Volume 30, Chapter 383.2: Breaking Out From the Siege

He used his spiritual power to replace the functions of his soul power. From when he had first entered the water prison until now, he had used his soul skills one after the other without stopping, yet remained in his prime state.

One versus fifty? Huo Yuhao was not that dumb or that powerful. His opponents included Class 7 and Class 8 soul engineers. Right now, his role was not one of an assault-type soul master, but instead one of a control-type soul master. His objective was to control the entire battlefield.

After a momentary pause, dozens of figures rushed out of the illusion from the river, which still appeared intact.

The greatest advantage of Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection was fully exemplified at this very moment. After he broke out from the water prison, he used his Spiritual Detection to accurately determine the distance of the fifty soul engineers from the southern part of the city. They were less than a hundred meters away from the river. This distance, to soul engineers, was not safe at all. 

After the dozens of soul masters rushed over from the frozen riverbed of the river, they would be less than a hundred meters away from the confused soul engineers.

Under Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection, the hostages were split into three forces. Among them, those with six rings and above were split into two groups. One group would rush forward first as the vanguard. The other group would remain at the back to keep the rear safe. The other soul masters, who had fewer than six soul rings, would remain in the center.

This meant that the first wave of those who rushed out all had at least six rings. They were all at least Soul Emperors!

The moment they rushed out of the river, they maximized their speed as they rushed toward the soul engineers like frenzied tigers.

The soul engineers finally reacted. Rays of light shot out from their soul tools.

If the two sides were in formation, and if there was enough distance between them, the hostages would not have an advantage no matter how powerful they were. This was because the soul engineer legions of the Sun Moon Empire had trained together for a very long time. Various soul tools could work in tandem with one another, helping each other out, and hence, they would be able to project much more power than what their numbers might suggest.

However, the fifty soul engineers were currently faced with an impossible scenario. They had lost their center of command, and they could not put enough distance between themselves and their enemies. When they finally reacted, they were naturally unable to unleash their most powerful attacks. The soul masters they faced right now were the best from some of the most powerful sects and schools in the world. They were the elites among the elites!

Furthermore, these elites had a commander. Their commander’s Spiritual Detection covered the entire battlefield, and was able to accurately convey distance, speed, angle, strength, and other types of information on every soul ray and soul cannon shell to them. Their commander was none other than the control-type Soul King, the Eyes of Asura, Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao was able to gain the respect of the number one Academy in the world, Shrek Academy, enter the Sea God’s Pavilion before the age of twenty, and become one of its members. This was due to his strength and unlimited potential.

With each life-and-death experience, adventure, and obstacle, he was able to grow at a speed that even Elder Mu did not anticipate.

After he recovered his ability to move again and completed his closed-door training, Huo Yuhao was like a caterpillar that had finally become a butterfly. He had reached a completely new level. Among Shrek’s Seven Monsters, he was ranked first in terms of strength. His overall strength surpassed that of a Soul Sage.

Spiritual Detection, Spiritual Sharing. In the eyes of the soul engineers and soul masters who were fighting, these were godly skills.

Four eight-ringed Soul Douluo, twelve seven-ringed Soul Sages, and around twenty Soul Emperors charged out in advance of the hostages.

They were the elites of the elites. Under the instructions of Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection, coupled with the furious fighting spirit that rose non-stop in their hearts, how could they show any mercy to their foes?

When the commander of the soul engineer legion, the Class 8 soul engineer, finally snapped out of the confusion Huo Yuhao had induced in him with his Spiritual Confusion, he saw dozens of furious soul masters who were only a hair’s breadth away.

The soul masters were able to rush up to the soul engineers without incurring any casualties. One could imagine what happened next.

Huo Yuhao did not participate personally in the fight. He flew above the heads of the soul engineers and unleashed his Spiritual Interference to its fullest extent, enveloping the battlefield completely. Near the core where most of the fighting took place, nothing other than sound could spread to the outside world.

Since Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Interference reached its domain stage, this was the first time he had used it over such a huge area. 

As the fifty soul engineers were destroyed, all of the hostages rushed out of the water prison. At this moment, in the sky above Sunrise City, one could see colorful fireworks exploding.

This was probably a distress signal the three Zhong brothers had released.

Huo Yuhao did not even look at it. Right now, he was in a race against time. 

The three Zhong brothers were not scary. Even the two evil Titled Douluo were not scary. What was scary was the huge amount of troops that could come from Radiant City. Once they arrived, they would be in serious trouble.

After all, the five most powerful soul engineer legions of the Sun Moon Empire were all equipped with flying-type soul tools. If they used their flying-type soul tools, they would be able to reach Sunrise City from Radiant City pretty quickly.

Charge! Without giving the hostages any time to rest, Huo Yuhao immediately gave the order to charge. Xu Sanshi and the rest still held on, but how much longer could they hold on? They could only escape if they broke through the positions the soul engineers had taken up to the south of the city!

The taste of freedom was a huge motivation for these hostages. Every single one of them was in an almost frenzied state as they charged south.

At this moment, a thunderous explosion sounded. This made Huo Yuhao, who was in mid-air, turn his head. His face turned dark.

How can this be possible? How can it be so fast?

Where did the thunderous explosion come from? It came from the northern city walls of Sunrise City, which was the only part that had not yet been hit. However, Huo Yuhao had instructed Jing Ziyan to plant a large number of soul bombs there.

The one who could detonate these bombs was He Caitou.

Before He Caitou left, he had planted an aerial surveillance tool there to monitor the situation.

This was because any soldiers from Radiant City who were rushing over to assist their compatriots had to reach the northern walls first. By placing the bombs, they hoped to injure and kill many of them before they could arrive, as well as attract their attention. The timing of the explosion was completely controlled by He Caitou.

But the bombs actually went off so quickly. What did this mean? This meant that the soldiers from Radiant City were here already!

Only a few minutes had passed since the start of the mission.

According to Huo Yuhao’s calculations, the soldiers from Radiant City, upon realizing that something was amiss, would need at least an hour to organize themselves, set off, and arrive. This would be more than enough time for him and the hostages to evacuate.

However, the arrival of the soldiers from Radiant City was much faster than he had expected. This completely turned the situation around.

He quickly informed the hostages to charge toward the positions of the soul engineers with all their might. After they defeated their opponents, they had to regroup with the four of them, who would then give them instructions to escape safely.

After he conveyed this message, Huo Yuhao turned around and flew back toward Sunrise City. Not only did he have to pick up He Caitou, but he also had to find Nan Qiuqiu. If he could not save Nan Shuishui soon, it would be immensely difficult later, as Sunrise City would have turned into a tiger’s den.

Of course, for most people, Sunrise City had already turned into a tiger’s den.  

Huo Yuhao was no longer able to control whether the hostages could escape. However, according to his calculations, the series of explosions at the northern city walls would create a huge problem for the soldiers who were rushing to render assistance. Even if they flew, they would surely descend to ascertain the situation upon seeing the explosion. After all, they could not possibly know what was happening in Sunrise City. 

The soul engineer legion stationed to the south of Sunrise City had only two hundred and fifty men after fifty of them left the main group. After being harassed by Xu Sanshi and the others, they were unable to hold their ground in face of the attacks by powerful soul masters. Hence, the hostages still had a good chance of escaping. Huo Yuhao’s important task right now was to get everyone from the Tang Sect out and save Nan Shuishui.

Despite having been trained under the Ultimate Soldier Plan, Huo Yuhao knew that emotions played a huge part in his decision-making. The ideal plan now would be to abandon He Caitou and Nan Qiuqiu and help the hostages escape. He should not be turning back.

However, could he really do that? Of course not! He was not a machine whose only purpose was to complete missions or kill people, but a human with flesh and blood. How could he abandon He Caitou and escape all by himself? As for Nan Qiuqiu, while his ties with her were not as deep as his with He Caitou, she was still out to save her mother! For Huo Yuhao, nothing touched him more than maternal love.

This was why he had told Nan Qiuqiu that if Nan Shuishui was not in the water prison, he would stay behind to help her save her mother. He knew the pain of losing one’s mother very clearly.

This time, Huo Yuhao did not fly back to Sunrise City via the city walls. Instead, he released his Butterfly Wings and ascended vertically. Covered by his Imitation, he flew straight into the sky. 

The advantage of doing this was so that he could observe the soldiers who were coming to assist those in Sunrise City. At the same time, he could bypass the Zhong brothers!

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