Volume 28, Chapter 347.1: Compete! Crossing the Boundaries!

Being in the Body and Mind as One realm was very beneficial to him while creating soul tools. It was also very beneficial for improving his cultivation. However, it greatly depleted his energy!

At this point, Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power had been greatly depleted. Even though he was in the concrete-immaterial realm, he was almost on the verge of caving in.

However, he was rewarded for his sacrifice. He could sense improvement. After this was over, his spiritual power was bound to increase. Furthermore, he also felt his soul power increasing at this tense moment. It was as if he had overcome a barrier. It must have increased by another rank!

It was very difficult for him to increase his soul power, given his current condition. As his blood couldn’t circulate properly in his lower limbs, his soul power couldn’t circulate properly in his body. He currently relied almost completely on absorbing the origin energy of Ultimate Ice to improve.

Under such a circumstance, it was definitely a surprise to him that his cultivation had increased by one rank. An increase in his cultivation was very beneficial to him in terms of absorbing origin energy!

However, all this couldn’t stop him from feeling weak at this point. The only good thing was that he adjusted very quickly. He took deep breaths and circulated his soul power. At the same time, his spiritual sea also undulated. The undulations of spiritual power helped to clear his mind.


He was finally finished. Ye Yulin heaved a sigh of relief. Although he could tell that Huo Yuhao’s human-shaped soul tool wasn’t equipped with any additional weapons, at least Huo Yuhao managed to finish his soul tool on time. It wouldn’t be a problem for him to enter the next stage of the tournament.

The technical test was next. With the abilities Huo Yuhao had demonstrated earlier, it wasn’t going to be difficult for him to pass this test. As for how he would perform in the quarterfinals, it would depend on himself. Since he dared to create such a soul tool, he must have had a plan.

“Alright, all the soul tools have been finished, and the deadline is over. From now on, you can only use the soul tool that you’ve created. You are not allowed to borrow other soul tools to aid yourself,” Ye Yulin informed the contestants.

After seeing Huo Yuhao complete his soul tool at the last moment, there were those who were in awe, and those who found it a pity. Huo Yuhao didn’t have the energy to bother with how they were feeling. He was focusing right now, and did his best to restore his spiritual power.

Ye Yulin scanned his surroundings and said, “We’ll check the soul tools now and verify that they are finished products. Those whose soul tools aren’t complete will be directly eliminated.”

After he said this, the rest of the six judges around Ye Yulin twisted their lips. He was too biased. The rest of the competitors had rested for fifteen minutes, and restored their energy. Only Huo Yuhao seemed fatigued.

There was no such segment in the original rules of the tournament. After all, if there was a problem with their soul tools, it would be obvious when they were used later on. Ye Yulin was obviously doing this to stall for time and offer Huo Yuhao more time to rest.


The leaders of the three underground organizations were weirded out at this moment. However, Ye Yulin’s demand wasn’t too unreasonable. Furthermore, they weren’t willing to offend the Starsky Douluo.

As they were helpless, they could only watch as Ye Yulin led the rest of the judges to check the soul tools that each competitor had created.

It was very thorough. The soul engineers even had to pour in their own soul power to ensure that their soul tools were working.

Ye Yulin led everyone over in front of Huo Yuhao and he said, “Tang Wu, is your soul tool complete?”

Huo Yuhao was very sensitive. When Ye Yulin deliberately delayed the timing by counting down from ten earlier, he could already sense that the man was helping him. At the start, he thought that the judge had been bribed by the Duskwater Alliance. However, he realized something was wrong when Ye Yulin suggested this segment.

If the Duskwater Alliance had bribed him, they wouldn’t make it so obvious. Furthermore, the look in his eyes was the same Yan Shaozhe had when he discovered that Huo Yuhao had twin martial souls!

Has he noticed my potential? However, Huo Yuhao verified his guess when he saw how the judge looked at the human-shaped soul tool beside him.

“Yes, chief judge. I have completed it. My soul tool is working perfectly. It can be used,” Huo Yuhao said respectfully.

Even though he didn’t think that he could mix with this Starsky Douluo, he still had to appear respectful, since Ye Yulin was being nice to him.

Ye Yulin was drawn to Huo Yuhao no matter what. Seeing that he was respectful and not impatient,, he was even more satisfied. He nodded his head repeatedly. “Good, good. If I’m not wrong, you installed some mechanical parts into the human-shaped soul tool, am I right? They are also the main components. Do you think these mechanical parts can replace formation arrays? Can your human-shaped soul tool fight?”

Although he shouldn’t be asking that at this time, he couldn’t help himself.

Huo Yuhao said, “I reckon that the mechanical parts can replace the formation arrays to some extent. After all, formation arrays are more complicated to make, and the requirements for the rare metals used are also pretty high. In addition, formation arrays can be unstable, and aren’t as stable as mechanical parts. As a result, I replaced the formation arrays with them. Not only are they easy to create, but they are also more reliable. Of course, the mechanical parts have to be very precisely installed. This is achievable through continuous testing.”

“Ah, that makes sense. Test this human-shaped soul tool for us to see.”

“Yes!” Huo Yuhao acknowledged.

Ye Yulin asked, “Do you need our help?” As he spoke, he pointed at Huo Yuhao’s legs.

Huo Yuhao smiled and shook his head. He lifted his hand and pressed the human-shaped soul tool a few times. Suddenly, the chest of the soul tool opened to either side. The same thing happened to its legs. The entire outer shell opened up, revealing the insides of the soul tool.

Ye Yulin discovered that this soul tool was assembled very precisely as he observed it close up. The overall layout of the soul tool was also very reasonable. The end product after the mechanical components were assembled was very level. It wouldn’t be painful for one to enter and stay within the soul tool. The space available was also bigger than he had expected.

Huo Yuhao said, “As I created this soul tool in a rush, I didn’t add cushioning material such as leather. Otherwise, it would be even more comfortable.”

As he spoke, he leaned on the forging table in front of him with his hands. As he moved his waist, he shifted his legs into the leg spaces in the soul tool. After that, he shifted the rest of his body into the soul tool.

With the support stand that he had installed earlier, he was held in place inside the soul tool even though he couldn’t move his legs.

A clanging sound resonated. First, the legs of the soul tool closed and buckled Huo Yuhao’s legs in tight. After that, the entire outer shell closed, and he was completely covered inside the soul tool!

This human-shaped soul tool was bright silver in color, since the metal that was mainly used to create this outer shell was silver. For some of the joints, the color was different. Overall, the soul tool couldn’t be considered considered extremely pleasing to the eye, but it was acceptable.

As Huo Yuhao slowly released some of his soul power, the eyes of the soul tool lit up. They were formed using two layers of thin metal that looked like crystals. A dim golden glow came from each eye.

The metal that was used there was called crystal steel, which was very tough. The greatest trait that it had was that it was as transparent as crystal. It was extremely suitable for creating the eyes of a human-shaped soul tool.

Huo Yuhao’s Spirit Eyes shone, and he unleashed his spiritual power at the same time. His forehead contacted a formation array in front of him. Through this formation array, he transmitted his soul power to the rest of the seventeen formation arrays around his body.

The transmission of his soul power was completed through the formation on his belly. This formation array was also the largest and last formation array he had created.

A layer of gentle white light was released from the human-shaped soul tool. As Huo Yuhao controlled it with his mind, the human-shaped soul tool walked forward. At the same time, it lifted its arms and seemed to be flexing its muscles.


It was successful! Ye Yulin’s eyes were filled with astonishment and surprise. While he was a Class 9 soul engineer, he couldn’t believe that Huo Yuhao had created such a human-shaped soul tool.

Human-shaped soul tools were often a barrier for soul engineers. The greatest problem with them was that they were very hard to control.

The Illustrious Virtue Hall had once suggested huge human-shaped soul tools had to be controlled through spiritual power. The problem regarding soul power could be settled using Milk Bottles. They also started to install Sealed Milk Bottles. However, immense spiritual power was needed to guide and control a human-shaped soul tool. In addition, it was quite difficult to control such a soul tool.

The formation array that Huo Yuhao contacted with his forehead didn’t come from his own research. It was came from the latest technology invented by the Illustrious Virtue Hall, known as a Spiritual Guide. It was jointly invented by three soul engineers. Xuan Ziwen was one of them.

After looking at Huo Yuhao’s plans for a  human-shaped soul too, Xuan Ziwen had suggested installing this first. Using one’s spiritual power to control a human-shaped soul tool would achieve the best effect!

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