Volume 30, Chapter 375.3: Sunrise City

After glancing at the place where the Skydream Iceworm had disappeared, the Ice Empress continued, “He personally witnessed a huge fight between the Evileye Tyrant King and the Beast God Di Tian, who is one of the Ten Great Savage Beasts. The Evileye Tyrant King was indeed very strong. Even against the Beast God, he still had a chance of victory. The Beast God’s cultivation was around eight hundred and twenty-some thousand years, and he had overcome an additional bottleneck compared to the Evileye Tyrant King. The two beasts fought for three days and three nights before the Beast God managed to defeat the Evileye Tyrant King due to his superior cultivation. 

“At that point, the Evileye Tyrant King tried to kill Skydream before he left. However, the voice of a mysterious existence suddenly sounded, and scared him off.”

Huo Yuhao was stunned as he asked, “Mysterious existence? What mysterious existence is there in the Great Star Dou Forest?” 

The Ice Empress replied, “I’m not too sure, either. Skydream only knows roughly. The Beast God Di Tian is equivalent to the most outstanding Ultimate Douluo, but there seems to be a stronger existence in the Great Star Dou Forest that is asleep. It might be like Elder Yi, halfway into the realm of Gods. It has been sleeping all this while, and probably only the Beast God knows how strong it is.”

“Yes, yes. I once heard Di Tian call him ‘master’.” Skydream’s voice sounded once again, but he didn’t appear.

Huo Yuhao was stunned as he asked, “Are the two of you asking me to obtain the skull of the Evileye Tyrant King?”

“Fool, of course not!” the Ice Empress answered. “Evileye Tyrant is a species. There isn’t just the Evileye Tyrant King. Furthermore, you might not even be able to obtain the skull of the Evileye Tyrant King. His eighth bottleneck is about to arrive. Initially, he wanted to snatch Skydream because of this eighth bottleneck. If he can’t cross this bottleneck and really dies, his soul rings won’t remain, although his soul bones will. Furthermore, Evileye Tyrants are very special because they can only produce skulls, and no other soul bones.”

Huo Yuhao was greatly affected after he heard that they could only produce skulls.

Generally speaking, whether or not a soul beast would produce soul bones was up to chance. The higher the cultivation of a soul beast, the more likely it was for a soul bone to appear from it. Only hundred-thousand year soul beasts would definitely produce soul bones. Under such a situation, Huo Yuhao was facing a difficult task if he wanted to hunt and kill a soul beast to obtain a skull bone. Skulls were the rarest among the six types of soul bones!

This was why it was down to luck if he wanted to obtain a skull. In most large-scale auctions in the various empires, a skull would command an astronomical price, and someone would buy it immediately. It was harder than the hardest currency!

However, the possibility of obtaining a skull would greatly increase if there was a species of soul beast that could definitely produce skulls. In addition, it was almost a hundred percent possibility if Huo Yuhao managed to hunt a hundred-thousand year soul beast of this species.

Huo Yuhao was intelligent. He understood what the Ice Empress and Skydream meant and said, “In this case, the two of you are suggesting that I find an Evileye Tyrant and kill it to obtain its soul bone, since the Evileye Tyrant King has either likely died after failing to cross his bottleneck, or is trying to cross his bottleneck and won’t disturb me. If I’m lucky, I might even come across the soul bone that he left behind along with his carcass. Am I right?”

“You aren’t too stupid.” the Ice Empress replied coolly.

Huo Yuhao laughed bitterly. “However, the problem is that an Evileye Tyrant won’t be weak even if the Evileye Tyrant King isn’t around. I don’t understand what they’re like, since I didn’t learn about them in the Academy.”

“I can tell you their characteristics. Evileye Tyrants live in groups, and they only live in the hottest and most humid environments. Since they’re from the Sun Moon Empire, they must have a habitat that belongs to them. I don’t think it’ll be difficult to find out where their habitat is. As for their abilities, they are able to cause all types of spiritual interference and confusion to living creatures apart from their main offensive ability, the Evileye Ray. Unless it’s the Evileye Tyrant King itself, an Evileye Tyrant won’t be able to confuse you. 

“You’ll need to work for a soul bone, though. In addition, ask a few strong individuals from your Academy to follow you once this matter is over. Aren’t there quite a few strong individuals in your Academy? We are only trying to help you find the greatest possibility for you to obtain a skull bone, but it’s not absolute.”

“I understand. Thanks.” Huo Yuhao firmly remembered the Ice Empress’ words before he detached himself from his spiritual world. He exited his deep meditative state naturally and subconsciously looked downat his own finger.

The ring that the Skydream Iceworm had changed into flipped over, and there were small and subtle words on it. If not for Huo Yuhao’s powerful eyes, he wouldn’t have been able to see them clearly.

The words were: Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley. I went through the same tests with her. I encountered many difficulties, and passed countless tests…

Huo Yuhao twisted his lips. “Tell me about the result.” The Ice Empress wasn’t like Skydream. If she wanted to sense what was happening in the outside world, she had to go through Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power. Right now, Huo Yuhao controlled his spiritual sea completely. That’s why Huo Yuhao wasn’t afraid of the Ice Empress listening in on his movements in the outside world. 

However, the Skydream Iceworm was different. His spiritual origin was with the Ice Empress, and thus he could only interact with Huo Yuhao through some special methods if he didn’t want her to hear.

The result was that I managed to pass and obtained my reward. We even…

“Chi…” Huo Yuhao laughed when he saw this line of words appear. After that, he asked a technical question. “How does a worm and a scorpion do it?”

“Idiot. We turned into humans before we did it! You don’t even understand this, hmph…” After leaving behind this last line of words, Skydream Iceworm changed back into the ring, and his spiritual aura returned to Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea.

Huo Yuhao was finally enlightened now. He revealed a weird smile on his face. They are finally together. No wonder the Ice Empress seems a little different, even though she’s still as cold as Brother Skydream.

At this point, a faint and cold voice sounded. “What are you doing?”

“Ah?” Huo Yuhao lifted his head, and saw Ji Juechen looking at him with a weird look on his face.

“I’m not doing anything.”

“Why are you smiling at me with such a weird smile in the middle of the night. Don’t you think…?”

Huo Yuhao coughed. “It’s not intentional. You can continue with your cultivation.”

“Also, don’t smile so amorously. Although I’m very focused on my sword, I’m not completely clueless about other things. Furthermore, I won’t like a guy!”

“Shut up! Since when did you become so talkative?”

“We can fight if you aren’t happy.”

“Fight my foot… are you tired of living? Cultivate!”

Ji Juechen actually revealed a smile at this moment. He twisted his lips as he looked at the exasperated Huo Yuhao. After that, he shut his eyes.

As he watched Ji Juechen re-enter his cultivation state, Huo Yuhao’s expression slowly turned normal again. He revealed a sense of loss, and seemed to have recalled when he first entered Shrek Academy with Wang Dong’er. Weren’t they on two similar beds then?

I still thought that she was a clean freak back then. Who knew that she was actually a girl? If I could return to the past, it’d be great, even if I have to go through the pain of cultivating again!

Dong’er, Dong’er!

Yearning was like a carving knife that carved Wang Dong’er’s unforgettable looks deep into his spirit.


The night went on silently. In the morning, everyone from the Tang Sect started to get busy. Nan Qiuqiu and Ye Guyi posed as sisters, while Ji Juechen and Jing Ziyan posed as a couple. Huo Yuhao, He Caitou and Xu Sanshi acted on their own. The seven of them left the hotel and went around Sunrise City, acquiring information and gathering intelligence.

Huo Yuhao had the most important mission. He used his Spiritual Detection to survey Sunrise City once.

Just like he had expected, he didn’t find any hostages in the city. What did this mean? It meant that he should start looking for them underground.

The layout of the city was clear in Huo Yuhao’s mind through his Spiritual Detection.

It wasn’t just the city center that had top-class soul tools. There were also top-class soul tools at the four corners of the city, but he had found no evil soul masters so far. Right now, there were at least one or two Class 9 soul engineers in the city. As he carried out a deeper level of detection, he could confirm that at least one of the soul tools in the city center had to be Class 9.

A Class 9 soul tool had to be operated by a Class 9 soul engineer or a Titled Douluo. Since a Class 9 soul tool had been set up, there had to be someone who could operate it!

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