Volume 29, Chapter 355.3: Unparalled Sincerity

Xu Sanshi said in an unpleasant tone, “My situation is different from hers. Her and her mother rely on each other. While I have parents, I also have siblings who can take care of them. Yes, I will have wronged them by doing so. However, they never really liked me to begin with. I believe that if I die, it won’t bother them too much.”

You’re willing to sacrifice yourself for love, but you aren’t filial to your parents. You will only be allowed to pass the first round with ten lashes.”


Crack, crack, crack…

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

Cries of pain rose in the air. Xu Sanshi was in so much pain that he could not help but cry out non-stop. However, he had no way of resisting it.

At this moment, the bubbles around everyone turned transparent. Everyone could see once more. They all looked at Xu Sanshi, who was being whipped in the air.

They might not be able to hear, but they could see his pained expression! The Eternal Defense, Xu Sanshi, was in such a pitiful state right now. What defense was there to speak of?

After ten strokes of the whip, Xu Sanshi fell back to the ground. His entire body lay there unmoving. He could not even raise a single finger. However, weirdly, the ten strokes of the whip did not leave a single mark on him.

The first round, Sincerity, is over. The second round, Adventure, shall now begin. All those who are exempted may progress straight into the third round.

Three rays of light shone simultaneously. Zhang Lexuan, He Caitou, and Xiao Xiao disappeared. There were now only ten people left out of the original thirteen. However, their surroundings started to change.

Everyone could sense a powerful killing intent.

The wheel on the ground started to change. Ten boxes appeared on the wheel. However, each box had a different insignia. Each of the ten insignias was different, but they were not hard to identify.

For example, one of them looked like a sword, which should have something to do with fighting. Another one looked like a pair of human lips. There were also other insignias. Some took a bit longer to identify.

The plain voice sounded in their ears, “The second round, Adventure, shall begin. You have all progressed to the second round. After this round starts, the light underneath your feet will shine and the wheel will spin. Depending on what box the light stops at, you will have to fulfil the corresponding task. If you can’t do that, you will then progress to the next round, Deep Adventure, which has a possibility of mortal danger. If you still can’t pass that, you will die. After your task has been revealed, you have a chance to go straight to the Deep Adventure round. It will start now, beginning with Xu Sanshi.”

No one would have expected that Xu Sanshi, the one who had experienced the most pain, would be the first one to start. The round area where he lay lit up, and the huge wheel started to spin. The insignias on top of the wheel started to blur as they spun.

At this moment, no one could talk to each other. All they could do was watch the wheel spin.

Gradually, the wheel started to slow down. Insignias started to flash visibly in front of Xu Sanshi.

The pain in his body appeared to have decreased, but Xu Sanshi still had yet to catch his breath. Despite facing the second round right now, he did not know what it entailed. However, the clueless one was often the most fearless. Right now, there was nothing he had to worry about.

Finally, the wheel stopped. When it stopped, a fan-shaped light lit up in front of Xu Sanshi, showing the insignia that was chosen for him.

It was in the shape of a pair of lips.

The Adventure is a French kiss. Now, the wheel shall choose again. Regardless of who is chosen, you have to convince them, or force them, to French kiss you for three minutes. In total, you have ten minutes to complete the task. If you can’t do it, you will move on to the Deep Adventure round. Once again, let me emphasize that the Deep Adventure round has a risk of mortal danger. You may face an opponent whom you cannot resist. The chance of death is more than 50%. The wheel will now choose your target for you.

The wheel started to spin once again.

Xu Sanshi listened to all this in shock. The others heard it too. Instantly, all the girls except Jiang Nannan turned pale.

Xu Sanshi was stunned too. Then, a look of joy flashed across his eyes. This was mandatory kissing!

Other than him, most of the remaining nine were girls. Only Huo Yuhao, Bei Bei, and Dai Huabin were guys. This meant that there was a 66% chance of a girl being chosen!

Eh, they’re all beauties. Regardless of which one is chosen…. There’s no need to force her, right? After all, we’re all trying to live!

Xu Sanshi’s mood changed, and he forced himself to stand up as he stared at the spinning wheel.

This time, the wheel returned to the spinning gold light of the first round. The golden light flashed quickly, and then slowed until it seemed to be on the verge of stopping.

Xu Sanshi opened his eyes wide. In his heart, he prayed, “Let it be a girl, let it be a girl, anyone will do! Even though they say we should not go after our friends’ wives, this is a matter of life and death. They will understand.”

The light finally stopped. The moment it stopped, Xu Sanshi’s eyes almost popped out of his head.

“You’re fucking with me!” he cried out unhappily.

When the golden light stopped, it landed on the ‘unlikely’ 33%. It stopped at Bei Bei!

Target has been chosen. Your time starts now.”

The two rays of light shone together. Xu Sanshi and Bei Bei appeared at the center of the round platform, and a golden hourglass appeared in mid-air. Fine, golden granules of sand started to trickle down.

Bei Bei was also shocked by the fact that he had been chosen. The two of them looked at each other. At that moment, neither of them knew what to say.

Xu Sanshi screamed into the air, “Does seeing me fucked makes you happy? Why is it Bei Bei? Why is it him!?”

He really wanted to scream, “I choose the Deep Adventure round!” However, the ten strokes of the whip had left a deep impression on his mind. Xu Sanshi could tell that this mysterious existence would not be kind to him.

If he chose that, he would be faced with death. The existence evidently did not like him!

I just have to kiss him for three minutes, and I will pass this round! This is better than death! However, we have to do it in front of so many people, including Jiang Nannan. At this moment, Xu Sanshi instantly felt that he was in a really painful spot.

“Bei Bei…” Xu Sanshi said with much difficulty as he licked his lips.

Bei Bei jumped like a cat whose tail had been stepped on as he said, “Don’t even think about it!”

“Do you think I want to?” Xu Sanshi said angrily, “I don’t! However, I want to live, you know that! Do you want us all to die here?”

Bei Bei snorted, “I’d rather die than to get kissed by you! If I don’t kiss you, I’ll die. If I kiss you, I might not live. So why would I want to kiss you? Who knows how many more tortures this place has for us?”

There are three rounds. If you pass all of them, you can leave. Furthermore, according to your situations, you will be given different, customized rewards,” said the voice.

Xu Sanshi gulped and said, “Bei Bei, hear that? It’s only three rounds. While this place is strange, that voice seems to honor its word. Furthermore, while the questions earlier were difficult, it considered our responses from an emotional aspect. Just bear with it. Do it for our future happiness! Don’t you want to save Xiao Ya?”

“I…” When he heard ‘Xiao Ya’, Bei Bei, who was initially as riled up as a fighting cock, softened. That’s right! He did not care about his life, but what about Xiao Ya? If he did not save her, Xiao Ya might become an evil soul master forever.

He thought for a while, then sighed and closed his eyes. He faced Xu Sanshi and said, “Let’s do it.”

Xu Sanshi looked at the hourglass and bit down on his lips. He stepped toward Bei Bei and stared intently at his lips. In his mind, he repeated this thought over and over again, “These are two sausages, two sausages, two sausages…”

Bei Bei had his own mantra too. I’m getting kissed by a pig, kissed by a pig, kissed by a pig…  

Finally, Xu Sanshi stood in front of Bei Bei. The two of them were of similar heights. There was no need to trouble either party. However, when they were only inches apart, Xu Sanshi’s footsteps stopped. These aren’t sausages!

“Here I come!” Xu Sanshi said.

Bei Bei kept his eyes closed and said angrily, “Hurry up, pighead.”

Xu Sanshi gritted his teeth and closed his eyes. Then, he lunged forward.

“Bleugh…” When Bei Bei felt something touch his lips, however, he could not hold it in anymore. Everything he ate in the morning spewed out of his stomach.

“Bleugh!” Xu Sanshi had lowered his head slightly, and so his nose had hit Bei Bei’s lips. But at this moment, vomit was splashed all over his face. His initial determination fell apart. He started to puke furiously too as he vomited all over Bei Bei.

This task, which had seemed easy to complete, turned into a nightmare for Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi. Both of them puked all over themselves.

For contaminating the valley, you shall both be moved to the Deep Adventure round.”

The golden light flashed and cleaned all of their vomit up instantly.

This scene before everyone tugged at their hearts. What nonsense is this!? The one who was the most shocked was Jiang Nannan. She was both worried and slightly tickled by it. In her heart, she was rather delighted, too. If that rascal really did THAT with Bei Bei… However, what does Deep Adventure entail? There’s a 50% mortality rate! Then, she thought about how Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi had trained together all these years. Their coordination was superb. One of them attacked, while the other defended. They should be able to make it...

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