Volume 29, Chapter 361.1: Is He a Creator of Miracles?

However, Huo Yuhao suddenly had a strange feeling at this moment. He was stunned to realize that the aura of the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley seemed to have experienced some form of transformation. The direct benefit of this transformation was that he could now connect to his spectral demiplane!

This meant that he could use the strength left behind by Electrolux if he had no choice. At the same time, he could also…

Huo Yuhao grabbed Wang Dong’er’s hand and recited an incantation. A light flashed, and both of them vanished.

In the next moment, a cold and sinister world was right in front of them: Huo Yuhao’s spectral demiplane!

The spectral demiplane created by Electrolux was indeed extraordinary. Huo Yuhao immediately sensed that the Love Querying Valley’s control of him had disappeared the moment he stepped into this demiplane. This meant that he shouldn’t be affected by the valley here.

However, it was a pity that he was even here at all!

Huo Yuhao sighed. The Love Querying Valley is too cunning. My mission is to save eldest and third senior, and thus some of the restraints I was under have also been released.

It was true that he wouldn’t be affected by the power of the valley in this spectral demiplane. However, could he really forsake Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi, and escape with Wang Dong’er? It was obviously not a practical choice.

“You’re finally here. I thought that you were still a cheat,” a resentful voice called out. A yellow figure flashed up, and the angry Ye Guyi appeared in front of them.

She was enraged. When Huo Yuhao defeated her with his abilities, she was already half-convinced by what he said. After that, Huo Yuhao’s power brought her to this place, where undead were all around. She didn’t know how he did it, but the undead didn’t get close to her. However, the aura in this spectral demiplane was too uncomfortable and irksome for her, since she had the Holy Angel martial soul.

When Huo Yuhao left, he left for a long time. Ye Guyi was tempted to kill the undead on more than one occasion to vent her disgust towards this world she was in. However, she knew that the undead here were different. These undead were filled with the aura of light wouldn’t give her any strength or strengthen her martial soul. Furthermore, there was an army of them. No matter how self-confident she was, she couldn’t possibly clash with them directly.

After waiting for such a long time, Huo Yuhao was finally here! Naturally, she was angry with him!

Huo Yuhao was apologetic as he said, “I’m sorry, Ye Guyi. We’ve met with a bit of a special situation. I’ll bring you out now. However, we’ll need your help when we get out. Our friends are trapped in Radiant City. We need to rescue them.”

Ye Guyi snorted coldly. “Why should I help you? You are a disgusting evil soul master. I’m still not even clear about who you are!”

Huo Yuhao was a little helpless as he answered, “Up to you. Anyway, I’m mainly here because I have to release you. If you don’t want to help us, you can leave as soon as you’re out. It’s very dangerous outside. Come on.”

As he spoke, he lifted his right hand and recited another incantation. A strange layer of greyish light engulfed the three of them. Although Ye Guyi revealed a disgusted look on her face, she didn’t try to avoid it. In addition, she started glancing in Wang Dong’er’s direction.

Wang Dong’er was dressed in a white warrior robe, which perfectly accentuated her petite figure. Although her figure seemed a little less mature than Wang Qiu’er’s, she had a more youthful aura. Her powdery-blue hair flowed behind her head, and her big, beautiful eyes seemed like the prettiest gems in the world. As she grinned, Ye Guyi was dazed, even though she had always been one who was confident in her ravishing looks.

However, she didn’t remain in a daze for too long. Very soon, they vanished in a patch of distorted light.

Ye Guyi was jolted awake by the aura of necromancy. These undulations, which sickened and disgusted her, lasted for a minute or so, until they were finally brought back to the familiar world.

It was nighttime here as well, but the sky above Radiant City was empty. The huge buildings emitted all sorts of lights. Even though they were still some distance away, they could still easily make out where they were.

Huo Yuhao was rushing to rescue Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi, and thus he couldn’t be bothered with Ye Guyi. He quickly pulled Wang Dong’er as he charged in the direction of Radiant City.

“Hey! You haven’t explained things to me!” Ye Guyi’s figure flashed, and she pursued the two of them before intercepting Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao turned grim as he said, “Move away, I need to rescue some people. If you dare to block me, you’ll be my enemy. Although I think your Holy Angel will be very useful to deal with evil soul masters, I won’t hesitate to turn you into a specter, either! Get lost!”

As he spoke, Huo Yuhao’s eyes shone with golden light, and his immense spiritual power surged towards Ye Guyi.

“You, you…why are you so fierce?” Ye Guyi was shocked. After all, Huo Yuhao had defeated her once, and left a deep impression on her mind. As she saw how serious and assertive he was right now, she couldn’t help but feel a little afraid.

Huo Yuhao ignored and ran around her as he continued to pull Wang Dong’er along with him. His speed soared as he burst towards Radiant City.

Ye Guyi stomped her feet in indignation as she watched them leave. However, she still followed them.

“Hey! Wait for me. I’ll help you rescue your friends! However, you must tell me what’s going on with your evil soul master abilities after we rescue them!”

Wang Dong’er chortled and shot a flirtatious glance at Huo Yuhao before saying, “Loosening up to get her under your control. You sure have a way with chasing girls.”

Huo Yuhao snapped, “We are in such a rush now, but you still have the mood to crack jokes. Help me.” As he spoke, his armor flipped up, revealing his left hand. Their Haodong Power started to circulate through their bodies via the hand that was holding on to Wang Dong’er. Huo Yuhao’s eyes also became brighter.

His vigorous spiritual power shot forward like a sharp sword. At this point, Huo Yuhao didn’t bother hiding his spiritual cultivation anymore. His spiritual strength had reached an extremely high level, and his spiritual power changed into a beam of invisible spiritual light that shot into the distance to observe his surroundings. As he turned his head, he started to scan around.

Ye Guyi felt the vigorous spiritual power from Huo Yuhao wash past her, and was horrified.

The demand on her own spiritual power to use her Holy Angel was also very high. This was because her Holy Angel didn’t just rely on the power of light to become stronger, it also relied on the power of belief, as well as the power of purification that was obtained from purifying evil. All these required immense spiritual power to control.

As a result, Ye Guyi had always been very confident in her spiritual power. However, she now discovered that her spiritual power couldn’t compare to Huo Yuhao. His cultivation is obviously only around six rings, but the strength of his spiritual power seems to be boundless and unpredictable. His terrifying spiritual suppression can even exceed that of a Titled Douluo!

After his quick scan, Huo Yuhao didn’t find Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi’s auras. However, he discovered a large number of the Sun Moon Empire’s troops. They were all deployed to the west of Radiant City, and encircling it secretly. There were also several soul engineers equipped with soul tools among these troops. They were moving in an orderly manner, and it was obvious that they were prepared to react to any kind of situation.

Huo Yuhao took in a deep breath and slowly shut his shining golden eyes. A strange glow began to shine on his forehead. His Eye of Destiny opened silently, and a purplish-golden light shot out from it.

As he fully unleashed his spiritual power, Huo Yuhao also finally revealed one of his soul rings that he usually concealed with his Imitation.

White, purple, purple, black, black. His five soul rings appeared around him.

Yes, these were the true colors of Huo Yuhao’s soul rings.

The words that the Skydream Iceworm told him before weren’t exaggerated. His Spirit Eyes were able to become so strong because his soul rings evolved as his spiritual power increased, and later, after he fused with the Skydream Iceworm’s spiritual origin

His first soul ring was a “ten year” soul ring, his second and third rings were thousand-year soul rings, and his fourth and fifth soul rings were ten-thousand year soul rings. Among soul masters of the same rank, he was unique.

Furthermore, his second and third soul rings might even evolve to ten thousand year soul rings as his spiritual power continued to increase.

Ye Guyi was shocked when she saw his five soul rings.

What’s going on? Ten year, thousand year, thousand year, ten thousand year, ten thousand year? Is he normal? Aren’t his soul rings supposed to be greyish? Why are they like that now? Which ones are real, and which ones are fake? He’s only a Soul King, but he defeated me even though I’m a Soul Emperor. This, this…

This completely contradicted everything Ye Guyi knew about soul masters. Suddenly, she became very curious about Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao’s Eye of Destiny Spiritual Detection could cover more than seven kilometers if aimed in a single direction. It was the best that he could manage right now.

As he scanned the area with his Spiritual Detection, he sensed everything that was happening within the region he scanned...

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