Volume 31, Chapter 392: Complete Suppression! The Eye of the Asura Reveals Its Might

The Evileye Tyrant was about to charge ahead at full speed but suddenly slowed in midair. A dim golden whirlpool appeared above its eye as it stopped completely in place.

Mass Enfeeblement, Spiritual Confusion.

Two control-type soul skills were unleashed, completely revealing Huo Yuhao’s immense control abilities.

Although the Evileye Tyrant appeared to be a little confused, it seemed more callous and ferocious. Its aura soared as if it were confident of crushing Huo Yuhao in the next moment.

The truth was that it really was that confident. While Huo Yuhao’s spiritual attacks were strong, it could clearly sense that Huo Yuhao’s soul power wasn’t even at the level of a seven-ringed Soul Sage yet. Huo Yuhao was much too inferior compared to it!

Even a Transcendent Douluo would find it difficult to fight a hundred-thousand-year Evileye Tyrant. No soul master was willing to face the immense spiritual power and innate soul skills of this hundred-thousand-year soul beast.

Although this Evileye Tyrant had only just broken through to a hundred-thousand-year cultivation level, it possessed the purest bloodline of the Evileyes. It was also absolutely confident in its own abilities. While it was stunned that Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power was in the concrete-material realm just like its, it was confident of crushing Huo Yuhao due to the huge gap between their overall abilities. One or two control-type soul skills could only temporarily restrain it. When it unleashed its full power, it was confident of easily defeating this puny human!

However, it didn’t know that it had made the mistake that most soul beasts made when facing human soul masters… it had underestimated its opponent!

At times, a soul master’s abilities couldn’t be completely explained using the number of soul rings they possessed. Although this was only a rare occurrence, a soul beast would be in deep trouble if it met such a soul master.

Two control-type soul skills were used on this Evileye Tyrant in succession, and the air in front of Huo Yuhao was warped and distorted. Huo Yuhao was interfering with this Evileye Tyrant’s spiritual senses!

This time, his Interference didn’t cover a large area, but just a small spot in front of him. He was using it to block the Evileye Tyrant’s observation of him!

To the Evileye Tyrant, Huo Yuhao’s body seemed to contort and bend. It couldn’t possibly see what Huo Yuhao was doing under the effect of his Mass Enfeeblement and Spiritual Confusion.

However, it wasn’t worried at all. It managed to regain its movement in the next second. Furthermore, it was already prepared beforehand. While Huo Yuhao’s two control-type soul skills had managed to take effect on it, their effects wouldn’t be nearly as good in the future.

Its huge figure was now flying at an extremely rapid speed and completely unobstructed since all obstacles had been destroyed by the spiritual storm earlier.

As it flew, the silver patterns around its eyes started to shine brightly. Its sixteen tentacles opened wide, and every tentacle was flashing with intense silver light.

All living matter, including plants, immediately met with disaster once they touched his tentacles because his tentacles could devour spirits. Once they struck something living, they could unleash a spiritual explosion that would enter an opponent’s body and destroy their spiritual world. After that, it would devour his opponent’s shattered spirit devoured to nourish itself.

A pure-blooded Evileye Tyrant like itself didn’t need to ingest any food. What it needed was pure spiritual power! Huo Yuhao looked like great nourishment to it. Right now, the look in its eye had turned from arrogance to greed. Any Evileye would be extremely delighted to see such a tonic right in front of them!

A terrifying beam of silver light three meters wide shot out from this Evileye Tyrant’s eye in the next moment.

Evileye Gaze! This was one of the strongest innate offensive soul skills of an Evileye Tyrant and the most frightening ability of a pure spiritual-type Evileye Tyrant. Its effect was similar to Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Shock, its strength varying depending on the abilities of the Evileye Tyrant unleashing it.

It was rumored that the Evil Emperor had used it on the God Beast Di Tian once, causing Di Tian to stop moving for around five seconds. In those five seconds, he could only passively take blows from the Evil Emperor.

This memory came from Wang Qiu’er.

The huge beam of silver light quickly closed on Huo Yuhao. The Evileye Tyrant was deliberately merciful and didn’t unleash its full strength. It was afraid that it wouldn’t be able to devour Huo Yuhao’s spirit if he was destroyed.

However, it suddenly saw an eye open when that beam of silver light was less than a meter from Huo Yuhao. It was a vertical eye covered in rose-gold sunray patterns, and it released black and white lights.

Huo Yuhao’s rose-gold soul ring shone at the same time.

Not only this, but a wheel of light suddenly shone behind Huo Yuhao. This wheel of light seemed very weird. Although it was an illusory existence formed from light, there seemed to be patterns carved onto it. It was an image of a Three-Eyed Golden Lion, and a dancing golden dragon.

The huge beam of silver light struck Huo Yuhao’s body the moment that rose-gold wheel of light appeared.

An extremely weird scene appeared at the next moment. Huo Yuhao’s body turned illusory, and the beam of silver light passed through his body.

This beam of silver light lasted for several seconds before it disappeared. As it ranged out, a corridor several hundred meters long formed in the forest, surrounded by withered plants.

Huo Yuhao’s illusory figure turned real again after this beam of silver light passed through his body. He wasn’t hurt at all!

One black and one white light shot out from his Eye of Destiny. The hundred-thousand-year Evileye Tyrant was shocked that Huo Yuhao was able to survive its Evileye Gaze without being harmed at all, and was struck by these two streaks of light.

It felt slightly dizzy before it returned to normal. It seemed as if nothing had happened at all.

However, Huo Yuhao could see that its eye was no longer silver. It was now black and white.

The world that Huo Yuhao saw was different from the world that this Evileye Tyrant saw. In his eyes, he initially saw countless threads of destiny around this Evileye Tyrant. However, they had been snapped at this moment. Not only this, but this Evileye Tyrant was also weakening at a shocking speed. It wasn’t just its soul power that was weakening, but its spiritual power, too!

Huo Yuhao’s Eye of Destiny turned back to rose-gold and a layer of distorted, rose-gold ripples started to spread from Huo Yuhao’s Eye of Destiny.

When this strange layer of rose-gold ripples appeared, everything around them turned rose-gold, too. On close observation, even the dust drifting in the air paused as the rose-gold ripples passed over it.

This Evileye Tyrant was extremely sensitive and felt that something was amiss. Subconsciously, it tried to use its spiritual power to unleash its soul skills

However, it discovered that it couldn’t do anything, and couldn’t even move its body. It was like its spiritual power had been frozen. The most terrifying thing was that it finally discovered that there was something wrong with its body. It could sense the black and white aura on it.

“Ah!” It let out a tragic scream and struggled. It wanted to break free from the mounting fear seizing it.

It managed to succeed, as the two soul skills that Huo Yuhao used on it could only hold it in place for a second each. When combined, they could still only restrain it for three seconds.

Changing his attack, Huo Yuhao also circulated his soul power. His rose-gold ripples weren’t released rapidly. They only managed to reach the Evileye Tyrant after the three seconds were over.

The moment it regained control of its body, the Evileye Tyrant tried to retreat without any hesitation. However, it discovered that it was moving at a pathetic speed like its entire body had deteriorated. It was even more horror-stricken that there was an additional piece of granite on the ground right now, a piece of granite that seemed to have miraculously survived his clashes with Huo Yuhao earlier. This piece of granite wasn’t very large, but it still ran into it as he tried to avoid Huo Yuhao’s attack.

Even though it immediately crushed the stone to pieces, its body still stopped without any control. It was also at this instant that the rose-gold ripples reached its body.

Its body immediately froze, and there was now another layer of rose-gold on it.

Huo Yuhao was adding more colors to its body as they fought, and managed to succeed in doing so each time.

The rose-gold ripples spread another several hundred meters before they stopped. Within this region that now spanned five hundred meters in diameter, a rose-gold ocean drifting in the air seemed to appear, with Huo Yuhao at its center.

The sky above the Evildemon Forest suddenly turned gloomy. However, the dark clouds reflected golden light amidst this gloominess.

“Spiritual Blast!” Huo Yuhao shouted coldly.


The rose-gold ripples started to shake, but they were very gentle and didn’t cause any destruction. Even the parts of the forest that were further away and affected by it didn’t suffer at all.

However, wrinkles started to appear on the Evileye Tyrant’s eye when this tremor reached it. After that, its body started to shake tremendously.

Boo boo boo boo boo boo boo! A series of weird noises sounded, somewhere between popping and blowing. Holes burst open on the Evileye Tyrant’s Body, and silver gases flowed from those wounds. It was like a huge balloon had just popped open in several places at once.

All this time, the Evileye Tyrant’s eye was filled with disbelief. It couldn’t believe that its opponent’s spiritual power could hurt it even though it had a higher cultivation. This was completely unbelievable!

Huo Yuhao rubbed his forehead with his hand. The sunray patterns around his Eye of Destiny flared with light, and a streak of rose-gold light shot out.

This streak of light seemed like it came from another world. It disappeared the moment it shot out from Huo Yuhao’s Eye of Destiny. When it appeared again, it was directly in front of the Evileye Tyrant.


Bloody silver light splattered on the ground. The streak of rose-gold light had pierced through the Evileye Tyrant’s eye, and only left remnants on the outside.

The Evileye Tyrant’s body was shaking uncontrollably now. Although its silver blood stopped splattering, it was still flowing out uncontrollably from the wounds on the Evileye Tyrant.

Even at this stage, Huo Yuhao didn’t dare to let down his guard. This was his first time facing a hundred-thousand-year soul beast!

Lights shone brightly on his back, and soul thrusters propelled him forward. In an instant, he traveled several hundred meters and arrived in front of the Evileye Tyrant.

The cold look in his eyes turned gentle, and they were now filled with a look of remembrance.

He clenched his right fist at his waist, and all the light in heaven and earth seemed to gather towards his fist. His eyes, including his vertical eye, were shining brightly at this moment. A strong spiritual undulation caused countless thin slits to appear in the surrounding space.

The Fist of Remembrance, a fist which contained a surging feeling of remembrance!


Huo Yuhao’s fist struck empty space, and a huge beam of golden light hit the Evileye Tyrant’s body.

The countless spatial slits started to take effect on its body. They combined with Huo Yuhao’s soul and spiritual power, causing another blast to occur.


A huge wound more than a meter long appeared on the Evileye Tyrant’s eye. It had been directly pierced through.

The spiritual suppression that the Evileye Tyrant had unleashed around its body stopped, and its sixteen tentacles all froze in mid-air.

Huo Yuhao trembled, but he quickly managed to stabilize himself. A streak of golden light flew back from this huge wound in the Evileye Tyrant’s eye and landed in his hand. 

It was the Golden Dragon Spear, which had belonged to Wang Qiu’er!

Immense life energy was surging towards Huo Yuhao through the Spear. The part of the Spear that was drawn out of the Evileye Tyrant was carrying a silver glow, as it continued to draw out the life energy of the Evileye Tyrant and nourish him.

The color on Huo Yuhao’s pale face was slowly returning to normal. However, he thought of something, and quickly took a step forward. He grabbed the spear with his left hand and waved his right hand. His Darkgolden Terrorclaws appeared and clawed out at a streak of silver light that was about to rise and escape!

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