Volume 28, Chapter 349.1: Holy Angel

The purplish light exuded from Huang Zheng’s third soul ring seemed to be very gentle. However, a sinister aura slowly arose from it. His eyes turned blood-red and he let out a low-pitched whisper. With his body at the center, a layer of purplish-black light covered his surroundings to a diameter of thirty meters.

Darkness’ Descent!

Huang Zheng’s martial soul wasn’t considered very strong among evil soul masters. It was called an Evil Servant, a strange human-shaped martial soul. According to the Holy Ghost Church, such a martial soul came from an avenging spirit after a human passed away. When an avenging spirit was contaminated with the evil qi of heaven and earth, it would become a very special existence. It became an Evil Servant that could harm living things through its resonance with the evil qi of heaven and earth.

Once an Evil Servant entered the belly of a pregnant woman, this martial soul would be imprinted on the fetus’ body. However, the pregnant woman would die during childbirth, and her blood would nourish this Evil Servant, which would slowly take form in the fetus’ body.

However, Evil Servants weren’t considered very strong among evil soul masters. They were even considered one of the weakest martial souls. It was vastly inferior to the Bone Dragon, Abomination, or Skeleton King. This was also the reason why Huang Zheng chose to be a soul engineer in the Holy Ghost Church, and not a pure evil soul master. He wouldn’t excel as an evil soul master.

While an Evil Servant wasn’t very strong, it was still considered an evil martial soul. It was mainly auxiliary in nature, and unleashed all sorts of soul skills filled with an evil aura to weaken its opponents, which indirectly strengthened itself.

At this moment, Huang Zheng unleashed an auxiliary-type soul skill of his Evil Servant called Darkness’ Descent. Within a certain domain, it would greatly affect his opponent’s vision, and the sinister, evil aura from this soul skill would invade his opponent’s body. The effect of his Darkness’ Descent was even greater at night.

Indeed, Ye Guyi suddenly felt everything turning dark around her. She seemed a little frantic when she couldn’t see Huang Zheng clearly. She subconsciously retreated a few steps and waved her sword in front of her body. Although she blocked Huang Zheng’s attacks, she was at a disadvantage right now.

Huang Zheng revealed a cold smile on his face. His fifth soul ring also lit up. He was a very composed person. Once he gained the advantage, he would never allow his opponent to flip the tables on him!

His ten-thousand year black soul ring caused the surroundings to turn even eerier. Layers of purplish-black fog started to rise from the ground. This thick fog started to engulf Ye Guyi.

Ye Guyi’s movements slowed, and waves of sinister aura continuously entered her body. A yellow light projection appeared behind her, but this projection was already being torn apart by the purplish-black fog.

Spiritual Extraction!

While it was an auxiliary-type soul skill, it was still a ten-thousand year soul skill! It could greatly influence an opponent’s spirit. If the opponent’s cultivation was too inferior, his spirit would really be detached, crushed, and turned into food for Huang Zheng’s Evil Servant. Huang Zheng normally attacked ordinary people. Those who suffered under his Spiritual Extraction would usually turn into vegetables after they lost their spirits.

The light from his claws became even stronger now. Meter-long light blades shot out towards Ye Guyi. You want my life? You can die under my Soulchasing Claws first! Without your flesh, I’ll tear your spirit apart. The spirit of a Soul Emperor must be delicious! My cultivation will rise a few levels again!

A mixed look of ferocity and delight appeared on Huang Zheng’s face. To ensure that his strike was fatal, he even added a thick purplish-black layer to his claws. This was his second soul skill, Darkness Touch! It was a lethal poison filled with the element of darkness!

Ye Guyi was about to be killed. It seemed destined that the Duskwater Alliance was going to win this match, and by extension, the entire tournament!

However, there was one person who didn’t concur: Shangguan Wei’er! A cold and scornful smile appeared on her face. She knew who backed the Duskwater Alliance, and she was therefore prepared against evil soul masters.

The Duskwater Alliance had prepared valuable and rare treasures for Huo Yuhao, but the Common Alliance had also prepared something…

Ye Guyi’s actual body seemed to be in a daze right now. However, the tip of her sword suddenly shot upward before turning just as the claws were about to strike her.

Suddenly, the seven gold stars on her sword shone, and an intense golden light exuding a sacred white glow spread out.

The purplish-black fog that was invading her spirit behind her screamed tragically. Instantly, the fog disappeared, and the surrounding darkness also vanished.

Ding! Ye Guyi’s sword struck the center of Huang Zheng’s claws, blocking them. The spirit behind her returned to its previous position as well.

She also revealed a cold smile on her face.

Huang Zheng’s Spiritual Extraction was overcome, and Huang Zheng’s Evil Servant trembled. His Evil Servant was directly connected to his own spirit. Although he wasn’t hurt, he was also stunned.

Following this, the sacred golden-white light struck his body. Huang Zheng only felt a warmth engulfing him. Purplish-black fumes started to rise from his body. As his body shook tremendously, he screamed tragically and started to stagger backward.

It was a Holy Light, filled with an aura of holiness!

This time, even the vice-leader of the Holy Ghost Church couldn’t remain seated in the resting area. Holy Light was the jinx of evil soul masters! Was Ye Guyi’s martial soul of the rare holy element?!

Ye Guyi wasn’t going to answer his question. As she stepped forward, she slashed her sword. At the same time, her fifth black soul ring shone. Her spirit received an enhancement, and her terrifying strength soared.

A holy intent was revealed on Ye Guyi’s face. At this moment, her earlier disguises melted away. Yes, she was of the rare holy element. She was not even from the Common Alliance!

She had joined this tournament to target the evil soul masters of the Duskwater Alliance using the Common Alliance.

Evil soul masters were very adept at harming living spirits to increase their own cultivation, whereas a soul master who possessed the holy element, like Ye Guyi, was most adept at killing evil soul masters to strengthen herself!

Ye Guyi’s holy look also moved Huo Yuhao. Her spirit had reached an extremely intense stage at this instant. The golden-white light that she emanated illuminated the entire stage. Even the darkness in the sky almost seemed to be taken over.

This is… holy…

The holy element was different from light, they were two different existences. However, the holy element was much more effective against evil than the light element.

Ye Guyi’s right hand had turned completely golden-white by now. A strong sword light also engulfed her sword at this moment.

At the same time, two white, feathery wings appeared behind her back. She pointed her sword forward, and her sword light engulfed Huang Zheng’s body.

Fifth soul skill, Holy Sword!

An Angel. Her martial soul was an Angel! No wonder she was of the holy element!

Angels were worshipped by sects in olden times. Ten thousand years ago, the predecessor of the Martial Soul Hall was the Church. The Church was very strong because they possessed holy strength. At that point in time, there were many soul beasts with evil bloodlines. The Church cleansed them, which earned them the recognition of the people. However, the evil soul beasts started to disappear, and the influence of the Church started to wane. As they lost more and more talents, they were soon replaced by the Martial Soul Hall.

Ye Guyi’s huge golden-white sword flashed past, and she stood arrogantly on the stage, alone. Huang Zheng and his soul tool had both completely vanished!

Huo Yuhao couldn’t control himself when he saw this scene. It’s indeed an era of heroes! The Holy Angel that has been missing for years has finally re-surfaced! To a certain extent, a holy martial soul is an extremity. It’s just that Ye Guyi is too rash. Does she really think that the Common Alliance can protect her? Perhaps if she had the support of a strong organization like the Holy Ghost Church... Furthermore, she has underestimated how afraid evil soul masters are of her martial soul. I’m afraid…

As Huo Yuhao thought to that point, his aura turned slightly cold.

The vice-leader and four elders of the Holy Ghost Church stood up at the same time. To them, a holy martial soul could threaten the very existence of the Church!

Huo Yuhao sighed in his heart. He could hardly look after himself right now. Even if he wanted to help Ye Guyi, he couldn’t!

What should I do?

At this point, the vice-leader lifted her right hand and said, “Let’s talk when the tournament is over.”

“Yes.” The four elders acknowledged her words immediately. However, they knew that Ye Guyi was doomed. 

It wasn’t just Ye Guyi. Even Shangguan Wei’er could sense the sinister looks coming from the Duskwater Alliance.

Shangguan Wei’er felt a premonition. Was I wrong to use Ye Guyi to deal with the Duskwater Alliance? Forget it, the imperial family is backing me. No matter how arrogant these evil soul masters are, surely they wouldn’t dare to mess with the imperial family...

However, Shangguan Wei’er didn’t realize that everyone had a bottom line that couldn’t be crossed. This was also applicable to evil soul masters!

Ye Guyi was filled with positive energy. At this point, it was clear that she was the only one among the three ladies that didn’t expose her skin.

She pointed her sword towards the Duskwater Alliance, looking arrogant and scornful. The tip of her sword shook gently, and pointed towards Huo Yuhao’s human-shaped soul tool.

This girl doesn’t know her limits! She’s actually trying to provoke me!

Huo Yuhao was a little speechless. She’s really fearless. How can the Common Alliance compare to the Holy Ghost Church?

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