Volume 31, Chapter 391.1: Fiery Evil Tyrant

Even though he came from Shrek Academy, Huo Yuhao still hesitated a little after he saw this soul beast. He quickly tried to recall everything that he had learned so as to recognize what this soul beast was.

This was a Devouring Dragon, which was also known as a Mini-Tyrant Dragon.

Tyrant Dragons were considered one of the strongest among Earth Dragons. A mature Tyrant Dragon would grow to more than fifteen meters in height. Above a ten thousand year cultivation, they could even reach more than thirty meters in height. They were definitely considered one of the largest soul beasts. Their physical offense and defense were also very strong, and they could compare to a true Giant Dragon.

However, Tyrant Dragons weren’t adept at long-range attacks. Their outstanding physical abilities also restricted them in other aspects.

This Devouring Dragon in front of Huo Yuhao was very similar to a Tyrant Dragon in terms of its appearance. However, it was easy to tell them apart from their sizes. A Devouring Dragon was also very good at defense, but it was different from a Tyrant Dragon in the sense that its innate soul skill was extremely domineering. Its innate soul skill was called Devouring Heaven and Earth. It was innately bloodthirsty; it could recover its energy and evolve by devouring its enemy after killing it.

Even in the world of soul beasts, Devouring Dragons weren’t too popular. That was because they were too brutal. In the eyes of a Devouring Dragon, every creature was just a target to kill and devour. It didn’t matter whether one was a soul beast or a human, or whether one was a strong opponent. It would only stop its rampage after killing and filling its stomach. After this, it would enter a deep sleep.

A Devouring Dragon grew much faster than ordinary soul beasts. In general, they needed only a thousand years to reach the cultivation of an ordinary ten thousand year soul beast. However, they were usually killed when they met a stronger opponent due to their bloodthirstiness.

Apart from a Devouring Dragon, there were also other types of soul beasts that relied on devouring their enemies’ strength to evolve. One of the most notable and the strongest among these was the Darkdemon Evil Tiger. It was just that a Darkdemon Evil Tiger possessed extremely high intelligence, whereas a Devouring Dragon’s intelligence was usually very limited, and it relied on its instincts to kill. As a result, Devouring Dragons were considered inferior to Darkdemon Evil Tigers.

This Devouring Dragon could be considered quite large. From the color of its scales to the length of its tail, it was easy to tell that it was a Devouring Dragon with a cultivation in the ten thousand year bracket. As for its specific cultivation, it was roughly between ten thousand and twenty thousand years.

At such a level, the abilities of a Devouring Dragon were rather terrifying. However, this dragon seemed to be staggering forward as it advanced. The sides of its body had obvious burn marks, and it also looked very frantic. Evidently, whatever was chasing it had to be something stronger.

An intense beam of red light was shot out from behind it at this moment. This beam of red light was extremely thick, at least a meter wide. Wherever it passed, all obstacles were instantly turned into flying ashes.

The Devouring Dragon could evidently sense the threat to its life, and charged forward with all its might. At the same time, all its scales stood on end, and a layer of dark-blue light was released from its body, forming a protective barrier.

The beam of red light came too quickly, and it also covered a large area. While this Devouring Dragon reacted very quickly, it still took a grazing hit.

As its dark-blue light contacted this beam of red light, the protective light barrier distorted quickly, and started to undulate. After this, it burst like a bubble, and the remaining red light swept past the Devouring Dragon’s back. A plume of smoke immediately burst up.

This Devouring Dragon screamed in pain and rolled on the ground before it leaped up again. This time, it turned around and raised its head. As it opened its bloody mouth, it roared furiously into the sky.

It seemed to know that it couldn’t escape. From its stance, it was obvious that it was ready to go all-out and risk its life.

A ball of dark-blue gas instantly took form in its mouth, and the center of this ball of gas was pitch-black. It was its innate soul skill, Devouring Heaven and Earth.

Within a region that covered a hundred meters, everything turned eerily dark, and a terrifying devouring power turned all life in this region into ash. Their energy was devoured regardless whether they were worms or plants.

The strongest part of this Devouring Dragon’s Devouring Heaven and Earth was its attack. Just with this innate soul skill and its immense physical strength, a Devouring Dragon was able to gain an absolute advantage in front of most soul beasts.

Huo Yuhao felt helpless right now.

Just as this Devouring Dragon attacked, Huo Yuhao was immediately enveloped by its Devouring Heaven and Earth, as he was only several dozen meters away.

Huo Yuhao only felt that everything around him had turned eerily cold, and a strange force was maniacally sucking his life energy away. It felt as if his bones and flesh were about to be torn apart, and his entire body would be crushed into powder.

Of course, this feeling only lasted for an instant before it ended.

Huo Yuhao’s Imitation was deactivated, and a layer of gold isolated that terrifying, devouring aura. Of course, Huo Yuhao also revealed himself from his invisible state.

His Imitation wasn’t an all-around skill. Against such an area of effect skill, he eventually still had to reveal himself.

Huo Yuhao felt a little depressed. What’s going on? I was just trying to watch this intense fight, but I’m being dragged in now.

As a dim light flashed, Huo Yuhao revealed a helpless look on his face. He immediately sprang up into the air and drifted back like a snowflake. His greatest hope was that these two soul beasts hadn’t noticed him, and would continue their fight. This was why he tried his best to retract his aura and suppress his presence.

However, it was a pity that soul beasts were most sensitive to humans. Just as Huo Yuhao revealed himself, a piercing scream resonated in the air. He also finally saw the figure of the second soul beast that had unleashed the earlier beam of red light.

This soul beast had a very strange appearance. It was drifting in the air, and looked like a balloon. It was a pity that it wasn’t a balloon, but a huge, bloodshot eye that was a meter across. 

There were clusters of brown stripes around this huge eye, and it had six tentacles that drooped onto the ground, which supported it in the air. As these tentacles dragged the eye, they left rotten ditches behind along its path.

Out of these six tentacles, three were green, while the other three were red, and they were clearly separated. When it appeared, it was already staring at Huo Yuhao.

Evileye! While it wasn’t easy identifying a Devouring Dragon, it was much easier identifying this soul beast. That was because it was Huo Yuhao’s target on his journey into this forest.

However, Huo Yuhao was a little depressed, because this Evileye wasn’t a pure spiritual type soul beast even though it seemed to already be as powerful as a sovereign king.  It seemed to be a mix of different types.

When he was in Shrek Academy, there had been a special lesson taught about Evileyes.

Not all Evileyes possessed the same abilities. There were different species of Evileyes. Among the Evileye species, those with fewer abilities were actually stronger. This meant that the fewer innate soul skills they possessed, the greater their abilities.

The Evileye Tyrant King only had one elemental type – spiritual. It could use countless spiritual-type soul skills with its immense spiritual power. In addition, the area that it could cover with its attacks was frightening, even exceeding that of the Beast God, Di Tian.

Right now, Huo Yuhao could tell that this Evileye possessed at least three different elements from the attack it had unleashed earlier and from the colors of its tentacles. It was spiritual-type, fire-type and corrosive-type.

Its red tentacles were fire-type while, its green tentacles were corrosive-type. Along with the huge, fiery-red eye that it had, it was obvious that fire was its main element.

An Evileye with a cultivation exceeding ten thousand years could be considered an Evileye Tyrant. This Evileye Tyrant was very well suited to its name.

However, it was a pity that it wasn’t what Huo Yuhao needed right now. Huo Yuhao needed a pure spiritual-type Evileye. This meant that it had to be an Evileye that possessed the same innate gifts as the Evileye Tyrant King, or one that was mainly spiritual-type and had other auxiliary elemental types. It was best if it had as little of the other elements as possible.

That scream earlier was released by this Fiery Evil Tyrant. Its mouth was behind its pupil. As it screamed, it also drifted forward faster.

The strange thing was that the Devouring Dragon that was about to fight it earlier also turned around and faced Huo Yuhao with its mouth wide open.

Surely not? They’ve turned from enemies to friends in such a short time, and are treating me as a joint target? Huo Yuhao furrowed his brow and also descended to the ground.

After this, he saw that Fiery Evil Tyrant’s eye brightening up. Rings of strange distorted patterns started to spread from it. It was as if the surrounding brown stripes around it had turned illusory.

Everything within a region that spanned several hundred meters in diameter started to distort.

This was an innate soul skill of an Evileye, Spiritual Forcefield. Anyone whose spiritual power was weaker would be suppressed. Depending on one’s cultivation and spiritual power, he would experience different intensities of dizziness, dullness, fatigue, dispiritedness, weakness and other states. This was also one of the best crowd-control skills that Evileyes were capable of.

It was rumored that the Evil Emperor’s Spiritual Forcefield could cover a region that spanned thirty kilometers. Simply put, he could cover half of Radiant City.

When this Fiery Evil Tyrant unleashed its Spiritual Forcefield, the Devouring Dragon charged towards Huo Yuhao. As it opened its mouth wide, a beam of black light that glowed dark blue at the edges shot towards Huo Yuhao. It was its Devouring Heaven and Earth.

Not only did these two soul beasts reconcile, but they even reached an agreement to attack Huo Yuhao together in such a short period of time. They were coordinating rather well too.

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