Chapter 37.1: The Protective Hegemon Flower

Book 6: Graduating

Chapter 37.1: The Protective Hegemon Flower

Dai Huabin was stunned. He hadn’t expected Zhou Yi to be this harsh, and he could only stare blankly for a moment. Before he was able to react, Zhou Yi had appeared right in front of him. Despite Dai Huabin being the strongest individual amongst the freshmen, he was still completely powerless in front of the six-ringed Zhou Yi. He followed in Huang Chutian’s footsteps as he was immediately thrown out the window by Zhou Yi.

Zhu Lu’s voice was intermingled with both anger and astonishment as she cried out, “Teacher Zhou, I can’t accept this!”

Zhou Yi grabbed ahold of her and flung her out of a window as well. “If you aren’t able to accept it, you can scram too.”

The class had been shaken when Huang Chutian was thrown out, but now the entirety of Class 1 had become so silent that even a pin hitting the floor would be heard. Even the students who’d been told to stand outside in the corridor had been able to hear the commotion, and everyone had momentarily been overwhelmed with shock. This caused the atmosphere in the room to instantly turn grave.

Wang Yan eyes widened in astonishment as he finally realized why Zhou Yi had never been promoted to a high-ranked teacher. Her, her temper was too...

“Teacher Zhou!” Wang Yan hurriedly shouted.

Zhou Yi appeared in front of him in a flash, shocking the students, who thought for a moment that she was about to throw Teacher Wang out. However, Zhou Yi only said icily, “Teacher Wang, you’re the main teacher in charge of Class 1, while I’m the assistant teacher. However, I have the qualifications to carry out my personal teaching philosophies. As such, I’ll have to trouble you to make a report to the Academy stating that the students ‘Huang Chutian’, ‘Dai Huabin’, and ‘Zhu Lu’ have severely violated class discipline. Seeing that they’re either core disciples of the outer courtyard or temporary core disciples, I’m unable to expel them. However, I’d like the Academy to transfer them out of this class, as I refuse to teach these types of students. At the same time, Wu Feng hasn’t attended the first day of class, and hasn’t given a reason for her absence. Thus, I’d like to request that the Academy transfer her to another class as well.”

Wang Yan hurriedly replied, “Teacher Zhou, calm down. They’re core disciples!”

Zhou Yi glared at him icily. “In my eyes, there are only obedient and disobedient disciples; outstanding and trashy disciples. There are no core disciples. I’ve already decided that they need to screw off. Now then, you can go ahead and teach the students in the classroom. I’m going to teach the students outside.” With that, she turned and left the classroom.

Xiao Xiao whispered, “Yuhao, see that? Teacher Zhou’s helping you out for the injustice you’ve suffered. I like her protection.”

Wang Dong’s evaluation of her was even more succinct, “Her domineeringness has been exposed!”

Zhou Yi was truly domineering. In only a short three minutes, she’d expelled three core disciples, as well as one temporary core disciple. If it were any other teacher in the Academy, they never would’ve done this. At this moment, even Wang Yan felt that she was a lunatic.

However, it was true that Zhou Yi’s actions had stunned the students of Class 1. Every single student present suddenly felt an extremely intense sense of crisis.

Core disciples couldn’t be directly expelled by a teacher, but the other students could be! After core disciples had been used to set an example, who would dare to go against Teacher Zhou’s authority?

At this moment, the students both within and outside the classroom all suddenly became extremely obedient.

The original students of Class 1 were already having a moment of silence for the students that’d been left outside with Teacher Zhou. They understood Teacher Zhou’s methods of teaching all too well. However, not only did they feel joyous towards this matter, they even felt a sense of closeness. They all felt that she’d vented some anger for Huo Yuhao; this was equivalent to venting some anger for the entirety of the original Class 1!

Wang Yan began his class with a heart full of depression. Even if he wanted to accuse Zhou Yi of misconduct, he’d have to wait until after class to do so. However, Wang Yan quickly discovered that the class’s atmosphere had changed.

Compared to yesterday’s lax atmosphere, the remaining thirty or so students in the class were extremely serious, to the point that they seemed to basically be thirsting for knowledge! Moreover, the discipline in the class had become so good that he basically couldn’t find anything to even be fussy about.

He couldn’t help his way of thinking gradually shifting because of this. It seems like being somewhat strict isn’t that bad after all!

Naturally, Huang Chutian, Zhu Lu, and Dai Huabin—who were currently crawling up from the field they’d landed in—didn’t feel the same about Zhou Yi’s strictness. The three of them were somewhat dumbstruck; never in their wildest dreams had they expected a situation like this to occur.

Dai Huabin had felt like he had the qualifications to be a class monitor, as Wang Dong wasn’t his equal in terms of strength. However, he’d never expected Zhou Yi to not care about his cultivation or his identity, nor had he expected her to literally throw him out of class. Furthermore, she’d even kicked him out of Class 1.

Of the four classes in Year 1, Class 1 was the strongest, and was also the class that specialised in teaching control-type and assault-type soul masters. If Class 1 didn’t want him, where could he go? The only answer to that was Class 2. However, Class 2 taught defense-type and agility-type soul masters! What could he learn there? More importantly, this was simply too embarrassing. As the son of the White Tiger Duke, he’d actually been kicked out of his class! If it hadn’t been for his status as a core disciple, he would’ve had to simply pack his bags and leave. For a brief moment, Dai Huabin was so filled with hatred that he clenched his fists, ready to explode.

However, where was he again? This was Shrek Academy, the continent’s number one academy. As a three-ringed Soul Elder, he was definitely an excellent figure amongst his peers. However, in a place like Shrek Academy, where experts were like stars in the sky, he was worth a fart! Even if his father, the White Tiger Duke, were to personally come, he’d have to kowtow in front of the upright sculptures of the first generation Shrek’s Seven Monsters. What could he do?

“Huabin, what should we do?” Zhu Lu was somewhat agitated. As an agility-type soul master, she should’ve gone to Class 2 in the first place. However, she’d been specially placed into Class 1 because of the martial soul fusion she had with Dai Huabin. However, they’d been expelled together. At the same time, her arrogant temper was no less than Dai Huabin’s!

Dai Huabin clenched his teeth tightly. “We’ll follow the Academy’s arrangements. I’ll remember this humiliation. There’ll be a day, hmph….”

In the end, Wang Yan didn’t accuse Zhou Yi of misconduct. Furthermore, he decided to stand by Zhou Yi’s decision. At the end of the day, the remaining students in Class 1 had all ended up being extremely obedient. Their learning efficiency was also much higher than any class Wang Yan had ever taught.

Wang Yan had no choice but to accept the facts that had been placed in front of him! He admitted that, even though Zhou Yi’s teaching methods were somewhat rough, she was extremely efficient. With a partner like her, he’d definitely be able to produce a good batch of students. Because of this, he decided to have a private conversation with Zhou Yi before he went to the Academy to report the issue that had occurred at the end of the day. He only had one condition: He wanted to continue teaching Class 1 beside Zhou Yi all the way up until they’d graduated from the outer courtyard. Zhou Yi agreed.

“You’re making trouble. Is there anything good that I can say about you, Zhou Yi? The classes have only just been divided, yet you’ve already caused such a large ruckus. Are you scared that they don’t know who you are? The freshmen that you taught were cumulatively able to obtain the best results in the freshmen assessment, thus the Academy was going to promote you to a high-ranked teacher. And yet now, you’ve gone and done this. Don’t you think…” With an angry expression on his face, Du Weilun looked towards Wang Yan and Zhou Yi, who were seated in front of him.

Zhou Yi indifferently replied, “This is the way I teach my students. If I can’t become a high-ranked teacher, so be it. Either you get rid of me, or I’ll continue to teach like this.”

“You—” In a moment of anger, Du Weilun almost decided to actually get rid of her. However, he wasn’t Zhou Yi, nor was he as impulsive as her. It was widely known that there was a problem with Zhou Yi’s way of teaching, but one had to admit that the way she taught was extremely efficient. The number of inner courtyard students that Zhou Yi had nurtured was much higher than an overwhelming number of high-ranked teachers. Naturally, the number of students she’d expelled was also the highest in the Academy.

Wang Yan hurriedly tried to smooth things over. “Director Du, please don’t be angry. Actually, Teacher Zhou wasn’t really wrong in doing what she did. These new students were overconfident because of their talent, which made them somewhat rebellious. They’ll now be much more obedient after today’s lesson, which in turn will be extremely advantageous for both their and our future classes. Furthermore, none of the students that Teacher Zhou removed were actually expelled in the end. They still have their identities as core disciples, so they’ll still be able to receive pointers from inner courtyard teachers. Moreover, they’ll still be able to continue studying in the Academy, so it won’t affect them too much. As such, I support Teacher Zhou’s strict way of producing brilliant students.”

After hearing Wang Yan’s words, Du Weilun’s expression became much better to look at. He pointed towards Zhou Yi, and an exasperated expression appeared on his face. “Is there anything good to say about you? When will a hegemon flower like you become any softer?”

Zhou Yi, her eyes as calm as before, replied, “When Fan Yu thinks that I’m not soft enough.”

When Du Weilun heard this, he felt like he’d go crazy if Zhou Yi stayed there any longer. He hurriedly said, “Fine then, you two can leave. Zhou Yi, from now on I won’t care about any ruckus you make. However, this time, you’ll have to follow this class all the way from Year 1 until they graduate. If, by that time, you haven’t produced five inner courtyard disciples, I’ll fire you.”

If Dai Huabin, Zhu Lu, Wu Feng, and Huang Chutian were still in Class 1, Wang Yan wouldn’t have thought much of this request. However, he felt uncertain about this since they lacked these four core disciple-level students.

However, Zhou Yi didn’t reveal any weaknesses as she replied, “There will only be more than that, not less.” After saying that, she turned around and left. Everything had smoothly been settled.

As Zhou Yi and Wang Yan were making their report to Du Weilun, Huo Yuhao was walking over to the Soul Tool Department by himself for the first time.

Since he could no longer sell his roasted fish anymore, there was now a two hour gap between the end of class and dinnertime. After saying farewell to Wang Dong, he headed straight for the Soul Tool Department.

From today onwards, he would have to learn from Teacher Fan Yu in the Soul Tool Department.

With the golden badge Fan Yu had given him in-hand, Huo Yuhao entered the Soul Tool Department unimpeded. Afterwards, he went directly to Testing Area 12. As soon as he opened the door, he saw He Caitou busily messing with something atop metal table while Fan Yu stood beside him, guiding him.

“Teacher Fan Yu, senior brother He.” Huo Yuhao hurriedly walked over, only to see He Caitou fiddling with a few metallic parts.

Fan Yu smiled. “You’ve come? I heard about what happened yesterday. Nice job, real men can’t surrender. Caitou, be a bit more careful. You’ll have to handle it by yourself for a little while.”

After He Caitou greeted Huo Yuhao, Fan Yu led him over to another metal table.

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