Volume 28, Chapter 344.2: Imperial Fort

Layers of protective soul barriers appeared from the building and blocked the stationary soul cannon shells that they had prepared before they launched their assault. At the same time, they kept feeling that they were being intercepted.

The Sun Moon Empire’s soul masters also made their move. Even though they were without their Titled Douluo, they still had the Holy Ghost Church’s evil soul masters to lead them!

The Zhong Li brothers that Huo Yuhao had once met before were included among them. There were quite a lot of these evil soul masters, and their abilities were also special. It was very difficult to separate them and the soul masters that had breached the palace.

“Help me rise! Strengthen!” A woman’s shouting voice echoed behind Long Aotian.

Long Aotian quickly stepped back and squatted down. Following this, a figure stood on his shoulders and streaks and streaks of lights were shot out from behind her, illuminating this figure. In the next instant, this figure shot into the sky like a bolt of lightning.

A strong silvery-white light glowed brightly, and the moon from earlier turned silver. The bright moonlight made it seem as if another moon had appeared in the sky. As the moonlight surged, the surrounding air started to distort before being crushed. A dark vacuum pulled in the air around this silver moon.

The figure that rose into the sky stood in front of the silver moon, forming a weird gesture with her hands. On her body, her last blood-red soul ring was slowly rising. The silver moon was slowly stained by the blood-red light from her soul ring, and turned into a blood moon. Instantly, everyone felt a bloody storm coming from the sky.

Even those from the same side were astonished when they saw this scene. Streaks of strengthening light continued to land on this figure. The most eye-catching one was a treasure pagoda that drifted in the air. This pagoda had seven stories, and five of them were shining brightly. The five streaks of dazzling light that came from these five stories had a strengthening effect.

Xu Tianran’s pupils shrank when he saw this blood moon. “Eight-ringed Soul Douluo!”

When the blood moon appeared, Ju Zi immediately rushed in front of him and shielded him. She had a serious look on her face.

The suppression that came from the sky was about to tear her body apart. Even though a protective barrier with the defensive strength of a Class 9 soul tool rose around her, Ju Zi still felt very uneasy for some unknown reason.

At this point, a sonorous phoenix call resonated through the sky. A ball of dark-red light suddenly rose from a courtyard beside Xu Tianran’s study. This dark-red light instantly converted into a pitch-black phoenix that was covered in dark-red flames. This phoenix charged towards the figure like a bolt of lightning.

Corrosion of the Blood Moon!

Bloody light spread, and the weather changed. Even the Titled Douluo that were watching this from the sky could feel the changes that were happening on the ground.

When that streak of bloody light shot out, the air it pierced seemed to evaporate completely. The Dark Phoenix that rose seemed to discover something was wrong. It fluttered its wings and quickly rose up high.

Fortunately, the bloody light wasn’t targeted towards the phoenix, and only brushed past its body. It struck the Class 9 barrier that was protecting Xu Tianran.

Suddenly, the golden barrier was stained blood-red. The thick, blood-red color quickly spread, and Ju Zi felt as if a sea of blood had completely engulfed them. Her own blood seemed to surge, and she quickly unleashed her Invincible Barrier.

“Come back, Ju Zi!” An irresistible suction force came from the back. Ju Zi felt as if her body had become lighter, and she was immediately sucked into someone’s embrace. Following this, everything around her changed. Everything turned scarlet-gold.

Is this the strength of a hundred-thousand year soul skill? Ju Zi felt as if her mind had blanked out.

Theoretically speaking, a Class 9 protective soul barrier could block the attack of a Titled Douluo. However, this theory wasn’t applicable in front of an extremely strong soul master!

The figure in the sky evidently only had an eight-ringed cultivation! However, her attack managed to overcome a Class 9 protective barrier!

Am I dead? Ju Zi thought to herself in a daze. Against such an irresistible force, she felt very insignificant.

However, she soon realized that she wasn’t dead. That was because there was an arm around her waist.

She subconsciously turned her head to look. What she saw was the cold yet confident face of a person.

“Your Highness, you, you managed to stand up?”

That was exactly what had happened. Xu Tianran was the one standing behind Ju Zi and holding her waist.

However, Ju Zi was horrified to discover that the imperial study had disappeared. The entire imperial study had completely disappeared. On the ground was only a bunch of slowly melting blood-red debris.

Xu Tianran looked a little dismal. He had been prepared for the invasion today, and was confident. To him, the strongest soul masters that his enemies could possibly send were only eight-ringed Soul Douluo. They couldn’t possibly reach him. However, the sudden release of the Corrosion of the Blood Moon suddenly made him feel soul masters were truly terrifying!

There was a bowl-shaped soul tool above Xu Tianran right now.

This dark gold bowl-shaped soul tool was only slightly larger than an ordinary rice bowl. It drifted above Xu Tianran’s head and pointed down, flashing with starlight. As the bright starlight shone, it felt as if countless stars were revolving around them.

The soul tool released a layer of golden light that engulfed Xu Tianran and Ju Zi. Ju Zi had seen the scarlet-gold light earlier because the Corrosion of the Blood Moon had already been blocked by this layer of golden light.

It was a top-ranked Class 9 defensive soul tool! As the Sun Moon Empire’s Crown Prince who had once been the target of an assassination, Xu Tianran was extremely meticulous about his own safety.

In the sky, the bloody lights withdrew.

Zhang Lexuan felt slightly regretful now. Although this sudden attack didn’t have to be successful, it would naturally be better if it did.

There was one point the Star Luo Empire and Heavenly Soul Empire were correct about; killing Xu Tianran would cause internal problems within the Sun Moon Empire. This was also what Shrek Academy hoped to see.

However, Xu Tianran’s soul tool was too strong. Even when she used her Corrosion of the Blood Moon strengthened by her teammates, she didn’t manage to kill him.

She only had this one opportunity. The Sun Moon Empire’s soul masters and evil soul masters were already shooting soul rays towards her.

The Dark Phoenix in the sky was already crying as it charged towards her.

Zhang Lexuan drifted back and fused with the silver moon behind her, forming a blurry silvery glow that covered her body.

She didn’t immediately tackle the Dark Phoenix that flew towards her. Her silver moon sank and landed on the ground again.

If she remained in the sky, she would be too obvious. Even with Zhang Lexuan’s abilities, she wouldn’t be able to handle the barrage of attacks that would surely come at her if she continued to make herself such an obvious target.

However, the Dark Phoenix didn’t give up pursuing her. It chased her all the way down.

Long Aotian turned into a huge hammer and went straight for the Dark Phoenix. Zhang Lexuan was offered some time to retreat.

“Chi!” A strange noise sounded, and Long Aotian’s body burned with dark-red flames. He flew back into his own crowd of people, causing exclamations to ring out. He had actually lost in a direct confrontation?

“It’s indeed you, Xiaotao. Wake up!” Zhang Lexuan shouted. As she drifted forward, she took up Long Aotian’s core offensive position.

Right now, her body was surrounded by the moonlight of the silver moon. She had completely fused with the silver moon to form her Silvermoon True Body. It was a powerful Martial Soul True Body that was adept at both close-range and long-range attacks.

As she lifted her right arm, a thick beam of moonlight blocked the Dark Phoenix.

Zhang Lexuan felt a gust of warm air coming towards her. The moonlight that she shot out was distorted by this warm air. When it reached her opponent, it had been greatly weakened.

This was…

“Ultimate Fire? No, it’s an impure Ultimate Fire.” Zhang Lexuan immediately made her judgment and turned more serious.

The Dark Phoenix didn’t make any sound, and quickly flashed before it clashed with Zhang Lexuan. At this instant, moonlight and flames filled the palace. Zhang Lexuan was engaging the Dark Phoenix in an intense fight!

At this point, the fight in the sky had also experienced changes.

“Guys, what are you still waiting for? Attack. I want to see how this bunch of fellows is going to stop me without Long Xiaoyao!” Du Busi started to turn stubborn, and immediately gave an order.

Elder Xuan was stunned, but he naturally couldn’t let Du Busi know about the changes on his side. He had no choice but to give the signal to attack as well. Let’s fight and see first. Perhaps we’ll gain the upper hand?

Long Xiaoyao didn’t seem to be bothered at all. As he rolled in the sky, a huge patch of black air turned into countless, dark meteors that shot towards Elder Xuan and Du Busi.

At Long Xiaoyao’s level, his abilities were so strong that he could affect meteorological phenomena. Elder Xuan and Du Busi had no choice but to deal with him.

There was an intense confrontation between both sides.

Ever since they appeared, Shrek Academy had possessed the upper hand.

The Body Sect was very strong, and their style was very similar to Du Busi’s. They attacked ferociously the moment they appeared. There were not many evil soul masters who could edge them out in direct confrontations. They were mainly strong in terms of their depravity and special abilities. At this point, they were being suppressed!

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