Volume 28, Chapter 343: So Much, So Much!

“Who’s the one in control right now between the two of you?” Huo Yuhao asked subconsciously.



Two voices answered at the same time.

Both voices were extremely charming, but they were easily distinguished from one another; Wang Dong’er’s voice was crisp and lovely, while Wang Qiu’er’s voice had a hint of cold arrogance.

Huo Yuhao had a headache. If he hadn’t needed Wang Qiu’er’s ferocious strength, he really wouldn’t have brought her today.

“I’m in charge of close-combat abilities, while she controls all the other energy-based attacks and the other auxiliary abilities,” Wang Qiu’er’s voice rang out once more, and she explained the situation properly.

A thought appeared in Huo Yuhao’s head. “If you two can coordinate so well, isn’t that a lot better than a single person controlling your fusion skill? But, aren’t fusion skills typically controlled by only one party? How can you two…?”

Wang Dong’er snapped, “Is this the right time to delve into this? Let’s get down to business. We’ve absorbed that Soul Sage’s strength, and we can temporarily maintain this state!”

As she spoke, the Golden Butterfly Dragon Transformation’s incredibly beautiful figure picked up the Life Guardian Blade that had dropped to the ground.

The second floor was a lot smaller than the first floor. It had about a third of the first floor’s surface area, but just this one-third could still be considered extremely spacious.

There weren’t that many trunks and cases here, and only now could Huo Yuhao divert his attention to examining them. He had been focused on the various traps and mechanisms when his spiritual avatar followed Li Chong into this place, so it was only now that he truly felt how wealthy the Sun Moon Empire was.

There were more than thirty different types of rare metals stored on the second floor. Furthermore, these rare metals were very expensive and quite valuable. Every single type was exponentially more expensive than the ones they had seen on the first floor, and this was especially so for the seven or eight rare metals that were stored deeper inside. There were at least five different kinds that Huo Yuhao had heard of, but never seen before.

These rare metals were a lot smaller in volume, but that was just relative. Their mass had to be calculated in tons, at the very least.

The rare metals in this warehouse couldn’t be gauged with money!

Huo Yuhao’s spiritual undulations rippled vigorously and immediately informed the three girls about the traps and mechanisms on this floor.

“Are we going to take everything here and leave, or are we pushing forward?” Xiao Xiao asked.

Huo Yuhao answered, “We’ll do it this way – Xiao Xiao, you can start packing things into our storage-type soul tools according to my instructions. We will only choose the expensive ones, not the ones we need. Just take whatever’s valuable, and we can trade them with the Douluo Continent’s three native empires for other metals if the need arises. Dong’er, Qiu’er; you two will go directly to the third gate, and we will open the third gate with my Life Guardian Blade. We don’t have to go inside, but we absolutely need to see what’s stored inside. If we can’t take it away, we have to consider destroying whatever’s inside.”

“Okay!” The three girls acknowledged at the same time.

Huo Yuhao directed the merged Wang Qiu’er and Wang Dong’er and pushed forward. They quickly arrived at the gate to the third floor.

Huo Yuhao had his Spiritual Detection activated this entire time, and even though the golden being wasn’t in its combat state, he could still see a lot of things with his Spiritual Detection.

First, he could feel its flourishing blood essence. Wang Qiu’er’s Golden Dragon’s strength and blood worked perfectly on their Golden Butterfly Dragon Transformation. Second, he could feel its flourishing energy of light that came from Wang Dong’er.

The two girls’ auras were almost equal to one another in their Golden Butterfly Dragon Transformation, and neither party possessed any conspicuous advantage.

Their speed and soul power had been amplified manifold, and gauging their strength at the pinnacle of what a Soul Sage could reach was a conservative estimate. Huo Yuhao even suspected that their current state could, in some sense, be considered a Martial Soul True Body!

The Life Guardian Blade swiftly pierced through the metal gate. This time, stronger soul power was used to operate it, and thus the Life Guardian Blade’s Adjudication was channeled even more powerfully than before.

The Golden Dragon Spear was also having a good time – it absorbed voluminous amounts of metallic life energy to boost itself, and this Divine Weapon’s aura quickly became lot more intimidating and ferocious than before.

The Golden Dragon Spear had pierced right through a seven-ringed Soul Sage’s Invincible Barrier under the Golden Butterfly Dragon Transformation’s control, but it could do that mainly because of the metallic energies that were temporarily stored within it.

The Golden Dragon Spear’s forte was penetration and piercing. The spear had also been amplified by tremendous metallic energies, and that made it a lot better at what it did best. The penetration point’s attacking strength temporarily reached an eight-ringed Soul Douluo’s level. In other words, Wang Dong’er and Wang Qiu’er had temporarily become an eight-ringed Soul Douluo with a Divine Weapon in their possession.

The Golden Dragon Spear was temporarily bearing the power of Adjudication, and it converted this Adjudication into destructiveness towards living beings. The Invincible Barrier was energy-based, but it was targeted by two Divine Weapons at the same time, which greatly weakened it.


Storage-type soul tools were passed to Xiao Xiao one after another. Xiao Xiao was no longer polite and courteous. Actually, even Huo Yuhao was now showing some avarice.

“Mine, they’re all mine!”

The eyes of Huo Yuhao’s spiritual avatar sparkled radiantly. He would probably be drooling at this moment if he actually had any saliva.

Any other soul engineer would feel the same way if they were in his shoes. In fact, they would probably be in a worse state than Huo Yuhao was right now.

“Yes, that; this Multiridged Devilgold will belong to us! And that Soulforging Silver is also ours! Great stuff! Scarletsun Soulstunning Steel, fantastic! Pack as much as you can. Eh, what’s this? Golden Cloud? These things can be considered too luxurious even if they’re used to craft Class 9 soul tools. Why do they have so little of that? They don’t even have one ton of this? Take everything away.”

Xiao Xiao became a porter under Huo Yuhao’s command. However, her labor was quite easy and relaxing.

Storage-type soul tools had become a lot more convenient after so many years of development. The user only had to press them onto the items and infuse some soul power for the item to be absorbed inside the storage-type soul tool.

Huo Yuhao had also taken an enormous Starlight Sapphire storage-type soul tool that resembled a breastplate from the Illustrious Virtue Hall some years ago. It was a lot better than the vast majority of other storage-type soul tools.

The breastplate itself could contain more than all their other storage-type soul tools combined. When Huo Yuhao had first acquired it, there was still a lot of space left even when there was a giant human-shaped soul tool over ten meters tall inside. Other attachments could be also added to the breastplate!

This thing could absorb all tangible things within five meters at once when soul power was infused into it. One sweep cleared out an entire patch of this floor of the warehouse.

However, Huo Yuhao was still very rational and conscious even though he was overcome by greed, and he reminded Xiao Xiao time and time again to avoid the booby traps.

The most successful part of their break-in was that they didn’t trigger any alarms. Otherwise, how could they have had it so casual and easy?

The passcode locks and every other firewall inside this warehouse were too complete. The guards who had left had taken the keys to the second and third floor with them, and they didn’t consider the possibility that somebody could break in at all. Anybody who tried to attack the tough gates with brute force would immediately trigger the alarms.

It didn’t take long before an empty space one hundred square meters wide appeared on the second floor.

Huo Yuhao was only lamenting that he didn’t have enough storage-type soul tools!

They were carrying many storage-type soul tools with them, but he could gauge from their current progress that they would be lucky if they could take away a third of everything inside the second warehouse. Thus, they picked the most valuable and densest rare metals.

Huo Yuhao really wanted a colossal storage-type soul tool that could pack the entire warehouse inside!

Time continued to pass, and the giant Starlight Sapphire storage-type soul tool was finally filled up. The Starlight Sapphire’s radiance was a little dimmer than before; it had been used too much.

Huo Yuhao wasn’t finished yet – Xiao Xiao filled up the other storage-type soul tools one by one, putting each one away after it was filled to the brim.

A high-pitched and shrill voice suddenly rang out from the other side.

“Yuhao! Come and take a look!” The voice belonged to Wang Dong’er.

What’s happening? Huo Yuhao felt his heart skip a beat as he hurriedly extended his Spiritual Detection to the other side. The first thing he noticed was that the gate to the third floor was now open.

The good thing about being in his spiritual form was that he could fly wherever he wanted to. Huo Yuhao arrived before their Golden Butterfly Dragon in a flash of thought.

Huo Yuhao was very relieved that the Golden Butterfly Dragon was completely fine. However, his eyes grew slack as he gazed into the third warehouse.

“This… this…”

The third floor’s gate opened up to reveal a flight of stairs that led downwards. This staircase went down for twenty meters, and this was the reason why Huo Yuhao hadn’t seen exactly what was happening when he reached out with his Spiritual Detection after he heard Wang Dong’er’s exclamation.

The light was dim on the third floor at this moment, and there were several weak soul lamps dotting its walls. A dense metallic aura wafted from within, and it felt extremely eerie and chilly.

Huo Yuhao subconsciously attempted to swallow some saliva, but he quickly discovered that his spiritual form didn’t have any saliva at all.

“This is… we’ve just hit the jackpot!”


What did Huo Yuhao see? He saw a large metal forest.

Yes, he was staring at a metal forest, a mass of metal that didn’t seem to have an end in sight.

According to Huo Yuhao’s initial judgment, the warehouse’s first floor contained relatively normal rare metals, while relatively more valuable metals were stored in the second floor. The third floor should be smaller than the second floor, and he expected to see some kind of precious treasure, or perhaps some top-tier soul tools. That was why he wanted to take a look.

Furthermore, he had already made up his mind. Even if they found something good on the third floor, they had to do as much as they could to destroy it. He couldn’t risk the three girls entering to retrieve the things inside, as he didn’t know what the defense mechanisms and firewalls were like.

But when he actually witnessed everything on the third floor at this moment, he realized that his judgment had been wrong… very, very wrong.

First, the third floor was a lot larger than he had predicted. It might be ten times larger than the first floor!

Yes, ten times! Otherwise, how could he feel as if this floor was endless even though he was standing at a high vantage point?

The staircase led down into a spacious courtyard. The first things that entered his field of view were lines of soul cannons…

There were enormous Class 4 soul cannons in the first row. These soul cannons fired very quickly, and were very precise, able to reach more than five hundred meters away. However, they were quite large, which meant they had wheels, and somebody had to push or pull them around. A Class 4 soul engineer without any Milk Bottles could fire more than thirty rounds from one continuously.  

There were thousands of such soul cannons in this warehouse. Furthermore, he was looking at the weakest ones!

Endless cases were stacked neatly, and what did Huo Yuhao see with his spiritual power? He saw endless soul ray guns and small-scale soul cannons... and they were all Class 4 or Class 5 soul tools!

There was something even more frightening; he saw cases of stationary soul cannon shells, and case after case of sealed Milk Bottles…

The amount of sealed Milk Bottles should be the fewest amongst the other soul tools. What did this thing do? Sealed Milk Bottles allowed normal soldiers who weren’t soul engineers to carry soul tools into war. There weren’t that many of them, but there were at least thousands stored in this place. It wasn’t hard to guess that the Illustrious Virtue Hall had started manufacturing them en masse as soon as they had devised this technology!

The most powerful soul tools Huo Yuhao could see in this colossal underground warehouse were the Class 7 stationary soul cannon shells; there was nothing else above that. However, there were so many of them, and if they were equipped by the military…

Huo Yuhao’s mind spun rapidly as he nervously calculated in his head.

The number of soul tools in this place was enough to fully equip more than four of the Sun Moon Empire’s soul engineer legions, while there were less than ten soul engineer legions currently serving in the Sun Moon Empire’s military. Their equipment couldn’t be compared to the soul tools in this place; they were probably two classes below what was here.

This also meant that extracting every single soul tool in this place could immediately arm four elite soul engineer legions, and the Sun Moon Empire could create a fully mechanized army of soul engineers. There were also at least one hundred simplified all-terrain self-driving forts in this place!

With the Douluo Continent’s three native empires’ strength, an entire army that consisted only of soul masters probably couldn’t withstand the hysterical bombing and onslaught from an army like this!

The most frightening thing about soul tools was that they would become exponentially more destructive when many were unleashed at the same time.

A Titled Douluo wouldn’t even bother looking at a single Class 4 soul cannon, but the same Titled Douluo would have to defend himself with everything he had if one hundred Class 4 soul cannons fired at the same time. If one thousand such cannons were fired at the same time, the only thing the Titled Douluo could do was run!

Furthermore, there were so many stationary soul cannon shells in this place, and those things could reach exceptional distances. Those Class 7 stationary soul cannon shells could reach more than five kilometers!

Huo Yuhao attempted to swallow another ball of saliva before he snapped his head around and shouted, “Come here, Xiao Xiao! We have work to do, everyone!” 

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