Volume 28, Chapter 348.2: Entering the Finals

After hearing some weeping sounds, He Caitou seemed to think of something. He suddenly stopped in his tracks and walked towards Zhao Shouze’s remains. He picked up his warblade and looked up at Ye Yulin. After this, he asked, “Chief judge, can I keep this as a reward?”

Ye Yulin’s mouth twisted a little. It was his first time seeing someone using such a fighting style! However, He Caitou’s ferocious fighting style still left a deep impression on his mind. Tang Si and Tang Wu. He must be here with Tang Wu. It seems he is also quite gifted!

“Yes. However, you can only use the soul tool that you’ve created in the later rounds.”

“Alright.” He Caitou followed Huo Yuhao’s instructions and tried his best to say as few words as possible. He carried his cannon and the warblade on his shoulders as he left the stage.

After he left the stage, the stage was cleaned up. Following this, Ye Yulin said, “The second-ranked and seventh-ranked competitors, please come up to the stage.”

Huo Yuhao controlled his human-shaped soul tool to walk forward. When his soul tool came to the stage, it bent its legs slightly before leaping up. With a boom, it landed on the stage. It looked slightly clumsy, but its aura was pressing.

On the other side, the lady in blue from the Common Alliance ascended to the stage as well.

The situation wasn’t very beneficial to the Alto Chamber of Commerce. One of their soul engineers had been eliminated, and another had been killed. Even though the representatives from the Common Alliance didn’t place much in the technical test, all of them still managed to advance. They were much more fortunate.

“Clang, clang, clang!” Huo Yuhao’s human-shaped soul tool made its way over in front of Ye Yulin.

Huo Yuhao nodded at Ye Yulin. The lady seemed a little fearful, but she still walked over slowly. Her body swayed in an elegant manner as she walked over. She seemed to be about eighteen or nineteen years old, and she revealed a terrified look on her face.

Ye Yulin said, “Both parties, please report your names.”

“Tang Wu.” Huo Yuhao’s cold voice sounded out.

“My name is Lan Ruoruo. Brother, you won’t kill me like he did earlier, will you? I’m a little scared.” Lan Ruoruo’s body trembled slightly. She also looked slightly pale, as if she were truly frightened.

Huo Yuhao didn’t make a sound. He turned around and walked toward his side of the stage.

Beauty trap? This lady from the Common Alliance had found the wrong target. Huo Yuhao had suffered from such temptations several times before. For example, there were Ju Zi and Wang Qiu’er, who were both stunning. However, he still remained loyal to the love of his life. Lan Ruoruo was just a lady nurtured by the Common Alliance. In his eyes, her soul had already been corrupted. Her actions couldn’t possibly draw his pity.

Lan Ruoruo’s eyes flashed with a frustrated look. She had always believed that she was charming but Huo Yuhao wasn’t even moved. She felt that he was too much. “Hmph!”

As she thought of that, she also turned around and retreated to her position.

The soul tools created by the three ladies from the Common Alliance were all very special. They were completely opposite to He Caitou’s soul tool, as they were small and portable.

The Common Alliance nurtured such outstanding young ladies because they had some kind of mission to complete. Bulky and large soul tools didn’t suit them. On the contrary, small close-combat soul tools were the most effective for them. As a result, they were all agility-type soul masters.

“Begin.” Ye Yulin rose into the sky once again. This time, he fixed his gaze on Huo Yuhao. He had to see what Huo Yuhao was going to do for himself.

As he announced the start of the fight, Lan Ruoruo immediately moved. She gently pointed her toes to the ground and drifted towards Huo Yuhao like a small, blue bird. She was very graceful, and seemed like she was dancing. However, it was clear that her dress was very special as she moved.

As her dress flew slightly upward, her smooth, white skin could be subtly seen. Her flowing sleeves didn’t even cover her arms. As she lifted her arms, her sleeves rippled slightly, and her lotus-like arms began to sway.

Lan Ruoruo’s soul tool was a dagger. The smaller a close-combat soul tool, the more difficult it was to create. This was especially so for advanced-level close-combat soul tools. Her dagger was completely black, and no soul power undulations could be seen from it. As it stuck close to her wrist, it was hidden from view as she danced.

“Clang, clang, clang!” Huo Yuhao’s movements still seemed a little clumsy. He took big steps forward and lifted his arms at the same time. He adopted a posture that seemed to suggest he was ready to engage in close-combat.

Everyone knew that he didn’t have any offensive soul tools with him. He only had his human-shaped soul tool. Furthermore, he was disabled. His legs couldn’t move, and it was already a feat for him to control the movements of his human-shaped soul tool.

Lan Ruoruo didn’t charge right at Huo Yuhao, but only slowly came closer to him by revolving around him. Huo Yuhao’s soul tool could only follow her movements clumsily.

Ye Yulin furrowed his brow. It seems like this human-shaped soul tool is still a half-completed product! While he can control it with his mind, the mechanical components can’t compare to formation arrays in terms of offering agility to the soul tool. However, we can still learn from his human-shaped soul tool. If we can enlarge it and equip it with more offensive soul tools, it’ll be pretty strong on a battlefield.

It might be good for him to lose. A setback might spur him to work even harder in the future.

Lan Ruoruo was getting closer to Huo Yuhao. She revealed more and more of her skin as she danced. She was almost like a fairy as her blue dress was juxtaposed with her fair skin. Along with her captivating looks, she could easily make one distracted.

It was a pity that she couldn’t see Huo Yuhao’s expression as he was hidden in his soul tool. His gaze was clear, and a dim golden shone from his eyes. He wasn’t bewitched at all.

Suddenly, Lan Ruoruo lifted her thigh, and her entire dress flew upward. As she turned, she showed off her butt to Huo Yuhao. At the same time, she made another sudden turn and brushed past Huo Yuhao’s left flank like a butterfly.

If he were any ordinary person, he would be stunned by this sudden ‘view’. This was also the opportunity that Lan Ruoruo was looking for.

After she brushed past Huo Yuhao, her seduction turned into killing intent. Her eyes flashed with a cold and vicious look as she leaped up. She held onto her dagger with both hands, and three of her six soul rings – two yellow, three purple and one black – shone at this point. They were all unleashed as she strengthened her soul power. Her pitch-black dagger also turned dark purple. A three-inch purplish sword light stabbed towards the back of Huo Yuhao’s head like the fangs of a venomous snake.

It was an attack that she had been preparing and accumulating for some time. Lan Ruoruo was very confident in her offense. Not to even mention that Huo Yuhao’s human-shaped soul tool seemed so clumsy, a soul master couldn’t possibly dodge this attack of hers.

Lan Ruoruo’s greatest strength lay in the offensive strength of her close-combat soul tool. Compared to a long-range soul tool, a close-combat soul tool’s offensive might was very great. Her dagger even sacrificed all long-range offensive abilities, and contained the element of darkness within it. It was even able to destroy a soul. It could damage all protective soul barriers and Invincible Barriers. Not only this, but it could pierce through all metals. It was even stronger than most ordinary Class 7 soul tools. If it stabbed someone, they would definitely die.

However, Huo Yuhao’s eyes shone brightly just as she made her move.

Just as her dagger was about to stab the back of his head, Lan Ruoruo saw eight streaks of white light shining from Huo Yuhao’s back. An impact force suddenly appeared.

This impact force wasn’t very strong. She was only forced back by one foot, given her six-ringed cultivation. However, Huo Yuhao’s body also moved forward one foot. Two feet wasn’t considered much to a soul master or soul engineer. However, it made a huge difference to Lan Ruoruo’s lethal attack.

As a purple light flashed, her attack struck nothing. At this point, she felt things had turned blurry in front of her. The seemingly-clumsy figure in front of her had vanished.

The spectators had initially thought Huo Yuhao was going to be in huge trouble. At this moment, they were stunned when they saw Huo Yuhao controlling his soul tool to deftly perform a turning action. As it turned, lights shot out from its back. At the same time, a streak of light also shot out from its waist. It drew a very weird arc in the air, and it managed to flip itself behind Lan Ruoruo. As it flipped, it punched towards Lan Ruoruo’s shoulder.

Lan Ruoruo reacted quickly. After she discovered that Huo Yuhao was missing, she used her left foot as an axis to make a turn. At the same time, she bent her upper body backward and avoided Huo Yuhao’s fist. She also pointed her dagger upward and attempted to graze Huo Yuhao’s arm.

Huo Yuhao wouldn’t let her get what she wanted! He lifted his arm and kicked his right leg out towards her supporting leg.

At this moment, his human-shaped soul tool didn’t seem clumsy at all. It was extremely agile.

Ye Yulin was astonished. This kid was pretending all along!

Lan Ruoruo’s close-combat abilities were indeed great. Even in such an unfavorable situation, she was still able to control her own body. She used her left arm to support herself. She was completely arched by now. She used her support leg to spring up, and kicked Huo Yuhao’s arm. She was trying to exploit her momentum to dodge his attack.

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