Volume 28, Chapter 349.3: Holy Angel

The vice-leader stopped all movement when she saw this figure. It was Huang Zheng’s figure!

However, his expression was very rigid at this moment. He seemed ethereal; obviously, he was in his spiritual form. However, Huo Yuhao used his spirit to block Ye Guyi’s sword lights!

Controlling spirits had always been something that evil soul masters were very adept in. However, why was he filled with an aura of light earlier? Even the vice-leader was confused at this moment!

Ye Guyi felt everything best. She discovered that her first soul skill, Holy Light Illumination, had lost its effect on Huo Yuhao when his soul ring turned golden. Her Holy Light was supposed to have an immediate effect on evil soul masters, but it was completely useless against Huo Yuhao. He blocked it with his soul power. While Huang Zheng’s spirit was crushed by her sword lights, Huo Yuhao was still offered some buffer time.

Huo Yuhao was reciting incantations throughout this time, and his staff didn’t stop moving. As he pointed it at the ground, golden bone claws started to extend up from the ground. They were reaching for Ye Guyi!

Ye Guyi swept her sword out to crush them. She fluttered her wings and immediately rose into the air.

Huo Yuhao swept the right arm of his soul tool forward. A streak of golden light flashed, and a few dim golden figures covered in a pale-white glow appeared in front of him.

They were tall and huge liches, wearing rigid expressions and completely disfigured. There were seven of them, each holding a bone staff. After the liches appeared, they surrounded Huo Yuhao and made weird noises. At the same time, they lifted their staffs up high.


Electrolux had once told Huo Yuhao that undead magic and necromantic magic were different and involved different abilities, but Electrolux had specialized in both categories. Necromantic magic generally involved five different components: incantations, poison, calling, darkness, and alchemy. Of these, Electrolux was most adept in the aspects of incantations and summoning. Combined with his in-depth research into undead magic, he had managed to make great achievements. Electrolux was also truly proficient in all types of summoning, as well as spiritual rituals.

If Electrolux were still alive, he would be ranked higher than the Dragon Emperor Douluo Long Xiaoyao, who was an Ultimate Douluo. Furthermore, he had once challenged an empire with his necromantic magic and destroyed it with his own power! 

Electrolux had achieved enlightenment following that deed, and later even performed a series of tests on Huo Yuhao’s will before he passed his necromantic magic on to him. At the same time, he also helped Huo Yuhao solve many of the problems he himself had once faced. What he left for Huo Yuhao was a pure, light-type necromantic magic. It was invented by Electrolux, and also the reason why he added the word ‘Divine’ in front of ‘Necromancer’ in his title.


“Die!” Just like the Holy Ghost Church’s members had wondered if Huo Yuhao was an evil soul master because of the aura of light that he released, Ye Guyi also revealed a cold look in her eyes when she saw these liches. She lifted her sword above her head, and her second soul ring shone.

A projection of a six-winged angel flashed behind her. Her sword light suddenly expanded, and the blade of her sword became blinding. No one dared to look straight at it!

A huge beam of sword light a meter long and a third of that wide descended from the sky and slashed towards Huo Yuhao’s head.

Holy Ghost Slash! It was the second soul skill of her Holy Angel!

When this attack appeared, Huo Yuhao felt as if it had locked onto his spirit. The terrifying beam of sword light turned into a longbow that descended from the sky.

The seven liches around Huo Yuhao finished uniting with his incantations. A golden slit suddenly appeared above his head, and a huge pale-white head suddenly poked out from this slit.

Accurately speaking, it wasn’t a head, but a huge skull instead. Those who had watched the fight between the Tang Sect and Holy Ghost Sect in the Continental Elite Youth Soul Master Tournament easily recognized that it was the skull of a Bone Dragon. In addition, this skull was at least five times larger larger than the skull of the Bone Dragon that Yan Feng had changed into! 

An adult Bone Dragon! The evil soul masters immediately recognized what it was.

Bright golden spiritual fire was burning in the eyes of this adult Bone Dragon. Strangely enough, it was filled with the aura of light. The golden spiritual fire was like liquid as it flowed down its cheekbones. As the skull moved upward, it let out a silent roar.

A clear cracking sound reverberated out. The Holy Ghost Slash struck the dragon’s skull forcefully. However, the Holy Light dissipated, and nothing happened to the skull. The spiritual fire was still burning. Suddenly, the skull opened its mouth and spat out a ball of dim golden dragonfire.

After that, the skull receded back into the slit!


Ye Guyi hadn’t expected her opponent to be so difficult. Her Holy Ghost Slash had no effect. When the dragonfire appeared, its assertive aura caused her surrounding Holy Light to become unstable. It was as if she were being threatened by a raging tidal wave!

Although the fearless Ye Guyi was a little reckless, she was still a genuine talent. In the face of such a situation, she still remained fearless. Her fifth soul ring shone again.

She slashed her sword toward the dragonfire coming at her.

The sharpness of her sword was indeed extraordinary. The ball of dragonfire was slashed apart, and the two halves brushed past her body. However, she didn’t gain any headway from this attack. She even staggered backward a few steps and turned a little pale.


“Nice!” The vice-leader couldn’t help but exclaim in the resting area. She was impressed, “Fusion summoning... it’s a very rare technique! The Bone Dragon earlier was extraordinary! Nangong Wan, you’ve contributed greatly to the Church by discovering such a gifted talent! However, I’m afraid Tang Wu can’t be your disciple. I’ll report to the leader myself. Our previous guess might be right! He is the Holy Son of our Church!”

“Yes.” While Nangong Wan was regretful, he was more astonished. Although his cultivation doesn’t seem to be very strong, it’s evident that he possesses great potential from his ability to call out an adult Bone Dragon! The leader was furious a few days ago when Yan Feng died. Although his abilities aren’t comparable to Yan Feng’s, his potential seems to be higher. If his calling were completed, he might have been able to call out an entire Bone Drago! If that’s the case, he can even defeat a normal Titled Douluo! Of course, I’m afraid he’d have to be at least a Titled Douluo before he could do something like that…


After forcing Ye Guyi back, the seven liches around Huo Yuhao also disappeared. He continued to recite his incantations, and a pale-white door started to rise in front of him.

“Open, Spectral Door!” Huo Yuhao finally shouted a phrase that the spectators could understand.

After he summoned the door, Huo Yuhao walked through it and vanished. Following this, skeletal troops started to rush out from the door, and charged towards Ye Guyi.

These skeletal troops all had a layer of gold on their bodies. As undead, their greatest trait was that they weren’t afraid of death.

Ye Guyi slashed out with her sword. Every time she slashed it, some of the skeletons collapsed to the ground. However, her expression was turning more and grim.

Her Holy Angel was supposed to be the jinx of evil creatures and soul masters. As long as she killed evil creatures and purified them, her own cultivation would be supplemented by the power of purification. As a result, her soul power would be restored, and her cultivation would increase.

This was her greatest trump card!

However, these specters really seemed to possess the element of light within them. They weren’t afraid of her holiness! Her Holy Light wasn’t very effective against them, and even if she killed them, she wasn’t replenished!

Were they really light-type undead?!

The skeletons only formed the first wave. After they appeared, countless liches also started to rush out from the door. Stronger skeletal horsemen also started to appear on the stage. They weren’t strong individually, but they were extremely strong when they came together. 

They were unceasing as they all charged towards Ye Guyi.

Ye Guyi lifted her sword, and her fourth soul ring shone. She lifted her wings before smacking them down forcefully. Suddenly, layers of Holy Light started to spread from her body. The incoming undead were crushed and flung back.

Holy Light Spiritual Formation!

If these undead that had encircled her were ordinary undead, her Holy Light Spiritual Formation would have annihilated them. However, these light-type undead were too difficult to deal with. Not only did she not receive any replenishment, but the undead that were killed were only the skeletal troops at the front. The rest of the undead continued to advance. They weren’t retreating at all.

While Ye Guyi was unleashing her killer moves, she wasn’t replenishing her soul power. She was starting to turn more and more dismal.


Beneath the stage, Nangong Wan complimented, “Yes! Tang Wu must be the Holy Son! A specter that can’t even be harmed by the holy element! It’s too magical! Congratulations, vice-leader!”

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