Volume 30, Chapter 376.2: Yuhao's Three Ultimate Techniques

It was pitch-dark inside, and the air seemed to be much dirtier than outside. Even with Huo Yuhao’s vision, he couldn’t see what was going on inside clearly.

He wasn’t surprised by this. Instead, he broke out into a slight smile that carried a trace of cold intent.

At this point, he heard a tragic scream resonating from inside. It sounded very pathetic, but it wasn’t loud. If not for the fact that he was at the door, he wouldn’t have heard the scream.

At this point, he sensed that the strong spiritual undulations coming from inside had retracted.

He couldn’t give up on such an opportunity. He unleashed his Spiritual Detection and started to survey the inside of the building.

There was a spacious hall behind the door, which was pitch-black right now. The polluted air came from some unknown origin. For safety purposes, Huo Yuhao controlled his Spiritual Detection to follow the sides of the rooms and surveyed one round before he entered another hall at the back through the last door.

Tragic screams started to reverberate before the voice of a person sounded.

“Lowly fatso. I’ll whip you to death, I’ll whip you to death, hahaha! Keep screaming. Scream louder.” A hysterical, hoarse voice, extremely awful voice sounded. As this voice sounded, the air rippled slightly.

Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection wasn’t like before. He could clearly sense how strong the owner of this voice was.

It’s definitely an evil soul master. It has to be.

From his observations earlier, along with how he saw Feng Ling soliciting customers on the streets as a madam, he guessed that this sort of perverted doing must have been committed by an evil soul master. What he was seeing now verified his guess. However, this evil soul master that was abusing Feng Ling had at least eight rings. Huo Yuhao was able to make an accurate judgment from the spiritual undulations he released as he lost control of his emotions.

This building was weird. Earlier, he had scanned this direction using his Spiritual Detection.

However, he didn’t discover anything. There were indeed members of the Holy Ghost Church here, but the number of evil soul masters was unknown.

Huo Yuhao extended his Spiritual Detection carefully towards the direction of the voices. Very soon, he saw a bloody scene that made him nauseous.

It was a dark, circular hall. There were many broken bodies on the floor, and organs were strewn everywhere. All the blood on the floor had already dried up and turned purplish-black.

Feng Ling hung in the center of this hall, and there was a person decked in a black robe beneath him. This person released black fog from his body and was holding a bone whip, with which he whipped Feng Ling unceasingly. There were a few fat people squirming in a corner not far from them. They appeared very dreary, and seemed to be on the verge of death.

Huo Yuhao’s killing intent was piqued as he saw this scene. This despicable evil soul master must have abused and killed many people, otherwise this place wouldn’t look like a hell on earth!

At this point, his Spiritual Detection seemed to jerk, as if it had been shocked by electricity. The person in black who was whipping Feng Ling turned around and roared in fury, “Who——"

As he turned around, Huo Yuhao realized that it was actually a she. Her face was extremely pale to the point where it was scary, although it was evident that her original appearance was pretty decent. However, her eyes were bloodshot, and there was a terrifying feel about her now.

A strong wave of spiritual power was unleashed from her body, and her eight soul rings – two yellow, two purple and four black – surfaced at this moment. A huge, black shadow appeared behind her, and her fierce look caused the surrounding spiritual undulations to become stronger.

Even with Huo Yuhao’s spiritual cultivation, this sudden change caused him to turn a little dizzy and he quickly retracted his spiritual power before fleeing immediately.

Just as he burst off, a black figure had already rushed out from the door, and a low-pitched roar echoed in the air. This black figure knew exactly where Huo Yuhao had escaped to, and quickly pursued him.

In fact, Huo Yuhao wasn’t careless at all. He was extremely cautious, but luck wasn’t on his side. After he was discovered and pursued, he realized that he had met a spiritual-type evil soul master. In addition, her martial soul was similar to an Avenging Spirit. She was a little like Na Na, but she was much stronger.

Because of this, the gap between their spiritual power wasn’t as great as he had expected. When his Spiritual Detection got too close, she immediately sensed something amiss, and discovered traces of it. Then, she locked onto his body as she followed the trail of his spiritual power and pursued him. As a result, his Imitation was unable to help him escape her pursuit.

However, they were both almost invisible because of their spiritual power, and wouldn’t be detected by the high-altitude surveillance soul tools in the sky.

What do I do now? Huo Yuhao was quickly assessing his situation right now and thinking of a plan of action. Run? Given his current cultivation, how could he possibly outrun an eight-ringed Soul Douluo? Since you are pursuing me, then… He thought of the bloody scene he saw earlier, and a cold look flashed in his eyes. His killing intent also became stronger.

It had to be said that Huo Yuhao was rather good at escaping her pursuit. If he escaped in a straight line, he would definitely be caught after a while. However, he made turns around the streets and alleys. While this evil soul master was pursuing him through his spiritual power, he could escape her pursuit, given the strength of his spiritual cultivation, if he used his Eye of Destiny. However, he didn’t choose to do so. He only kept on unleashing his spiritual power to interfere with her judgment so that she would make slight errors. While she kept on pursuing him, she wasn’t able to catch him.

Two invisible figures were moving quickly and making rounds in Sunrise City just like that. They were so quick that seeing them even made one breathless.

Slowly, the advantage of this evil soul master’s cultivation was taking effect. She was getting closer and closer to Huo Yuhao.

Suddenly, she peered into the sky and let out an inaudible cry. When she let out this cry, the sky within several hundred square meters around her started to distort. At this instant, all the high-altitude surveillance soul tools that surveilled this region weren’t able to function properly.

The civilians on the streets weren’t affected, but Huo Yuhao felt as if he had been hammered. He only heard a piercing scream echoing deep in his spirit. At this instant, he felt that his head was about to blow apart. The tremendous pain he felt numbed his entire spirit.

This is…

Huo Yuhao was wide-eyed in shock.

It shouldn’t be a soul skill, as he didn’t sense any undulations from the soul rings of this evil soul master. It had to be a fighting technique that she had invented herself.

This was a fighting technique that Huo Yuhao had never seen before. It wasn’t just unleashed through pure spiritual power, and it wasn’t a combination of spiritual and soul power either. Rather, it was formed using spiritual power and soundwaves.

Through her immense spiritual power, she managed to enhance the strength of her spirit, which enabled her to influence Huo Yuhao’s spirit through terrifying soundwaves. It was extremely frightening! If not for Huo Yuhao’s great spiritual power that spurred him to instinctively defend himself, his head would have blown apart by now.

Simply put, it was like a terrifying scream had appeared in Huo Yuhao’s mind. He tolerated the numb feeling for now and leapt over a wall.

When this evil soul master unleashed her attack, she seemed to experience a temporary delay in her movements, and wasn’t able to exploit this opportunity to catch up to Huo Yuhao.

“Ah!” She groaned. Evidently, she was very confident in her fighting technique. However, she was confused about why it didn’t achieve the effect she had expected.

Huo Yuhao could tell her cultivation, and thus it was natural that she could tell what his cultivation was too. She could sense that his cultivation wasn’t very high even with his immense spiritual power, and knew that he was inferior to her. In her opinion, she should have destroyed him with her previous attack. Even if he wasn’t killed, he should have been critically injured. However, Huo Yuhao only stalled for a moment before he escaped towards a residential area.

Such a weak soul master is able to possess such great spiritual power? Interesting!

She revealed a grin on her face. As she pointed her toes to the ground, she drifted up like a specter before she charged downward like a bolt of lightning.

Huo Yuhao was still affected by the scream earlier, and was evidently moving much slower now. Furthermore, it seemed like his Imitation was getting weaker and weaker, and his figure was starting to show.

“Go and die. Grudge!” A strange voice that was low-pitched and hoarse, yet sharp, sounded in Huo Yuhao’s ear.

Following this, a strange, illusory projection appeared above Huo Yuhao’s head. This projection was white, but only Huo Yuhao could sense it. Suddenly, he felt his spirit getting colder, and he started to shudder.

His spiritual sea started to rage with waves, and he felt that he was about to lose control of his body. A crazy thought also started to rise internally.

However, he didn’t continue to flee at this moment. On the contrary, he stopped and turned around.

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