Volume 31, Chapter 395.2: Mu En! Golden Tree!

Bi Ji’s actual form was an Emerald Swan, and she was a healing-type soul beast. There were very few Emerald Swans around.

They were even on the verge of extinction, and were rarer than Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bears. The reason why they were about to go extinct was because they were very weak, especially at a young age. They were easily targeted as prey. In addition, their bodies were filled with natural and pure life energy. The life energy of a hundred-thousand-year Emerald Swan could even compare to Life Gold. They were considered great nourishment to any soul beast.

As a result, an Emerald Swan was very likely to be killed before it matured into an adult.

Bi Ji was very fortunate. She had unintentionally saved an extremely weak and small soul beast when she was very young and her cultivation was very weak. Back then, she didn’t know what type of soul beast it was. It was only after that incident that she realized that the father of that soul beast was an extremely strong ten-thousand-year soul beast.

It was this ten -thousand-year soul beast that protected Bi Ji as she grew up for a thousand years.

After achieving a thousand-year cultivation, Bi Ji’s life energy became even greater. The result of this was that she started being targeted by many soul beasts. However, she wasn’t one to harbor any resentment. After her predators were defeated and hurt by her protector, she always persuaded her protector to spare them, and even treated their injuries.

Gradually, some of the soul beasts that had been healed by her before decided to stay by her side to protect her. With her treatment, they were able to live longer.

Bi Ji grew quickly under their protection. These soul beasts delivered the most energy-dense food from the various forests to her. Her cultivation grew significantly as a result, and her healing abilities also became stronger and stronger.

There were wars between the many different types of soul beasts in the Great Star Dou Forest. As Bi Ji’s abilities grew stronger and stronger, she started to appear on battlefields that involved these soul beasts.

She tried her best to prevent the outbreak of wars, and healed injured soul beasts. She did her best to maintain peace in the Great Star Dou Forest.

At the start, everything seemed very futile because of her lack of abilities. However, more and more soul beasts followed her as time passed. After her own abilities grew stronger, she started to gather all the Emerald Swans that were still alive and took them under her wing. They followed her as she completed her dream in the Great Star Dou Forest.

She was successful.

There was once a soul master who had tried to appraise Bi Ji’s cultivation. He had placed it between five hundred fifty thousand and six hundred thousand years. In fact, Bi Ji’s actual age wasn’t greater than a hundred thousand years.

This meant that she was able to break through five bottlenecks in the short span of a hundred thousand years to reach a cultivation that was close to six hundred thousand years. Just in terms of cultivation speed, Di Tian was far inferior to her.

Especially in the past ten thousand years, Bi Ji’s abilities had grown even faster because of the Three-Eyed Golden Lion. Di Tian was able to overcome eight bottlenecks and reach an eight-hundred-thousand-year cultivation not just because of the presence of the Three-Eyed Golden Lion, but because Bi Ji was also around to protect him as he cultivated.

The Great Star Dou Forest was able to develop so quickly over the past ten thousand years not just because of the Three-Eyed Golden Lion. The Emerald Swans that advocated peace also played an important role.

There were many strong soul beasts around Bi Ji, especially in the core regions. She had greater influence than almost anyone else there. At times, even Di Tian had to consider her opinion.

Of course, there was a rumor that she was Di Tian’s wife, or at least, that they shared a very close relationship.

Among the Ten Great Savage Beasts, Di Tian was ranked number one. The Evil Emperor was ranked second, while the Snow Empress was ranked third. Bi Ji, whose actual cultivation was around five hundred and eighty thousand years, was ranked fourth.

Di Tian fought in the sky, while Bi Ji appeared above the soul beast army. If even she, who was someone who loved peace, advocated war, this war was bound to become even more intense.

More than a hundred years ago, it was Bi Ji who had persuaded Di Tian to sign a peace accord with humans when the last beast wave started!

Bi Ji looked at Elder Song and gently shook her head. She replied, “No, you are wrong. Although we’ve been able to maintain an ecological balance in the Great Star Dou Forest over these years, humans are getting stronger and stronger. I felt greatly threatened by those weapons earlier. If we allow you to develop further, even ordinary people will be able to wield such destructive weapons, and the continent will no longer have any room for soul beasts. If we don’t weaken the humans, we’ll be the ones to die in the future.”

Elder Song sighed in her heart. She knew that humans would never gain the upper hand in this debate.

A soul master’s need for soul rings placed humans in a position that was on the wrong side of morality. However, how could they stop a soul master’s need for soul rings? Even Shrek Academy wasn’t capable of doing so!

The research on Spirits had gone on for some time. However, no practical progress had been achieved due to the lack of a suitable soul beast. Along with the huge changes that Huo Yuhao kept on facing, he didn’t have sufficient time to discuss his research on Spirits with the Martial Soul Department.

If his research had yielded some progress, this beast wave might not have even started. But since this beast wave had arrived, Bi Ji had already made up her mind. Even if she hadn’t, she couldn’t possibly defy Di Tian’s will. All soul beasts would certainly stand on Di Tian’s side regarding the hatred they had for humans.

Bi Ji shut her eyes. After this, she waved her right hand forward.

Suddenly, the soul beast army made their move again. This time, they were even louder and more commanding than before.

“Fire the Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons!” Shi Xing gestured with force, and the cannons were once again fired towards the soul beast army.

However, Bi Ji acted at this moment. She pushed her thin palm forward, and her wings extended completely. In addition, they were enlarging quickly, and the jade-green projection expanded until it was boundless. She fluttered her wings forward and made an embracing gesture, protecting the soul beasts that were in front.

Booms started to reverberate, but all the bombs were blocked by her wings. They only caused patches of jade-green light to ripple, but no explosive force was able to penetrate through Bi Ji’s wings.

Bi Ji wasn’t adept at fighting, but her presence was equivalent to the Seven Treasures Glazed Sect. Whether it was in terms of auxiliary or healing abilities, she was extremely strong.

She brushed her wings forward, and they changed into countless streaks of jade-green light. When they landed on the soul beasts, every charging soul beast was covered by a layer of jade-green light. Their life energy was greatly enhanced, and all of them appeared to be very vibrant.

Just like that, Bi Ji managed to provide auxiliary support to more than three thousand soul beasts.

This Emerald Swan who was ranked fourth among the Ten Great Savage Beasts had revealed her strong abilities!

She couldn’t directly participate in a fight, but the abilities that she revealed on a battlefield were even more terrifying than her direct participation in a fight could be.

Elder Song looked quite dismal, and green light started to shine brightly from her body. She knew that she needed to restrain Bi Ji. Otherwise, Bi Ji could provide the best logistical help to the soul beast army if she was allowed to unleash her full abilities. In addition, she was able to greatly boost the morale of all the soul beasts.

Elder Song immediately charged into the sky. Two yellow, two purple, and five black soul rings rose, and her seventh black soul ring shone extremely brightly. In the next moment, a hawk appeared in mid-air. It had wings more than six meters across, and it released green light from its body.

It was Elder Song’s Martial Soul True Body, the Greenshadow Godly Hawk!

As her figure flashed forwards, an extra streak of green light appeared in the sky. This streak of green light was too quick. Even using Instant Teleportation wouldn’t yield such a speed. In the blink of an eye, she was in front of Bi Ji.

A pair of sharp hawk claws extended towards Bi Ji’s arms.

Bi Ji was shocked by Elder Song’s speed, but she didn’t panic. A layer of jade-green light spread from her body. When Elder Song clawed at her, she felt as if she had grabbed the thick skin of a bull. She was able to pierce Bi Ji’s arms slightly, but her claws were immediately deflected away.

“Courting death!” A deep, furious roar echoed, and a huge tiger suddenly charged into the sky. This tiger had six wings and dark-golden fur. It was extremely ferocious.

As it rose into the sky, it immediately leapt towards Elder Song.

Elder Song snorted coldly, and made a deft turn in the air. She swept her extremely sturdy right wing and flung the hundred-thousand-year, six-winged dark-golden tiger that was twice her size a hundred meters away.

Among all the elders from the Sea God’s Pavilion, Elder Song was only inferior to Elder Xuan in terms of cultivation. Not only was she a Transcendent Douluo, but she was also the most experienced elder, since she was only younger than Elder Xuan. Her cultivation was Rank 97, and she was extremely strong. At the same time, she was also the mother of the Martial God Douluo, Xian Lin’er!

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