Volume 29, Chapter 354.2: Do You Have A Lover?

The gold and silver light screen rose once more, blocking their view. The sliver of golden light started to spin rapidly once again.


When the shining golden light from the central round platform stopped this time, it stopped on Bei Bei’s platform.

The bubble opened, and Bei Bei was suspended in mid-air.

The calm voice asked him, “Do you have a lover?

Bei Bei could sense that there was a light flashing outside, but he did not know what had happened. However, he trusted Huo Yuhao completely. Coupled with his own intellect, he calmed down quickly.

“Yes, I do,” he replied calmly.

Who is she?

“Tang Ya,” Bei Bei replied without hesitation.

She’s not here, right?

Correct,” Bei Bei replied quickly.

The calm voice paused momentarily, then asked, “What is the one thing you want to do the most for your lover?

Bei Bei replied, “I want to help her return to normal, so she can be by my side once more.”

The calm voice asked, “When she’s by your side again, do you think she’ll be happy?

Bei Bei answered, “I’ll do everything I can to make her happy.”

The calm voice said, “Your words mean nothing. If you could exchange a body part of yours to make her normal again, would you do it?

“Of course,” Bei Bei replied firmly. 

A sharp golden knife appeared before him, and the calm voice said, “Then castrate yourself.

Bei Bei paused. He had not expected that this unknown voice would make him do such a thing.

“Are you sure she’ll recover?” Bei Bei could not help but ask.

Do you have a choice?” the calm voice replied, as an image appeared in front of Bei Bei.

It was a face he was extremely familiar with.

Tang Ya sat quietly on a bed. She stared blankly out a window, and her face was extremely pale. Dark-blue patterns of light occasionally glimmered on her face.

You just said that you would be willing to sacrifice a body part for her. Do you regret it now? You can regret your choice. You can choose not to cut it off,” the voice said calmly.

Bei Bei’s body was shaking. However, he slowly raised his hand and touched the blade.

“I’m willing to castrate myself for her, but I have one request,” he said as he gripped the blade of the knife tightly.


“If you can really cure her from afar, then try your best to erase all her memories. Make her forget me, make her forget everything about me, alright?”

I can consider that,” the voice said plainly.

“Thank you,” Bei Bei replied. His eyes turned red as he stared intently at Tang Ya in the image. Suddenly, he shouted, “Xiao Ya, I love you!” A golden light glinted as he brought the sharp blade down.

“Pu!” An intense shot pain through him. Bei Bei felt everything turn white.

You’re willing to sacrifice for love, and you don’t want your lover to feel upset. You pass the first round, Sincerity.

The light screen rose, and Bei Bei stared dazedly as he watched the silver-gold light screen blocking his vision once more. He was back in his bubble. He could not help but shout, “I’ve already cut it off, cure Xiao Ya!”

There was no reply. Furthermore, Bei Bei felt that something was amiss. He lowered his head and felt the pain coming from his leg. There was no sharp knife there. The hand which had gripped the sharp knife had only struck his leg. No wonder he only felt pain…

The golden light started to spin once more. Bei Bei felt as if all his energy had been sucked out of him. He sat down on the floor as cold sweat trickled down his body.

For guys, there was a certain body part that was more important than their lives. He was willing to sacrifice it for Xiao Ya, but it would be best for him not to do it!

Bastard, what if I’m permanently scarred by this? Bei Bei cried out in pain in his heart. He had lost his previous cool.


The golden light continued to spin. This time, it stopped rather quickly. Before it even completed a rotation, it stopped. This time, its target was Zhang Lexuan. 

The bubble opened, and Zhang Lexuan rose into the air.

When she looked at the changes that were taking place around her, Zhang Lexuan was even calmer than Bei Bei. She had been trying to unleash her martial soul. While she was not successful, she did not slack in her efforts to do so. How could she be the strongest in the inner courtyard without a strong will? While Elder Mu did allow her to enter the Sea God’s Pavilion before he died as a form of compensation, it was also in part due to her powers.

Do you have a lover?” the calm voice spoke up once more, causing her to perk up.

“No,” she replied without hesitation.

Have you loved someone before?” the calm voice asked once again.

Yes,” Zhang Lexuan replied. She remembered Huo Yuhao’s words very clearly.

Who is he?

Zhang Lexuan took in a deep breath, then said, “Bei Bei.

She did not know that at this time, while Bei Bei’s bubble blocked his gaze, he could hear everything Zhang Lexuan said.

Just as he recovered from the previous questioning, he heard Zhang Lexuan’s voice. This made him almost jump up from the ground.

Has he ever loved you?” the calm voice asked Zhang Lexuan.

“No.” Zhang Lexuan knew the answer to this question very well.

How did you fall for him?” The calm voice asked quietly.

Zhang Lexuan paused, and she blushed slightly. However, a look of pain crossed her eyes.

“How did you fall for him? If you don’t reply after the third time, you’ll be punished with death.”

 A bitter smile crept onto Zhang Lexuan’s face. This question opened the deepest wound in her heart. “When I came to Shrek Academy, he was still young. At that time, Elder Mu made me swear to become his wife. I had to take care of him, love him, and be his wife in an arranged marriage. Elder Mu saved my life. At that time, I had nowhere to call home, so I agreed.

“Elder Mu treated me well and trained me wholeheartedly. Soon, I became the most powerful soul master of my generation. He made no other requests of me, but I remembered my duty in my heart. I was Bei Bei’s fiancée, his wife in an arranged marriage.

“I watch him grow up day by day. At the start, I tried to play the role as best as I could. I accompanied him every day, protected him, and tried to fulfill all his wishes. This was because I had already made mental preparations to marry him when he grew up and become his wife. Since then, in my heart, he was already my little husband. However, he never treated me that way in return. All that time, he only treated me as his sister, he always called me sister. At that time, we were still young, so I did not give it much thought.

“As Bei Bei grew older, his body started to mature. He finally surpassed me in height. At that time, I finally realized that my future fiancé had become a man. He was very handsome, the corner of his mouth beamed like the sun, and he smiled in a devilishly handsome way. Everything he did attracted me. I felt that the promise I made was not a task anymore. Something stirred in my heart.”

Perhaps she had kept these words inside her for way too long, but in this mysterious unknown world where even Elder Xuan could not resist, Zhang Lexuan started to speak freely. She bared her soul, and at that moment, a slight smile crept across her face as she indulged in her memories.

Bei Bei heard everything from his bubble. He experienced everything that Zhang Lexuan said. He felt that he had returned to that time of his life.

A beautiful elder sister who was always next to him. An elder sister who would protect him and satisfy his requests. When he was young, he was so in love, so dependent on her! Then…

“Then, he turned twelve years old, and finally entered the Academy to study. At that time, I was a disciple of the Inner Courtyard. As my cultivation became more intense, coupled with my split from the outer courtyard, we had no choice but to separate. At that time, I thought, ‘I must continue to cultivate and become stronger so that I can better protect him in the future, and guard him as he grows up.’

“However, I never expected that when he appeared before me again, he was next to a little girl, a beautiful girl around his age. She was extremely pretty, and he treated her very well. I could tell that he looked at her differently from how he looked at me. At that time, I realized suddenly that I’d lost my fiancé.

“I went to find Elder Mu to report this to him and seek his counsel. He thought for a long while, and then told me that his decision back then had been too selfish. He should not have let me make that promise. After all, I was much older than Bei Bei. Even though soul masters don’t age normally, there was still a generational gap between him and me. Elder Mu said that from that moment, I had regained my freedom. After all, Bei Bei did not know about this, and I could choose my future from that moment onward.

“When I left Elder Mu’s room, I felt as if I had lost my soul. Ten years of care and ten years of commitment. In the end, it was not a promise that I had to keep. However, I realized that this young, always-smiling boy was already imprinted in my mind.

“I tried to forget him as quickly as I could. I tried quite intensely. Every day, I trained as hard as I could. I hoped to numb myself with my cultivation. However, after I ended my closed-door cultivation, I met him by fate once more. At that time, I realized that there was no way I could forget him. I actually fell for a guy who was almost ten years younger than me!”

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