Chapter 39.1: The Three Emperors of the Extreme North

Book 7: The Extreme North

Chapter 39.1: The Three Emperors of the Extreme North

Everyone had been able to understand Wang Yan’s first words, but some of them became somewhat confused when he started talking about a class advancement test. What was a class advancement test?

Wang Yan indifferently continued, “Every single class acts as a whole body. As such, if that whole body can’t advance to Year 2, what use would there be in the students advancing? From another standpoint, the class advancement test is a test for Teacher Zhou Yi and I. During the class advancement test, we’ll choose three to seven students to participate in a special test. The advancement level of our class will be determined by how well we do in this assessment. If we complete this assessment perfectly, then 100% of Class 1 will advance; every single student that can pass the individual assessment will be able to continue their studies in Year 2. However, if we can’t complete it perfectly, we’ll have to expel a percentage of students from Class 1, despite them passing their individual tests. In other words, even if every single one of you passes the individual assessment, if we only end up getting 90% on the class advancement test, the last 10% of students in the Class 1’s assessment ranking will be expelled.”

Once he’d finished his explanation, the entire class immediately understood what he meant, which in turn caused them to be dumbstruck. The students that had thought they could relax and take a short break during the holidays were astonished to the point that their mouths were wide open. This was especially true for those who had higher cultivations, as they’d thought that they could breeze through the advancement test. They’d never expected the possibility of there being a class advancement test.

Wang Yan smiled. Though it seemed warm, it actually contained an ominous feeling. “I think that, if any of the students who’ve been chosen to participate in the class assessment make a mistake that causes the evaluation of the class to drop, the entire class will remember that person.”

“I’m also a student who’s graduated from Shrek Academy, so I’ll tell you about what my experience was like. Realistically, the period of time after you pass your advancement test and begin your studies again is actually the happiest and most exciting time you’ll experience in Shrek Academy. Contrarily, the holidays are hell for an overwhelming majority of students. Unless you’re unwilling to continue studying here, you should know what you all have to do once you get home.”

“That’s all I have to say. Class is dismissed, you can head back and pack up your things.” Wang Yan waved his hand as he dismissed the class.

The students of Class 1 were dumbstruck; their original excitement and enthusiasm had vanished from the face of the earth. Was it really possible for a two-ringed student to take on a hundred year soul beast by themselves? Although a large majority of them possessed hundred year soul rings, how many of them had actually been the one to hunt the soul beast that they’d obtained their soul ring from? Not to mention the class advancement test that they’d have to pass afterwards.

Wang Dong had a bitter smile on his face as he asked Huo Yuhao, “Say, do you think that I’ll be chosen for the class test?”

Huo Yuhao glanced at him. “What do you think, class monitor Wang?”

Depressed, Wang Dong stood up. “Whatever, there’s no use talking to you! Let’s head back to our room and cultivate. An extra day of cultivating is still an extra day. Since we’ve only got one month, I’ll try to reach Rank 30 as quickly as possible, even if it means that I have to eat pills everyday.”

Huo Yuhao smiled. “If you can manage to reach Rank 30 before we take the advancement test, I strongly believe that it will be much easier for you. Don’t worry, I’ll volunteer to participate in the class assessment so that I can be a strong support for you.”

“Wang Dong, Huo Yuhao. You two stay behind for a bit.” Zhou Yi’s cold voice rang out.

The two of them hurriedly paused their footsteps. After the other students had left, Wang Yan and Zhou Yi had called the two of them over to the stage.

“What are your thoughts on the class assessment that Teacher Wang mentioned?” Zhou Yi asked.

Helpless, Wang Dong replied, “What can I say? The two of us will just have to go together. Oh yeah, we’ll have to get Xiao Xiao as well.” Xiao Xiao had already fused with the soul bone she’d received, causing her strength to increase dramatically. Moreover, she was someone that possessed twin martial souls. Even though her soul power cultivation speed wasn’t as fast as Wang Dong and Huo Yuhao’s, she was still one of the quickest within Class 1.

Wang Yan nodded. “The two of you definitely have to participate together when the time comes. We don’t know the specifics of the assessment, but you’ll still have to work hard during the next month. Yuhao, are there any problems regarding your second ring?”

Huo Yuhao immediately shook his head. “There aren’t any.” He was still afraid of Wang Yan questioning him, as that would expose his lie. Fortunately, Wang Yan didn’t follow up with any further questions. He’d clearly been reassured by Huo Yuhao.

Zhou Yi said, “Your studies here will be even more intense next year. I won’t bother talking too much about other things, as you two should head back early. As class monitors, I hope that the two of you can come back somewhat earlier. The earlier you come back, the better, as Teacher Wang and I will be informed of the contents of the assessment around ten days or so before we begin school. Following this, you two will be able to prepare for it if you come back early.”

“Yes.” Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong nodded simultaneously.

Zhou Yi replied, “Go on.”

“Teacher Zhou, Teacher Wang, goodbye.” Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong respectfully said goodbye to the two teachers. Although they were about to begin their holidays, they were still somewhat unwilling to leave the academy.

In the end, Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’s original plans—to make the most of their time to cultivate—didn’t succeed, as Xiao Xiao, along with Bei Bei and Tang Ya, were waiting for them outside. Thus, the words that Huo Yuhao had said last night became a reality; he ended up roasting some fish for everyone.

Their meal wasn’t just limited to the five of them, as Huo Yuhao also called over his senior brother, He Caitou. After the six of them had gathered, it became rather lively; they continued messing around like crazy until it was night time. Huo Yuhao didn’t tell anyone where he was going to obtain his soul ring, and in the end, his white lie wasn’t exposed.

Another morning began.

Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong walked across the Sea God’s Lake’s lakeside path. Since they had storage-type soul tools, they naturally didn’t need to carry a backpack with them. The two of them remained silent as they slowly walked forwards.

Mist proceeded to slowly cover the Sea God’s Lake, while the damp air blown by the lakeside wind battered their bodies, causing their uniforms to become somewhat moist.

Though the lakeside path was rather long, it still had an end. As the morning sun slowly rose, the water vapor surrounding them gradually evaporated.

“I’m leaving now, but I’ll come back early. See me off.” Wang Dong said as he turned towards Huo Yuhao. When Huo Yuhao saw Wang Dong, he could clearly see the trace of liquid sparkling at the corners of his eyes.

During the past eleven months, the two of them had practically been together all the time, cultivating day and night. Though they weren’t inseparable, they’d become best friends. Just as they were about to separate from each other, a strong feeling of reluctance seemed to clog up their throats. Though this feeling didn’t last long, it caused them to feel the pain of separation temporarily.

Afterwards, Wang Dong ran out of the academy like he was escaping from Huo Yuhao. He didn’t turn around, but he couldn’t help the tears in his eyes from flowing uncontrollably. He muttered to himself inwardly, Huo Yuhao, you big dummy!

Huo Yuhao couldn’t help but rub his eyes as he watched Wang Dong’s slender figure gradually disappear. Afterwards, he turned towards the doorplate of Shrek Academy.

Teacher Xiao Ya, elder senior brother, senior brother He, Teacher Zhou, Teacher Fan Yu, Teacher Wang… I’m leaving now. I’ll definitely give you all a big surprise when I get back. I’ve never forgotten the oath I made back then; I’ll definitely make those that looked down on my white soul ring feel terrified whenever they see the color white in the future. I’ll come back as soon as possible.

After taking a deep breath to calm his surging emotions, Huo Yuhao made sure that he was headed in the right direction as he left the academy. In the blink of an eye, he’d vanished as he ran along Shrek City’s official road to the north.

To the twelve-year-old Huo Yuhao, the melancholy that he felt from separation was still very easy for him to control. After madly running for two hours beneath the caress of the cool breeze, he opened his mind and felt an indescribable sense of delight.

A year ago, he’d been a beggar-like youth who’d just left the White Tiger Duke’s Mansion.

One year later, today, he was a control-type soul master that only needed to obtain a soul ring in order to advance to the level of a Soul Grandmaster. Furthermore, he was even a Class 2 soul engineer. At the same time, he simply had too much information inside of his mind right now.

Huo Yuhao might not have improved the most out of the students within Shrek Academy this year, but he had definitely transformed the most. It had only been year, but it seemed like he’d shed his mortal body and bones. This was something that nobody could deny.

“Brother Skydream, how far to the north do we need to head?” In the past, the Skydream Iceworm had been very fond of sleeping. In fract, It wouldn’t be uncommon for it to not speak to Huo Yuhao for over a month. Only after Huo Yuhao’s soul power broke through to Rank 20 did it finally awaken from its dreams. Somewhat unexpectedly, the elder that had previously appeared had been abnormally silent. The gray pearl was exceptionally silent, and other than the ripples it had made last time, it hadn’t changed in the slightest. The Skydream Iceworm had even maliciously said that its strand of divine sense must’ve been thoroughly destroyed.

However, Huo Yuhao didn’t know that, if its strand of divine sense truly had disappeared, the gray pearl definitely wouldn’t have remained inside of his Spiritual Sea.

The Skydream Iceworm’s lazy voice rang out, “Just keep heading north, you’ll definitely be on the right track. This road is quite long. Didn’t you constantly practice running around with a heavy load on your back in the academy? This time, you don’t even have to carry a heavy load. Based on your current speed, it’ll take at least ten days to reach where we’re headed.”

“Ah? Ten days?” Huo Yuhao asked, flabbergasted. “Brother Skydream, where are we headed? Why do we have to travel so far north? My current speed isn’t slow at all! If I go all-out and run forwards for a full day, even if I don’t manage to cross a thousand miles, I’ll hit 800 miles at least! If I were to run for ten days, that’s eight thousand miles!”

“Yep! That’s about how far it is from here. We’re heading to my old home—the Douluo Continent’s Extreme North,” The Skydream Iceworm said in a tone that seemed completely natural. “Don’t forget, that’s the place that I’m most familiar with.”

Puzzled, Huo Yuhao asked, “Brother Skydream, isn’t that too far? I still have to participate in the advancement test once I get back. Won’t it be too late for me to get back in time? Is this the only place you know of that has a spiritual-type soul beast?”

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