Volume 29, Chapter 365.1: Fighting For Happiness!

He’s my heaven! These three simple words dealt a huge blow to Wang Qiu’er. She stared at Wang Dong’er dazedly, not responding for some time.

Wang Dong’er felt a little weird as she looked back. “Am I wrong?”

Wang Qiu’er’s gaze suddenly turned gentle. “Perhaps you’re right. This is probably also the reason why I’ll never be able to compare to you in his heart.”

Wang Dong’er shook her head and said, “I don’t think so. The difference between us is only the time that we met. I simply met him first, thus I managed to occupy a spot in his heart. Else, you definitely would’ve been capable of gaining his attraction, given your talents. If you couldn’t, he wouldn’t be a normal man.” When she said this, Wang Dong’er couldn’t help but laugh. As she gazed at the identical yet more cold-looking face in front of her, Wang Dong’er was in a weirdly peaceful mood.

Wang Qiu’er mocked herself. “No, you don’t understand. In fact, I’d already lost at the start, and lost terribly at that. I can’t compare to you no matter what.”

Wang Dong’er was stunned. “Sister Qiu’er, I would’ve thought you were my long-lost sister if not for the fact that I know I’m the only child in my family. We simply look too alike.”

Wang Qiu’er suddenly became agitated. “Maybe I’m wrong. Or maybe I shouldn’t have done what I did from the start. But… if I’d met him earlier, before you revealed your identity to him, I truly might have had a glimmer of hope.”

Wang Dong’er was confused. “Sister Qiu’er, why can’t I understand what you’re trying to say?”

Wang Qiu’er silently shook her head and continued to speak to herself, “In fact, it’s also because I’ve never understood my own heart. It’d be great if I did. Or perhaps… perhaps I shouldn’t have gone out to find him. I’m wrong; I’ve always been wrong.”

Wang Dong’er stopped speaking, and only listened to her speak silently.

“Are you confused by what I’m saying?” Wang Qiu’er laughed, her laughter carrying a weird, sarcastic tone. However, she was being sarcastic to herself.

Wang Dong’er nodded slightly.

Wang Qiu’er chortled and said, “There aren’t any coincidences in this world! Do you really think that we’d look so alike if our blood didn’t come from the same origin? Don’t you think that I look quite like the Goddess of Light he holds in his heart?”

Wang Dong’er was dazed. “Sister Qiu’er, what do you mean?”

Wang Qiu’er said, “My looks came from you. Or rather, it came from the projection of you that is imprinted the deepest in his heart, and which he was filled with love towards. That’s the reason why I transformed myself into this appearance and appeared in front of him. However, I didn’t expect that your so-called elder sister was false; it was actually you! This projection in his heart was actually a representation of you when you grew older.”

Wang Dong’er finally couldn’t remain seated anymore. She suddenly stood up, and stared at Wang Qiu’er, stunned. “Qiu’er, what’re you talking about? You… are your looks real or fake?”

Wang Qiu’er’s grin grew wider and wider as she said, “You’ve doubted me for a long time, am I right? Truthfully, they aren’t really fake. They’re quite real. The only thing I’ve done is establish this identity.

“Do you know why I’m telling you all this? It’s because I suddenly feel like being selfish for once. Today, only one of us can live to see him again. If I can kill you, I might just have a chance, however small it may be, with him. I can still convince him to accept me through my hard work. However, if I don’t do this, I won’t have a chance at all. I’m sorry, Dong’er. I’ve only ever loved him in my life. The moment I fell in love with him was when he disregarded everything and swallowed the scorching water from the Blazing Sunspring. Did you know that he almost died after he plucked that Yearning Heartbroken Grass for you? I saved him because there was another Yearning Heartbroken Grass nearby that I plucked for him. I fed it to him; if I hadn’t, he wouldn’t have been able to return alive to see you again. When I plucked that Yearning Heartbroken Grass for him, I realized that I’d fallen deeply, hopelessly in love with him.

“Love is a selfish and possessive thing. He died for you in his past life; the life that he has now was given to him by the Yearning Heartbroken Grass that I plucked. He should belong to me. I love him; I really do love him.”

Wang Qiu’er’s smile turned into tears. She continued to sit where she was, but tears had already filled her face.

Wang Dong’er was silent as she saw Wang Qiu’er tears. However, there wasn’t any shock or hostility in her eyes.

She gently lowered her waist and bowed to Wang Qiu’er, “Qiu’er, thank you. Thank you for letting Yuhao survive. If not for you, he would have died for me. I can sense your love for him—it’s very sincere. However, I have the same amount of passion and love for him.

“You’re right. Or rather, this Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley is right. Of the two of us, only one can remain together with him. No matter who wins or loses, I believe that we’ll both still treat him well and love him well. Qiu’er, I only have one request. If you win, and if you can, please transform into me to continue loving him. I don’t want him to mourn my death. Can you do so?”

Wang Qiu’er’s tears suddenly stopped flowing, and she shook her head silently. “My transformation is final; I can only do it once. Moreover, you are you, and I am me. You are Wang Dong’er, and I am Wang Qiu’er. I want him to love me.”

Wang Dong’er asked, “Then, if I die, don’t tell him how I died. Just tell him that I went missing. In this way, at least he’ll still find some repose in his heart. In the future, you must love him and slowly transfer his love for me to yourself.”

Wang Qiu’er opened her eyes wide, her pupils dilating. She roared, “Why are you saying all of this? Are you trying to make my determination waver? Dream on!”

As she spoke, she sprung up from the ground. Her Golden Dragon Spear instantly appeared in her hand, turning into a streak of golden light as it pierced towards Wang Dong’er.

Her spear seemed to be surrounded by countless golden snakes and formed a huge golden dragon, its dominant aura seeming to pierce through the heavens and the earth. Suddenly, everything around it turned dim. This spear seemed to encompass all of Wang Qiu’er’s internal rage and persistence towards her love.

A dazzling glow shone from Wang Dong’er’s back. She pointed her toes slightly towards the ground, before she drifted into the air. The wings of the Goddess of Light opened up and propelled her backward as if she were sliding on water.

Yellow, purple, purple, black, black, black. Six soul rings began to shine. Her second soul ring shone the brightest, and countless streaks from her Light of the Butterfly Goddess were released from her butterfly wings to strike the golden dragon that was coming towards her.

Tremendous booms shook the air. Wang Dong’er retreated as Wang Qiu’er pointed her spear at her while pursuing her. In the blink of an eye, Wang Dong’er had already been forced to one edge of the icy peak.

Suddenly, Wang Dong’er’s body sank down and the lights behind her were retracted. Instead, a pitch-black hammer appeared in her hand.



Followed by a piercing sound, Wang Qiu’er’s spear revealed its form. However, the strength of the hammer wasn’t enough to force it away completely. It was only knocked away from Wang Dong’er’s torso.

Bloody light appeared as the spear stabbed Wang Dong’er’s left arm, piercing it.

Suddenly, the terrifying life-devouring ability of the Golden Dragon Spear was fully activated. However, golden halos shone from Wang Dong’er’s left arm. It was the power of the Golden Light Left Arm Bone, which kept the spear from devouring Wang Dong’er’s life energy. However, Wang Dong’er’s arm still rapidly lost color.

“Why?” Wang Qiu’er’s gaze was sharp as she stared ruthlessly at Wang Dong’er. She knew that she couldn’t hurt Wang Dong’er with this one strike given her abilities. Even if there was a gap between them, it wasn’t huge. Although Wang Dong’er didn’t have an Ultimate martial soul, she had twin martial souls. In terms of cultivation, she wasn’t much inferior either.

Wang Dong’er smiled slightly. “Take this strike as repayment for saving Yuhao. However, don’t worry; I won’t give up on this fight. On the contrary, I’m still going to fight for my happiness. After suffering from this strike, I feel more at ease fighting for my happiness. Come on, Qiu’er. Show me the best you’ve got.”

As she spoke, Wang Dong’er’s eyes brightened. Her powdery-blue eyes turned completely blue, and her Clear Sky Hammer disappeared. Once again, the wings of her Butterfly Goddess appeared. Following this, she turned into a streak of bluish-gold light and rose into the air.

Wang Qiu’er only felt her spear tremble slightly before Wang Dong’er had freed herself from it. Following this, a streak of bluish-gold light shot up into the sky.

It was Wang Dong’er’s sixth soul skill, the Butterfly Goddess’ Dance.

Wang Dong’er had once used it against Yan Feng. Even though he was a Soul Sage and a Bone Dragon, he’d almost been defeated by her Butterfly Goddess’ Dance. This time, Wang Dong’er was using it at the beginning of the fight.

“Qiu’er, be careful. I won’t show mercy!” Wang Dong’er’s voice suddenly echoed out.

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