Volume 30, Chapter 377.1: Dispelling, Clues, Prison of Water

The countless flowing lights behind Huo Yuhao were imprinted on her body along with Huo Yuhao’s palm. Instantly, her eyes were no longer bloodshot, and there was only a clear look in her eyes. Her pale-white face even started to flush slightly, and she revealed a relieved smile on her face.

“Thanks.” Her voice was no longer hoarse. Instead, it was captivating, as if she came from another world.

Huo Yuhao shut his eyes as his tears flowed uncontrollably. He didn’t even hear her voice. At this moment, both of them were immersed in their own worlds after a life and death fight.

“Remembrance is a magical thing. I miss my mommy and daddy. Why did you die so early? Why didn’t you protect me? Why did you let that fatso abuse me and leave me humiliated in front of the countless people in that cold basement? They destroyed my body under the instigation of that fatso, ravaging my heart and staining my spirit. I was only fifteen years old then.”

“Hatred kept me alive and enhanced my spirit to another level. My Spirit of Retribution was awakened as a result. I hate those greedy and lecherous men, and I hate that fatso who tore me to pieces. I want to slaughter them, but I’m in so much pain.”

“Am I finally released? You let me see the light, sense what remembrance is and witness a love that’s yet to appear in my spirit. It seems like not everything in this world is dirty. There are still pure and clean things. Thank you, thank you for letting me sense the intense love you have for that unknown person. You cleansed my heart and let me know what release is. Thank you, I’m very happy, I’m very happy…”

Black gas started to flow out of her pores, and she started to age quickly. In an instant, she became very shriveled.

As the black gas flowed behind her back, it slowly formed a human shape before it gradually dissipated. Her body slowly collapsed before she began to crumble. Eventually, she turned into a pile of dust, and disappeared with the wind.

Huo Yuhao was still in his earlier posture after unleashing his palm. It was just that the lights on his body had disappeared, as had the huge heart in the sky. He stood in place without moving a single inch. However, he could still affect everything around him with his emotions.

Six figures silently appeared around him. Every one of them revealed a different look in their eyes. The only similarity between them was the tears that flowed from their eyes.

It wasn’t just them. Within a region that spanned one thousand meters in diameter, all living creatures were tearing up. They had all been influenced by Huo Yuhao’s emotions.

Xu Sanshi silently walked behind Huo Yuhao before lifting his rigid body and wiping his tears. He sighed and turned around before he left.

The other five quickly followed him.

“Why is it like that?” Nan Qiuqiu whispered to Ye Guyi.

Ye Guyi laughed bitterly. “I don’t know either. Why is it like that? He, he actually…”

Ji Juechen was normally very cold, but there seemed to be great changes to him right now. He seemed lost, and his hands were trembling.

“Am I wrong? Am I wrong? Is it only love that can improve my sword intent to its peak? I gave up all romantic emotions to focus on my cultivation. Was I wrong? Do I really need love too so that I can become stronger? Why do I seem to lag behind you every time I feel that I’ve surpassed you?”

Why didn’t Huo Yuhao use the strength of his Eye of Destiny to break free from the lock on of that evil soul master? It was because his original intention was to kill her.

If he was discovered and he didn’t kill her, they would start a city-wide search for them. Furthermore, it was extremely beneficial for them to get rid of such a soul master. With her cultivation, she was likely one of the leaders of the Holy Ghost Church in Sunrise City.

That was why Huo Yuhao set a trap to kill her. He drew her over, knowing that his teammates were already hiding in ambush over here.

An eight-ringed Soul Douluo was indeed very strong. However, his teammates were some of the most outstanding soul masters in the younger generation too!

The Eternal Defense, Xu Sanshi, as well as the Origin of Destruction, He Caitou, were both close to Rank 70. More importantly, there was Ye Guyi, who had the Holy Angel, which could curb evil soul masters. Along with Ji Juechen, Nan Qiuqiu and Jing Ziyan, the seven of them should be highly confident in killing their opponent.

Through his Spiritual Detection, Huo Yuhao had already planned this trap perfectly. His original goal was to use his three great skills to restrain his opponent before Ji Juechen and Ye Guyi unleashed an all-out attack to deal her a lethal blow. The other four would support the two of them.

However, no one would have expected Huo Yuhao to destroy this extremely strong Soul Douluo who possessed the Spirit of Retribution using his three great skills. She was even considered one of the top-ranked individuals in the Holy Ghost Church.

While the Spirit of Retribution was highly reliant on emotions, which made her susceptible to Huo Yuhao’s three great skills, the effect of Huo Yuhao’s attacks still showed that his three great skills were extremely strong.

They were terrifying skills that completely exceeded his current cultivation. When the weather changed, his teammates were all already stunned. All of them could clearly sense his love and yearning for Wang Dong’er.

When he unleashed his Haodong Palm, he completely destroyed his opponent with his emotions. But his soul power had been completely drained at this instant. This was his first time unleashing this attack that encompassed the true meaning behind his emotions, and it was extremely astonishing!

After fifteen minutes, the military sealed the region they had fought in. However, they weren’t able to find anything.

A tall and huge general who was in charge of investigating this situation asked his subordinate, “What happened?”

“I don’t know either…”

“Bullshit, the entire city saw what happened earlier. What’s with that huge heart in the sky? Why did the weather suddenly change? How dare you tell me that you don’t know anything! Do you know how expensive those three surveillance soul tools were?”

“However, nothing really happened. There were no civilian casualties. It’s just that an abnormal number of people started to cry within this region. They claimed that they did so because they were touched.”

“Trash, go and investigate further.”


In a hotel room.

Huo Yuhao was quietly lying on his bed, still in his previous posture. Xu Sanshi stood up from his bedside.

“Third senior, how is he?” Nan Qiuqiu asked Xu Sanshi.

Xu Sanshi laughed bitterly. “Not bad. He must have unleashed more strength than he could control. Furthermore, imagine how emotionally affected he must be to be able to unleash such a strong undulation of emotions! I know – he showed mercy on me when we sparred in the sect. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to handle those first two strikes of his, given my current cultivation. Sometimes I wonder why he’s so freakish. The strength of his self-created fighting skills has already surpassed that of his soul skills.”

He Caitou sighed and said, “Don’t be envious of him. Are you willing to exchange Nannan for three fighting skills?”

Xu Sanshi glared at him and said, “Why don’t you use yourself as an example? Of course I’m not willing to. Nannan is special.”

He Caitou chortled and said, “Alright, she’s not here. You don’t have to show how loyal you are. When can Yuhao recover?”

Xu Sanshi said, “He’s in a strange state. His soul power has clearly been drained, but he’s recovering at an extremely rapid speed. It’s as if he has a Milk Bottle in his body that’s nourishing him. He should recover after resting for a few more hours. It’s just that I’m not sure how long his spirit will take to recover. The strength of his skills comes from the connection between his spiritual power and his emotions. I don’t think it’ll be easy for him to recover from his emotional state, given how invested in his emotions he was earlier. When he wakes up, I’ll need to warn him not to use these three skills so easily. Otherwise, he’ll go crazy.”

They were all elite students from Shrek Academy. Although they couldn’t completely understand what was going on with Huo Yuhao’s body, they could roughly gauge what was going on from the state Huo Yuhao was in when he unleashed his three great skills and through their understanding of him.

He Caitou turned serious. “Yes, we must stop him from using these three skills so often in the future. They’re strong, but there’s no follow-up, and they affect his emotions too much. I wonder if he’ll be able to use these three skills if Dong’er wakes up.”

Xu Sanshi sighed and said, “These skills are better not used even though they are strong. I hope Dong’er can wake up sooner and return to his side. Little junior’s life is too bitter.”

“Yes.” He Caitou nodded in agreement.

Ye Guyi stood behind all of them and silently watched Huo Yuhao. After that, she turned around and was the first to leave.

Nan Qiuiqu was stunned, and quickly followed her out.

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