Chapter 35.2: I Haven't Lost Yet!

Book 6: Graduating

Chapter 35.2: I Haven't Lost Yet!

Wu Feng had missed, which resulted in her back being exposed to Huo Yuhao. Whilst leaning backwards, Huo Yuhao grabbed onto Wu Feng and—enduring the the high temperatures caused by her Dragonfire—viciously kicked Wu Feng’s back, causing her to stumble forward.

However, Huo Yuhao immediately let go after grabbing ahold of her. With her Dragonfire, the temperature surrounding Wu Feng’s body in a one foot radius was simply too high. Furthermore, he’d felt that something was amiss after he’d grabbed her.

He’d grabbed ahold of two extremely elastic yet firm mounds, which had instantly tightened the moment he’d touched them. However, his hands had actually bounced off them. Huo Yuhao had only grasped hold of Wu Feng’s clothes; no, it would be more accurate to say that he’d grabbed her dress...

Huo Yuhao was dazed in that instant, and in turn had unconsciously lowered the direction of his kick.

When Wu Feng stumbled forward, she unconsciously held onto her skirt. In a state of embarrassment and anger, she rapidly entered a half-squatting position after sweeping her right leg backwards.

This guy! After doing such a shameful deed, one would definitely be distracted for a brief moment, and Huo Yuhao was no exception. Though he hadn’t seen them with his eyes, the three-dimensional image he’d seen in his mind wasn’t too far off from the real things.

Just as he blurted out the words, “I didn’t see anything”, Wu Feng’s kick arrived in his face.

Dodging Wu Feng’s kick was impossible. Thus, Huo Yuhao could only helplessly block Wu Feng’s attack with the Mysterious Jade Hands.

Wu Feng was extremely strong, and she’d even used her soul power to strengthen her attack. Wu Feng’s kick resembled an enormous, burning piece of iron as it viciously slammed into Huo Yuhao, who was forced to the ground from the force.

Huo Yuhao wasn’t scalded from Wu Feng’s attack due to the protection of the Mysterious Jade Hands. However, her kick had simply been too powerful; he wasn’t able to withstand it by merely relying on the strength of his arms. As the back of his arms smashed into his face, Huo Yuhao felt his mind go faint, while his nose began bleeding intensely.

Wu Feng had finally managed to protect her skirt from being torn off after she kicked Huo Yuhao away, and could feel herself getting madder and madder as the fight went on.

“Huo Yuhao, you son of a bitch!” The intense red light surrounding Wu Feng’s body instantly turned dark red as she activated her second soul skill, Dragonfire. Her entire body now resembled a genuine Red Dragon as she pounced towards Huo Yuhao; it seemed like she wouldn’t be able to rest without killing him.

In that instant, Huo Yuhao finally opened his eyes. Just as Wang Yan was about to save Huo Yuhao from Wu Feng’s attack, he couldn’t help but pause his footsteps.

Even with the scarlet flames surrounding Wu Feng, the trace of gold within Huo Yuhao’s eyes couldn’t be concealed.

In her enraged state, Wu Feng had forgotten to defend herself against Huo Yuhao’s true attack.

Wu Feng felt as if her brain had been gently pricked by a needle, which instantly caused her to become dazed for a moment. Following that, the dark-red light on her body dimmed slightly. She subconsciously buried her head within her hands because of the pain caused by Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Shock.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Huo Yuhao jumped into the air and shot towards Wu Feng. He grabbed onto Wu Feng’s clothes with his hands in an attempt to throw her to the ground.

However, even though Huo Yuhao’s calculating abilities were extremely precise, there were still times when even he made a mistake. He’d underestimated the strength of Wu Feng’s Dragonfury, and neglected the injury that his arm had suffered from Wu Feng’s kick.

He managed to grab ahold of Wu Feng’s clothes, but he was immediately engulfed by a boiling stream of hot air afterwards. The intense waves of heat struck him in the face and made it seem like he’d touched the sun itself. His sleeves instantly turned to ash, and he subconsciously loosened his grip right as he was about to pull his arms back due to the extreme pain that had suddenly spread from his hands.

Even though Wu Feng had been struck by Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Shock, she still had her basic combat instincts. While she was still struggling subconsciously, she slammed her right arm into Huo Yuhao’s chest and forcefully flung him away.

Wu Feng’s blow was simply too heavy. Though his bones didn’t shatter due to the soul power protecting his body, Wu Feng’s blazing fire energy still madly surged into his body. As he flew through the air, he couldn’t help but cough up a mouthful of blood. When he finally landed on the ground, everything in front of his eyes turned dark and he nearly fainted.

At the same time, Wu Feng kneeled on the ground with her head buried in her arms and let out painful groans. Having stored up so much energy, Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Shock wasn’t something that could be easily endured. There were traces of blood flowing from Wu Feng’s nose, but she was still in slightly better condition than Huo Yuhao.

It’s finally ended. Wang Yan sighed inwardly. Though Huo Yuhao had lost, it could be considered a glorious defeat. For him to be able to injure Wu Feng in a close-combat fight, with his current cultivation, was already something he could be proud of. After all, he was a soul master that specialised in the control and auxiliary systems! Wang Yan had never expected him to be so skilled in close-combat fight.

However, was it truly over?

Still hugging her head, Wu Feng slowly stood up. However, she wasn’t able to stabilize her footing due to the intense pain coming from her head. Humiliation, this was an enormous humiliation!

After alleviating the intense headache she had with much difficulty, Wu Feng discovered that Wang Yan was standing between the two of them. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to make a move against Huo Yuhao for the time being, but the anger in her heart caused her to hysterically yell out, “Huo Yuhao, you just wait! As long as you stay within Class 1, I’ll keep targeting you till the day you screw off from Shrek Academy!”

As everyone gazed on, Huo Yuhao began to crawl back up with great difficulty. To the astonishment of the onlooking students, a slight hint of red had appeared in Huo Yuhao’s eyes the instant he raised his head. He gazed coldly at the nearby Wu Feng, making it seem as if he were a blood-thirsty tiger that was about to devour its prey. The hysterical Wu Feng felt as if she’d suddenly been stung by a poisonous scorpion, and a chill ran up her spine.

“I haven’t lost yet!”

Huo Yuhao’s voice was somewhat hoarse, but it was filled with decisiveness. Right, he hadn’t lost yet. As long as he had a trace of energy left in him, Huo Yuhao would never admit defeat. With obstinance and perseverance in his heart supporting him, both the suffering his body had experienced and the humiliation he’d suffered from her insults instantly caused the resentment he’d suppressed for so many years to erupt like a geyser.

At that exact moment, his body suddenly trembled. Immediately afterwards, the pale red in his eyes once again changed color, becoming a terrifying grey filled with the aura of death!

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