Volume 31, Chapter 388.3: Offering! Emperor Beast

Shadows that carried powerful auras rose into the sky one after another and rushed through the trees from the Great Star Dou Forest’s Core Region.

They were in various shapes and sizes, but every single one of them emanated unrivaled and frightening auras. Their auras became increasingly frightening the closer these shadows came to the Great Star Dou Forest’s Core Region, and every single being that dared to fly out of the Great Star Dou Forest were the strongest individuals in this place, where the most powerful soul beasts in the Continent gathered and roosted.

A man in a long black robe hovered silently in the sky above the Great Star Dou Forest’s Core Region. Every single aura around him was incredibly powerful, but not a single being dared to hover higher than him in the sky.

This man wore a grave, stern, and resolute look on his face. His flowing black hair draped behind him and stretched perfectly to his ankles without a single inch of discrepancy at all.

Two locks of golden hair were especially glaring amidst all his black hair, and they hung in front of him silently.

He was looking up at the colors of blood in the sky at this moment. He suddenly lifted his right hand and grabbed at something in the air.

A frightening aura that couldn’t be any more terrifying suddenly burst forth from his body, and his grabbing action seemed as though he was tearing the sky apart. The entire Great Star Dou Forest trembled faintly, and the sky contorted vigorously for a moment.

A black gash that was a hundred meters long appeared in the sky just like that. This black gaping hole seemed as though it had boundless suction power, and all the other powerful beings around him hurriedly retreated for fear of being sucked into this gash.

However, after a moment, nothing happened within that tremendous black gash before it closed up once more. The blood colors in the sky didn’t change, and nothing appeared from within that black gash.

At this moment, a jade-green figure soared through the sky from a distance, right towards this black-haired male.

This jade-green figure appeared before the black-haired male in the blink of an eye as if it had transcended space and time. She was a stunningly beautiful lady, and her long jade-green hair was draped behind her head. Her eyes were also jade-green, and her figure was long and slender, while her long light green dress brought out her slender figure perfectly. She had snowy white hands that resembled tender lotuses, and a pair of wings that seemed like they had been sculpted from jewels and gems extended from behind her back.

Her wings were jade-green as well, and every single feather was dazzling and eye-catching. Those brilliant and vivid green colors were filled with life energy, and all that made her seem like a moving and enchanting Goddess.

This exceptionally beautiful lady’s eyes were conspicuously worried and anxious. She stopped before the black-haired man after flying rapidly towards him and asked, “What’s wrong, Di Tian? What has happened, exactly?” 

Yes, the handsome man who had black hair that extended all the way to his ankles was known as the strongest Savage Beast in the world today. He was the leader of the Douluo Continent’s Ten Great Savage Beasts, and he was the Great Star Dou Forest’s dictator. He was the king of beast kings, the Golden-Eyed Black Dragon King, Di Tian!

Di Tian glanced coldly at the beautiful lady who was emitting life energy as he lowered his voice and said, “Something’s happened to the Auspicious Beast.”

“What?” The beautiful lady exclaimed in surprise. “No wonder I feel so stifled. What’s happened to the Auspicious Beast?”

Di Tian lowered his voice and said, “Her life energy is flowing away at an alarming rate. I attempted to use Descent to bring her back, but it didn’t have any effect at all.”

The beautiful lady’s expression changed drastically. The Emperor Auspicious Beast, the Three-Eyed Golden Lion’s existence, was exceptionally important to the entire Great Star Dou Forest.

The Three-Eyed Golden Lion’s abilities enabled normal soul beasts to grow faster, and she enabled them to become powerful beings quicker than normal. However, she was even more important to these top-tier beast kings! It was a lot safer for them to break through their bottlenecks every hundred thousand years with the Three-Eyed Golden Lion’s control over destiny. Furthermore, the Three-Eyed Golden Lion also allowed their cultivation to grow faster than usual. In the past several millennia, the Great Star Dou Forest’s overall strength had been greatly boosted because of the Three-Eyed Golden Lion, and they had consolidated and maintained their position as the number-one habitat on the Douluo Continent.

How could this beautiful lady not be shocked when Di Tian mentioned that something had happened to the Three-Eyed Golden Lion? She wasn’t the only one who was astonished. The other beast kings around them who had heard Di Tian’s words saw each other’s expressions change drastically as well. Those who were relatively hot-tempered couldn’t hold themselves back, and they roared and howled angrily into the sky.

Instantly, countless beasts prostrated themselves, and a stern aura gushed forth from the Great Star Dou Forest.

The beautiful lady’s breathing was a little rushed, and her busty chest heaved up and down. “If only I had been by her side, I could have saved her life no matter what. Di Tian, can you use Descent to send me over?”

Di Tian shook his head and said, “No, we’re too far away. There’s no way I can lock onto her exact position unless she cooperates with me. However, there’s no way she can cooperate with us, because she is the one who’s causing her own life energy to flow away. If my feelings are right, I’m afraid the Auspicious Beast is…”

He stopped for a moment, and his final words were uttered soundlessly, and only the beautiful lady beside him could hear.

“What? How is that possible?” the beautiful lady exclaimed in shock once more, her enchanting jade-green eyes filled with incredulity.

Di Tian’s eyes were grave and stern. “Humans, humans! Jade Concubine, you can’t attempt to stop me this time. We are the ones who should rule this world. Humans have threatened our species’ survival for the last time.”

“Myriad Demon King, Bear Lord, and Scarlet King! Pass on my order…”


Boom, boom, boom!

Blood-colored lightning descended from the sky, covering several dozen square kilometers all around. Heaven and earth seemed to have descended into a sea of blood, and that horrifying sensation felt like the end of the world.

Amidst those large patches of blood-colored lightning, there was only one patch of ground, less than ten square meters in size, which was untouched.

Huo Yuhao was standing in that space, and his eyes were filled with incredulity as tears dripped continuously from his eyes. However, there was nothing he could do at this moment. He couldn’t even utter a single word.

Wang Qiu’er was still standing in front of him in her virtual form. Her pretty face was almost transparent, and no longer had that coldness that she typically wore. All that was left was a faint, warm smile.

“Don’t be sad. You aren’t that handsome in the first place, and you’re even uglier when you cry. Actually, you should blame me for being selfish – Dong’er has died for you once, but her death wasn’t as complete as mine! Hehe, I have completely integrated myself into you as one body this time. If you miss me, then you should take good care of yourself, and you should be kind to the abilities that I have granted you. For some reason, I don’t feel a single ounce of longing and yearning for this world even though I am about to leave it. I even feel like I haven’t died at all, and I have obtained a new life instead. What’s happening?

“Even though I’m not a hundred-thousand-year soul beast, I will grant you two soul skills just like normal hundred-thousand-year soul beasts. At the same time, I believe that nobody else is more suitable than I am to become your head soul bone. You will obtain the true Eye of Destiny, and you will have power over destiny.

“I have to go, my dear. I won’t be like you – I won’t allow someone who loves me to forget about me right before I die. I hope that you will remember me forever, and you will always miss me.

“Something might happen in the Great Star Dou Forest after I leave. You should go there soon to take a look. I have offered everything I have to you, and even if they find you, they won’t do anything to you... because the Great Star Dou Forest’s fortunes will end if you die.”

Wang Qiu’er suddenly paused as she uttered these words. Her eyes were overflowing with tears as she stared at Huo Yuhao, and she smiled mournfully. “I can’t bear to leave you. Don’t forget about me… I love you!”

“Hum!” The blood-colored lighting in the sky that rained down upon the earth suddenly halted at this moment, and Wang Qiu’er’s illusory figure erupted with light. Intense golden light expanded to the ends of the earth as if it were about to swallow the entire world, and then it withdrew in the next moment, leaving only a golden skull that was about as large as a fist. This golden skull hovered before Huo Yuhao quietly.

Huo Yuhao’s Eye of Destiny opened on his forehead, and a golden ray shot out from his Eye of Destiny, to land on that golden skull.

The golden skull immediately became transparent and resembled a golden water crystal as it gradually drifted forward. The skull became increasingly small as it did so and finally flew up in front if Huo Yuhao as it transformed into a golden ray that disappeared into his Eye of Destiny.

Huo Yuhao’s body suddenly quivered, and an indescribably frightening aura burst out from his body. The blood colors in the sky became golden as an enormous golden pillar descended from the sky and slammed into Huo Yuhao’s head.

Huo Yuhao’s eyes went blank, and he was instantly rendered unconscious.

Nan Shuishui and Nan Qiuqiu weren’t far from him, and they could clearly see that Huo Yuhao’s entire body was shining with streaks of golden lightning after he was struck by that golden pillar. Transformations began to happen on his body – his black hair was gradually covered by a golden layer, and eventually became a peculiar dark gold color. An enormous vertical eye appeared behind his back. This eye was gold, but its pupil was black and white. The black and white flickered alternately as if they were tangible and material.

Another beam of light descended from the sky and landed on his body right at this moment. This time, the beam was scarlet-red, as if it were a beam of fire.

Subsequently, orange, yellow, green, indigo, blue, and violet beams of light descended from the sky one after another, forming the colors of the rainbow along with the red light beam that came before.

Small changes would happen to Huo Yuhao’s disposition after every beam of light descended on his body, and even his appearance was transforming subtly. He wasn’t considered very good-looking before this, but now he was becoming more handsome.

Nan Qiuqiu was standing right beside him, and she had the strongest feelings about everything. Huo Yuhao was still the same as the person in front of her, and she could still recognize him with one look, but he had become more handsome and different from before.

A peculiar layer of light appeared on Huo Yuhao’s body after the seven colors of the rainbow anointed him in succession. This light had seven colors, and it gradually carried him into the sky, where his unconscious body crossed his legs and sat down. Afterward, that vertical eye transformed into rays of flowing light that flowed continuously through the Eye of Destiny on his forehead.

Nan Qiuqiu’s eyes were completely lifeless and frozen as she looked on. “Is this fellow still human? What… what’s happening, exactly?” Nan Qiuqiu and Nan Shuishui couldn’t hear Huo Yuhao and Wang Qiu’er’s conversation, but everything that was unfurling before their very eyes was far too astonishing for them.

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