Volume 30, Chapter 368.2: The Increasingly Prosperous Tang Sect

Once her Holy Sword was unleashed, dazzling golden light covered the entire Sparring Arena. Ye Guyi’s flourishing holy aura buffeted her clothes and made her even more elegant and enchanting. She deliberately compressed her Holy Sword’s radiance continuously, making her sword stronger.

There were quite a few people spectating this fight. Besides Ji Juechen’s close friend Jing Ziyan, Xu Sanshi, Jiang Nannan, and Xiao Xiao were also here. Swords didn’t have eyes, they were afraid problems could arise in this fight, and someone could get hurt. Xu Sanshi, who was known as the Eternal Defense, should be able to dissolve any dangers at a crucial moment. Xu Sanshi’s Mysterious Underworld Displacement was more than suitable, and even Ji Juechen couldn’t break through Xu Sanshi’s defenses with a single strike after he had completely evolved his Xuanwu Shield, even if he used his full strength.

Ji Juechen’s eyes were luminous, but his expression was always ice-cold. For him, no matter who his opponent was and what his opponent’s abilities were, he would break them with one strike. That was his sword heart.

Ye Guyi’s eyes were still as stern as ever, but they had now become entirely golden. She tapped lightly on the ground with her left foot, and her wings stretched out behind her back. Ye Guyi seemed to be defying the pull of gravity as she gradually floated upwards, and the Holy Sword in her hands became even brighter than before, as if she were holding a small sun in her hands.

Ji Juechen suddenly took a step forward with his left foot, and his sword intent that had just surged into the sky abruptly descended. He hadn’t unleashed his sword yet, as his sword intent came first, and sharp sword intent instantly plummeted from the sky and rained down towards Ye Guyi.

However, a pink ray suddenly burst out from beneath Ye Guyi’s feet without any warning at all – Nan Qiuqiu was making her move.

Light of Annihilation. That pink light beam seemed translucent and clear, and it stretched across more than ten meters without dissipating.

Ji Juechen suddenly pressed down forcefully with his left foot, and a rich and vigorous aura transformed into grey sword intent that almost seemed material as it erupted outwards.

The pink beam clashed against his black sword intent, and was instantly annihilated. However, that black sword intent paused for a moment, and couldn’t attach itself to Ji Juechen’s Judgement Sword.

Ye Guyi was quite proficient at grasping opportunities, and she immediately slashed out with her Holy Sword. A brilliant golden beam that resembled a stunning rainbow that seemed like it was going to slice the entire Sparring Arena in half descended from the sky and went straight for Ji Juechen’s head.

Ji Juechen finally used his Judgement Sword, and pressed down with his left foot once more. He leaned forward and supported himself with his toes as he lifted his Judgement Sword into the sky.

Ji Juechen’s seven soul rings sparkled at the same time in that instant.

Ji Juechen was different from almost every single other soul master. Soul rings were equivalent to a soul master’s life force, and determined how powerful their soul skills were. This meant that soul rings determined how powerful a soul master’s abilities were.

But for Ji Juechen, his soul rings’ effects had become entirely redundant. He didn’t care about what soul skills his soul rings gave him, and he didn’t even think about what kind of soul rings he had to attach to himself. He was only concerned about his soul rings boosting his physique and his soul power. Ji Juechen’s pure sword intent was his own unique invention, and infusing every single ounce of his strength into his sword intent was something that was engraved deep into his bones.

Black light soared into the sky as the darkness side of Ji Juechen’s Judgement Sword burst out with black light.

Darkness was naturally at a disadvantage against the holy element. However, once this darkness reached a certain level, it would become so powerful that not even the holy element could suppress it.

The black light that surged into the sky instantly consumed the golden light that was slashing down from the sky. Golden light exploded and flashed inside all that darkness in the next moment, but the rich and powerful black sword intent was like an evil dragon as it swallowed every inch of Ye Guyi’s golden sword light.

Ye Guyi was unwilling to resign herself to defeat as her first and second soul rings sparkled at the same time. Holy Light Illumination and Holy Praise!

Intense golden light emerged from her body once more, and white light flickered at its core. This light didn’t just land on her body, it also covered Nan Qiuqiu below her.

Nan Qiuqiu pushed forward with her right hand, and a pink layer of light appeared as it transformed into a pink fan-shaped light that expanded outward. Her second and third soul ring lit up at the same time, and she lifted her left hand as pink light cocooned both herself and Ye Guyi. Annihilation Barrier!

Ji Juechen couldn’t disregard that pink light no matter how powerful he was. He took another step forward as black sword intent erupted from his body once more, and clashed directly against Nan Qiuqiu’s pink fan-shaped light.

Ji Juechen slashed down through the air with his Judgement Sword, and the black sword light that was condensed in the sky sliced down from the sky like a black lightning bolt, going straight for Ye Guyi.

Ye Guyi’s eyes were solemn and grave as she raised her Holy Sword once more. This time, her second soul ring lit up, and her Holy Sword changed from gold to an incandescent white as she slashed back at Ji Juechen.

This was her Angel’s second soul skill, Holy Ghost Slash!

“Boom –” Intense explosions caused the entire Sparring Arena to tremble. Fortunately, the Tang Sect’s Sparring Arena was spacious enough, and the two who were fighting deliberately controlled the spread of their attacks. Otherwise, it would have been very difficult to ensure that the Sparring Arena remained undamaged.

Ye Guyi and Nan Qiuqiu were quite powerful when they teamed up, and even Ji Juechen’s sword light was weakened when it touched Nan Qiuqiu’s Light of Annihilation. His sword light was far too dense and concentrated, however, so Nan Qiuqiu had a hard time absorbing her opponent’s strength to feed back into her own body through Annihilation’s effects. However, Ji Juechen’s attack was still weakened to quite an extent.

Ji Juechen and Ye Guyi collided forcefully once more, and Ye Guyi was still on the losing end. This time, she was sent plummeting from the sky, though she wasn’t hurt because she had used so many soul skills, and she had Nan Qiuqiu protecting her.

In the moment that Ji Juechen’s black sword intent touched Nan Qiuqiu’s pink light, Nan Qiuqiu placed one of her fists into her other palm.

Deafening booms that resembled thunderclaps could be heard in the next instant as large patches of pink light exploded one after another.

Chained Annihilation Explosions! This was a powerful area of effect skill.

Ji Juechen could only temporarily defend himself as his sword intent faced off against Nan Qiuqiu’s Chained Annihilation Explosions, and he couldn’t continue attacking Ye Guyi for now.

Furthermore, his sword intent couldn’t condense within her Chained Annihilation Explosions like when he was attacking. Part of his sword intent was blown to smithereens, and that peculiar pink light swallowed everything up as it fed everything back into Nan Qiuqiu’s body.

This was the Ruby Dragon’s annihilation element’s most powerful attribute – Nan Qiuqiu could use her opponent’s strength to replenish herself. If Ji Juechen’s sword intent hadn’t been powerful enough, she would have absorbed even more. She could weaken her opponent while strengthening herself at the same time, and even some who were stronger than she was could lose to her in the end.

Ye Guyi managed to catch her breath with Nan Qiuqiu’s help as light burst out from her beautiful eyes. How could she be convinced by her loss to Ji Juechen with her arrogant personality? She tapped lightly on the ground with the tip of her foot, and glided forward. This time, every other soul ring’s lusters was withdrawn, and only her sixth and final soul ring sparkled brilliantly.

Her wings flickered as two illusory wings of light glimmered faintly. Ye Guyi resembled a waltzing angel as she drifted towards Ji Juechen, and her Holy Sword became a pristine white longsword as her elegant frame became illusory as she glided outward. It was impossible to lock onto her body.

This was Ye Guyi’s strongest soul skill – Angelic Dance.

This wasn’t Nan Qiuqiu’s first time teaming up with Ye Guyi. Nan Qiuqiu watched Ye Guyi unleash her Angelic Dance, and her last soul ring lit up at the same time.

Nan Qiuqiu’s black ten thousand year soul ring sparkled as a pink diamond-shaped crystal glowed dazzlingly on her forehead. A single bright and crisp dragon roar rang out from behind her back, and a pink dragon shadow flickered behind her back. A dash of pink light swiftly caught up to Ye Guyi and attached itself to her body, while Nan Qiuqiu’s body also became a little illusory.

Nan Qiuqiu’s fifth soul skill, Annihilation Body.

A body that was formed from the power of Annihilation would shimmer into view once this skill was used. This body would be identical to Nan Qiuqiu’s own body, and it would even possess part of her spirit. This skill’s most formidable trait was that it could enhance Nan Qiuqiu’s annihilation element by three hundred percent, and her opponents would have to break through her Form of Annihilation first if they wanted to hurt her original body.

At the same time, her Annihilation Body would form the foundation for Nan Qiuqiu to use other powerful soul skills when she became stronger in the future.

Ji Juechen used his sword and swiped a “Z” through the air as he faced Ye Guyi’s Angelic Dance, and black sword light covered an enormous area.

However, Ye Guyi didn’t have to defend herself as the Form of Annihilation that was attached to her body rushed forward.

Pink light flickered incessantly, and Ji Juechen’s sword light was actually decimated just like that when it touched Nan Qiuqiu’s Form of Annihilation.

Nan Qiuqiu couldn’t absorb her opponent’s strength to feed herself through her powers of Annihilation when she was using Annihilation Body. However, her powers of Annihilation would also be raised to their highest possible level, and even Ji Juechen’s coagulated sword light was dispelled. Even though Nan Qiuqiu’s Annihilation Body became a little more illusory after that collision, the chance that this collision had created for Ye Guyi was enough.

Ye Guyi’s Angelic Dance closed in on Ji Juechen, and her white longsword shone with brilliant light as countless streaks of sword light rained down on Ji Juechen’s body.

Ji Juechen had just attacked with his sword before this, and he was currently in a state when his strength was weakest. However, his expression didn’t change at all even though he facing such a disadvantageous situation, and he pulled his Judgement Sword back lightly as he flipped the sword around in his hands. The sword’s black surface suddenly became white, and its darkness was instantly converted into light.

When Ye Guyi’s Holy Aura clashed against the body of Ji Juechen’s sword, which was now filled with an aura of light, the sword’s body erupted with dazzling light. 

Ji Juechen raised his sword horizontally before his body, and he exclaimed vigorously as a bitingly sharp and cold sword intent suddenly emerged from his body. Black sword intent became white, and darkness became light. Everything happened very naturally. 

Ye Guyi’s Angelic Dance clashed against his sword intent just like that, and Ye Guyi had no chance to evade Ji Juechen’s counterattack at all. Nan Qiuqiu’s Form of Annihilation had been forced away after she dispelled the Z-shaped sword intent, and her Annihilation Body couldn’t rush back in time.

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