Volume 31, Chapter 394.3: Beast Tide! Beast God!

Elder Xuan’s voice was evidently a little more rushed now. He said angrily, “Di Tian, even if you want to frame others for this, you have to find a reliable and believable reason. The Emperor Beast, the Three-Eyed Golden Lion, offered herself to a human soul master? Do you even believe your own words? You can try asking the other soul beasts in the forest... do they believe this? You are clearer than I am about what the Emperor Beast’s existence entails. Could she even offer herself to a human?”

Di Tian said coldly, “Nothing is impossible. The Emperor Beast was born with intelligence comparable to you humans, and she must have walked into the world of humans because she was curious. The Emperor Beast was born from the destiny of the heavens, and she has always acted according to destiny. There are far too many things that can taint and pollute her in the human world, and problems appeared in the Emperor Beast’s way of thinking because of these pollutions. Don’t try to absolve yourself of responsibility, the only humans that the Emperor Beast saw before she left the forest were you and your students! I heard from the Scarlet King that, back then, one of your students interacted with her. I am very sure that whatever’s happened to the Emperor Beast has something to do with that student of yours! Hand him over, and my army will not invade Shrek City. Otherwise, we will wash Shrek with blood, and we will exterminate everything and everyone!”

Elder Xuan’s attitude changed a little as he listened to Di Tian’s words. There was no question that Huo Yuhao was the person who Di Tian was talking about! Elder Xuan was the perpetrator back then, so he knew, as he was the one who had helped Huo Yuhao obtain part of the Three-Eyed Golden Lion’s power of destiny, and he was the one who had helped Huo Yuhao open his Eye of Destiny.

Does this mean that the Three-Eyed Golden Lion offered herself to Yuhao? He thought about Huo Yuhao going missing recently in the Sun Moon Empire. He’s likely to have encountered danger of some kind. Perhaps, what Di Tian has said isn’t impossible. However, when did the Three-Eyed Golden Lion get together with Yuhao? Why has he never mentioned this to me before?

“Di Tian, I cannot agree to your request. That student you’re looking for isn’t even in the Academy, and even if he were, how could I give one of my Academy’s students to you?” Elder Xuan’s voice became plain and composed. He was very clear as he watched the way Di Tian was behaving that the beast wave’s invasion was inevitable. Even if he gave Huo Yuhao to Di Tian, the Emperor Beast’s death was enough to instigate these savage beasts’ aggression and hostility. Even if they didn’t attack Shrek, they would attack other cities, and Shrek would have to take on the responsibility of fighting them off.

Di Tian’s voice instantly grew cold. “Does this mean that you’re not willing to hand that rascal over at the cost of endless lives and bloodshed?”

Elder Xuan muttered coldly, “You wish to fight, then let’s fight! How can you step over Shrek’s glory as and when you want to?”

“You’re courting death!” Di Tian roared furiously into the sky, and dark clouds surged as he shouted ferociously at the top of his voice, “Charge!”

The soul beasts that had initially stopped outside Shrek City now began to move like a tsunami when they heard Di Tian’s order. All kinds of lights shone from these soul beasts, and every single one was filled with manic and crazy auras as they charged toward Shrek City.

“You dare, Di Tian!” Elder Xuan howled as the Godly Taotie Bull’s colossal frame began trotting through the sky. He stepped on yellow clouds as he charged toward Di Tian with his twin spiral horns.

Di Tian’s tremendous dragon wings stretched out as dark clouds rose from behind his back. He opened his mouth, and a huge black pillar of fire more than ten meters in diameter erupted toward Elder Xuan.

Elder Xuan’s horns glowed at the same time, and his dark brown horns swiftly became glossy and transparent, as if they were sculpted from diamonds. Two diamond-like beams of light merged into one and went straight for that black flame pillar.


The mountains trembled and the earth shook in that moment. Even though they were fighting thousands of meters in the sky, the world quivered along with their collision.

Di Tian didn’t move an inch, and hovered in the distance, but Elder Xuan’s forward momentum was halted forcefully after this clash. Evidently, there was still quite a gap between Elder Xuan’s cultivation and that of Di Tian.

Di Tian’s large golden eyes flowed with disdain and indifference as he flapped his huge dragon wings toward Elder Xuan.

The sky turned black in that instant. The yellow clouds were initially at a standoff against dark clouds, but this situation changed in the blink of an eye. Dark clouds loomed over the skies, and everything that was yellow was immediately swallowed in that moment. Even Elder Xuan’s body suffered the same fate, and the great earth was covered in darkness as countless purple lightning bolts flickered and sparkled amongst the dark clouds. That immense pressure sufficiently portrayed the spectacular sight of the dark clouds bearing down on a city and threatening to overwhelm it.

The spectacular sight made Shrek City’s city defense army and everyone from Shrek Academy feel stifled.

The number-one soul beast in the world, the leader of the Ten Great Savage Beasts, the Beast God, the dictator of the Great Star Dou Forest, the Golden Eyes Black Dragon King... there were just too many titles on Di Tian’s head!

This time, the death of the Emperor Beast, the Three-Eyed Golden Lion, had finally infuriated this insanely powerful soul beast. He didn’t hold back from the moment he made his first move.

Waves of dull thunder boomed continuously from the sky. However, the sky was still covered in darkness. Even the outer courtyard’s junior students could tell from this situation that Elder Xuan was absolutely the weaker one, and at a complete disadvantage.

That was the truth. Di Tian was the Douluo Continent’s strongest soul beast, and he was possibly the strongest individual across the entire Douluo Continent. Even if the Darkness Holy Dragon, the Dragon Emperor Douluo, Long Xiaoyao was here, he would probably be no match for Di Tian. He was an Ultimate Douluo, but his martial soul, the Darkness Holy Dragon, originated from the Black Dragon race. In terms of blood purity, how could he compare to Di Tian?

Back then, when the Radiant Holy Dragon, the Dragon God Douluo Mu En, was fighting against Di Tian, he had relied on the fact that his element was a natural counter to Di Tian’s element, and he was only a little weaker. If Long Xiaoyao had been in his position, he would probably be in a worse situation than Elder Mu was. He was absolutely no match for Di Tian in control over darkness.

If Elder Xuan couldn’t hold Di Tian back, and if he eventually perished in his fight against Di Tian, who else in Shrek City could hold back the strongest individual in the world? Would Shrek City really be laid to ruin?

“What are you looking at? Prepare your defenses, everyone! First wave of soul tools, prepare to fire! All soul masters to their battle stations, and heed my commands!” Time Douluo Shi Xing shouted angrily, and his valiant voice finally pulled everyone out from those stifling and suppressing sensations.

Morale would always be imperative in war. The faith for victory would exist if morale was high, and without morale, even an endless army might not be able to defend against their enemies.

Shrek’s city defense army had never lacked morale, because the glory and honor from Shrek’s previous generations shone on them, and this glory became their greatest courage.

They were faced with a formidable army of at least a hundred thousand soul beasts, and the Taotie Douluo was clearly at a disadvantage against the Beast God in the sky. But even so, the eyes of every soldier in Shrek’s city defense army quickly became sharp and determined under Shi Xing’s command.

This was a battle that they couldn’t lose, because loss meant death. This was a fight between humans and soul beasts, and surrender was never an option on such a battlefield!

Nobody had to explain for everyone to understand that they had to fight to the very end in this battle. They could only beat back these soul beasts and protect Shrek City in order to survive!

Soul masters hustled, and heavy cannons were swiftly pulled into position, their mouths of their metal cannons pointed outside of the city.

The southern city wall was opposite the Great Star Dou Forest. Therefore, the best and strongest defenses were established on the southern city wall.

The Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons that the Tang Sect had manufactured were all successfully loaded, and every cannon came with four Sealed Milk Bottles.

Only the Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons on Shrek’s city wall had such a configuration, and each cannon was almost twice as costly as the cannons that the Tang Sect had sold to the Star Luo and Heavenly Soul Empires. These defensive soul tools that the Tang Sect had crafted for Shrek City were still sold at cost.

There were thirty-two Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons on the southern city wall. They were arranged in one row, and were very intimidating. These cannons were all Class 6 soul tools, and while they were very costly, they were also very powerful, and they could be used continuously in battle for a long time.

The students from Shrek Academy’s inner courtyard swiftly dispersed along the southern city wall under the command of the Sea God’s Pavilion’s various elders.

None of these people had participated in the defense against the previous beast wave, but the Academy had gained much experience, and learned much about how to fight against beast waves after their previous battle. 

There was no question that Shrek City’s combined strength was a far cry from that of the Great Star Dou Forest. They could only rely on their tough city wall and Shrek Academy’s accumulated wisdom and experience over the past ten thousand years. Therefore, the city wall could never be allowed to break in their defensive endeavors, because everything would be over if the city wall was broken through.

The soul beasts’ fighting style would always be different from that of humans. Normal soul beasts had subpar intelligence, and they only knew how to charge around violently, so there was no way they could follow complicated orders. For those savage beasts who were at a higher tier, they possessed intelligence comparable to humans, but they were proud and arrogant by nature, so they weren’t willing to use any tricks or schemes. The Great Star Dou Forest’s soul beasts thought they were invincible in their hearts. Because of this, their fighting style was very simple: attack the city head on!

This fact was one of the most important points that Shrek Academy had concluded for specifically fighting against soul beasts after the last beast wave!

Shrek City’s southern city wall didn’t even have a gate, and that was so they could defend against soul beasts attacking them from this front. The city wall had been heightened and thickened continuously over many years, and the city wall’s surface had been constructed with special materials and methods. Even soul beasts who had more than ten thousand years of cultivation would need a very long time to damage the city wall!

Other than that, Shrek City had many unique advantages, and they wouldn’t hold anything back against the beast wave.

“Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons, first wave, fire!” Shi Xing shouted at the top of his voice.

The beast wave surged forward, charging within three kilometers of Shrek City in the blink of an eye. The closer they came, the clearer their frightening numbers became!

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