Volume 28, Chapter 340.3: Sunmoon Divine Needle

Huo Yuhao was too quick. In just a few minutes, there were already more than ten metal shells on his carving table. Furthermore, each one of them was quite large. He needed to place some of them on the ground before he could continue his work.

Among the seven judges, the leftmost elder furrowed his brow and said, “Don’t tell me that the disabled kid from the Duskwater Alliance is trying to take away all the rare metals by creating such a huge soul tool?”

Ye Yulin also furrowed his brow. He had also thought of the same thing. It seemed very possible. It had been less than fifteen minutes, but Huo Yuhao had already used a lot of rare metals. At the same time, he had created many pieces of outer shell. It seemed like the soul tool he was creating today was going to be very large. The benefit of creating such a soul tool was that he could leave with a lot of rare metals. However, he was only using the cheaper rare metals, and hadn’t used the more valuable ones yet. It was just that Ye Yulin couldn’t tell what he was trying to create.

Is it an original piece? That’ll be interesting.

Huo Yuhao was very quick, and seemed very serious too. However, no one noticed that he seemed to be less quick-witted than before, even though he still appeared to be very persistent.

It was very tormenting to experience spiritual separation! He tolerated the bouts of weakness he felt as his spirit was separated from his body. Although he wasn’t slow, his spiritual sea was billowing.

It’ll be great if my spiritual power became material. When I reach the concrete-material realm, I won’t have so many problems undergoing spiritual separation.

Of course Huo Yuhao knew that he should create his formation arrays when he had the most energy. It was just that he couldn’t focus right now!

The portion of spiritual power he had separated from himself in the carriage had already left this place under the concealment of his Imitation and returned to Radiant City.

He had attempted such a spiritual separation before, but had had to remain in a still state so that his energy would be focused on the spiritual power that had separated from his body. However, it was different this time. His actual body had to compete here, while he separated his spiritual power to perform other tasks.

He was successful, but the side effects still left him feeling dizzy. Furthermore, his spiritual form and actual body kept on switching in his mind. If not for the fact that his spirit was sufficiently strong, this continuous change would have driven him crazy.

However, he started to adapt as time passed. A trace of his spirit had been in his spiritual form. The consciousness within that trace of his spirit slowly awakened, and he managed to slowly separate his energy between both sides. He was truly multi-tasking now!

However, this was his first attempt at such a thing. It was inevitable that he couldn’t concentrate. When his spiritual form traveled in the air, there were a few times he almost got into an accident. While nothing had gone wrong so far as he was working on his soul tool, he couldn’t possibly develop his formation arrays, as he couldn’t focus properly.

When his spiritual form separated from him, Huo Yuhao gathered a lot of his spiritual power in it. It was a fascinating separation. His soul skills could also be separated between his two bodies. The four skills from his Spirit Eyes’ first soul ring were allocated to his spiritual form. Without his Spiritual Detection in his actual body, he could only create the outer shell of his soul tool.

Fortunately, it wasn’t his first time creating this soul tool. He was at least familiar with the steps. There were also many rare metals available to him. He wasn’t bothered about failing; he just wanted to increase his speed. He wanted to give everyone a huge surprise. This soul tool he was creating was very important for that surprise.

When he created this soul tool in the past, he couldn’t bear to use rare metals! It was already very good if he could use some fine iron. But now that he had such excellent resources available to him, he couldn’t spurn such a good opportunity. He had to try his best to gain as many benefits as possible. In addition, he would benefit greatly if he managed to successfully create this soul tool.

Very soon, one hour had passed.

As Ye Yulin had placed most of his attention on Huo Yuhao during this time, he started to figure some things out.

Is this kid creating a human-shaped soul tool? How is that possible?

From the outer shells that Huo Yuhao was assembling, he seemed to be forming the shape of a person. However, everyone in the world of soul engineers knew how difficult it was to create a human-shaped soul tool.

Ye Yulin had tried it before. However, a human-shaped soul tool required too many formation array transducers. The requirements on the resources needed and the number of formation arrays that had to be linked, as well as one’s control of the soul tool, were too high.

It wasn’t difficult to create a human-shaped soul tool that could be controlled. The difficult part was creating a human-shaped soul tool that could greatly increase one’s abilities. It had to be superior to the controller’s own abilities in terms of speed, attack, defense, and other aspects. It must also not restrain the soul skills that the controller could use.

Even a Class 9 soul engineer finds it difficult to create a human-shaped soul tool, but this young man who isn’t even older than thirty is trying to create one in this tournament. Why is he so confident?

Does he really think that he can create a human-shaped soul tool within six hours? And that it can help him win this tournament?

No! Ye Yulin’s eyes suddenly brightened. He started to understand what Huo Yuhao was doing.

This kid can’t move his lower limbs. He’ll definitely suffer later. If he can create a human-shaped soul tool that can help him move, he might actually win. However, such a human-shaped soul tool has to be equipped with an additional offensive-type soul tool, but the rules dictate that each competitor can only create one soul tool. How is he going to overcome this dilemma? Don’t tell me that he’s going to forfeit after completing this human-shaped soul tool?

Even if this is the case, can he really complete the hundreds of formation arrays needed for a human-shaped soul tool within six hours? And make it move? It’s impossible!

Suddenly, the Starsky Douluo felt very confused. He was getting more and more curious as he watched Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao continued to work on his soul tool, but he didn’t make any formation arrays. He was now making some smaller components. The rare metals that he used also became increasingly valuable.

Good rare metals are indeed different! The difference between using tough spring copper and ordinary fine copper to create the same component is indeed very large. In the past, I only succeeded once after failing many times, and I still had to worry about the strength. However, I’ve succeeded in one try using this spring copper, and my worries are also allayed. The difference is too great.

Ever since he became a soul engineer, Huo Yuhao had never enjoyed himself so much before. It was an enjoyment derived from being lavish.

However, his concrete-immaterial spiritual form was quickly traveling back to Radiant City even as he was enjoying this experience with his actual body.


The Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy was completely silent now. It wasn’t long before the lights would be turned out. The academy students had long since returned to their dorms.

Night had fallen, and the weather seemed a little gloomy. The lighting was very poor as night fell. Only the soul lamps along the sides of the walls in the academy managed to provide some lighting to their surroundings.

There were a few figures standing at a gate not far from the academy. They had managed to camouflage themselves into the dark.

“Why is here not here?” A captivating female voice sounded a little anxious.

“Don’t be anxious,” a cold voice replied. It was a voice that could leave a deep impression in one’s mind.

At this point, the clouds in the sky seemed to disperse. A streak of moonlight flashed past this dark corner they were in, revealing five figures.

They were waiting silently. There were five people – Ji Juechen, Jing Ziyan, Xiao Xiao, Wang Dong’er and Wang Qiu’er!

Yes, both Wang Qiu’er and Wang Dong’er were there!

The entire Tang Sect was waiting outside the hotel, apart from Bei Bei. They all looked ready for action, even though they were supposed to be resting in their hotel rooms right now.

Wang Dong’er and Wang Qiu’er were the two that had been speaking earlier.

Wang Dong’er furrowed her brow and revealed a mysterious look in her eyes. She wasn’t worried about tonight’s operation, but she couldn’t help but fret as she heard that Huo Yuhao was about to perform a spiritual separation. Huo Yuhao’s actual body still had to compete, and he was being watched by many eyes where he was, including many strong individuals from the Holy Ghost Church. His life might be endangered. He Caitou couldn’t possibly protect him on his own.

However, it was too late now. They could only follow Huo Yuhao’s plan and arrangements.

“The money is all in this card. Check it.” Xu Sanshi was covered in a black hat and veil. Jiang Nannan was the same.

There was a sneaky middle-aged man in front of them. He glanced around, then quickly took the card from Xu Sanshi. He retrieved a small soul tool and inserted the card into it.

Very soon, an astronomical number appeared on the screen of this soul tool. The sneaky middle-aged man also appeared much more relaxed.

“Where are the goods?” Xu Sanshi asked. He exerted his dominance at this point.

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