Volume 28, Chapter 344.3: Imperial Fort

As for the Sun Moon Empire’s Titled Douluo, they were at a distinct disadvantage as they faced Shrek Academy’s Titled Douluo.

Xu Tianran had been observing the situation in the sky. Seeing that his side was being thrown into a more and more unfavorable situation, he started to turn pale.

“Hallmaster, please prepare.”


His room had been destroyed, and almost all his guards had been killed. However, this was still the Radiant City’s imperial palace. Xu Tianran didn’t have a lack of men.

On the other side, Zhang Lexuan and the rest suddenly heard weird noises.

“Zaza, zaza, gaga, gaga, jiji, jiji……”

These weird noises didn’t come from one direction. They came from all directions.

This was…

Zhang Lexuan turned slightly anxious. She unleashed her moonlight with all her strength to force the Dark Phoenix back. However, waves of fire surged from the Dark Phoenix’s body and swept towards her. The Dark Phoenix seemed completely fearless.

Zhang Lexuan and the rest very soon developed an ominous feeling. It was because they were horrified to realize that the imperial palace was transforming.

The surrounding rooms covered with protective barriers started to move!

They started to crack open, and cannon barrels poked out from these rooms. Under the light emanated by the protective barriers, the cold metal glow emitted by these cannons was filled with a destructive aura.

If Huo Yuhao were here and had time to think, he would have guessed that the warehouse he had discovered wasn’t the only one. It was because there weren’t any Class 7 soul tools and stationary soul cannons, or anything stronger, over there.

The other more valuable and terrifying warehouse was located in the imperial palace! Everything in here was what was lacking in the other warehouse. There were all sorts of soul tools and weapons that were at least Class 7.

Zhang Lexuan’s expression changed when she saw the cannon barrels appearing, and sensed the terrifying soul power that was surging around them. She shouted without hesitation, “Retreat! Retreat from the ground!”

At this moment, those who were fighting the enemies on the ground were the safest. That was because the soul cannons were all aimed towards the sky. After all, a ground attack would affect the palace, and even the city. This problem could be circumvented if the cannons were aimed towards the sky.

Those who were in the sky were the most threatened at this moment, and they could feel it.

When one became a Titled Douluo, he would feel some form of sensation if he was in danger. Right now, they could all sense a fatal threat.

It was an extremely terrifying feeling.

When they looked down, even Elder Xuan and Du Busi couldn’t help but be shocked.

The imperial palace seemed to have turned into a metal forest.

Thick cannon barrels were sticking out from the buildings. Glaring lights were already starting to shine inside them. Evidently, the cannons were charging.

Even the smallest of these cannons had barrels more than thirty centimeters in diameter. The largest cannon that Elder Xuan could see had a barrel that was more than two meters in diameter.

Even though he wasn’t familiar with soul tools, he could tell that it had to be at least a Class 8 soul tool! There was no lack of stationary soul tools, either!

Huo Yuhao was right! Assaulting the imperial palace was a mistake. The Sun Moon Empire was the strongest empire, and had built its name on soul tools. How could their base not be prepared?

A cold look flashed across Du Busi’s eyes. He was about to dive down.

However, Long Xiaoyao suddenly showed a tremendous change.

He was originally in his black dragon form, but that suddenly turned illusory. However, this illusory figure suddenly expanded in size.

In the blink of an eye, the black dragon that Long Xiaoyao had changed into grew more than one thousand meters in length. As it revolved in the sky, Du Busi, Elder Xuan and many of the Titled Douluo on their side were stopped. They were prevented from charging down to launch an attack.

At this point, Elder Xuan knew exactly what to do. He immediately shouted, “Retreat!”

When the others from Shrek Academy heard his signal, they immediately detached from their groups and quickly retreated.

Once they retreated, Du Busi had no choice but to retreat as well. However, he couldn’t help but curse as he withdrew unwillingly.

The Titled Douluo formed streaks of flowing light. They disappeared into the horizon like shooting stars.

The mysterious founder of the Holy Ghost Church lifted his hand to stop his disciples from chasing them. As he looked at all the cannons below, he too felt very uncomfortable. After all, the strength of the Sun Moon Empire wasn’t something a mere sect like theirs could compare to!


Xu Tianran stood there quietly. Seeing that everything was going according to plan, he couldn’t help but reveal a grin on his face.

At this point, Ju Zi realized that Xu Tianran could stand up not because his legs were fine. He had put on a pair of exquisitely crafted prosthetic legs hidden from view under his pants.

Class 9 soul tool! The Crown Prince is able to use a Class 9 soul tool? Ju Zi was astonished.

She thought she had understood him very well, but didn’t know that his abilities had reached such a level. What did it mean if he could use a Class 9 soul tool? Even if this Class 9 soul tool had a lower requirement, its defensive strength was still at the standard of a top-ranked Class 9 soul tool. This meant that Xu Tianran was at least a top-ranked, eight-ringed Soul Douluo!

However, he was only slightly above thirty years of age. His abilities would be considered rare even if he were in Shrek Academy!

Xu Tianran was slightly moved as he loosened his grip on her waist. He said, “Good, good. You are just like you were many years ago.”

Ju Zi lifted her head to look at him. She was actually moved, and couldn’t help but sigh. I’m sorry, Your Highness. Even if I’d never met Huo Yuhao, I still wouldn’t fall for you. I can only think of you as my benefactor.

Xu Tianran didn’t know what Ju Zi was thinking. As he looked at her delicate skin, a regretful look flashed across his eyes. It’s a pity that I can’t… otherwise, Ju Zi would indeed be a perfect partner.

“Follow the plan. Push them to the west side. All soul engineering teams in the other three directions, be on your highest alert. We must not let them escape from any of those three directions.”

“Yes!” Ju Zi hurriedly acknowledged his words before she turned and rushed off.


At this point, a streak of flowing light shone in the sky. This streak of light was very special. After it rose into the sky, it turned into a glittering green freak-like entity. It remained in the sky for a long time without disappearing.

Everyone from Shrek Academy immediately saw this streak of light as they were retreating.

Elder Xuan was delighted. He punched his left arm with his right fist and shouted, “Good!”

Just as he was surprised, another streak of red light rose into the sky. It formed the same entity as the earlier streak of light.

Elder Xuan’s expression changed, and he said, “Go. Leave immediately to the west.”

Du Busi was flying not far away from Elder Xuan. When he saw everyone from Shrek Academy changing their direction towards the west, he couldn’t help but shout, “Little Xuan, what are you doing? Do you really think they didn’t set a trap in that direction?”

Elder Xuan was stunned. It seemed the Body Sect was also prepared! However, they had their own plan. While there might be traps in the west, they couldn’t possibly breach the defenses in the other three directions. He still had to ensure the safety of Shrek’s team and the Tang Sect. These two teams could only leave after they finished competing on the final the next day. They couldn’t break out while it was dark now. Otherwise, breaking out with the Body Sect might be a good choice.

“Old freak, we have our own plan. We’ll meet again. Let me give you a warning… leave the city immediately. Don’t continue to remain here.” After he finished speaking, Elder Xuan gathered everyone to meet Zhang Lexuan and the rest, who had just broken their way out. After that, they proceeded towards the west.

Du Busi was a bit stunned. However, he wisely chose to believe Elder Xuan at this point. He also gestured to his people and those from the Star Luo Empire to escape in another direction.


They were very thorough in this mission. They quickly rushed towards the streets, and followed predetermined routes to meet up with Xu Jiujiu and Wei Na.

“Great-grandfather, did we succeed?” Wei Na asked anxiously.

Du Busi was a little annoyed as he replied, “No. Their defenses were too strong. Long Xiaoyao was indeed shamelessly there. Let’s leave, quickly. I saw some kind of signal from Shrek Academy earlier. Little Xuan warned me to quickly leave the city. They must have had arranged something. Let’s leave immediately.”

Xu Jiujiu asked, “Elder Du, aren’t those from Shrek Academy leaving with us?”

Du Busi snorted and answered, “Little Xuan is very concerned about glory. He won’t leave before the tournament is over. Shrek Academy likes to brag about how open and aboveboard they are. They won’t leave now. 

“Let’s go! Anyway, we can’t store too many people in that thing of ours. I’m sure Shrek won’t suffer much, given their abilities. Come to think of it, I’m quite excited to find out what kind of surprises Little Xuan will bring me. Quickly, instruct your people to move off now.”

“Alright.” Xu Jiujiu didn’t delay either, and quickly gave the order.


On the other side, Elder Xuan quickly left with the rest from Shrek Academy.

Zhang Lexuan managed to catch up to him. “Elder Xuan, are we going back first? We still have the tournament tomorrow.”

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