Volume 31, Chapter 395.1: Mu En! Golden Tree!

Those beasts that were charging in front were either ten- or hundred-year soul beasts. They weren’t strong, and so were used as cannon fodder. Of course, this cannon fodder still possessed greater fighting strength than most ordinary people. If a person wasn’t a soul master, they wouldn’t be able to resist them one-on-one.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh… Thirty-two Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons rapidly fired off, and balls of glaring light shone down from above the top of the city wall.

The Cannons were equipped with wheels and tracks, allowing them to move freely along the city wall. Once they were moved into position, they could be fixed in place mechanically.

Class 6 Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons were quite bulky. When Huo Yuhao, He Caitou, and the rest brought cannons to Sunrise City, they only brought those that were either Class 4 or Class 5. Their main reason for not bringing larger Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons was because these cannons were simply too big.

However, these Class 6 cannons were very useful for defending the city. All of them had forty-eight barrels each, their calibers much larger than Class 5 cannons. Furthermore, they cooled down more easily due to their size.

Eighteen barrels from each of the thirty-two cannons were fired at the same time. The blaring cannons took everyone by storm.

Countless streaks of red light formed a cascade of light in the air that shot towards the soul beast army.

Every cannon covered one region, and there weren’t any overlaps. Given the great number of soul beasts, there wasn’t any need to aim, either. 

The internal formation arrays that these thirty-two cannons were equipped with were all explosive bombs. There weren’t any exceptions. Only explosive bombs could unleash the greatest fighting strength on a battlefield.

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom…

Countless compressed soul energy bombs were fired at an alarming speed towards the soul beasts, and a terrifying energy storm started to rage.

This energy storm was a rain of death. In an instant, tremendous booms echoed from the front half of the battlefield. The tragic screams, furious roars, and groans of soul beasts could be heard, and the explosions that rang out caused countless soul beasts to be thrown into the air. Flesh and blood started to scatter and splatter on this battlefield.

This was the first time Shrek City’s Defense Army had witnessed the terrifying strength of all the Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons being fired at once. If the beast wave was like a flood, this round of cannon blasts forcefully stopped that flood. The surging beast wave was stopped, and many of the soul beasts at the front of the wave were killed.

Following this, something weird was revealed. Soul rings that were mainly white and yellow started to rise. From the dense concentration of soul rings, it was evident that many soul beasts had been killed in the attack earlier.

Shi Xing rose up and drifted above the top of the city wall. He shouted furiously, “Did you see? This is Shrek’s strength! Shrek City’s Defense Army, let your passion burn for Shrek’s glory! For Shrek, we have to fight until all of us are dead! We must use up every drop of blood in our bodies. Get ready to fire the second round of the Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons!”

Some of those whose morale was low were inspired after the first round of the Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons were fired. As they saw the huge number of soul rings rising, their confidence was boosted once again. Yes, Shrek couldn’t be defeated so easily!

Shrek Academy was the number one Academy in the world! The members of the first generation of Shrek’s Seven Monsters were also believed to have become Gods. So what if they were facing a beast wave from the Great Star Dou Forest? Shrek wouldn’t be defeated, and all of them were going to fight for Shrek’s glory!

“Kill, kill, kill!”

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…

The cannons fired a second round. Again, several hundred explosive bombs rained down on the soul beasts.

Humans had been researching soul beasts ever since soul masters had existed. However, how much did soul beasts know about humans?

Almost everyone who went into the Great Star Dou Forest to hunt and kill soul beasts was a highly-skilled soul master. Soul engineers’ requirements for soul rings were lower. This was why soul beasts believed that soul masters were stronger. They were in the Great Star Dou Forest. Whether it was the Star Luo or Heavenly Soul Empire, they had never used extensive numbers of soul tools against soul beasts before.

That was why the front half of the soul beasts were either greatly hurt or killed three kilometers away when the first round of cannons was fired off. Not only was the soul beast army stunned, but their commanders were also shocked.

What soul skill is this? How is it so strong? How is it able to cover such a huge area, and produce such terrifying strength? Even a Titled Douluo can’t do this! Only a Transcendent Douluo might be able to! However, these soul beasts would have felt it if this were the work of a Transcendent Douluo. There weren’t any soul power undulations coming from a Transcendent Douluo, apart from Elder Xuan and Di Tian who were fighting in the sky.

Just as the soul beasts were still confused and astonished, the cannons were fired for the second time.

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom…

Terrifying explosions rocked the earth again, and tremendous booms echoed across the entire battlefield. Those ten-year and hundred-year soul beasts couldn’t possibly survive against Class 6 explosive bombs. Even thousand-year soul beasts couldn’t escape when they faced multiple bombs at the same time.

Suddenly, the front of the soul beast army was cut down like wheat. Countless soul rings shone and rose up once again.

On top of the city wall, cheers began to erupt. The soul beast army could be defeated!

The strength of a Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannon was that it took a very short time to fire because of its mechanical parts. This was especially true when they were used to fire stationary soul cannon shells. There was only one problem with a Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannon, its vulnerability to high temperatures. A Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannon needed to cool down for one to three minutes before it could be used to fire again. If it was fired before it cooled down, its lifespan would fall.

As a result, Shi Xing decided to slow the firing of these cannons after the first round.

In the past ten years, Shrek’s development in soul tools had been quite significant. This was especially true after Xuan Ziwei came to the Tang Sect. The completion of the Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons, as well as other soul tools that contributed to the defense of the city, made Shrek City seem even more impregnable.

However, a jade-green figure from the soul beast army rose into the sky just as everyone from Shrek Academy was burning with passion and their fighting wills were at its highest.

As she rose into the sky, layers of jade-green ripples started to spread out and engulf the entire beast wave.

Not only were there many dead soul beasts, but there were also countless injured soul beasts. Under the illumination of this jade-green light, the injuries of the hurt soul beasts started to heal at an amazing rate. More interestingly, the soul rings that had risen started to melt amidst this jade-green light, which made it even more glaring. Very soon, those injured soul beasts that were lying on the ground started to crawl up, and they roared out once again.

“Humans, you have researched all types of destructive weapons such as this. One day, you are going to use them on soul beasts. Originally, I didn’t support starting this beast wave. However, I have to agree that humans are threatening the survival of soul beasts. We’ll do our best in this Holy War.”

The flying jade-green figure was clearer to see. She was a human-form Soul Beast and a ravishing beauty!

Her jade-green hair flowed down behind her back, and her eyes were jade-green, too. Her figure was slender, and her light-green dress outlined it perfectly. Her snowy-white and slender arms were exposed. The strangest thing was that she had a pair of wings behind her, which seemed to be sculpted from gems.

This pair of wings was jade-green, and every feather looked extremely dazzling. The bright-green wings were filled with a captivating aura of life and made her look like a natural goddess.

The look in Elder Song’s eyes turned sharp, and she pointed her toes to the ground, her figure rising to the top of the city wall. She drifted there in mid-air, and an intense layer of green light shone from her.

Behind her, a projection flashed into existence, revealing a pale eagle entirely engulfed in green light.

It was Elder Song’s martial soul, a Greenshadow Godly Eagle. It was a top-ranked beast soul of the wind element and a top-ranked agility-type martial soul.

Elder Song rose into the sky and faced the ravishing lady directly. She asked, “Are you Bi Ji, the Emerald Swan?”

This lady didn’t look at Elder Song, but at all the casualties from the soul beast army. Her eyes were filled with compassion.

“That’s right. I’m Bi Ji.”

Elder Song said, “Bi Ji, if I’m not wrong, you are known as the kindest soul beast. You are also one of the Ten Great Savage Beasts, and the only one that isn’t adept at fighting. However, it’s recognized that your status among the Savage Beasts is comparable to even Di Tian’s because you have treated countless soul beasts and saved their lives. However, I need to ask you this... if soul beasts’ lives are considered precious, are humans’ lives considered precious, too? If we didn’t attack just now, and let all of you charge up the city wall, wouldn’t we all have been killed?

“You’ve also heard Di Tian’s orders. He wants to obliterate Shrek City. Your Emperor Beast has died, and we regret that, too. Perhaps it might be the work of a human, but you have implicated the entire human race out of rage. Isn’t this too much? You are a compassionate creature, but why have you become so muddle-headed?”

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