Volume 30, Chapter 383.1: Breaking Out From the Siege

The all-terrain self-driving fort she drove had been enhanced. The moment it entered its control mode, over a hundred cannons started to fire furiously. It was as if it did not require any soul power at all as it shot the soul cannons placed by the soul engineer legions to smithereens.

It actually did not require any soul power. Specifically, it did not require any of Jing Ziyan’s soul power!

This all-terrain self-driving fort was equipped with more than thirty Class 5 Milk Bottles. It could fight for hours without recharging, and Jing Ziyan now used it to its maximum potential.

Instantly, the soul engineers whose positions were under fire were sent running in all directions.

All of the soul engineer legions of the Sun Moon Empire had a subordinate army. After all, soul engineers were more important and costlier. Someone had to do the dirty and tiring work, such as raising the outer defenses.

That was work for the subordinate army.

To the south of the city, there were more soul engineers in position, numbering around three hundred. There was a Class 8 soul engineer, two Class 7 soul engineers, and five Class 6 soul engineers. Coupled with the many other soul engineers who had taken up position there, their defenses were very tight. 

However, at this moment, the Class 8 soul engineer had brought the two Class 7 soul engineers to reinforce the south of the city. There were no strong soul engineers left over there.

The subordinate army, realizing that something was wrong, charged over. However, the many less powerful soul engineers fell into despair under the heavy bombardment from the all-terrain self-driving fort and the sharp sword qi of the Sword Fanatic.

The inky-black light only started to dissipate at this very moment. Xu Sanshi did not even need to maximize the power of his Xuanwu Domain. All he had to do was to ensure that its area of effect was maximized.

Everything within a two hundred and fifty meter radius appeared to have turned into a swamp. Everyone, both soul engineers and the subordinate army, who rushed into this area immediately felt as if they had dived into a deep pool of mud. There was no way they could even see the location of the Sword Fanatic and the all-terrain self-driving fort.

This was the strength of the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy! While soul engineers continually threatened the position of soul masters, truly powerful soul masters were highly intimidating.

Even Xu Tianran, who had a high opinion of himself, had no choice but to collaborate with the Holy Ghost Church because of his fear of powerful soul masters! Shrek Academy was one such power he feared greatly!

Xu Sanshi and the other three could not sustain this onslaught for long. Once the soul engineer legions reacted properly, they would gather even more soul tools to take care of them. They would be in trouble then. However, by launching this sudden attack, what they wanted to do now was not to destroy the positions of the soul engineers, but to create as much chaos as possible. This would create enough opportunities for Huo Yuhao and the others to break out with the hostages.


Inside the water prison, the many hostages rushed out like a group of starving tigers had just been released. They had suffered greatly over the past few months, and they hated the evil soul masters with all their guts. The moment they could, they covered the entire area with long-range attacks launched at full power, killing more than half of the weaker evil soul masters.

The Zhong brothers realized that the situation was turning bad for them, and they made their way to the exit while defending themselves. Their attackers were a few hundred soul masters! Even the weakest ones had at least four rings! Even if there were no powerful Titled Douluo, there were still many powerful Soul Sages and Soul Douluo, most of whom were teachers or powerful members of the various sects. Their numbers rivaled that of a soul engineer legion. In terms of individual fighting abilities, they surpassed the soul engineer legions! How could the brothers possibly beat them?

Huo Yuhao did not try to stop the Zhong brothers from leaving. The three of them were extremely powerful, and they specialized in controlling the souls of soul beasts to fight. They were all eight-ringed evil soul masters, and the moment they got over their shock, they would wreak horrific destruction. Ma Xiaotao could not delay the two evil Titled Douluo for long, either. After such a huge commotion, they would surely return shortly. Hence, the most important thing for them to do was rush out. They had to break through the seal of the soul engineers outside and reach somewhere spacious. Even a Titled Douluo would not dare to fight against more than a hundred soul masters at once!

Hence, the most important thing right now was to break out as far as they could. Huo Yuhao knew what to do afterward.

He activated his Spiritual Detection Sharing fully, and in the minds of every emotionally-charged person, the same voice resonated, “Calm yourselves. Follow me and break out.”

As he said that, Huo Yuhao turned around and looked toward the south of the city, which had been completely flattened. His body started to shine with an eye-catching jade-green light.

In the next instant, a thick jade-green pillar of light pierced through the sky and bombarded the area over there. An intense explosion sounded, and flakes of ice flew in all directions. A huge hole had appeared in the wall. Huo Yuhao’s soul thruster shone with light once more as he quickly arrived in front of the hole. As the hostages watched, dark-golden claws almost ten meters long appeared suddenly and silently. The broken hole became five times larger.

Someone, either a powerful member of a random sect or a teacher, gasped and said, “The Darkgolden Terrorclaw?”

“Go, now!” Huo Yuhao cried out. This time, his voice was filled with spiritual undulations.

While many of these hostages’ soul power had recovered, and they had also been soaked in a reinvigorating medicine, they had also been imprisoned in the water prison for a few months. Their strength was far from optimal. Hence, they could not wait until their bodies showed signs of fatigue. There could be no delay in their breakout. 

As for the Zhong brothers, Huo Yuhao believed that they would not dare re-enter for the moment. There were a few hundred soul masters here! No matter who was guarding them, surely their first response right now was to get help.

Huo Yuhao, who was at the front, rushed out first.

The moat outside was now riddled with explosions. Right now, the water from the moat was flowing outwards.

Huo Yuhao’s soul thruster fired down to ensure that he could remain suspended in mid-air. As his hands touched the water, one could clearly see that they were enveloped in diamond-like ice crystals. This was his Ice Empress’ Pincer.

A cold gas started to spread and turned into two rays of emerald-green light. First, they struck the surging water, which slowed, and then stopped. Then, under the terrifying chill of his Ultimate Ice, Huo Yuhao froze the moat solid.  

As he pulled his hands apart, he cast his gaze afar.

The soul engineers had been thrown into complete disarray. At this moment, a team of around fifty soul engineers was rushing toward them. When they saw Huo Yuhao, a ball of blinding red light flew toward him like a shooting star in the night sky.

A smile crept across Huo Yuhao’s face. He had expected this. The fifty soul engineers stationed outside the southern gate were caught between a rock and a hard place. They had realized that something was amiss at their flank, but they had no choice but to push forward.

As he watched the high-explosive bomb hurtling toward him, Huo Yuhao did not try to dodge.

A layer of golden light shone from his body and his eyes turned completely golden. In his eyes, he was analyzing the path of this high-explosive bomb. With his terrifying spiritual power, his ability to analyze any single object was intimidating. 

He raised his right hand, and diamond-like ice crystals shone brightly on his hand. Then, he reached out to grab the incoming high-explosive bomb.

Poof! A curious scene appeared. The moment Huo Yuhao’s right hand grabbed the high-explosive bomb, the explosion the soul engineers were expecting did not materialize. Instead, the red light surrounding the high-explosive bomb faded. Its impact, however, made Huo Yuhao waver slightly in mid-air. Following that, the high-explosive bomb was completely destroyed in Huo Yuhao’s hand.

A high-explosive bomb’s power came from an intense compression of fire-type soul power. With the formation array of a Class 6 soul tool, its soul power was further destabilized before it was fired. Once it hit its target or met any resistance, it would disrupt and cause a massive explosion.

What Huo Yuhao did was use his spiritual power to find the location of its unstable core and then, with his Ultimate Ice, freeze it!

While it sounded simple, it was extremely difficult to locate the highly-unstable core of a powerful high-explosive bomb in such a short time! However, he did it almost perfectly.

“It’s my turn!” Huo Yuhao muttered to himself. Then, the air around him started to twist and turn as he activated his Spiritual Interference.

In the eyes of the fifty soul engineers facing him, the person who was floating in mid-air disappeared. The originally-destroyed city walls regained their original state, as did the moat. It was as if nothing had happened, and everything had been a dream.

“This…” For the fifty soul engineers, who were all armed to the teeth and wielding their favorite soul tools, this scene left them speechless. They had no qualms about attacking their enemies, but right now, the city walls and the moat in front of them were completely intact. Where were their targets? How could they fire with no target?

“No, this is an illusion. I order-” The soul engineer legion commander was a Class 8 soul engineer. He had seen many things in his life, and after a momentary pause, he realized that something was amiss. However, he did not manage to issue his order.

An odd golden whirlpool suddenly appeared above his head. He felt everything in front of him go blurry, and forcibly swallowed his words. His thoughts were scattered.

This was Huo Yuhao’s fourth soul skill, Spiritual Confusion!

While Huo Yuhao was at Rank 60, he only had five soul rings. However, with the terrifying strength of his spiritual power, while he lacked the fighting abilities of a six-ringed soul master, he had no need to conserve soul power like other soul masters as he used the many soul skills of his Spirit Eyes.

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