Volume 30, Chapter 382.1: All Sides Exploding Out!

“Clown, go send people over to check the situation out, now.” The vice-captain had a strong look of contempt as he saw the exploding lights in the sky. Does this intruder have a problem with his brain? He’s playing with soul tools with our Sun Moon Empire.

At this moment, an extremely sharp alarm suddenly rang out. This caused the vice-leader’s expression to immediately change. “Not good, our aerial soul tools have temporarily been rendered ineffective, so we can’t use them for targeting. Our enemies still have another move, so we need to activate all defenses. I’ll go to the main control area of the military front.”

Right. There was no one who could beat the Sun Moon Empire in terms of proficiency in soul tools, as well their use in military warfare. Even Shrek Academy wasn’t an exception to this. However, Huo Yuhao was the only person who’d successfully completed the Ultimate Soldier Plan, while He Caitou was an outstanding soul engineer who was bound to be a star of Shrek Academy. They were naturally not too worried about the Sun Moon Empire when it came to the overall strength of their soul tools. If they were to launch a carefully planned surprise attack that used all of the Tang Sect’s resources, how could they not have a chance of succeeding?

Another hundred and eighty beams of light surged into the firework-filled sky. Every single beam was extremely accurate, as if their paths had been measured with a ruler. They left brilliant trails of fire in the sky as they flew, and their blazing glows instantly carved out another dazzling wave of light in the sky.

The time taken between the first and second waves of the Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons was very short, astonishing all onlookers. This was one of the benefits of using stationary soul cannons--there was no need to charge up soul power for each shot. As long as there was enough ammo, much more firepower could be used at the same time.

Although the Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannon had already been sold to the three empires of the original Douluo Continent, they’d never truly appeared on a battlefield before. All of the defenses set up by the Sun Moon Empire had been geared towards soul master and soul tools.

After using Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection to lock onto their targets, they used the first wave of shots to act as a guide, while using the second wave to act as the true killer. At the same time, they used a Class 8 stationary soul cannon to control the northern city front. This was a plan that was completely directed at the aerial soul tools, and could be said to be flawless.

Furthermore, all of the aerial soul detectors in the air crumbled to dust due to the blazing-hot explosives amidst the firework-filled sky. The godly might of the Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannon once again revealed itself, and a third wave was once again fired in a short period of time.

They didn’t target the northern city this time around. Instead, it was fired at the eastern and western city walls. After He Caitou fired the Class 8 stationary soul cannon, he’d completed a simple tuning of the Crossbow Cannons.

The soul engineer legions stationed in the western and eastern parts of the city simply had no way of stopping these stationary soul cannons. This was because they’d fired at a much lower trajectory than before. Combined with the lack of their lack of aerial surveillance soul tools, they’d turned into blind men. How could they blindly fire their soul tools towards the city?

Just as the third wave of cannons were fired, that brilliant beam of golden light collided with the northern city’s protective barrier.

“Boom…” The earth shook, and mountains quaked.

A terrifying explosion shook the heavens and the earth, and even Radiant City could faintly hear the loud explosions from this place.

The protective barrier over at the Soul Engineer Legion front was on the verge of collapse, but they were able to take this barrage of attacks.

The commander, who’d already rushed to the core of the front, suddenly had a change in expression, and finally let out a long sigh.

“It’s still good. This is only the strength of a Class 7 stationary soul cannon. Otherwise, our protective barrier wouldn’t be standing. Pass down my commands. Everyone, use all of your soul power and increase the reserves of soul power in our defensive soul tools. Fire all of our backup aerial surveillance soul tools towards the sky.”

Although the aerial surveillance soul tools in the air were already a large part of their reserves, they were still reserves. However, though there weren’t a lot of reserves, something was better than nothing! Since they were already used to aerial surveillance soul tools guiding them in battle, they didn’t dare to act rashly at all with the lack of their little toys.

The vice-captain, who was the acting commander at the military front, had an expression so ugly that he wanted to die. He fiercely said to himself, “Don’t these good-for-nothings in the city know how many stationary soul tools they’ve set up? You’d need at least three hundred Class 4 or stronger stationary soul cannons to generate this amount of force. You’d need at least three thousand square meters to set something like that up. Why didn’t these incompetent bastards notice that many soul tools in the city? They’re truly thorough bastards. Hmm? Why do I feel the earth shaking a bit? Quick, where are our land surveillance soul tools? Go check on them. Don’t tell me that a Dragon has woken up?”

Just as the vice-captain was muttering to himself, his expression suddenly changed enormously. The ground beneath him had already transformed into a patch of gold, and the area that this patch covered had already far exceeded the area that their Soul Engineer Legion front had stationed themselves in.

Class 7? No, that’s a Class 8. Also, it’s a Class 8 like the one the Illustrious Virtue Hall meticulously crafted, one that’s specifically geared towards taking down defensive fronts like this one.

As the violent explosions rang out, nobody was able to see an even more piercing golden light vigorously tunnel itself into the ground. After that, it quietly travelled several hundred meters beneath the ground to arrive at the core of their military front. Then...

“Boom, boooom, booooooom….”

A terrifying golden light instantly transformed the entirety of the northern city into a golden sea. An enormous ball of golden light that resembled the early stages of sunrise revealed itself from the ground. Not even ten people were able to activate their personal soul barriers and Invincible Barriers in time to block and escape from this terrifyingly huge explosion that was like punishment from the heavens.

At this exact same time, the walls of the western and eastern cities each received a baptism from ninety stationary soul cannons. These were stationary soul cannons! Just how large were these cities? They were only mock-ups of ordinary cities.

A large number of soul detectors and defensive soul tools stationed on the two city walls blossomed with resplendent light.

Due to the limited area of the city walls, the soul tools stationed there were mostly soul detectors aimed outside and inside the city. Who would’ve thought that they’d actually be attacked, given that there were two Soul Engineer Legions stationed outside the city walls? Furthermore, this had been done from the inside. Because of that, the defensive power of the city walls weren’t strong enough. This was also the correct decision made by Huo Yuhao after carrying out a thorough investigation.

Because of that, the various expensive soul detectors on the city walls shattered after their defensive soul tools couldn’t withstand the continuous bombardment of Huo Yuhao’s stationary soul cannons. In the next instant, over a third of the city walls collapsed.

He Caitou was not happy at all. He put the perfect Class 8 stationary soul cannon he’d just fired away, then quickly put the Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons away as well. However, from the racket he could hear outside, he knew that he didn’t have much time left.

Why was he not happy? Moreover, why did he look like he was attending a funeral? This was because he couldn’t bear to do it! He felt pained!

Those were three hundred and sixty stationary soul cannon shells! An overwhelming majority of them had been taken from Radiant City, and these three hundred and sixty stationary soul cannons shells were around a third of the total Class 4 stationary soul cannons they’d taken back. The total value of these soul tools couldn’t even be measured with money.

However, Bei Bei had let them bring all of this to ensure they would be be able to safely overwhelm their opponents during the course of this mission. Within a short minute, they had squandered all of this.

The Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannon was truly powerful. It was absolutely much more powerful than any other soul tool of its class.

However, the firing of this terrifying array of cannon shells was backed by countless amounts of gold. It would’ve been slightly better if they’d used soul power instead. For example, in a situation like this, where they’d used stationary soul cannons. It was true that stationary soul cannons were powerful, and their effects were superb. However, they’d also caused so much heartache that it would render one unable to breathe!

“Damn it. These brats are coming really quickly. I have to go. Babies, I can’t bear to part with you guys!” He Caitou, who’d only managed to keep two Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons, took out a miniature floating soul detector from midair. He looked at the bright red light on it, then looked at the other eight Crossbow Cannons with a look of unwillingness. Then, he clenched his teeth and jumped off the roof.

The instant he jumped out, a pitch-black soul cannon appeared on his shoulder. Without any booms or whatnot, a dark figure shot towards the direction of the northern city and vanished into the night. Without any aerial surveillance soul tools around, nobody had noticed his movement.

Just as He Caitou quietly snuck away, everyone within Sunrise City started to move about as though they’d been awakened.

The cold-faced Ma Xiaotao had already flown towards the northern city along with the Third and Fourth Elders. The instant they rose into the air, what they saw was an astonishing, enormously large explosion of gold.

The defense of the water prison was paramount. Thus, even Ma Xiaotao couldn’t drag Zhong Li and his brothers away at this point in time. She could only warn them to carefully guard the water prison before leaving.

While Sunrise City was in a state of chaos, nobody noticed that a person had borrowed the cover of darkness to quietly lie down beside the southern moat. This person quietly dipped into the moat.

Huo Yuhao had borrowed the opportunity granted to him by the destruction of the aerial surveillance soul tools to slip away stealthily from the city walls. This time around, he used the same old trick—he’d used his spiritual power to seal his soul power, then used his Ultimate Ice to lower his body temperature.

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