Volume 29, Chapter 356.1: Adventure, Adventure

Just as countless thoughts flitted through Jiang Nannan’s mind, the wheel started to spin once again! As they all stared at the weird symbols on the wheel, everyone wore an ugly expression on their faces. They prayed that for their Adventure round, the task would not be too perverted.

Everyone’s breathing started to become more and more tense. As they stared intently at the spinning wheel, they all knew that they could be next.

A ray of golden light shone. This time, it lit up underneath Jiang Nannan’s feet. This meant that she was up next.

She had still not gotten over her shock at Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi’s predicament. Instantly, the color drained from her face as she stared at the wheel in shock. 

The wheel started to slow down. A different symbol appeared in front of Jiang Nannan.

This symbol looked weird. There were three fists on it, one of which was larger than the other two.

You have to defeat two other randomly-chosen opponents. If you beat them, you pass. If you lose, you’ll enter the Deep Adventure round. If your opponents win, their tasks shall still be decided by the wheel, but their difficulty level will be reduced. If your opponents lose, their task shall still be decided by the wheel, but their difficulty level will be increased.

The wheel turned golden. This time, two rays of light started to spin rapidly.

One versus two? While this ‘Adventure’ was not as perverted as Xu Sanshi’s, it was still extremely difficult! Among everyone here, who was weak? Furthermore, everyone in the Tang Sect had good ties with each other. How could she possibly fight them?

The two rays of light stopped. When she saw where they stopped, Jiang Nannan sighed in relief. This was the best possible outcome.

The two rays of light stopped at Ning Tian and Wu Feng, the odd ‘couple’. They flashed, and then the two of them entered the arena. The three women in the arena faced off against each other.

Wu Feng and Ning Tian exchanged gazes. Both of them had an odd look in their eyes.

Jiang Nannan did not know what they had experienced in the first round. Neither did she know that they had feelings for one another. However, Jiang Nannan had no psychological baggage fighting them.

This place was like a round stage. While it was big relative to the wheel, it was not big enough for soul masters to fight.

Five soul rings rose simultaneously from underneath Jiang Nannan’s feet. At the same time, her second and third soul rings lit up.

Wu Feng and Ning Tian felt themselves getting heavy, and only then did they realize that something was amiss. They recovered quickly from their awkwardness, just in time to see Jiang Nannan appear suddenly behind Ning Tian and reach out to grab Ning Tian’s shoulder.

This was Jiang Nannan’s second soul skill, Gravity Control, and her third soul skill, Instant Teleportation!

While Ning Tian was an auxiliary-type soul master, she placed a great emphasis on protecting herself because she had no way of fighting someone directly. 

A layer of light suddenly shone from her body. This was a Class 5 protective soul barrier. At the same time, she moved her body forward, and a shuttle-type soul tool appeared underneath her feet, propelling her forward and away.

However, while she took defensive steps, how could Jiang Nannan not have made offensive preparations?

As a close-combat soul master, Jiang Nannan’s fighting style and techniques could only be unleashed when she was close to her opponent. The appearance of soul tools was able to check her battling style. Hence, as one of Shrek’s Seven Monsters, Jiang Nannan had made a special request to the Academy for a set of close-combat soul tools.

In the tournament earlier, she did not have many chances to fight. Furthermore, as they faced extremely powerful opponents in the group round, she was unable to use her close-combat soul tools. Now, however, she got her chance.

Two silver rings started to shine on both her middle fingers. A set of silver gloves appeared on her long arms.

A silver, suction cup-shaped pattern appeared on the palms of her gloves. The suction-cup patterns instantly released rays of light that violently drew Ning Tian's soul barrier towards them. She had no chance of escaping.

Not only that, but five sharp knives also sprang out of the fingertips of Jiang Nannan’s gloves. Like a hot knife cutting through butter, they slashed through the protective soul barrier and went straight for Ning Tian’s shoulder.

However, they were not mortal enemies. They were all from Shrek Academy, and the moment Jiang Nannan’s hands touched Ning Tian’s shoulders, she retracted the knives immediately. All she did was squeeze Tian’s shoulder with her palm.

All of Jiang Nannan’s soul skills were meant for close-combat. If one thought that she was weak, they would be deeply mistaken. The moment she got close to a target whose strength did not surpass hers, the fight was over.

Ning Tian lost all feeling in her shoulder after Jiang Nannan grabbed it. Her entire body felt weak, as if her blood vessels had been sealed. It became more difficult to circulate soul power through her body. The protective soul barrier that Jiang Nannan had broken though disappeared. She felt the world around her swirl as Jiang Nannan picked her up.

This all happened in an instant. By the time Wu Feng rushed over, Jiang Nannan had already lifted Ning Tian off the ground.

An angry dragon roar could be heard. Wu Feng’s entire body blazed with a fiery light, and fiery red dragon scales appeared on her. By lifting Ning Tian, Jiang Nannan knew that she was completely exposed in front of Wu Feng. Wu Feng did not lack fighting experience. She reached forward with her dragon claws, and her fourth soul ring started to shine. To save Ning Tian, she used her most powerful soul skill.

Wu Feng’s body disappeared. The fiery-red light turned into the shape of a huge dragon that bounded into the air, barreling straight toward Jiang Nannan. This was her fourth soul skill, Dragonflight!

However, Jiang Nannan’s fourth soul ring started to shine too. As a layer of golden light flashed, Wu Feng landed a direct hit on her.



Jiang Nannan threw Ning Tian down onto the ground ferociously, instantly dazing her. When her body touched the ground, Ning Tian finally realized how terrifying Jiang Nannan was. She felt her body was almost tenfold heavier. When Jiang Nannan let go, a suffocating power came from her hands, causing her soul power to dissipate. Just like that, she crashed hard against the ground.

Even though Ning Tian wore a protective layer of soft armor, such a hard landing knocked her out cold. Her entire body felt like a fragile, collapsing structure.

The boom afterward came from Wu Feng crashing into Jiang Nannan. With her fourth soul skill, Invincible Golden Body, Jiang Nannan was unscathed. Wu Feng, however, was bounced away.

Jiang Nannan smiled. Having taken care of Ning Tian, she became more confident. Without the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda’s augmentation, Wu Feng was no match for her alone.

Her small frame flashed, and Jiang Nannan rushed toward Wu Feng, who had taken up her human form again.

From an outsider’s perspective, Jiang Nannan was the weak link among Shrek’s Seven Monsters. However, when they actually faced her, both Wu Feng and Ning Tian finally realized how terrifying this beauty could be.

Her jade-like legs suddenly increased in strength. Instantly, Jiang Nannan’s speed reached Wang Qiu’er’s level. However, her body was much more flexible. She was not as violent as Wang Qiu’er. 

Over such a short distance, Wu Feng was unable to see Jiang Nannan clearly after she increased her speed. Jiang Nannan was right on top of her almost instantly. Wu Feng grunted, and the second and third soul rings on her body lit up.

Dragonfury, Dragonburst!

An intense red light shone from Wu Feng’s body. Everything within a 1.5-meter radius appeared to have exploded.

Jiang Nannan’s body suddenly stopped three meters in front of Wu Feng. This sudden stop, which went against all physics, was just enough to let her dodge Wu Feng’s burst.

Not only that, but Jiang Nannan’s hands turned as bright and spotless as jade. This was one of the Tang Sect’s Secret Techniques, Mysterious Jade Hands.

Huo Yuhao had mastered the Purple Demon Eyes better than anyone else. However, Jiang Nannan, who specialized in close-combat, had spent a lot of time effort refining the Mysterious Jade Hands!

Jade-colored light swirled, and Jiang Nannan reached out with her hands before separating them.

At the same time, the power of Dragonburst reached its peak. Dragonfury still blazed, but as Jiang Nannan pushed with her hands, this intense heat was forcibly and quickly parted. 

Tang Sect Secret Technique, Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon!

Jiang Nannan body twisted to the side, and just like that, she was able to move toward Wu Feng in this odd fashion. The tips of her toes lightly touched the ground, and her entire body charged toward Wu Feng in this weird position.

Wu Feng was not afraid. Her first soul ring lit up, and Dragonfire rose. Her dragon claws slashed toward Jiang Nannan.

She did not believe that with her martial soul, a Fire Dragon, she would fare worse than Jiang Nannan in a head-on clash. They were both five-ringed Soul Kings. Even though her soul power might be stronger, how much stronger could it be?

Indeed, in terms of the strength of their martial souls, Jiang Nannan did not surpass Wu Feng by that much. However, her fighting style was the perfect counter to Wu Feng.

As her martial soul was a Fire Dragon, her fighting style focused on maintaining a medium-to-close range with her opponent. In a wide enough arena, she would be able to demonstrate her mid-range fighting style to the best of her abilities. There, it would be difficult for Jiang Nannan to win. 

However, this ‘arena’ was way too small. This was an advantage for those who fought at close range. At this close range, Jiang Nannan had an absolute advantage.

Jiang Nannan’s response to Wu Feng’s dragon claws completely shocked the latter.

Her body fell forward swiftly, something most people could not do. However, Jiang Nannan pulled this feat off with her control over gravity.

Her judgment was perfect, and just like that, Wu Feng’s dragon claws slashed nothing but thin air, passing over her body.

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