Volume 31, Chapter 395.3: Mu En! Golden Tree!

While a hundred-thousand-year soul beast was extremely strong among soul beasts, it was still inferior compared to a Transcendent Douluo like Elder Song.

After she flung the six-winged dark-golden tiger away, she turned around and charged towards Bi Ji again. A streak of green light swept towards Bi Ji like a sharp blade in the air, generating an intense sonic boom along the way.

Although Elder Song admired Bi Ji, they were on a battlefield, and she was responsible for the millions of lives in Shrek City!

Bi Ji’s expression became much more serious. Given her cultivation, Elder Song wouldn’t be her match if she was adept at fighting. However, it was a pity that this wasn’t her strength. Her abilities were mainly used for mass healing or mass defense purposes. However, her own defensive strength was very weak.

“Don’t you dare!” a roar echoed in the sky. Following that, a streak of purple light appeared in the sky like a long whip, and blocked the green blade that Elder Song had turned into.

When the purple and green lights contacted each other, Elder Song immediately felt that something was wrong. It felt like the majestic and boundless aura from the purple light was about to devour her.

Fortunately it was her. When they collided, she suddenly twisted her body before shifting laterally at her highest speed, avoiding a direct clash with that purple light.

Even so, her Greenshadow Godly Hawk made a few rolls and turns in the air before she managed to stabilize herself.

However, Elder Song didn’t stop pestering Bi Ji. As her figure flashed away, she reappeared on the other side of Bi Ji. Countless streaks of feather-shaped green light reached toward Bi Ji.

That purple light that came from the sky was undoubtedly unleashed by Di Tian. He was the only one that was able to make her cut such a sorry figure.

Not only was Elder Song in a sorry state, but the victor of the fight in mid-air seemed to have been decided just as Di Tian unleashed this strike.

As a groan sounded, the huge Taotie Godly Bull fell from the sky, its body was surrounded by purplish lightning. On his forehead, there was a pitch-black light surrounded by purple light. His eyes were also stained purple.

“Elder Xuan!” All the elders from the Sea God’s Pavilion were frantic. Yan Shaozhe leapt up to catch Elder Xuan.

However, Di Tian opened his dragon wings in mid-air, and his body shrank until his wings were only ten meters long. He turned into a deep-purplish meteor and pursued Elder Xuan. It was obvious that he was after Elder Xuan’s life!

While everyone from Shrek Academy knew that Elder Xuan wasn’t Di Tian’s match, they hadn’t expected him to only last for such a short time. Just as the soul beast army arrived beneath the city, Elder Xuan had already been defeated by Di Tian!

No matter how strong the Shrek City Defense Army was, they couldn’t possibly resist an attack from the number one savage beast in the world!

Everyone’s heart sank. In a war in the Douluo Continent, the situation couldn’t be controlled if the abilities of two top-ranked individuals were too far apart from each other.

Soul beasts weren’t humans, and thus they naturally didn’t follow the rule that a Titled Douluo couldn’t directly participate in a war. Di Tian didn’t care about that rule at all. If he was given the liberty to do anything he wanted, he could quickly obliterate Shrek City on his own.

At that critical moment, an elderly-sounding voice suddenly resonated out. “Di Tian, don’t go overboard!”

A beam of golden light rose from the east of Shrek City. As this beam of golden light shot into the sky, it gradually grew in size and quickly turned into a huge, golden dragon. It first grabbed Elder Xuan’s body before dispelling the purplish-black ball in his forehead. After this, it turned around, and a huge dragon tail swept out and clashed against Di Tian, who was in hot pursuit of Elder Xuan.

Instantly, the earth turned golden, and the sky turned extremely dark and gloomy! A terrifying aura spread and filled the entire battlefield. All the humans and soul beasts stopped at this moment, and turned their attention towards the sky.

The gold and black lights were divided into two layers, and they were even balanced out in the air as they were released. Both of the huge dragons also retreated at the same time.

“Dragon God Douluo Mu En, you aren’t dead?” Di Tian sounded astonished. His mighty aura seemed to be slightly curbed too.

“Di Tian, I’ll protect Shrek even if I’m dead. Shrek can’t be treated with disrespect. Don’t forget, all seven members of the first generation of Shrek’s Seven Monsters have become Gods. How dare you be so brazen as to lead a beast wave to attack Shrek City? Aren’t you afraid of incurring the wrath of Heaven? At your cultivation, you should know that the realm of Gods is real.” The elderly-sounding voice appeared to be slightly angry.

The Godly Taotie Bull also finally managed to stabilize himself. Elder Xuan’s body was covered in wounds, but they were quickly healing under the protection of the golden dragon.

“Eh, so you really are dead. You just used a special method to preserve a part of your spirit and powers. Mu En, you couldn’t think of stopping me even if you were alive. So what if the realm of Gods exists? Are they going to interfere in the affairs of the continent? I’ve no intention of becoming a God, either. What’s there to be scared of? I’ll destroy your spirit to avenge the Three-Eyed Golden Lion!”

As he spoke, Di Tian looked into the sky and roared. His black scales started to shine with purple light.

“Xuan Zi, Taotie!” Elder Mu’s voice was very stern. His appearance also caused Shrek City to be engulfed in a layer of gentle, golden light.

“Teacher!” Yan Shaozhe was tearing up uncontrollably at this moment. He kneeled down in the air.

All the elders from the Sea God’s Pavilion all bowed slightly. They greeted the Dragon God Douluo, who still continued to protect Shrek after he was dead.

Yes, Elder Mu wasn’t completely dead. What Elder Xuan had secretly told Huo Yuhao to help him out of his misery was true.

Elder Mu was physically dead, but he was an Ultimate Douluo. All the previous Ultimate Douluo were able to hide their soul power and part of their spirits in the Golden Tree, and lived along with the Golden Tree. Given the cultivation of an Ultimate Douluo, he could at least remain in the Golden Tree for a hundred years before he was absorbed by the Golden Tree and became nutrients for it.

Not all Ultimate Douluo chose to do so. After all, one’s spirit wouldn’t be able to reincarnate if he did this. He would eventually become a part of the Golden Tree.

However, Elder Mu chose this path with no future. He had sensed that Shrek was about to face a huge catastrophe in the next century. Initially, he felt that he had to protect Shrek because of Ye Xishui. Elder Mu was an open-minded person. To him, so what if his spirit couldn’t reincarnate? If he could reincarnate, he would still forget everything in his past life. There was no meaning to it. Moreover, he wasn’t one who believed in spiritual reincarnation. Perhaps he could still keep a shred of his consciousness if he depended on the magical Golden Tree. After all, he was probably Shrek Academy’s strongest soul master in the past thousand years.

Because of this, Elder Mu’s spiritual imprint and his soul power were concealed within the Golden Tree. It was just that he couldn’t unleash the same strength that he could as the Dragon God Douluo without his physical body. However, this didn’t change his determination to protect Shrek. Furthermore, he was the most familiar with Di Tian among all the strong individuals in Shrek Academy. His appearance immediately changed the disadvantageous situation Shrek was in.

After hearing Elder Mu’s command, Elder Xuan perked up, and the Godly Taotie Bull let out a deep roar. His body shone brightly with yellow light, and auspicious clouds rose underneath his feet as he flew towards the sky once again.

At the same time, Elder Mu’s Radiant Holy Dragon also turned into a streak of flowing light and spiraled towards Elder Xuan. As it surrounded him, intense golden light started to surge into Elder Xuan’s body.

The Taotie Godly Bull’s body started to transform significantly. He gradually turned bright golden, and the earth and light elements perfectly fused with each other. Golden scales started to grow on his body, and his spiral-shaped horns started to twist before adopting the structure of antlers.

His four hooves started to become more human. A huge eye grew from each of his armpits.

His face became thinner, and Elder Xuan’s appearance was revealed. It was just that his eyes had an aura that belonged to Elder Mu.

His body shrank a little, and he no longer looked like a bull, but a goat instead. His head and jaws became extremely large. As he opened his mouth, he revealed sharp tiger’s teeth.

He now had the face of a goat and the teeth of a tiger. At this moment, Elder Xuan was no longer the Taotie Godly Bull. When his martial soul was fused in a different way by Elder Mu, and his dragon bloodline was made purer, he had now transformed into the Taotie, one of the Dragon God’s nine sons.

The Dragon God had split, and turned into the Golden Dragon and Silver Dragon. They had inherited the physical and spiritual strength of the Dragon God, respectively.

Before the Dragon God split, he had had nine sons, who had also inherited part of his abilities and bloodline. Among them, there was the ancestor of the Earth Dragons, and the chief of the Flying Dragons, while there were those who entered deep valleys and slept in volcanoes.

The Dragon God’s nine sons weren’t able to procreate. However, they were very strong once. When the Golden and Silver Dragon Kings were still young, they had once led the dragons to rule the Douluo Continent.

However, they passed away one by one, and their bloodlines were partially passed down to future generations.

The rule of dragons stopped when the Golden Dragon King died accidentally, and the Silver Dragon King disappeared, leaving the dragons leaderless. The soul beasts that they ruled started a rebellion and overthrew them.

However, even until this day, humans and soul beasts still recognized dragons as immensely strong. Human historians still believed that the dragons’ rule did not stop because of how strong the rebelling soul beasts were. Rather, it was because of some issues with the passing down of their bloodlines.

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