Volume 29, Chapter 358.1: The Deep Adventure Is Actually...

To Ning Tian, the Sea God’s Fated Blind Date was a huge humiliation that she would always remember. This time, in the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley, after she heard Wu Feng’s confession, her emotions were extremely conflicted. She was touched by Wu Feng’s love for her. If I were a guy, this would be great!

Just as a flurry of thoughts crossed Ning Tian’s mind, the wheel in front of her finally stopped. A familiar symbol appeared before her.

This was the symbol which had appeared in front of Xu Sanshi. It was a pair of lips.

Dazedly, she lifted her head to look at Wu Feng. Wu Feng looked back at her. However, right now, Wu Feng’s eyes brimmed with joy.


“Bleurgh, bleurgh…” The sound of vomiting resounded in the air for a few minutes before finally stopping.

Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi stared at each other in anger. The odor from their bodies reached its peak.

However, as they looked at each other’s pathetic state, the expressions on their faces started to change. Finally…


“Reality proves that I have absolutely no interest in you,” Xu Sanshi said proudly.

Bei Bei said angrily, “What crap! Do you think I’m interested in you? You bastard, you dirtied me. Hurry up and clean me. It’s so uncomfortable. Where is this place?”

As they spoke, the two of them finally reacted to their new surroundings as they surveyed them.

The place they were at was a pile of rubble. They could see ruined buildings and scenes of devastation all around them. It resembled a city, but it was evidently different from the situation in the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley.

Xu Sanshi activated his soul power. A black light swept past their bodies. The special water-type power of the Xuanwu cleaned the vomit from their bodies. Bei Bei also activated his lightning-type soul power to get rid of the smell in the air.

“This looks like…”

Xu Sanshi and Bei Bei looked at each other because they both found the architectural style here familiar. They looked into the distance, where a tall building confirmed their suspicions.

Shocked, the two of them said in unison, “Radiant City?”

At this moment, the calm voice that had tortured them so much rang in their minds, “The Deep Adventure shall commence. The theme of the adventure is ‘breakout’. You’re required to break out of Radiant City and get back to the Western Mountains to pass the Deep Adventure. The environment around you is real. If you die in this round, you’ll die for real. If you don’t return to the Western Mountains in three days, you will have failed this round, and be punished with death. Begin!

The voice disappeared, and a light-golden hourglass appeared near the corner of their eyes. Sand slowly trickled down so as to keep track of the time. Also, the hourglass sinisterly reminded them that they were still under the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley’s control…

When they sensed this change, Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi both cursed.

One could only imagine the state Radiant City was currently in. Having undergone such a destructive explosion, the entire city should be in a state of lockdown. No one knew how many soldiers and powerful people were around them. While the two of them were not weak, this was still the capital of the Sun Moon Empire! How could they return to the Western Mountain so easily?

“Let’s strategize,” said Bei Bei, who had calmed down before Xu Sanshi, as he waved his hands.

Xu Sanshi nodded meaningfully. They were both elites of Shrek Academy. Faced with danger, they put aside their anger and regained their cool. He looked at his surroundings, and they found a rather secluded corner and hid.

Bei Bei said helplessly, “At least we were given three days, not three hours.”

Xu Sanshi looked at him, annoyed, and said, “How’re your wounds?”

Bei Bei said, “I can attack. You?”

Xu Sanshi laughed bitterly and said, “Better than you. I have 70% of my strength left. Let’s pray we aren’t too unlucky. Perhaps we can even sneak out.”

At this moment, they heard footsteps and a voice. “Quick, search that area. See if there are any casualties. Search there too.”

Bei Bei stared at Xu Sanshi with an odd gaze as he growled in a low voice, “Shut your damn trap in the future!”



Light flashed, and Dai Huabin found himself in an army camp. To his surprise, he was wearing a uniform. At this moment, he stood outside a huge tent. It was dark around him. It was nighttime.

This is…

When he saw this familiar scene, Dai Huabin was stunned. He even doubted whether everything he had just experienced was a dream. Maybe this was reality...

However, reality was cruel. The plain voice from the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley sounded, “The Deep Adventure will start now. The theme is ‘rescue’. Your father, the White Tiger Duke Dai Hao, is being targeted by an assassin. You must stop the assassin to help your father escape danger. You are now one of his bodyguards. No one will know who you really are. You can only depend on your intellect and your abilities. The scenario in this round is completely real, which means that if you can’t save your father, not only will you die, but your father will die too. Five minutes later, your father will bring men out on a patrol. After two hours, you will regain your ability to speak. You can’t stop him from going out. The enemy can appear at any moment. To win, you have to help your father return to the army camp successfully. If the White Tiger Duke dies, you fail, and will be punished with death.”

When Dai Huabin heard the voice and the requirements for this round, he could not help stare in the air in shock. He had been sent thousands of miles away to the Ming Dou Mountain Range to his father’s camp. However, his father would not recognize him, and would even undergo an assassination attempt. What… what is going on?

Just as he stood there in shock, the bodyguard next to him trembled. Then, a familiar smell wafted over. Dai Huabin squinted, and to his shock, he realized that the other bodyguard had turned into Zhu Lu.

“Lulu?” Dai Huabin wanted to shout, but he realized that he could not say anything. At this moment, Zhu Lu was already looking at him. She was evidently deeply touched. Instantly, she threw herself into his arms. Tears streamed uncontrollably down her face.

While the two of them could not speak, Dai Huabin could see from Zhu Lu’s face that she had already forgiven him.

At this moment, Zhu Lu’s body froze. Her expression transitioned from touched to shock. Evidently, she had heard something.

Zhu Lu grabbed Dai Huabin and squatted down immediately. Her finger made rapid motions in the soil, and words appeared in front of him. Dai Huabin opened his eyes wide in shock. Her Deep Adventure was exactly the same as his.

“You’re so dumb! You passed this round, so why are you here?” Dai Huabin wrote quickly on the ground.

Zhu Lu shook her head, and a smile crept across her face. She lifted her head and kissed him. Then, she wrote on the ground ‘We shall live and die together’.

Dai Huabin’s body trembled. He looked at Zhu Lu and nodded vigorously at her.

At this moment, a bugle sounded.

Dai Huabin was the son of the White Tiger Duke. He had been in the military since he was young, and naturally understood what the bugle meant. This was a signal to gather, meant specifically for the White Tiger Bodyguards.

Indeed, a huge amount of White Tiger Bodyguards started to move. The two of them wore the apparel of White Tiger Bodyguards too, so naturally, they ran together with the rest.

Father is going to experience an assassination attempt, what can I do? What should I do? At this moment, he realized he was still lost. He could not speak, and even if he could, his father could not recognize him. If he told his father about the assassination attempt, his father would surely not believe him.

Dai Huabin had never experienced such a situation before. His thoughts were scattered, and he did not know what to do. However, he was clear that this task was no joke. If he failed, not only would Zhu Lu and he die, but his father would too.

At this moment, Dai Huabin could only concentrate.

The White Tiger Bodyguards were the most elite soldiers under the White Tiger Duke. They gathered quickly.

From afar, Dai Huabin saw his father, clad in armor, standing in front of the main tent. His expression was icy-cold. A servant brought his steed over. It was the dashing White Tiger Colt.

The White Tiger Duke Dai Hao’s gaze swept over his bodyguards, then he nodded and said, “The temporary peace did not cause you to slack off. I’m pleased. Alright, Small Team 1, patrol with me. The rest are dismissed. Let’s go!”

As he spoke, he leaped onto the White Tiger Colt. Four other guards mounted their horses too. Section 1 of the White Tiger Bodyguards ran toward the stable and mounted a horse each. They set off together with the White Tiger Duke.

Undoubtedly, Dai Huabin and Zhu Lu were part of Small Team 1.

The White Tiger Bodyguards were personal soldiers of the White Tiger Duke. Even though the war had ended, and the White Tiger Duke no longer held the position of Marshal, his bodyguards would still follow him everywhere.

In the White Tiger Bodyguards, 100 men formed one small team, 500 men formed one mid team, and 1500 men formed one large team. The entire White Tiger Bodyguards comprised three companies, which was equivalent to the strength of one regiment. There were also some special operatives. This was the maximum amount of soldiers Dai Hao, as the White Tiger Duke, was allowed.

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