beast corpses.

“Dean Xian, what are they trying to do?” Shi Xing couldn’t help, but ask Xian Lin’er.

Xian Lin’er’s expression shifted slightly, and she said helplessly, “They’re probably trying to not waste anything.”

Right, they were trying to not waste anything. As Shi Xing looked on dumbstruck, a large number of soul rings started vanishing at a quick rate. It seemed like there was a mystical absorption force quickly absorbing the soul rings around them. Moreover, they were specially looking for purple and black soul rings, and were also ruffling through the corpses.

Xuan Ziwen, who had risen into the air, had a clear objective: the hundred-thousand-year soul ring and soul bone left behind by the Six-Winged Deviltiger! The instant he was within range, they immediately vanished.

After that, the Hall Master of the Tang Sect’s Soul Tool Hall turned his Soul Fort around and flew back to Shrek City.

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