Volume 31, Chapter 398.2: The Terrifying Red Ray of Light

Xuan Ziwen’s cold voice rang out from one of the All-Terrain Forts, “All units, pay attention! All units, pay attention! Charge your main cannons! Target the enemy’s air force! Charging, start!”

After hearing Xuan Ziwen’s words, all of the All-Terrain Forts started moving. The disciples of the Tang Sect were controlling them, and they had been with Xuan Ziwen for a very long time. They didn’t just respect their Teacher Xuan, they were also very familiar with his temper! If anyone were to mess up any orders this teacher gave, they wouldn’t be let off with a simple scolding, they would be punished corporally, as well!

Because of that, their movements were extremely tidy. All of the All-Terrain Forts planted themselves on the ground, then lowered their metallic legs, causing them to remain just centimeters off of the ground. After that, their ball-shaped bodies leaned thirty degrees forward, before revealing enormous ring-shaped cannons that were around two feet long.

These cannons were somewhat strange. They didn’t protrude too much, and unlike the ‘thorns’ on their main bodies, they were much, much smaller, only around a handspan long. However, the tips of the cannons started to look very unique as they started charging.

Rays of light started to form a pattern within the cannons. Quickly, hexagons made of light were assembled inside the cannons, and a dark red light started to surge within. Ripples immediately started to appear in the air surrounding the All-Terrain Forts. From this, it could be seen how terrifyingly hot the cannons were.

If Shi Xing were able to see the inner construction of the forts, he would’ve had a way different impression of how terrifyingly strong its main cannon was. A semicircle protruded from the roof of the All-Terrain Forts’s inner structure. This semicircle was around a foot long, and it practically covered the entirety of the All-Terrain Forts’s roof.

This cannon was a Class 6 soul tool! Moreover, it was a special one that Xuan Ziwen had personally modified!


The aerial soul beast army was also able to see these strange-looking creatures above Shrek City. The Six-Winged Deviltiger who stood at the very front of the army couldn’t help but feel somewhat weirded out. Just what are those metallic porcupines? Why are they lighting up? Could they be another human-made weapon?

However, it didn’t feel any sense of crisis. Out of all of the soul beasts present, it was the first hundred-thousand-year existence participating in this battle. As such, it naturally felt very confident in its abilities. A weapon made by humans could still be usable on ordinary soul beasts, but it was still far too weak to take on an existence such as itself. With it leading the charge, there wouldn’t be in too much danger unless a human Titled Douluo made a move. 

And what if a Titled Douluo did make a move? There were a thousand of its little brothers next to it, all of which specialized in long-range attacks. If a human dared to soar into the air, he or she would have to taste the feeling of being shot at by all of them!

Human soul masters would never be able to beat soul beasts in sheer quantity. This was even truer when taking aerial troops into account. Shrek Academy was considered the area with the highest density of soul masters in the world. However, there were only around a hundred or so soul masters who were Soul Sages or stronger. Naturally, four-ringed soul masters and above could fly using the assistance of flying-type soul tools, but Shrek City had to face the entirety of the soul beast army! Who could spare enough strength to deal with the aerial soul beasts in front of them?!

The Six-Winged Deviltiger had a very simple order: distract the humans and attack them alongside the ground-based soul beasts!


Shi Xing’s gaze was fixed towards the outside of the city. The great soul beast army was getting increasingly closer, and they were now only five kilometers away from Shrek City. Once they got within a kilometer of the city, ten-thousand-year and hundred-thousand-year soul beasts would be able to reach the city using their long-range attacks. On the other hand, all of Shrek City’s soul masters had been sent away, and even soul barriers couldn’t be used! How would they defend against the soul beasts? Furthermore, the enemy’s aerial forces were getting closer and closer!...

If they didn’t ask for help now, there was a chance that they wouldn’t be able to in a bit!

“Dean Xian!” Shi Xing couldn’t help but cry out again.

Xian Lin’er acted as though nothing had happened as she said casually, “Don’t be impatient. Just watch. Even if something happens, aren’t we here?”

“Main cannon charging complete…”

“Main cannon charging complete!”

A somewhat young voice rang out, and quickly, sixty other voices followed, announcing the completion of their main cannons charging.

If anyone were to look in the direction of an All-Terrain Fort, they would discover that it had turned into a sea of red. However, one could faintly see a light gold hexagram in the middle of the sea of red.

Shi Xing could tell from the side that Xian Lin’er wasn’t worried at all. In any case, there was no use in him panicking alone!


Four kilometers. Three kilometers. The soul beast army’s long-range assault was about to start...

The larger and more powerful soul beasts within the tide had already begun to store up energy. Once they entered their effective attack range, a large number of long-range attacks would pour down on Shrek City.

Just at this moment, Xuan Ziwen’s indifferent voice rang out via his sound-amplifying soul tool, “Main cannons, fire together at my command. All together… fire!”

It seemed as though nothing in the world other than topics related to soul tools could pique Xuan Ziwen’s interest. He used an extreme disinterested voice as he announced the start of their attack.

A thin beam of red light that was completely unsynchronized from the main cannons surged into the sky. This beam looked way too weak, and it was only as thick as a thumb. If one didn’t carefully look out for it, they would not be able to notice its existence on this humongous battlefield.

This beam was launched from the enormous cannon that had created the golden hexagram. It didn’t travel for long; instead, it stopped in mid air. However, it was only about fifty meters away from the All-Terrain Fort that Xuan Ziwen controlled.

Immediately after the red light reached the peak of its path, a ball of light appeared in its place. This ball wasn’t too big, only around the size of a human head. Neither the humans nor soul beasts thought much of it. What could a red beam of light do?

However, sixty other thin beams of light shot out from every single All-Terrain Fort in the next instant, seemingly all at the same time. All of them seemed to be directed at the small red ball.

This ball quickly expanded, and within the blink of an eye, it was a meter wide...

Two kilometers. The great army of soul beasts was only two kilometers away from Shrek City’s walls. The distance at which they could launch their long-range attacks was getting closer and closer, and the aerial army led by the Six-Winged Deviltiger was approaching them at the same rate. For the sake of avoiding unnecessary losses, they in fact moved slower than the ground-based soul beasts. Once the fighting below started, they would start their harassment via aerial attacks.

Without any prior warning nor any loud noise, a red beam of light a meter thick shot out from the ball of light. Its target wasn’t the ground, but the air.

The red beam of light was rather obvious on the battlefield. Though it didn’t look powerful or dominating, the fact that it spanned the entire sky made it look breathtaking.

The soul beasts didn’t know how far human-made soul tools could reach, and neither did the soul masters in Shrek City.

Ordinarily, soul rays that could reach a distance of two hundred meters were considered rather good. Ordinary soul cannons could reach five hundred to a thousand meters. Different classes of soul tools had different ranges, but any soul tool that had a range exceeding a kilometer was at least Class 5. If one wanted a soul tool that could attack something five kilometers away, only a Class 7 soul tool could do the job.

Stationary soul tools generally had longer attack ranges, because the cannon shells they used could be equipped with devices that helped them fly longer, which would increase their attack range. 

At this moment however, the bombardment Xuan Ziwen ordered exceeded everyone’s expectations. That powerful beam of red light was able to instantly cross over four kilometers, and was targeted at the massive number of soul beasts in the air.

Is that thing aimed at me? The first thing that came to the Six-Winged Deviltiger’s mind was disdain as it looked at the red light approaching it.

Are these humans braindead? What meaning is there in directly attacking a hundred-thousand-year powerhouse like me?

A ball of white light quickly formed a shield in front of it. The Six-Winged Deviltiger had three Elements, one of which was Light. The Element of Light had its strong points when it came to defense, and although the Six-Winged Deviltiger held its opponent’s attack in contempt, it was able to tell that the red beam of light was fire-based. Thus, using light to defend against it would have a rather decent effect.

It reacted quickly enough, and the red beam wasn’t quick enough to make it to the Six-Winged Deviltiger before it was able to complete its defense. By the time it reached the great soul beast, its defense had already been completed, and the red light and the white barrier collided with each other.

Even the soul beast in charge of leading the entire army of soul beasts, the Three-Headed Scarlet Devilmastiff, couldn’t help but curl his lips after looking at the humans’ seemingly feeble attempt to resist. What are they even trying to do with an attack of this level… What…?

Just as the feeling of disdain appeared in the Scarlet King’s heart, his eyes immediately widened in the next instant. What did he see? He saw an astonishing red light that instantly pierced through the sky.

The barrier of light that the Six-Winged Deviltiger had created instantly disappeared before the red beam of light. After that, its chest was directly pierced through!

Even a hundred-thousand-year soul beast wouldn’t be able to survive a meter-thick soul ray that pierced through its chest!

The Six-Winged Deviltiger only realized how terrifying that ray was after it hit him. All of the energy within this soul ray had been condensed into a single beam, and none of it had spilled out. This was why it had previously thought that the soul ray was no threat to it. Not only that, but the heat contained within this ray far exceeded its imagination. The terrifying attack power of this soul ray was simply too great, and the soul power protecting it only caused the red beam to pause for a moment before it pierced through the Savage Beast!

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