Chapter 36.3: The Awakened Gray Color

Book 6: Graduating

Chapter 36.3: The Awakened Gray Color

However, he suddenly felt like he’d soared into the sky. The originally warm feeling he’d had suddenly became chilly.

Immediately afterwards...

“Putong!” The warm sensation that Huo Yuhao had felt from the blanket suddenly turned into that of the cold, hard floor as he was shoved out of the bed. He hit the corner of his bed followed by the ground. The soundly sleeping Huo Yuhao only felt the world suddenly invert as he fell to the ground, confused, and let out a yell.

However, his yell was drowned out by Wang Dong’s sharp screech. As he woke up, he felt a cold shiver run up his spine. He looked up, only to see Wang Dong—his blanket tightly clutched against his chest—glaring at him with a vicious light in his eyes. His large eyes seemed almost like they could spew fire, just like Wu Feng yesterday.

“What’re you doing?” Huo Yuhao massaged his sore chest as he got up from the floor.

Wang Dong’s chilly voice seemed to be forced through the gaps in his teeth as he enunciated each word he said, “Why. Were. You. Sleeping. In. My. Bed?”

Huo Yuhao stared blankly. He immediately realised what had gone wrong: Clearly, Wang Dong hadn’t been willing to sleep together with him. However, his good sleep from the previous night had caused his mind to be especially clear.

“Ah? How would I know? Wasn’t I fighting with Wu Feng yesterday? The only thing I remember after that is being kicked awake by you.”

“Ah?” Wang Dong was left flabbergasted at this as well. Right! Huo Yuhao had fainted after his match with Wu Feng, and had continued to sleep all the way until now.

“Why’d I end up in your bed in the first place?” Huo Yuhao looked at Wang Dong, a dumbstruck expression on his face.

Wang Dong’s expression reddened, and he sulkily said, “Naturally, because of my good intentions! I was worried that you’d catch a cold since you were injured!”

Huo Yuhao rolled his eyes. “Then why did you kick me out of it?”

“I…” Wang Dong hadn’t expected Huo Yuhao to blame him. However, he truly wasn’t clear as to what had happened. The only thing he remembered doing yesterday was looking after Huo Yuhao. After that, he’d gotten tired as well, then had fallen asleep. However, he didn’t remember climbing into his bed! Furthermore, he’d even gone under the blanket and hugged Huo Yuhao! This was simply too embarrassing...

Huo Yuhao humphed and turned to look at the sky outside. Ignoring Wang Dong, he opened the window. It was just about time for him to begin cultivating the Purple Demon Eyes for the day.

Wang Dong grew increasingly bewildered as he sat up on his bed. Did I subconsciously climb up into my bed and go to sleep after I got tired?

This seemed to be the only logical explanation to Wang Dong.

That kick was quite hard. Is he really okay?

After thinking to this point, he jumped off the bed. Somewhat embarrassed, he said, “Yuhao, sorry! I forgot that you were sleeping in my bed last night when I woke up. You know how mysophobic I am. When I saw that there was someone next to me when I got up, I subconsciously… please don’t be angry! Does your injury still hurt?”

Huo Yuhao didn’t utter a word in response. Instead, his gaze was fixed on a distant patch of white in the eastern sky. He took a deep breath, then exhaled slowly.

Because of this, Wang Dong was under the impression that Huo Yuhao was truly angry. He silently stood in the corner and waiting for Huo Yuhao to finish cultivating the Purple Demon Eyes. Though he’d already entered the Tang Sect, he hadn’t yet begun cultivating the Tang Sect’s secret techniques alongside Huo Yuhao.

After finishing his cultivation of the Purple Demon Eyes, a purple glow briefly surged through Huo Yuhao’s eyes as he stood up. Of all the techniques he was currently cultivating, the one that he’d improved the most in was definitely the Purple Demon Eyes; his progress in it was comparable to traversing a thousand miles in a single day. His Spirit Eyes and the Purple Demon Eyes complemented each other extremely well, which allowed him to improve a large amount every day. This had held even truer ever since he’d entered the Totality realm of the Purple Demon Eyes. Because of this, his four soul skills’ strength had also increased along with the Purple Demon Eyes. This was the main reason why the distance, precision, and judgement of his Spiritual Detection had improved so quickly.

“What? You still aren’t showering yet?” Huo Yuhao walked outside unhappily.

“Yuhao, don’t be angry! I really didn’t do it on purpose.” Wang Dong said, a pitiful expression on his face.

Huo Yuhao was inwardly joyous, but he put on a magnanimous appearance and said, “Whatever, it’s not like it’s the first time I’ve experienced this bad habit of yours. You call yourself a guy, but why do you have to be so clean? You even have that sweet smell on you. Look, where you kicked me doesn’t hurt anymore. Quickly shower, we’ll cultivate for a while after we eat breakfast since we wasted last night’s cultivation time.”

The issue had smoothly been swept away because of Huo Yuhao’s words. After the two showered, they put on a set of clean uniforms, then ate breakfast.

After becoming a core disciple, one would receive a badge specially meant for core disciples. The badge was dark green and had a golden border. Even though Huo Yuhao was currently only able to enjoy the treatment of a core disciple, he’d still been given a badge. Only, he had to return the badge once the school year had ended.

With the core disciple badge, they were treated completely different within the academy. As an example, they were able to eat the best type of food in the canteen. The nourishment and nutrition provided by this food was guaranteed, and even provided a certain amount of help towards their cultivations. The two of them ate a hearty meal, then returned to their dorm room to cultivate for a while. Afterwards, they headed towards Class 1.

There were already quite a few people already in the classroom by the time they arrived. However, the entire classroom instantly turned silent when the two of them entered. Everyone present’s gaze had instantly focused on Huo Yuhao, who acted as if nothing had happened.

In turn, Huo Yuhao’s gaze was aimed towards Wu Feng’s seat. However, Wu Feng hadn’t shown up yet. He calmly walked toward his seat alongside Wang Dong and sat down. Afterward, he discovered that a trace of reverence was now present within the gazes of many of the students looking towards him.

The facts had already presented themselves. Yesterday’s fight had shaken practically all of the students; even Dai Huabin hadn’t been an exception. Of the four classes within Year 1, Class 1 had the highest level of strength. In turn, the strongest students within Class 1 would naturally be the core disciples.

The person that Huo Yuhao had defeated was a core disciple! In other words, his strength was comparable to a core disciple’s, at the very least. Moreover, he was still only a one-ringed Soul Master. What if he became a two-ringed Soul Grandmaster? Advancing from the one-ringed rank to the two-ringed rank was much easier than from the two-ringed to the three-ringed rank. At that time, wouldn’t he be even stronger?

The students who’d previously looked down on his ten year soul ring had become much more well-behaved today. At the very least, no one had looks of disdain present in their eyes as they looked towards him.

Huo Yuhao had wanted an effect just like this. Even if he’d lost yesterday, he still would’ve been able to awe a large number of students by injuring Wu Feng to such a degree. He wanted to study in Shrek Academy for at least six years, hopefully even more. If everyone held him in contempt, his mental state would definitely be affected. If that happened, how would he even cultivate with peace of mind!?

The class bell rang, and the two teachers, Wang Yan and Zhou Yi, walked in just in time for class to start.

Zhou Yi’s aged face seemed very serene, but her gaze was as sharp as a blade as she coldly swept it across the class. The students who were originally from the other classes didn’t think much of it, but the original students of Class 1 inwardly shuddered; they knew that this perverted old grandma was about to show her authority.

The facts proved to be just as they’d predicted. When Wang Yan had told Zhou Yi about the previous day’s incident, he’d been showered with a barrage of reprimands. Wang Yan’s status within the Academy was higher than Zhou Yi’s, yet she didn’t seem to care at all. After she’d finished cursing at Wang Yan, she personally left to check up on the bed-ridden Huo Yuhao, and only left after verifying that he was fine. However, Huo Yuhao had still been asleep at the time.

Wang Yan stood next to the classroom’s entrance, but didn’t walk towards the podium. Zhou Yi walked towards the podium by herself. She swept her cold gaze across the entire classroom, which caused even the students that were unfamiliar with her to quiet down underneath her sharp gaze.

Wang Yan had never held a class together with Zhou Yi. Rather, he’d only heard of her style of teaching in passing. After being scolded by her yesterday, he’d been inwardly annoyed. He thought to himself, I want to see how you’ll take care of these students, who’re all Chosen.

“Everyone, stand up!” Zhou Yi shouted coldly.

As if there a heated iron had suddenly been placed in their chairs, the original students of Class 1 instantly stood up. The other students stood up as well; some of them quickly, some of them slowly. In their opinion, this old lady wasn’t as large of a deterrence as Wang Yan. Even Wang Yan had been forced to agree to Wu Feng’s suggestion after being pressured by her yesterday. Just what could this old lady do to them?

Zhou Yi icily said, “Very good. There are a total of 67 students within this class, while one person hasn’t arrived yet. 36 of you stood up as soon as I ordered you to, while the other 30 or so students procrastinated. If I call your name, stand in the corridor as punishment.”

“Huang Chutian.” The first person she’d called out was Huang Chutian, who was also currently receiving the treatment of a core disciple like Huo Yuhao.

Huang Chutian was flabbergasted. He laughed. “Teacher Zhou, you don’t need to be this serious. Isn’t it just standing up a bit late?”

Zhou Yi didn’t bother with any superfluous words. With a flash, she appeared in front of Huang Chutian and grabbed ahold of his collar. Afterwards, she directly flung him out a window. Other than a brief shriek that rang out from outside the window, Huang Chutian’s voice could no longer be heard. Not only were the students flabbergasted, even Wang Yan himself was astonished by Zhou Yi’s actions.

Zhou Yi continued coldly, “Ye Yulin, Yu Ling, Tang Xiaoxiao, Ouyang Haiya…” The other 30 students who’d stood up late were all quickly called out.

After learning from Huang Chutian’s mistake, nobody dared to object to Zhou Yi’s actions. The offending students obediently left the classroom, one look at the six flickering soul rings around Zhou Yi’s body being all they needed to know how little of a chance they had.

Zhou Yi indifferently said, “I’ll now announce two pieces of information. Number one: I’ll be choosing the class monitors of the class. The monitor from the Assault System will be Wang Dong, and the monitor from the Control System will be Huo Yuhao. Number two: From today onwards, anyone who dares to question a teacher’s decisions will directly be expelled.”

“Teacher Zhou, wasn’t the class monitor supposed to be elected?” Dai Huabin suddenly asked.

Zhou Yi looked at him coldly. “I just said that anyone who dares to question a teacher will be expelled. Since you’re a core disciple, I’m unable to expel you. However, I will request that the Academy transfer you out of Class 1. Dai Huabin, stand up and leave this class.”

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