Volume 31, Chapter 391.2: Fiery Evil Tyrant

If it was some ordinary Soul Emperor, he wouldn’t feel comfortable facing this Fiery Evil Tyrant’s Spiritual Forcefield even if he wasn’t completely suppressed. It was a pity that this Fiery Evil Tyrant was facing Huo Yuhao; the Eyes of Asura whose spiritual power greatly exceeded his soul power and was already at the standard of a Titled Douluo.

The look in Huo Yuhao’s eyes was very cold. His determined look didn’t waver at all even against the control of this Fiery Evil Tyrant’s Spiritual Forcefield.

“Since the two of you are courting death, I shall grant you your wishes!”

Huo Yuhao didn’t bother with the Devouring Dragon that had unleashed its Devouring Heaven and Earth at him. He was focused on the Fiery Evil Tyrant instead. Suddenly, his eyes turned purplish-gold. Yes, his eyes had turned a completely transparent purplish-gold.

Everything around them seemed to slow down, and the Fiery Evil Tyrant’s Spiritual Forcefield suddenly stopped. It was as if the space around it had been instantly locked.

“Spiritual! Shock!” Huo Yuhao stood quietly in place and spoke each word with a pause in between.

As he spoke, the Fiery Evil Tyrant’s eye seemed to be in a daze, whereas the Devouring Dragon continued to unleash its Devouring Heaven and Earth. However, it scattered amidst the distorted air.

A ring of purplish-gold light started to spread from Huo Yuhao’s head. More accurately speaking, it spread towards those two soul beasts in a fan shape.

The air was illuminated in the same color as this purplish-gold light passed.

The Devouring Dragon that was charging in front suddenly stiffened and instantly went into a daze. The bloodthirsty and crazed look in its eyes turned still. Following this, its eyes dimmed.

“Chi!” Its eyes, nose, mouth, and ears started to shoot out reddish-white gore. Its head didn’t blow apart from the explosion, but its brain and spirit were crushed under the effects of Huo Yuhao’s terrifying Spiritual Shock!

The purplish-gold light continued to spread. When it landed on the Fiery Evil Tyrant, its eye suddenly turned purplish-gold, and there was an astonished look in it. However, rings of red, green and gold light surged from its eye, trying to resist the force of Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Shock.

“Hmph!” Huo Yuhao snorted coldly. He immediately retracted his Spiritual Shock before focusing it all on the Fiery Evil Tyrant.

Suddenly, all the lights that had resisted his Spiritual Shock were destroyed. The Fiery Evil Tyrant’s eye started to shine brightly with a purplish-gold light. In the next instant, another explosion occurred!

Two black soul rings rose in succession, flashing in the air.

Huo Yuhao seemed to possess some invisible suction force that guided those two soul rings towards him.

Huo Yuhao shook his head scornfully and waved his right hand, dispersing these two black soul rings that most soul masters would have craved.

Originally, he didn’t want to kill any soul beasts. For Qiu’er’s sake, he didn’t want to commit too many sins. However, those two soul beasts had attacked him with all their might immediately after they discovered him. Huo Yuhao was in sorrow and pain because of Qiu’er’s death. The moment he unleashed his abilities, he immediately killed his opponents.

However, he hadn’t expected his spiritual power to be so strong right now. He didn’t shift from his position at all. Using only the first soul ring of his Spirit Eyes, he unleashed his Spiritual Interference Domain and Spiritual Shock to kill those two soul beasts that were considered some of the strongest ten thousand year soul beasts in existence.

“What standard has my spiritual power reached?” Huo Yuhao muttered to himself. He wasn’t too happy right now just because his spiritual cultivation was extremely powerful.

The strength of his spiritual power had also helped to enhance his overall abilities to a standard that he wasn’t clear of either. This also meant that obtaining his seventh soul ring was going to be much more difficult than expected. It was definitely not going to be easy to find a soul ring that was fit to be his seventh soul ring. His spiritual cultivation was simply too strong. If he were just finding a soul ring to become a Soul Sage, it wasn’t going to be beneficial to his future development.

Must I really make a move on a hundred thousand year Evileye Tyrant?

However, can I fight an Evileye Tyrant of that cultivation?

“Oh?” Just as Huo Yuhao was pondering, he suddenly felt a weird trace of spiritual aura rising in front of him. After this, he instantly turned around and disappeared.

This spiritual aura came from the Fiery Evil Tyrant that he had just killed.

As his figure flashed, Huo Yuhao immediately came to the position where the Fiery Evil Tyrant was blown apart.

He saw a diamond-shaped crystal entity on the ground. This crystal entity was dark red, and there were greenish flowery patterns on it.

What’s this? Is this the crystal core of this Fiery Evil Tyrant? The spiritual aura that it released seems to have come from this. Don’t tell me that this is its spirit?

Evileyes belonged to the Sun Moon Continent. As a result, Shrek Academy didn’t have much information on them. At most, only a few ordinary Evileyes with hundred year or thousand year cultivations were killed and recorded in the academy. There wasn’t any information on ten thousand year Evileye Tyrants.

Huo Yuhao squatted down and picked up the crystal entity. He poured his spiritual power into it and immediately discovered that there were remnants of spiritual power in this crystal entity. He was immediately enlightened.

It seemed like the spirits of Evileyes would be enhanced when they reached a certain cultivation before forming such a crystal. After this, the spiritual origins of these Evileyes would be hidden in such a crystal.

Even though he had used his immense spiritual power to kill the Evileye Tyrant earlier, a shred of its spirit in this crystal still managed to flee. Evileyes indeed had specialized spiritual abilities! Even a Fiery Evil Tyrant that wasn’t pure spiritual-type could escape with a shred of its spirit if it was killed.

Does its escaped spirit possess any memories? Will it be able to draw the Evileye Tyrant King?

I don’t think so. As the ruler of this Evildemon Forest, what kind of an existence is the Evil Emperor? Will he personally show himself just because someone from his species was killed? If he does, he must be too bored. Furthermore, the Ice Empress and Brother Skydream once said that this Evileye Tyrant King should be about to face his eighth bottleneck. It’s difficult to tell whether he’ll be able to break through this bottleneck. If he can’t, he’ll die. Naturally, he wouldn’t have time to be bothered with something as trivial as this.

As long as the Evileye Tyrant King didn’t appear, Huo Yuhao was confident in facing any form of crisis. Evileyes were adept at spiritual power, but so was he. An Evileye which didn’t have at least a hundred thousand year cultivation was unlikely to pose any threat to him. As for those that had exceeded a hundred thousand year cultivation, Huo Yuhao was confident of escaping from them.

Of course, he wouldn’t just wait here foolishly. What if a hundred thousand year Evileye really appeared?

After pondering for a moment, he drifted towards the perimeter of the core region of this Evildemon Forest. He had a subtle feeling that the Fiery Evil Tyrant he had just killed would bring him some trouble.

This premonition was very clear and strong. It came from the Skull of Destiny that he had obtained from the Three-Eyed Golden Lion.

When he focused his thoughts on this skull, Huo Yuhao could sense that countless threads seemed to be released from his head, and each thread seemed to be connected to a destiny that was bound to happen. They gave him clues.

The blessing of destiny helped him to usher in good fortune and avoid calamities. Huo Yuhao suspected that Wang Qiu’er had predicted that he was going to be in big trouble before she went to Sunrise City to find him. By going there to find him, she was going to face a calamity because of him. However, she still proceeded without any hesitation and sacrificed herself.

There was a simple reason why Huo Yuhao ran outward – this Evildemon Forest was the territory of the Evileyes. He was safer the further he was from the core region. He had to wait until the feeling that he had disappeared before he entered the core region again.

As he fled, Huo Yuhao was thinking continuously.

After he finished his cultivation and moved off, his mind was still filled with Wang Qiu’er and Wang Dong’er. He didn’t think about the current state of his mind. However, he had calmed down after the fight just now and was temporarily free from his sorrow.

It was extremely important for him to think.

As he calmed down, he started to sense his current condition.

He discovered that his spiritual sea had undergone a transformation.

It was still a spiritual sea, but there was now an additional island in it. It was a splendid and magnificent island. This island was very large, and it was at the center of his spiritual sea. The Ice Empress, Snow Empress, and Skydream Iceworm were all on this island.

There were pavilions, terraces, and courtyards on this island. It seemed like a mansion owned by a noble family.

When Huo Yuhao took a closer look, he was stunned. That was because the building on this island was actually the Duke’s Mansion.

This was… a spiritual reflection!

This was a spiritual reflection that had appeared in his spiritual sea after his spiritual power materialized. Spiritual reflection occurred when the most basic thing in his heart was reflected on a particular situation.

Huo Yuhao had just reached this level and didn’t know how to adjust his spiritual reflection yet. However, he could subtly sense that the growth of his spiritual reflection would determine the direction of his future abilities.

He still had to figure everything out on his own. As he reached this level, Huo Yuhao was basically certain to become a Titled Douluo and even a Transcendent Douluo in the future. Once he obtained his seventh soul ring, the restriction of Ultimate Ice on him would cease to exist, and his cultivation speed would increase significantly.

Huo Yuhao was only eighteen years old right now. With his current condition, he could have nine rings in ten years at most. He could become a nine-ringed Titled Douluo with an Ultimate martial soul! He would be extremely powerful then. Moreover, he possessed extraordinary spiritual power. Even though he possessed an Ultimate Ice martial soul, it still couldn’t compare to his Spirit Eyes, which possessed great spiritual power.

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