Volume 30: Rescue, Chapter 367.1: The Slumbering Dong'er

“Problem? What problem?” Huo Yuhao’s voice instantly became a lot sharper. He hugged Wang Dong’er even tighter, not willing to let go at all.

I have gathered her life energy, but it’s still flowing away by itself, as if she’s lost her spirit. However, I’ve already reassembled her spirit. This problem should stem from her own body, except it’s been triggered by what she just went through. That’s not something that I can deal with, so you’ll have to think of another solution to sustain her life.

Huo Yuhao had just received hope when these words fell into his ears and struck him like thunderbolts. Huo Yuhao felt like he was going insane.

Calm down, calm down. I have to be calm. At a time like this, Huo Yuhao’s training as an Ultimate Soldier came into effect. At least, Wang Dong’er was breathing, and there was life energy in her body. This meant that she was alive, and as long as Wang Dong’er was still alive, Huo Yuhao wouldn’t be as disoriented and panicky like he was before.

The Yin-Yang Life Querying Valley’s mysterious entity mentioned that Wang Dong’er is experiencing this because of issues that originate from herself. But what’s wrong with her body?

A thought occurred to Huo Yuhao as he contemplated this issue. He suddenly recalled the secret letter that the Clear Sky Sect’s sect leader, Niu Tian, and Tai Tan had given to him. Wang Dong’er mentioned afterwards that the contents of their letter were made up, and everything was meant to test him. However, if Dong’er’s body is having its own problems, can it be…?

With this thought in his head, Huo Yuhao immediately retrieved the storage-type soul tool from Wang Dong’er’s pockets that he had given her some time ago without any hesitation at all, and retrieved the Yearning Heartbroken Grass that possessed mystical and miraculous powers.

This herb had pristine white petals, and blood threaded through each one. This was the immortal herb that Huo Yuhao had almost paid his life to retrieve.

A long time had passed, but this herb was still fresh, pristine, and filled with the energy of life.

The Yearning Heartbroken Grass had miraculous medicinal effects, and it could save any person’s life as long as that person was still breathing. Yes, this herb will definitely save Dong’er!

Huo Yuhao no longer hesitated as his thoughts stopped here, and he carefully placed the herb next to Wang Dong’er’s lips.

But he quickly realized that there was no way Wang Dong’er could eat this medicinal herb.

With hope in his heart, Huo Yuhao’s mind was especially agile and flexible. He instantly stuffed the herb into his mouth without any hesitation at all, and  chewed it up into juice with a few chomps as he sealed his own throat. He wasn’t about to let a single drop flow down his throat, and he lowered his head as he carefully poured the juice into Wang Dong’er’s mouth.

The Yearning Heartbroken Grass was a little bitter, but there seemed to be a tinge of sweetness amidst that bitterness. Love was the same; bitterness and sweetness would always exist at the same time.

Dong’er’s lips were warm and tender, and kissing her was indescribably mesmerizing. Huo Yuhao carefully parted her rosy lips, and allowed every single drop of the herbal juice in his mouth to flow into hers.

Huo Yuhao stared nervously at Wang Dong’er after he was done. He believed that what he had done was right, but how could he be confident of success before Dong’er was revived? Wang Dong’er’s illness was something that not even the mysterious Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley could treat.

Time continued to pass, and Dong’er’s pretty face was still ruddy, looking very delicate and charming. Huo Yuhao had gently closed her beautiful eyes, and she seemed like a sleeping beauty laying in a deep slumber.

Huo Yuhao was starting to feel threads of anxiety building up in his heart when a faint aroma finally wafted up from Wang Dong’er’s body. This aroma was very faint and plain, but it was exceptionally fragrant and refreshing. A vague layer of light could be seen circulating beneath Wang Dong’er’s skin, and her body slowly began emanating a dense life energy.

“Did it work? Dong’er, she…” Huo Yuhao looked up at the sky and asked nervously.

You gave her a Yearning Heartbroken Grass, didn’t you? I didn’t expect you to have an immortal herb like that...” That mysterious entity seemed to sound a little anxious. “Back then…

Huo Yuhao couldn’t be bothered with whatever else that voice wanted to say, and he hurriedly pressed the issue. “Is she alright?”

The voice seemed a little dissatisfied because Huo Yuhao had interrupted it. It answered plainly, “She’s full of life energy, so her condition is stable. However, her spirit is still messy and disorganized, and this condition isn’t something that external forces can treat. She has to adjust her spirit by herself so she can wake up.

Huo Yuhao was momentarily stunned. “What do you mean?”

She will be in a coma indefinitely. I have no idea how long she will remain in this state. She has to rely on her own strength to wake up, and it remains to be seen whether she has it in her to do so. Alright, the two of you may leave. I will reward you, Wang Dong’er, and Wang Qiu’er by raising your soul power by five ranks. You may go.

“No! Wait! Dong’er shouldn’t have to die. This was just your test for her! You should be able to save her! Please let her wake up, let her wake up…”

Huo Yuhao shouted frantically, but no matter how much he yelled, the mysterious entity didn’t entertain him at all. Intense golden light shone down on them and swept him and Wang Dong’er away as heaven and earth spun around them. Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er disappeared from this mysterious place just like that.


Hexagonal light continued to flicker, and some mysterious, magnificent glyphs grew brighter and brighter.

“Is this what you wanted? Those two children are so pitiful.” The voice that belonged to the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley’s mysterious entity seemed very upset.

Another melodious voice could be heard. “That’s enough. I have my reasons. If they don’t experience some winds and rain…”

“I’ve fulfilled my duty. I’m going back. I’m going to look for your wife for a chat when I get there! Hmph!”


Golden light sparkled as Huo Yuhao reappeared with Wang Dong’er in his arms. When he could see his surroundings clearly, he realized to his surprise that the valley he was in was filled with people.

Elder Xuan, Xian Lin’er, and several elders from Shrek Academy, along with everyone else, were all here.

There were scars and marks of battle around him. The valley’s inner regions had been severely damaged, and it was evident that a great battle had just occurred in this place not too long ago.

Elder Xuan came to them in a flash when he saw Huo Yuhao appear with Wang Dong’er in his arms. He lifted his hands, and a thread of gentle soul power supported Huo Yuhao so that he could stand up straight. Everyone’s eyes landed on Wang Dong’er, who was still in Huo Yuhao’s embrace, at the same time.

The other five members of Shrek’s Seven Monsters gathered around first. Bei Bei asked in grave concern, “Yuhao, Dong’er…”

Huo Yuhao turned and looked at Bei Bei, and Bei Bei could see his fortitude and perseverance in his eyes.

“Dong’er is alright, she’s just asleep. I want to take her home; perhaps only the people in her family have any hope of awakening her. I can’t return to the Academy for now, Elder Xuan, I…”

Elder Xuan placed his hand on Wang Dong’er’s wrist to check her pulse, and a look of pleasant surprise flashed across his eyes. He had just heard from the others that Wang Dong’er was dead, but it was evident that Wang Dong’er was very much alive. However, she was in a coma for some reason.

“Don’t be hasty, Yuhao. Tell us what happened. It’s better if everyone can brainstorm together to think about how to save her.”

“Alright.” Huo Yuhao wiped the tears off his face, and recounted everything that he and Wang Dong’er had gone through after everyone else had left.

Everyone exchanged looks with one another as they listened to his story, but they were all a little lost and confused.

Their experience in the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley was truly quite an adventure, and everyone went through life and death before they managed to leave this place alive.

With Huo Yuhao’s initial reminder, nobody told any lies inside the valley. This was how everyone managed to escape unscathed, with the exception of Wang Dong’er.

Elder Xuan was the first to come out. He only heard that plain voice once, and it said, “You are too old, so you don’t have to go through the Sincerity Adventure. You don’t have any hope for love anymore, so you’re allowed to leave.”

Elder Xuan came out, and he coincidentally ran into several evil Titled Douluo who were standing guard in this place. The great battle that happened afterwards was inevitable.

Evil soul masters were powerful, but Elder Xuan was also a formidable individual, and almost an Ultimate Douluo. Elder Xuan could unleash his full abilities because he didn’t have to protect anyone around him, and he relied on his incredible prowess to force those evil soul masters away.

Everyone’s faces didn’t look so good at this moment. They had each had their own gains from Sincerity Adventure, but everyone had been taught a lesson, and everyone had been dealt a heavy blow. Wang Dong’er’s current situation worsened everyone’s mood. Who could be happy at a time like this?

Several elders checked Wang Dong’er’s body one after another, and all they could do was shake their heads repeatedly. Wang Dong’er’s circumstances were just as the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley’s mysterious entity had said.

Her body was normal, and she was full of life energy, while her soul power was stronger than before. She was five ranks higher than before, putting her above Rank 66. However, the problem was in her spiritual sea. There was something very wrong with her spiritual sea. Her spiritual sea was sealed shut, and her spirit seemed to be undulating in a disorderly manner within her spiritual sea.

The human brain had always been the most profound and mysterious entity. Not even Elder Xuan dared to force his way into Wang Dong’er’s spiritual sea, because her life would truly be lost if something went wrong.

Everyone discussed it for a short time before Elder Xuan said, “We’ve exited the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley. This experience has been very strange and sinister, but at least everyone is safe and sound in the end. We should return to the Academy as soon as possible. Yuhao, you’ll take care of Dong’er, and when we enter the Heavenly Soul Empire’s borders, you can take her back to the Clear Sky Sect so that her family can help treat her.”

“Yes!” Huo Yuhao was back inside his human-shaped soul tool at this moment, and could stand up once more. Soul power rippled in his body as well, but the difference between Wang Dong’er and him was that Huo Yuhao wasn’t far from Rank 60 now, after being given five ranks of soul power. He would become a Soul Emperor if he made another breakthrough. 

Huo Yuhao possessed an Ultimate martial soul, and an Ultimate martial soul’s true strength and might could only be seen and realized after Rank 70. However, every step to Rank 70 was very difficult. Huo Yuhao had acquired many painful memories from his time in the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley, but at least he had gotten some rewards in return...

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