Volume 30, Chapter 377.2: Dispelling, Clues, Prison of Water

“Sister Guyi, are you alright?” Nan Qiuqiu followed Ye Guyi back to their room and asked her concernedly.

Ye Guyi shook her head gently and said, “I’m fine. I shouldn’t have been curious about that guy!”

Nan Qiuqiu’s eyes opened wide, and she asked, “Have you really fallen for him?”

Ye Guyi remained silent for a moment before saying, “Earlier, I hid my liking for him. He’s a complicated fellow. His abilities are far superior to others of the same age. However, I pity him for some reason. He has too many burdens. I don’t want to give him more trouble.”

Nan Qiuqiu was in disbelief. “Sister Guyi, have you also fallen into his trap? The more you say, the more I feel that…”

Ye Guyi smiled and said, “So what if I’ve fallen into his trap? I’m willing to fall for such a man! However, I rationally told myself that it’s impossible for anything to happen between us. I won’t continue to fall further. Do you know? When he unleashed his palm strike earlier, I fell in love with him. However, I also chose to give it up.”

Nan Qiuqiu smacked her own forehead and said, “Forget it, I can’t understand it. However, you must take care of your own heart! Did you see what happened to Wang Qiu’er? She’s in torment because of her love for him. We don’t even know where she is now. In his heart, there’s only Wang Dong’er. You mustn’t do anything stupid.”

Huo Yuhao took two days to fully recover. He woke up on the second morning, but he was still immersed in his emotions, and couldn’t detach himself from them. It took another day before he fully recovered.

In these two days, the atmosphere in Sunrise City became very tense. There was also a person staying in the hotel that Huo Yuhao and the rest were at. This person was Feng Ling.

After drawing the evil soul master away, Huo Yuhao told everyone about Feng Ling’s condition through his Spiritual Detection. After things were more peaceful outside, Jing Ziyan went to save him.

The building that Feng Ling was abused in seemed to only contain the evil soul master that Huo Yuhao had killed. In addition, there weren’t any other survivors apart from Feng Ling.

After Feng Ling was brought back, He Caitou and Xu Sanshi took turns to watch over him. He was still in a daze now, and wasn’t in a right state of mind.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay now?” Xu Sanshi asked Huo Yuhao, who was sitting cross-legged on his bed.

Huo Yuhao nodded, and there was an apologetic look on his face. “Third senior, I’m sorry.”

Xu Sanshi laughed and said, “There’s no need to be apologetic. Although you shouldn’t have lost control since you were commanding all of us, it was a special situation. That evil soul master was of the rare spiritual type. I asked Ye Guyi too. She said she wasn’t confident of curbing her either. She was an eight-ringed Soul Douluo, and thus it was right for you to unleash all your strength against her. It’s just that you don’t understand yourself well enough. You must keep this in mind. The side effects of your attacks are too strong. From the look in your eyes, I can tell that you are not fully clear-headed yet.”

“Alright.” Huo Yuhao nodded. Just like Xu Sanshi had said, his mind had yet to fully recover. Occasionally, Wang Dong’er’s figure would flash across his mind.

“That evil soul master would’ve been extremely deadly if she had unleashed all her strength. She had her self-created fighting skill that caused my spiritual sea to be affected. After that, I lost control of my emotions when I unleashed my fighting skill because of that too. Otherwise, the strength of my three skills shouldn’t have been so great, and I would’ve been able to control my body after I finished attacking. At least I’ll be able to move. I’ll take note in the future.”

Xu Sanshi sounded very earnest as he said, “Yuhao, it’s best to use your three skills less often. They are indeed very strong, but their influence on you is also very great. In my opinion, they are the products of your lovesickness. You can’t rely on them too much. Otherwise, your own abilities will fall significantly once Dong’er awakes, along with the fact that these three skills will disappear.”

Huo Yuhao shuddered in his heart. He knew that Xu Sanshi was right. If Wang Dong’er was by his side right now, would he be able to use those three skills? Definitely not. They were built on his remembrance of Wang Dong’er, as well as his yearning for her. Not to even mention Wang Dong’er appearing beside him, he wouldn’t be able to use those three skills if he heard Wang Dong’er had awoken.

After nodding his head, Huo Yuhao said, “Third senior, how’s Feng Ling?”

After he mentioned Feng Ling, Xu Sanshi suddenly revealed a weird look on his face. “That…” He coughed.

Huo Yuhao was confused and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Xu Sanshi sighed and replied, “That evil soul master was simply too sick in the mind. Feng Ling is completely crippled. He suffered from a strong curse-type soul skill, and was even castrated. He was also fed some unknown medicine, and his chest has developed like a woman’s. He’s neither a guy nor a girl. I suspect that he was kept to disgust people.”

After hearing what Xu Sanshi said, Huo Yuhao recalled what that evil soul master mentioned earlier, especially what she said before she died.

While Huo Yuhao was immersed in his remembrance of Wang Dong’er then, he still remembered what that evil soul master said to him. His expression turned serious as he recalled what she said now.

“That evil soul master was also a poor soul. She turned evil because of hatred. She disregarded everything because of her desire for revenge.”

“She didn’t realize that she was making more people suffer like she did before by venting her pain on others. Let’s go and take a look at Feng Ling and see if there’s a way of saving him.”

Huo Yuhao followed Xu Sanshi to a single room. He Caitou was standing at the door, and he also wore a weird expression on his face. It seemed like he was unwilling to enter the room.

“Yuhao, are you fine now?” After seeing Huo Yuhao, He Caitou went over to pat his shoulder.

“Second senior, I’m fine. How’s Feng Ling?”

He Caitou replied, “He’s still in a daze.”

Huo Yuhao entered the room. When he saw Feng Ling, he couldn’t help but sigh.

His clothes were torn and damaged in several areas, revealing his flesh and the whip marks on his body. His hair extremely messy, and only his thick lips were striking.

After seeing someone enter, he immediately squirmed to the side of his bed. His whole body was trembling.

Huo Yuhao walked to his bedside and tried his best to tolerate his stench. “Feng Ling, do you still remember me? We met outside Radiant City before.”

“You, you, you…” After seeing Huo Yuhao, Feng Ling appeared to be in a daze, and was stunned. He seemed to recall something, “Did you call my name that day?”

“Yes, it’s me.” Huo Yuhao gently released his spiritual power as he spoke. He stimulated Feng Ling’s brain. This stimulation was similar to his Spiritual Shock, but it was only a fraction of the strength of his Spiritual Shock. This slight stimulation helped Feng Ling out of his confused state.

Feng Ling’s eyes turned clearer. “Oh, oh, who are you? Who are you?”

Huo Yuhao smiled and replied, “I’m Huo Yuhao. I’m here to save people like you who have been captured. Do you know where the rest are?”

After hearing his question, Feng Ling’s body jerked, and there was a look of fury in his eyes along with the confusion.

“I, I…”

“No worries. Take your time to think and remember.” Huo Yuhao’s voice became gentler, but he released stronger spiritual power.

Under Huo Yuhao’s stimulation, Feng Ling started to experience fury, fear, confusion and torment, as well as other emotions. He opened his mouth, revealing his set of yellow teeth, and released his stinky breath. Huo Yuhao had no choice but to form a layer of icy fog to isolate his breath.

After a while, Feng Ling started bawling as he sprawled himself on his bed.

“She, she harmed me. She harmed me and turned me into a woman. She turned me into a woman! I’m no longer a man. She abused me everyday. She hit me every day to vent. She even forced me to work as a madam at that dirty place. My life was worse than death!”

Huo Yuhao stood up and didn’t make a sound. He only watched Feng Ling vent his emotions silently. He sighed in his heart as he empathized with Feng Ling. However, he was sure of one thing – Feng Ling didn’t mean it when he said his life was worse than death. He definitely had the ability to commit suicide. Compared to what he had suffered, he was more unwilling to die.

It was only when Feng Ling’s crying slowed that Huo Yuhao tried to comfort him. “Alright, it’s all in the past. Everything will become better. That person who harmed you has already been killed by me. She won’t abuse you or harm you anymore. Try to clear your mind and think of where those who were captured with you are being kept.”

Feng Ling rubbed the tears off his face. “They are, they are all being held captive in a water prison.”

“A water prison?” Huo Yuhao asked doubtfully.

Feng Ling nodded. At this point, he seemed much more normal. “This water prison is located underneath a moat to the south of the city. It was constructed following the flow of the moat. Everyone is immersed in water, and they are all very weak now.”

An enlightened look flashed across Huo Yuhao’s eyes. No wonder he couldn’t detect it earlier. He hadn’t expected the hostages to be held captive in such a place!

“How many hostages are there? Are their jailers all evil soul masters?” Huo Yuhao asked.

Feng Ling asked, “I don’t know how many people are being held captive there. However, evil soul masters took a few of them away. I was one of them. The evil soul master who took me has already killed a few people. A few others committed suicide.” As he spoke until this point, he started to shudder uncontrollably again.

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