Volume 29, Chapter 360.1: For the Sake of Rescuing Those Who Have Loyalty, I'm Willing!

“Idiot! Zhang Biao, what are you doing?” The White Tiger Duke was very observant, and naturally realized that Zhang Biao had leapt off the cliff. He started to turn anxious.

At this point, the bodyguards all shouted at the same time, “Sir, please take care!” Following this, all of them bit their lips and leapt off the cliff with determined looks on their faces.

The White Tiger Duke was unmoved even when he was under the attack of that Landslide Shell. However, his expression changed now. His eyes turned red, and he roared to the four special guards that were beside him, “Idiots! Quickly, go and stop them.”

However, they didn’t move at all. They even tried to block his view.

The Soul Sage sorrowfully pleaded, “Sir, please leave. They are doing this for your safety! If you have any pity for them, quickly go now.”

In just a moment, the bodyguards apart from Dai Huabin and Zhu Lu had already leapt off the cliff.

Dai Huabin and Zhu Lu were both stunned.

Such a tragic scene appeared in front of them during this short span of time. They weren’t even twenty years old. Even though Dai Huabin was the White Tiger Duke’s son, he had never seen such a tragic scene before!

Dai Huabin’s head seemed to ring with what his father had once told him and his brother. Every White Tiger bodyguard is a loyal and brave warrior. The two of you must treat them with respect.

The White Tiger Duke’s eyes were blood-red now, and the look in his eyes turned extremely fierce. He pulled out the box Huo Yuhao had given him earlier, tore it open, and poured his soul power into it!

A ball of huge silver light quickly rose into the sky and illuminated the darkness. Very soon, it was high up in the sky.

When this silver light stabilized in the sky, a silver ray descended and landed in front of the White Tiger Duke. He mimicked a lifting action, and another dim golden light ball appeared within this silver ray.

This ball had a diameter of one meter. As it gradually rose, it seemed like a sun. It complemented the silver light ball in the sky and flew all the way up until it was next to the silver ball.

The two lights complemented each other in the air and started to revolve around an invisible center. They formed an even larger gold and silver ball in the air.

Yes, Huo Yuhao had given the White Tiger Duke the latest Class 9 soul tool that the Starsky Douluo had created, the Sunmoon Divine Needle!

With Huo Yuhao’s current cultivation, he couldn’t use this soul tool. However, the White Tiger Duke could!

It wasn’t difficult to use the Sunmoon Divine Needle. It just had to be unleashed before it would lock onto the opponent, and then attack. The most difficult part about using it was the demand it had on one’s soul power, as well as locking onto the opponents.

Although the White Tiger Duke had just become a Titled Douluo, Huo Yuhao was very familiar with the White Tiger. As one of the top-ranked beast souls, the White Tiger Duke’s abilities would have increased significantly after he became a Titled Douluo. Ordinary Titled Douluo couldn’t compare to him. Furthermore, he was in his prime. It was during this period of his life that his blood and energy were most vigorous. It was highly likely that he would become a Transcendent Douluo in the future.

Since that was the case, he shouldn’t have a problem using the Sunmoon Divine Needle!

Although the White Tiger Duke was filled with rage and sorrow right now, he was shocked when the Sunmoon Divine Needle rose into the sky. He felt his spiritual power rising into the sky along with the needle. His range of vision expanded greatly, and his spiritual power was being strengthened continuously. 

Originally, he couldn’t track where his enemies were. However, they soon appeared within his perception. As the Sunmoon Divine Needle spun, his soul power was also quickly being drained. However, the attacks from his enemies had weakened when the Sunmoon Divine Needle appeared.

This was how terrifying a Class 9 soul tool was!

The gold and silver ball in the sky was like a huge double-colored eye, coldly watching the earth and seeking its targets.

As one of the top-ranked Class 9 soul tools, there were very strict requirements for using the Sunmoon Divine Needle. It had to absorb Sunmoon Essence for three days before it could be unleashed. In addition, it drained a lot of soul power. After three strikes, Sunmoon Essence had to be absorbed again to charge it.

However, its terrifying strength was a result of the strict requirements needed to use it. The greater the requirements, the greater the destructiveness of a soul tool. Even a Transcendent Douluo would be hesitant to face an attack from the Sunmoon Divine Needle!

The greatest point about the Sunmoon Divine Needle was that it was effective against all elements. Because of the Sunmoon Essence, any form of defense would be ineffective against it, no matter what element it was made of. In addition, it possessed the penetrating strength of a Class 9 soul tool, covering a region that spanned more than thirty kilometers. It was truly frightening!

The enemy had evidently recognized the background of this Sunmoon Divine Needle, and thus they restrained their attacks. They knew that they were exposed under the surveillance of the Sunmoon Divine Needle.

The White Tiger Duke, or rather the White Tiger Douluo, had an awe-inspiring look in his eyes. Through the Sunmoon Divine Needle, he observed his enemies from afar. There were more than ten of them.

He zoomed in using the needle, and could clearly see the number and color of soul rings that his enemies possessed.

There were a total of twelve of them. Among them, four were nine-ringed Titled Douluo. There were even Class 9 soul engineers among them. The Landslide Shell couldn’t have been unleashed so easily without them.

Apart from the four Titled Douluo, the lowest-ranked among the remaining eight were only Soul Sages. There were four eight-ringed Soul Douluo!

At this point, the four Titled Douluo were already shining with golden light. They had unleashed their Invincible Barriers. Another four of the remaining eight had also unleashed Invincible Barriers. The twelve of them had completely split up, and they didn’t dare to step forward even a centimeter anymore.

This was the power of the Sunmoon Divine Needle!

Even Huo Yuhao didn’t know that the Sunmoon Divine Needle could make their enemies feel so fearful when it rose into the sky.

Huo Yuhao’s guess was completely right; these enemies came from the Sunmoon Empire. They were here to assassinate the White Tiger Duke!

The White Tiger Duke held a very important status in the Star Luo Empire. He had great control over the military. If he were assassinated, it would greatly boost the Sun Moon Empire’s future plans in starting the war.

These twelve assassins were well-prepared. Not only did they plant spies, but they even used high-altitude surveillance-type soul tools, a newly-invented category of soul tools. Of the twelve assassins, two were even Class 9 soul engineers! They had set a trap thirty kilometers ahead using different kinds of soul tools. Once the White Tiger Duke fell into their trap, they were confident in killing him, even if he was a Transcendent Douluo.

However, they hadn’t expected the White Tiger Duke to turn back after leaving his base. It was completely outside their expectations.

One of the leading soul engineers realized that they had been exposed. However, the White Tiger Duke had already left his base. There were only a hundred bodyguards with him, and thus it was still a good opportunity for them to assassinate him!

As a result, they turned to their Plan B, using the Landslide Shell to stop the White Tiger Duke,  and rushed over as soon as possible. They were willing to pay any price to kill the White Tiger Duke!

Just as they were about to achieve their goal, the White Tiger Duke didn’t even try to break his way out, but remained to protect his subordinates. All of this left them extremely delighted.

However, they were all stunned when they saw the gold and silver lights in the sky.

More than half of these assassins were soul engineers. The two Class 9 soul engineers even had a wealth of experience.

If these were any ordinary assassins, they might not have been bothered by the Sunmoon Divine Needle. However, this group of assassins was well-aware of what it was! The ignorant were fearless, but those who truly knew were extremely terrified!

Who didn’t know about the Sun Moon Needle, the soul tool that made the Starsky Douluo Ye Yulin famous? Among these two Class 9 soul engineers, one of them was even a good friend of Ye Yulin. He happened to know about the Sunmoon Divine Needle that had just been researched and created.

This was why he immediately activated his Invincible Barrier the moment he saw the Sunmoon Divine Needle. Even though he knew his Invincible Barrier might not be able to stop the needle, it was still better than not having any protection at all.

When he mentioned that it was the Sunmoon Divine Needle, the soul engineers present also broke out in a cold sweat.

The Sun Divine Needle was known as the Light of the Death God. Whoever it shone on would be struck dead! The power of the Sunmoon Divine Needle was even greater than the Sun Divine Needle! Let alone a Transcendent Douluo, even someone of Elder Xuan’s cultivation would be hurt if he tried to deal with an attack from the Needle!

These assassins were here to kill the White Tiger Duke, not to die. The four Titled Douluo treasured their lives a lot.

“What do we do? Why does he have the Sunmoon Divine Needle? Don’t tell me that the Starsky Douluo…”

“Impossible! The Starsky Douluo wouldn't betray us. Let’s decide quickly! Our Invincible Barriers won’t last long!”

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