Volume 31, Chapter 396.1: Taotie's Descent

The purest dragon bloodline wasn’t passed down. Along with the fact that dragons found it very difficult to breed, they weren’t able to maintain sufficient numbers, and slowly lost their position in history.

Even so, some of the remaining dragon bloodlines were still very strong. The Golden Eyes Black Dragon King Di Tian was a very good example. He wasn’t the Golden Dragon King or the Silver Dragon King, which were both avatars of the Dragon God, and he wasn’t one of the Dragon God’s nine sons, either. However, he was still able to become the number one savage beast. It showed how powerful dragons were in the ancient era.

Right now, Elder Xuan had transformed into a creature with a goat’s body, a human face, and a tiger’s teeth and claws. He had taken the form of the Dragon God’s fifth son, the Taotie!

It wasn’t going to be easy dealing with the Golden Eyes Black Dragon King, given that he had cultivation level greater than eight hundred-thousand-years. Elder Mu couldn’t do it in the past, and it was even more impossible now.

Before Elder Mu had passed away, however, he had confirmed Elder Xuan as his successor. In fact, there was once a debate in the Sea God’s Pavilion regarding this matter.

Yes, Elder Xuan was the strongest after Elder Mu. However, he was an alcoholic, and was slovenly. In terms of managing the academy, he couldn’t compare to Elder Song. As a result, many elders had once suggested that Elder Song should succeed the position as the Master of the Sea God’s Pavilion, and take control of the Academy.

However, Elder Mu used one reason to overrule everyone’s opinion, and confirmed Elder Xuan as the Master of the Sea God’s Pavilion. This reason was the bloodline of Elder Xuan’s martial soul.

A hundred years ago, Elder Mu had lost to the Golden Eyes Black Dragon King, Di Tian. After that loss, he had thought it over carefully. Given that Di Tian’s abilities were even above an Ultimate Douluo, which placed him half a step into the realm of Gods, what was the best way to curb him?

His bloodline had already brought him to the peak of the food chain in the Douluo Continent. It was almost impossible to surpass him in terms of bloodline.

Di Tian’s abilities were of Ultimate Darkness. Even Huo Yuhao’s Ultimate Ice couldn’t curb him. A hundred years ago, Elder Mu hadn’t expected to have a disciple in the future who possessed Ultimate Ice. Even if he knew, he wouldn’t have been too hopeful. That was because Huo Yuhao had to cultivate until he became an Ultimate Douluo. Otherwise, there was no way that he could fight Di Tian.

From then on, Elder Mu had used all his efforts to nurture Elder Xuan. There was only one way to curb Di Tian: start from his bloodline!

No matter how strong Di Tian’s bloodline was, he was still a dragon. Among all dragons, those with bloodlines that were superior to him were the Gold and Silver Dragon Kings, as well as the Dragon God’s nine sons!

Elder Xuan’s Godly Taotie Bull contained part of the bloodline of the Dragon God’s fifth son, the Taotie. It was just that this bloodline wasn’t complete. Although it was very strong, it was still inferior to Di Tian’s bloodline.

Elder Mu and Elder Xuan weren’t able to unleash a fusion skill. However, things became different as Elder Mu’s life approached its end, and he was left with only the power of his spirit, and part of his soul power.

Elder Mu could enter Elder Xuan’s body using his immense spiritual and soul power as an Ultimate Douluo and forcefully suppress the bull part of his martial soul. He now used all his strength to unleash the full potential of Elder Xuan’s Taotie bloodline, which led to the current scene.

To a certain extent, Elder Xuan was like a Taotie that had descended right now!

Even with Di Tian’s abilities, he was shocked when he saw the change that Elder Xuan went through.

He had lived in this world for several hundred thousand years. Although part of his eight hundred-thousand-year cultivation was achieved through various methods, it wasn’t far-fetched to say that he was the oldest soul beast on the continent.

He had personally seen the Dragon God’s nine sons before, and naturally could recognize the look of the Taotie. He was stunned, and recalled how the dragons had ruled the entire Douluo Continent several hundred thousand years ago.

“Uncle Taotie, is it really you?” Di Tian trembled slightly, and he became agitated. When he saw this powerful figure from the past, he couldn’t control his emotions even with his cultivation. However, he soon got over his initial shock.

“No, you’re not Uncle Taotie! Scoundrels, how dare the two of you commit such blasphemy!” Di Tian roared furiously, and his scales started to stand on end. Purple light filled his golden eyes, and the dark, gloomy clouds turned purple at this instant.

The entire sky seemed to be on the verge of collapse, and the entire world seemed like it was going to be destroyed under his rage.

This was Di Tian’s true ability, a terrifying strength capable of destroying heaven and earth!

However, a streak of golden light at the east side of Shrek City rose straight into the sky and struck Elder Xuan’s body.

Golden light shone behind him and refracted outward, forming a gentle golden barrier that engulfed the entire Academy. No matter how much Di Tian raged, he couldn’t reach a single inch past a five hundred meter region in the sky above Shrek City. Even the soul beast army that was charging towards Shrek Academy was deflected away by a gentle screen, and were unable to take even half a step forward through it. 

This was strength that came from the Golden Tree. Under Elder Mu’s guidance, the soul of the Golden Tree was unleashed.

Some of the previous Masters of the Sea God’s Pavilion had chosen to fuse with the Golden Tree. Under the nourishment of their power, the Golden Tree protected the Sea God’s Pavilion, Shrek Academy, and even Shrek City.

Its power had accumulated for tens of thousands of years. Even though it could only be drawn upon within Shrek City, the Golden Tree was Shrek’s final protector, and its existence was something even Di Tian’s strength couldn’t shake.

If Di Tian was one foot into the realm of Gods, then the Golden Tree was already half a God, given the immense soul power and energy that it contained. It was just that it didn’t have any consciousness. Furthermore, it recovered at a much slower pace than humans and soul beasts after it was drained.

When the first beast wave arrived, the Golden Tree wasn’t utilized because the Body Sect was there to reinforce Shrek Academy. However, Elder Mu couldn’t be bothered with things like secrecy right now, given the situation they were in. Shrek City would be obliterated if Di Tian launched a direct attack against it.

The strength of the Golden Tree didn’t just protect Shrek. At the same time, it also further unleashed the potential of Elder Xuan’s Taotie bloodline.

Elder Xuan and Elder Mu’s powers were finally fused into the last stage as the power of the Golden Tree poured into the Taotie’s body. Instantly, the Taotie’s body started to shine brightly with golden light. Di Tian’s powers caused the sky to collapse, while the golden light helped to mend the sky.

Even under the terrifying suppression of that purplish-black light, this golden light remained very resilient, and continued to spread outward. The Taotie’s body also slowly grew bigger

Di Tian seemed to sense something, and roared furiously. He shook his body forcefully, and his huge wings opened up. The light from the scales on his body dimmed slightly before expanding.

Suddenly, the sky was temporarily frozen. The parts of the sky that were about to collapse earlier started to show fissures. From these fissures, dragon heads started to poke out. Every dragon head looked identical to Di Tian. They opened their mouths, and terrifying purplish-black dragonflames spewed towards the Taotie.

This was an ultimate technique that Di Tian specialized in, Myriad Dragonflames! This attack was strong enough to annihilate an entire city!

However, Elder Mu had already started preparing to deal with Di Tian’s abilities a hundred years ago. How could Di Tian succeed so easily?

The Taotie had already grown larger than Di Tian. He slowly lifted his head and opened his mouth before unleashing a furious, earth-shaking roar!

As one of the Dragon’s God nine sons, the Taotie’s bloodline was naturally closer to the Dragon God than Di Tian. His mighty roar didn’t just stop all the dragon heads that were spewing dragonflames. At the same time, all the soul beasts with dragon bloodlines were crawling on the ground, shuddering, and didn’t dare disobey him!

A ball of intense golden light was released from the Taotie’s mouth, but it wasn’t unleashed towards Di Tian. It rapidly grew in the air and transformed into a huge head that was more than a thousand meters in diameter. It was a head identical to the Taotie’s own!

As it opened its golden mouth, it sucked in Di Tian’s Myriad Dragonflames.

All the dragonflames were sucked into its mouth. The terrifying force even seemed to suck the dragon heads out of the cracks in the sky.

Di Tian was shocked, and quickly beat his wings, turning around and sweeping his tail out. It was whipped towards the side of that golden projection with a terrifying aura.

However, he still underestimated the strength of the Taotie jointly formed by Elder Xuan, Elder Mu, and the Golden Tree.

The Taotie was currently around as strong as Di Tian, but his bloodline was purer.

Elder Mu had tapped into the pure strength in the Golden Tree, along with his own soul power, to unleash the strength of the Taotie. This Taotie was close to being half a God, and it might even be stronger than the real Taotie was back then.

The Taotie was adept at devouring things. He loved delicacies, which was the reason why his abilities were linked to devouring things. No one’s digestive abilities could compare to him.

After Di Tian’s Myriad Dragonflames were devoured, they were quickly transformed into purplish-black whirlpools, and clearly vanished within the golden light.

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